Feb 19 2013 1:40pm

Download Calendar of Tales: 12 New Neil Gaiman Stories for Free!

Download Calendar of Tales: 12 New Neil Gaiman Stories for Free!

This past February 4th, Neil Gaiman and Blackberry kicked off the joint #KeepMoving venture. For twelve hours, Gaiman released writing prompts through his Twitter account, themed for the twelve months of the year, with the intent of writing Calendar of Tales, a collection of new original stories based on his favorite responses.

And now those stories are here! Blackberry has released Neil Gaiman’s Calendar of Tales in a handy PDF for free download. Check it out.

Bummed that you missed this? You still have a chance to contribute to a Neil Gaiman story! #KeepMoving and Neil Gaiman are now looking for illustrations, collages, photo manips, basically anything visual to go along with the Calendar of Tales. You can submit images through the Blackberry site linked above.

Stacey Busuttil
1. MadJack
Thanks for the link! October, November and July are my favourites.
Andrew Kuligowski
2. KuligowskiAndrew
I never would have found these if you hadn't posted on TOR ... thanks!
Wulf Losee
3. beowulf888
Boohoo! I can't get to the link. Also the link leads to a private Youtube channel. Not sure if there's another link for the pdf file (?).
4. bjaxx
http://acalendaroftales.com/uploads/files/COT_E_BOOK.pdf Here is the PDF. I had a hard time finding them too!
5. casual_loser
The link takes me to a private youtube playlist. I'm really just looking for October but any help is appreciated.

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