Jan 23 2013 12:15pm

Doctor Who to Premiere on March 30th

Doctor Who to Premier on March 30th

The BBC have just announced the date Doctor Who is returning, and it’s a little earlier than we thought! Saturday, March 30th on Easter Weekend, we’ll catch up with the Doctor and Clara Oswin Oswald for the second half of the 7th season! The first episode, “Phantom of the Hex,” will be written by showrunner Steven Moffat. 

Check below the cut for the brief preview of the new episodes that aired right after “The Snowmen” this past Christmas. 

Ursula L
1. Ursula
I believe that BBCA will be showing a documentary and a First Doctor story this Sunday, as well.
2. Fenric25
You'll want to edit this article unless the news has reported otherwise-"Phantoms of the Hex" is reputed to be the title of one of the episodes written by Neil Cross, likely episode 10 or 11, and it features the actor Dougray Scott and supposedly involves ghosts in 1950's haunted house. Stephen Moffat's episode doesn't have a title yet, as far as I'm aware, though the working title "The Bells of St.John" has been bandied about.
Dave Bell
3. DaveBell
Pretty much as expected, then. I know some people did wonder if the second half of the season would be before Easter, but it's one of the standard New Season promotional dates here in the UK.

Oh, and it isn't Season 7, unless you're only counting the revival. Which is a little silly in the year of the 50th anniversary, but maybe makes sense in the Americas, where things are a little different.
4. Darkclaw

Some of us in the Americas remember the original run and understand that "Season 7" refers to the 7th season in the current run.

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