Feb 5 2013 12:20pm

Make Your Own Awesome Pulp Magazine Cover With the Pulp-O-Mizer!

Every wanted to have a CHILLING ADVENTURE? Are you trapped inside of an AMAZING STORY? Do you enjoy putting the words “FROM OUTER SPACE” after even the most mundane phrase? If the answer to any of these questions was “yes” then the Pulp-O-Mizer is for you! This website lets you create your own custom pulp magazine covers, complete with awesome spaceships, space-people, planets and more! We did one quickly for Stubby the Rocket and will likely do several more before the day is out.

Check out Pulp-O-Mizer here.

Bradley Schenck
1. Bradley-W-Schenck
The Pulp-O-Mizer has a high regard for Stubby, and it has instructed me to say that it's pleased.
Alex Livingston
2. AlexLivingston
I put one of these together for my work-in-progress. Good practice for a pitch, I imagine. And definitely encourages the use of exclamation points!!!

Bruce Arthurs
3. bruce-arthurs
Almost wonderful. It'd be nice if the magazine title was enterable text too, instead of a selection from pre-existing choices.

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