Jan 11 2013 4:35pm

New Teaser Out for Game of Thrones Season 3

New Game of Thrones Teaser Out For Season 3 Trailer

A new super-brief teaser for the third season of Game of Thrones is here, featuring the three-eyed raven from Bran’s dreams. Also, it makes no sense.

So... the world of Westeros and ours will eventually merge? That’s what we’d think if we were unfamiliar with the books. Seriously, why is that raven flying around Earth?

Oh, whatever, it’s just a teaser. Ca-caw! Watch Game of Thrones in March!

Scott Silver
1. hihosilver28
Yeah. This was a terrible teaser.

The Fringe group stumbles on a wormhole instantly transporting Westeros to our time. It's like a bad SyFy version of A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, but in reverse.
Veejay J
2. Veejay J
Yeah. That was bad. And the music wasn't even a fraction as inspiring as last year's "Seven Devils" trailer.

Is there any confirmation that Season 3 will only be the first half of "Storm of Swords"? It seems there's been a media-blackout on the phrase "Storm of Swords" in relation to Season 3.

I think it's important that the show tries to veer closer to the books than last season. I actually didn't like Season 2 very much. For me Season 3 is the make it or break it season. The Daenerys storyline had better improve, since last season she really didn't have anything to do. The Dragons better be shown to have noticably grown.
shawn keeling
3. longerwaves
That made perfect sense to me. Game of Thrones is coming back to tv in March. Hence the three eyed crow flying around parts of our world. The song is "The Rains Of Castemere" which is an actual song from the books that the band "The National" (maybe you've heard of them?) covered, because they love the show. What is not to get?
Bill Stusser
4. billiam
POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD, do not read this comment if you do not want to know anything about season 3 or haven't read A Storm of Swords.

@ 2

Season 3 will only cover about half of ASoS. More specifically, from what I've read, the purple wedding will be in episode 7 and the whole thing will end with the RW. There is going to be a lot of unhappy people.
Matt Ries
5. mattries37315
I agree with longerwaves, it's not really that confusing. In March the world of Westeros returns to television around our world as represented by the three-eyed crow flying around various cities. Not everything has layered meanings, it can just be straight forward like the teaser says.

@4 I don't see the Purple Wedding happening this season and definitely not before the RW since that would flip the book's chronology on it's head. The PW will most likely happen Episode 2 of Season 4 to set up the Trial and Duel story arc.
Faiz Imam
6. FaizImam
4. billiam

Yeah I think you misunderstood. or did you accedentally switch them?
All speculation at this point says that RW will end the season and PW will be early season 4. While its possible they would move things up, It would compress the plot quite a bit and would leave much less for season 4, so I doubt it.

The producers explicitly stated that they would consider this a failure in they did not reach the RW, and have implied strongly that its what end season 3(they may have even said it explicitly, i donno)

On the othe hand there is another, shotgun wedding earlier in season 3 that I am very interested in watching put to film :D
Bill Stusser
7. billiam
Oops, I should have said the gold wedding will be in episode 7. Obviously the PW won't be until season 4. My bad.
Mo -
8. Astus
It seemed more like an Assassin's Creed teaser than a GoT one, lol.
Lindy Brown
9. lbrown
I wasn't aware that the two other weddings besides the Red Wedding had colors affixed to them? Where does that come from?
Elizabeth Doolin
10. mochabean
The trailer worked for me as well -- I found it very effective. Hearing "Rains" again a bonus too
Veejay J
11. Keithrc
Okay, so I figured out what the 'Purple Wedding' is easily enough... but the 'Gold Wedding?' What am I forgetting?
Veejay J
12. DeNelo
Gold Wedding: A Lannister wedding.

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