Mar 25 2013 12:35pm

First Theatrical Poster for Ender’s Game Revealed!

Ender' Game poster

The movie poster has been revealed for the what is possibly the most anticipated science fiction film of the year. Here, we see Ender pondering what appears to the movie’s version of the Battle Room. Ender’s Game is coming November 1st.

1. walrusaurus
Is it a law now that all movie posters have to be shades of blue and orange?
2. mirana
@walrusaurus To match all the ridiculous color-adjust they do in post? Yes. Apparently.
Sean Calhoun
3. Musicspren
@walrusaurus: I was about to make a comment about the color palette, and then saw that someone already had.
James Hogan
4. Sonofthunder
Battle room...does not match my imagination. But I shall reserve judgement. Can't wait!!!
5. AlecAustin
Content deleted because apparently the Battle Room is in empty space. Sigh. That can't end poorly.
S Cooper
6. SPC
I always pictured the walls of the Battle Room as being featureless, plain, and maybe even beige. I suppose that wouldn't make a good movie, though. I'm simultaneously excited for and very skeptical of this movie.
7. Xi'an
They should have released it on 11.12.13....
8. Beaker2120
Just got done reading it again and there are walls in the battle room. Can't have handle with out walls. There are also multiple battle rooms that untill Ender is put on a team didn't even now about. Cant believe they didnt really read the book.
Francisco Guimaraes
9. franksands
@Beaker2120 why do you think they didn't read the book? And maybe the wireframe are the windows in a kind of star trek holodeck. We shouldn't judge a movie by its poster ;-)
10. johnseeking
Look, it's obviously a mashup, with the "stars" from the battle room in the foreground and all of interstellar space in the background. Do you think we're really going to see a shot of wanton destruction through a perfect starfleet insignia-shaped hole at any point in ST: Into Darkness? It's a metaphorical image, haters!

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