Jan 1 2013 2:12pm

HarperCollins to Publish Neil Gaiman’s “Make Good Art” Speech, Designed by Chip Kidd

While still in the early stages of our Neil Gaiman reread, Magic and Good Madness, (look out for our Sandman reread starting this month!) we are nonetheless always excited to hear about Gaiman’s upcoming publications. HarperCollins has just announced they will be creating a beautiful print edition of Gaiman’s inspirational “Make Good Art” speech delivered to the 2012 graduating class of Philadelphia’s University of the Arts. The edition will be designed, inside and out, by legendary book deisgner (and Batman collector) Chip Kidd. It is sure to be a perfect gift book. “Make Good Art” will be out May 14th. 

You can watch Gaiman deliver the speech in full here:

Stacey Busuttil
1. MadJack
So inspiring. A speech to watch, read, listen to and absorb many, many times over.
2. Jovic
Enough Gai neilman already. He's not that good.

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