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2013 International TableTop Game Day, Saturday March 30th

2012 International TableTop Game Day

Wow, it has been over a year since my last installment of The Analog Gamer. Lots of changes in my personal life, a new career, a new location, and a new addition to the family on the way. Lots of changes to the tabletop gaming hobby as well. Signs of the hobby entering popular culture are everywhere; frequent episodes of The Big Bang Theory feature the gang playing games well known to hobbyists, TableTop, a slickly produced reality-based videocast with host Wil Wheaton and other game playing celebrities, is entering its second season, and games like Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, and Settlers of Catan, once strictly the domain of specialty stores can now be found featured in your local Target.

Local game stores are changing too, some of them anyway. Specialty stores with in-store gaming have an unfortunate, but perhaps deserved reputation somewhat reminiscent of seedy medieval taverns; dark, crowded, loud, messy, and with an odor that’s not all together pleasant. That image is slowly changing with an increasing number of brightly lit, spacious, and welcoming stores that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to bring a date to. Stores like Snakes and Lattes feature gourmet coffee, well-stocked game libraries, and game sommeliers available to suggest and teach games when necessary.

To expand the hobby and introduce or reintroduce the general public to their local game store, TableTop, game publishers, and local store owners are sponsoring the first annual International TableTop Game Day. Saturday, March 30th 2013, stores worldwide will have sales, demo copies, and gaming enthusiasts on hand to teach new and experienced players alike. If you have ever been curious about the hobby, this is the perfect opportunity to see what it is all about. Just click on the link and find an event near you.

Bob Gallo is a computer programmer specializing in Flash and interactive application design living in the Charlotte, NC area. Bob got his gaming start in the mid 1970s with traditional hex-and-counter war games and has played nearly all types of games including role playing games, miniatures, collectible card games, video/PC games as well as traditional board and card games.

Chris Nelly
1. Aeryl
Is the link correct? Or did this article just overload the page, cuz I keep timing out.
Elizabeth Rivera
2. beautifulmonster
They are currently switching to faster servers; it will be a while.
5. solarsoul25
Interesting stuff! I recently just got back into Magic, and have started gaming at a local store here in NJ (when my wife lets me) but I would be more than interested to expand into other stuff. The hardest part is getting started, especially with games like 40K which look incredibly complicated. Finding that group of people willing to take a step back to bring in the new guy is key. Regardless, I will be there tonight getting my butt handed to me in Booster Draft :)
6. Varon Cook
Hi table-top gamers,

I'm very excited about this. It just so happens I'm working on releasing my own pen-and-paper fantasy roleplaying game on this date through Amazon Kindle. I couldn't believe it when I discovered that the release date coincides with the first ever International Table-top Gaming Day.

I've been a reader of TOR fantasy and science fiction for over nineteen years, so I am behooved to TOR for sowing the seeds of creativity that have sparked my imagination these many years.

Please look for my first publication, Paradigm Core Fantasy Roleplaying, available through Amazon Kindle on March 30, 2013.

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