Jan 30 2013 2:30pm

Harry Potter Actor David Bradley to Play the First Doctor

Harry Potter Actor David Bradley to Play the First DoctorThe upcoming docudrama about the early days of production on Doctor Who— called An Adventure in Space and Time—has cast the man to play First Doctor actor William Hartnell. Known to Harry Potter fans as Argus Filch, David Bradley will fill the curmudgeonly shoes of the late Hartnell in the Mark Gatiss-penned project. Of course, Bradley recently showed up on Doctor Who-proper, playing an evil space-poacher in “Dinosaurs on Spaceship.” Reportedly, Bradley was so excited to be asked by Gatiss that he “almost bit his hand off.” Luckily, no hands had to be regrown, Gallifreyan style.

An Adventure in Space and Time is filming in February and is set to air  late in 2013.

[News on Deadline via The Mary Sue]

Christopher Hatton
1. Xopher
This is very cool. I can't wait to see this.

I hope they get into the whole story of how Hartnell's departure led to the invention of Timelord "regeneration," which of course was what allowed the show to last 50 years.
Alex Bledsoe
2. alexbledsoe
Sounds like good casting. I'm really looking forward to this: I adore Hartnell's Doctor.
DarlaSilvereye Walsh
4. jwinpa
Argus Filch as the First Doctor, who would have guessed. Very much looking forward to the story of William Hartnell, and how his depiction of the Doctor has lead to 50 years of enjoyment. Hopefully some good history for those of us way to young to have been around since the beginning.

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