Feb 11 2013 5:45pm

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode Will Be in 3D

This is not fake! According to The Guardian the much-anticpated 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who will be in three dimensions! This means it will be filmed in 3D and shown in 3D at special movie theatres and on BBCs HD channel. From Steven Moffat himself:

“It’s about time. Technology has finally caught up with Doctor Who and your television is now bigger on the inside. A whole new dimension of adventure for the Doctor to explore.”

Whovians everywhere should be thrilled by this news, but most are disappointed the special won't be in four dimensions like it should be.

[Via The Mary Sue]

Rancho Unicorno
1. Rancho Unicorno
I will be mildly pleased if they show it at the Alamo (since that would mean that we're still stuck in Houston), but overall I'm disappointed since the whole 3D thing doesn't impress me all that much. But, I'm just a negative Nancy.
Erik Amundsen
2. Bigerich
3D, eh?

What a spectacular waste of time and energy. And I say that as a 3DS owner.
Rancho Unicorno
3. Puff the Magic Commenter
Me three. Bleh. Exactly why should anyone be "thrilled" about this? You know what would be thrilling? Knowing for sure that no expense or effort is being spared to come up with a great story. I wouldn't care if the thing played out on a bare soundstage, then. Screw the gimmicks.
David Shanahan
4. dshan
I assume the 50th anniversary episode in 3D will have a duration? That makes four dimensions.
Rancho Unicorno
5. kirkgray
Oh, dear god. *le sigh* Somebody please kill 3D. It was a gimmick in the 50s. It's a gimmick now. And most films are hurt, not helped, by it.
Noneo Yourbusiness
6. Longtimefan
It is difficult to get excited over a 3D Doctor Who episode for a few reasons.

One, I do not have a 3D televison. They are a bit expensive. So this would mean that I would not be able to see the special features of this episode unless I travel out to a venue and pay to see a show that I would not have to pay for if I watched it at home.
Then again they could be showing it in 3D and require inexpensive cardboard and colored plastic glasses that one could pick up at a local convenience store for a nominal price. Maybe even free with a special themed mega drink cup.

Two, Directors who are aware that they are using 3D play into it with some heavy handed shenanagains of moving objects towards the viewer in ways that feel out of place if one is watching the movie in a 2D format. Does this means that the product should only be viewed in 3D? Other directors do not understand the visual limitations of 3D. The constantly moving camera in modern televison and movies creates eye strain when trying to track in 3D.

Three, Pirahna 3D. so classy.
Rancho Unicorno
8. Dark Claw
You all realize that you aren't being compelled to watch it in 3D..........

Or, maybe you just need something to complain about.
Rancho Unicorno
9. lyss
I'm more excited about the fact that it will play in theaters than that it's in 3D. Do you know how exciting that will be to gather with all those other Whovians and watch the special in a theater together? It will be like hundreds of mini comic-cons all over the place :)
Rancho Unicorno
10. Charlie Sez
I've been a fan of Dr. Who for decades.
I'm anxiously looking forward to seeing Dr. Who
both in the theater and on TV.
I'm also will be glad to see Rose Tyler again.
I'll be sure to get the DVD as well.

Rancho Unicorno
12. star
Brent Longstaff
13. Brentus
Cool, I like 3D when it's done well. I don't expect this to be Hugo or Life of Pi, but I think 3D is still fun even when it isn't an integral part of the cinematographic experience.

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