Feb 13 2013 6:00pm

New Game of Thrones Merch is Plushy, Pillowy, Not Afraid to Have Me Cry Into It

New Game of Thrones merchandise

New Game of Thrones merchandise debuted during this week’s Toy Fair and it includes probably the most idiosyncratic-yet-wonderful stuff ever. Want a pillow with your favorite House that also doubles as a shield? DONE. Want a plush version of Ghost? Or Summer? Or Lady? Or Nymeria? DONE. (Hold tight to Lady, though!)

Products include:

  • Collector Plush: Direwolves, Dragons, Dragon Eggs and other creatures and characters in detailed collector plush form.
  • Throw Pillows: High quality decorative pillows bearing the sigils and mottos of the Great Houses of Westeros.
  • Prop Replicas: Iconic objects and costume elements replicated in exacting detail as quality limited editions.
  • Sculptural Miniatures: Scaled polystone sculptures of key castles, buildings and environments featured in the series.

The new merch comes courtesy of Factory Entertainment, which has a multi-year merchandising agreement with HBO.

And since they’ve already started on pillows, would it be weird to request they sell entire House sigil bedroom sets next year? There’s nothing like decorating one’s home with one’s favorite Westerosi clan.

[News via The Mary Sue]

Chris Lough is the production manager of and can be found passed out underneath a bunch of House Baratheon pillows.

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1. ducky
OMG, I want a direwolf! And I don't know how I'd decorate my room...I'm a Stark loyalist, but the Greyjoy colors are kinda bad ass...
3. Margaret Garside
Those wolves are adorable! When will they go on sale?

I'm glad HBO realizes this show has many female fans. (Those can't be intended for little kids!)

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