Mar 20 2013 12:30pm

The Wheel of Time Reread Collected Ebooks Have Arrived!

The Wheel of Time Reread Now Available as Collected Ebooks has assembled Leigh Butler’s Wheel of Time Re-read into handy (and searchable!) ebooks. There are currently four volumes, covering the first twelve books and New Spring. Each volume is available for $1.99 at your preferred online ebook retailer.

1. INCyr

I actually don't care about these, but are we going to see similar treatment for GoT and, more importantly, Name of the Wind? I would LOVE to have Jo's Name of the Wind re-reads in a format like this.
Dan Herbert
2. Ordeith
Considering the huge amount of effort that Leigh has put into the WoT reread, if she is getting a cut of the $1.99 purchase price it is worth it just to say thank you. No matter how often she is thanked on the reread itself, I am sure a little cash in the bank wouldn't hurt either...

Thanks Leigh for all of your work!
Tricia Irish
3. Tektonica
Is this compilation only Leigh's posts or does it include comments...that might be incredibly huge. ;-)

Either way....this looks good!
Mordicai Knode
4. mordicai
Just the existence of these kinds of things makes me optimistic for uh...sales synergy with e-publishing & blogging. Not to get too corporate speak. I'm just legit excited that things like this exist.
Rob Munnelly
5. RobMRobM
@3 Tek - my understanding is just Leigh's posts, without any of your most excellent contributions. :-(
6. BlackAjah
Do we really need to get charged for these, when they were originally available on for free? I have paid for countless Wheel Of Time books, hardbacks and then paperbacks and now trade paperbacks, for myself and for students and for friends; do I really need to pay for someone's reread analysis? Leigh was probably commisioned by Tor to do these in the first place, or she did it voluntarily and because she wanted to, and she has garnered great acclaim for her posts and rightfully so, but again, why charge for them? Can't I just access them still from the website anyway? I love Tor and Team Jordan and Leigh Butler and ALL things Wheel Of Time but after 23 years I've definitely paid all of my WoT dues. Sorry, that's just how I feel...
7. BubbaCoop
@ 6. could just not buy them and not get charged anything.

"Can't I just access them still from the website anyway?"

So why the complaint?
Irene Gallo
8. Irene
6: All the material is still on and will remain free. The buck-99 is just for those that want the ease of reading on their e-reader and/or want to easily search.
9. DougL
@8. Irene

But for how long right? TOR can't be obligated to keep hosting things forever, but in 20 years when I go back to reread the WoT, I can have Leigh's thoughts there with me if I buy the ebook! Yay, and grats to Leigh.
10. Nireth Swel
Soooo people just need to quit being babies about the MASSIVE PROFITEERING SCHEME going on here. $1.99?! Really?! That's what you're complaining about? It's not like an entry fee to to read what's already here, it's about convenience and searchability. One day, as DougL explained will no longer have this online and for your couch change you can keep it with you forever. You claim loyal to WOT and feel your dues have been paid. Well a lifetime dedicated to such an amazing body of work only to have your life cut tragically short so as never to witness the culmination of said lifetime work may be an insy bit more dues paid than yours.

Really, Leigh, I am not even a hardcore WOT fan, I haven't even finished the series yet, but I know a world-class series when I read it, and in keeping with Jordanian excellence the epic re-read to rule all re-reads was born.
Thanks again for all the hard work.
11. Artfull Dodger
I would have loved to read this on my ereader. A little bitter that you guys waited until part 57 of A memory of light to let us know they would be available.
12. Ron Schmidt
Bite the bullet and pay the coin for the four volumes of rereads. I collected the 59 weekly writings of MOL by Leigh and put them together as a "Word" document. The file is now 1.83 mb with about 280 pages.
I spent at least an hour a week putting it all together. Even at minimum wage thats a hell of a lot more than $1.99 per volume. I hope Leigh gets every bit of the money possible.
Feel free to go back and collect the re-reads yourself if the cost is to much.
Thank you very much, Leigh Butler. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!
13. Emonds' Fielder
Just bought the whole set of Leigh Butler's re-reads recently (I'd never heard of it until recently, despite being a big WoT fan!), and they're totally awesome. Get them. They are so worth $1.99 each. Of course, the fact that I agree with Leigh about almost everything in the series might color my view. Anyway, I'm still working my way through the re-reads, but they really are enhancing my enjoyment of the WoT books, especially since she talks about things that aren't mentioned in the books but are technically canon (because RJ said they were).

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