Jan 17 2013 6:00pm

Adam West in Batman: Turn Off the Dark?

Taken from a bizarre live 1966 stage performance, the following brilliant clip features Adam West’s Batman singing his way through a “snappy” number about fighting off bad guys. If you ever heard of (or seen) It’s a Bird...It’s a Plane...It’s Superman, this has a bit of the same weird, flat melody thing going for it. Replete with some well-placed “pows” and “zowies,” you’ve never seen Batman sing more and dance less. Enjoy!

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Christopher Bennett
1. ChristopherLBennett
You know, aside from the pantomimed violence in the choreography, and the metatextuality of the written-out sound effects (clever choice of song, by the way), I can totally believe that appearing on a variety show to do a musical number is something the actual Batman as portrayed in the '66 show's universe would've been willing to do for charity. Or -- maybe it's something a supervillain forced him to do! I bet Robin was tied to an elaborate deathtrap backstage! But of course Batman precisely calculated his dance steps and the frequencies of the notes he sung in order to vibrate Robin loose by the end of the number, which is why Batman, who naturally has perfect pitch, seemed to be singing off-key at some points.

So yeah -- this is totally canon.

I tried to find what show this was from. Judging from Adam West's IMDb resume, it was probably episode 2 of The Milton Berle Show, a short-lived attempt at a comeback for Uncle Milty. It was an ABC show, which would explain the cross-promotion with ABC's Batman.

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