Dec 21 2012 6:00pm

To the Holidays!

It's a Lovecraft kind of Christmas wishes you all the best heading into the holiday weekend and 2013! We’ll be publishing lots of great new stories and articles over the holidays, so pop in and say hello if you find yourself with a quiet moment.

Art by Nelson Evergreen

Mad Doctor Hrothgar
1. Mad Doctor Hrothgar
Ia! Ia! Christmas ftagn.
Impossible snowflakes,
and squamous toboggan.
Mad Doctor Hrothgar
2. JohnnyMac
And Nyarlathotep bless us everyone!
D. Bell
3. SchuylerH
In A Christmas Cthulhu (1937) an elderly Arkham academic is visited by three great Old Ones on Christmas eve, who respectively show him their arrival on Earth, their present slumber in the Antarctic and the dessicated Earth of the future after their rise. After they have departed, he changes his miserly ways by being driven insane at the revelation of his cosmic unimportance and flinging himself from a third-floor window.

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