Dec 17 2012 5:25pm

Watch the First Nine Minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness

Watch the First Nine Minutes of Star Trek Into DarknessWatch it while you can! The first nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness has leaked online, so if you weren’t lucky enough to catch this playing before The Hobbit this weekend, check it out now.

It’s a bootleg recording, so there’s laughing and blurriness and shakiness, but it’s exciting nonetheless. There are quite a few callbacks to Wrath of Khan here....

[UPDATE: Paramount requested we take the video down a few hours later, but you can read a description of the events in it in this post theorizing on the plot of Star Trek Into Darkness.]

1. BRF
Callbacks to Khan -- and a callback to, bordering on a remake of, the opening to Raiders of the Lost Ark.
2. Ron Derry
Sherlock saves Mickey Smith's child. Dun dun dun. I hope the Doctor can help Kirk defeat Sherlock.
Chris Lough
3. TorChris
We had an in-office discussion as to whether that was Mickey or Rickey. Since new Trek is an alternate universe, though, it obviously must be Rickey. Obviously.
Rich Bennett
4. Neuralnet
what a tease! but still great fun to watch... clears up a few questions but not the villain. Looking more and more like some sort of khan story. I think it is going to be a new twist though, maybe the Eugenics war Doctor (a sort of Josef Mengele character) is the villian rather than Khan (the product of eugenics)
5. wingracer
Just got in. Watched it, refreshed to get any new comments and it was down.

Does have some Khan like stuff going on. I was really hoping it would NOT be Khan but oh well, we shall see.
6. Kiolia
Tor dot com says: Hurray for piracy? Apparently?
Joseph Newton
8. crzydroid
I'm with #6...apparently Tor doesn't care enough about its self image to have any qualms about knowingly posting a link to an illegal video?
9. mike-ptda
I'm with #6 and #8. Tor is promoting copyright infringement and priracy? I think you have gotten a little carried away in your zest for Scifi/Fantasy. Maybe time to go for a walk outside, breath some air, look around and realize that there is a here and a now... and that reality of today and the community around you is far more important then the overhypied, ultraviolent, world of Hollywood movie making. I think I'll do the same as clearly I'm spending to much time commenting on this post. Cheers, maybe I'll see ya outside. Mike
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
10. Lisamarie
I agree with some of the above concerns - I was pretty surprised to see a clearly pirated video posted on this site.

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