Feb 25 2013 10:50am

Neil Gaiman Announces New Children’s Book Fortunately, The Milk

From Bloomsbury (Gaiman's publisher in the U.K.) comes this new video of Neil Gaiman introducing his forthcoming children's book;  Fortunately, The Milk. Illustrated in the U.K (the U.S. version will feature Skottie Young illustrations) by long-time Gaiman collaborator Chris Riddell, who previously worked with the author on The Graveyard Book, Fortunately, The Milk will feature everything from outer-space, to magic, to dinosaurs! It's due out in October of this year. Watch Gaiman talk about the book below.

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Evan Langlinais
1. Skwid
Ooo, I hope Neal Stephenson will release another one of the most amazing books I've ever read in the same year so he can be robbed of another Hugo!

/Not really
//Still bitter

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