Feb 7 2013 11:05am

Ryan Gosling Casts Matt Smith in How to Catch a Monster

Ryan Gosling directing new movie How To Catch a Monster, now starring Matt Smith

Boasting an underwater town, monsters, and a “surreal dreamscape,” Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut—How to Catch a Monster—already sounds like something we’re into. And now it will feature the Doctor himself: MATT SMITH! In what will be his first leading role in an American production, Doctor Who actor Matt Smith will soon beginning filming How to Catch a Monster with Ryan Gosling, alongside co-stars Eva Mendes and Christina Hendricks. The film is being produced by Marc Platt and Adam Siegel in collaboration with Gosling’s Phatasma Films.

At present, it remains unclear if this Matt Smith/Ryan Gosling collaboration was an accident, or somehow willed into existence by all of our collective fantasies.

[News via Variety]

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I think I speak for all right-thinking heterosexual males when I say: OMG, MAKEOUT SCENE PLZ!

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