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The Wheel of Time Re-read: Towers of Midnight, Part 29

The Wheel of Time Re-read on Tor.com: Towers of Midnight, Part 29Make a wish and yell my name incomprehensibly into a rainstorm, WOT guys and gals, because it’s a Wheel of Time Re-read!

Today’s entry covers Chapter 56 through the end of Towers of Midnight, in which HOLY CRAP WE’RE AT THE END OF THE SECOND-TO-LAST BOOK WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN WHY WAS I NOT TOLD O THE HUMANITY

Uh. Yes. That.

Previous re-read entries are here. The Wheel of Time Master Index is here, which has links to news, reviews, interviews, and all manner of information about the Wheel of Time in general, including the upcoming final volume, A Memory of Light.

This re-read post contains spoilers for all currently published Wheel of Time novels. If you haven’t read, read at your own risk.

And now, the post!

Before we polish off this puppy, Scheduling Notes!

As you may have noticed, this post finishes off Towers of Midnight, the last currently published novel in the Wheel of Time series, and therefore after this there is, well, nothing to re-read until the fourteenth (!) and final (!!!) novel in the series, A Memory of Light, comes out this coming January (!!!!!!!).

Therefore, the Wheel of Time Re-read will (rather logically) be going on hiatus until such time as AMOL is actually, you know, out and people have had a chance to read it i.e., um, Februaryish, probably. More on that as it develops.

The point being, no Re-read for a while after this, kids.


As is my wont, I happen to have in my hot little hands an advance copy of said final novel in the series. And as is also my wont, I will be providing your hot little… er, eyes a completely, and probably incredibly frustratingly, spoiler-free advance review of said novel, right here on Tor.com.

So needless to say, I advise you to watch this space, riiight about where you’d normally be getting a Re-read post, because I feel safe in saying that even without spoilers, my review is probably going to be fairly epic. In the flailing, if nothing else.

Your Moral Being: WATCH THIS SPACE.

(For the record, BTW, as of the writing of this post I have not yet read a single word of that advance copy. Any mad props and/or incredulous stares for my heroic restraint in this regard will be nobly accepted. And yes, that also means I have given myself one week to read and review a ~900-page novel. And yes, I am insane, thank you for playing.)


And also before we polish off this puppy, let’s have our traditional last-post look at the cover art!

And… hmm.

Well, it’s… accurate? In that, that’s pretty much exactly what happened in that scene?

Except I notice that Mat is not wearing his foxhead medallion, which then leads me to remember that the medallion was never actually mentioned in that entire sequence, so it probably doesn’t matter, except that Elayne’s thoughts in her last chapter make it clear that Mat took the original medallion back, so he does have it in his possession, but then again it probably just doesn’t get mentioned because the snakes and foxes don’t channel so why would it be relevant, but still, it should probably be there in the picture because even if it was of no use I can’t imagine that Mat just left it in a drawer or whatever, because it’s kind of important to him, yo, but then again maybe he did leave it because it was after all a gift from the foxes in the first place and maybe he didn’t want them to take it back or something, but then if that was the case he wouldn’t have taken the ashanderei either, and obviously he did do that, thank God, so maybe I’m really just completely overthinking this and it’s just under his shirt or something, and also this entire paragraph has been one giant run-on sentence, hasn’t it.

Riiight, and this was supposed to be an art critique, not stream of consciousness fan-wanking bullshit, jeez, Leigh. Okay, and… dammit, I also just noticed that Mat is not wearing a scarf in the picture, and yet there is no hanging scar on his neck. See, this is why being an overly observant fan sucks sometimes.

But, um, I know that the artist was pretty sick when he was doing this commission, so nitpicking on the accuracy of the details seems petty? And… um.

Crap. Look, I’m just going to guiltily duck my head and mutter that the art is not to my taste and really never has been (even though I still do love the architecture and lighting on the TFOH cover to bits), but just because I don’t like it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not to someone else’s taste. Which clearly it is, because Darrell K. Sweet had a decades-long career in providing cover art for fantasy novels and who am I to say that ~fortyish years of publishing house art directors were all wrong, right?

And even having said that it’s not my bag, I still think it’s a shame that Mr. Sweet did not get to finish out providing the covers for the entire series. And that by all accounts he was a wonderful man and will be sorely missed.

Right, and so that was deeply uncomfortable, and so now we move on to actually Polishing Off This Puppy, which now that I’ve said it three times I’ve realized is in fact a kind of really disturbing turn of phrase. Yay?

Yep, my mind: officially lost. Moving on! To the finish line!


Chapter 56: Something Wrong

What Happens
Gawyn enters Egwene’s tent, dressed in plain clothing under his Warder’s cloak, to report that Elayne’s army is entering the field and she is on her way to visit. Egwene senses he is troubled, and Gawyn tells her that Aybara has not agreed to meet with her. She says that Elayne said he might be “difficult,” and Gawyn replies that he thinks he’s going to take al’Thor’s side, adding that his (huge) army has Whitecloaks in it. Egwene comments that that doesn’t make it seem likely that he’s going to side with Rand, and Gawyn points out that it doesn’t make it seem likely that he’s going to side with her either.

“Egwene… Galad leads the Whitecloaks.”

“Your brother?”

“Yes.” Gawyn shook his head. “This many armies, this many loyalties, all rubbing against one another. Aybara and his force could be a spark that sends us all up like a firework.”

Egwene says it will be better when Elayne settles in, but Gawyn worries that that al’Thor isn’t even coming, that this is all a distraction. Egwene disagrees, and says she is sure that a part of Rand knows he shouldn’t break the seals. Gawyn nods, and Egwene marvels at the changes in him, at how he is her partner now rather than her opponent. She knows how much she needs that, with the opposition from the Hall and the delicate balance she had to maintain there. They go to meet Elayne.

Gawyn rose, moving smoothly. The three rings he wore on a chain around his neck rattled as he moved; she’d have to ask him again where he’d gotten those. He had been oddly closemouthed about them.

Outside, she asks Gawyn about a new, smaller force (five to ten thousand) gathering below the ruins on the northern side of the field, and Gawyn tells her they seem to be farmers mostly, gathering on their own. He assumes al’Thor sent them, and she instructs him to have scouts watch them. Egwene sees Elayne’s procession coming toward the Tower’s camp, and they move to meet it. Egwene reflects that Elayne had taken her time, but was here at last, along with Darlin’s Tairens and a large contingent of Illianers. Elayne had the Cairhienin and the Band of the Red Hand; Egwene had sent an offer to King Roedran of Murandy, but does not know if he will come.

Even without him, however, a considerable number of the world’s nations were represented here, particularly since the flags of Ghealdan and Mayene could be seen among Perrin’s armies. She would have to contact their two rulers and see if she could sway them to her way of thinking. But even if not, surely what she had gathered would be enough to convince Rand to change his plans. Light send it was enough. She didn’t want to think of what would happen if he forced her hand.

Gawyn suddenly freezes, and then dashes toward Elayne’s party at a run. Egwene sees him fall to his knees before an older woman with red-gold hair beside Elayne, and realizes this must be Morgase. Her spies had reported the rumor that Morgase was alive, but she had wanted to confirm it before telling Gawyn. She stays back so her presence does not interfere with their reunion, and as she waits, suddenly the clouds pull away, leaving a blue sky overhead. Egwene sees Elayne turn and look toward Perrin’s camp.

He’s come, then, Egwene thought. And the calm is here. The brief moment of peace before the storm that destroys.

Androl stands with a small group (Emarin, Canler, and Evin) in a secluded grove of trees in the Black Tower grounds, supervising as they try and fail to form gateways. Evin encourages Androl to try himself, as he is the best with gateways. Androl does so, but the weave falls apart on him just as it had the others. Emarin comments that it is as if something wants to keep them here. Androl instructs them to try it in other places within the perimeter, secretly, and the others nod and disperse. Androl goes to where Norley is standing, and asks if he met with Mezar. Norley answers that he did, but it wasn’t really Mezar.

“Oh, it has Mezar’s face, right enough. But it’s not him. I can see it in his eyes. Trouble is, whatever the thing is, it has Mezar’s memories. Talks right like him. But the smile is wrong. All wrong.”

Androl shivered. “It has to be him, Norley.”

“It ain’t. I promise you that.”


“It just ain’t,” the stout man said.

Androl thinks of how Mezar had returned claiming that Logain was well and all would be resolved with Taim, but Androl had sensed then that something was off about the man. And then Taim had raised Mezar to full Asha’man, and where he was once fiercely loyal to Logain, Mezar was spending all his time with Taim’s lackeys now. Norley says it is getting bad, and thinks they should leave, but Androl tells him they would never get past the guard posts, and gateways don’t work. Norley asks what they are to do, then, and Androl tells him to get everyone still loyal to Logain moved into one barrack. Norley comments that that will be a little obvious, and Androl replies that the division already is obvious.

“But what are you going to do?”

Androl took a deep breath. “I’m going to find us some allies.”

Androl heads through the village, seeing Mezar on the way and confirming for himself what Norley had said about his smile seeming wrong.

Something was deeply wrong, something not-quite-alive inside those eyes. This didn’t seem to be a man, but a parody of one. A shadow stuffed inside human skin.

Light help us all, Androl thought, hurrying by.

He argues with himself about the wisdom of going to women of the Red Ajah, but considers that at least they would not be on Taim’s side, and goes to one of the huts where the White Tower contingent is housed. He knocks, and a plump Red sister answers. He says that he’s heard she wants to leave the Black Tower. She asks if his M’Hael has changed his mind, hopefully, but Androl tells her no, but she is not the only one who wants to leave this place. He sees distrust on her face, and steps forward.

“Something’s wrong in this place. Something worse than you understand. Once, long ago, men and women who worked the Power strove together. They were stronger for it. Please. Hear me out.”

She stood for a moment longer, then pulled the door open. “Come in, quickly. Tarna—the woman I share this hut with—is away. We must be done before she returns.”

Androl stepped up into the building. He didn’t know whether he was stepping into the pirate’s brig or the lionfish’s mouth. But it would have to do.

Go, Pevara and Androl, go!

It’s weird, how excited I got about the notion of Pevara and Androl getting together and working shit out. For the overall success of Operation Taim Smackdown, of course, but also because it still gives me something of a thrill whenever channelers of opposite genders work together in WOT. Because it is, even now, still so rare. Understandably so, perhaps, but still.

Androl’s description of Mezar, paired with Pevara’s observations of Tarna, is interesting in that if (as we, or at least I, have all been assuming) the 13x13 trick is what’s turning these people to the shadow, then it seems to go quite a bit further than your average Darkfriend “I’m in it for the glory/power/perqs” kind of deal. The way they are described, it almost seems they are less than totally human, now.

I might be reading too much into it, of course. But either way, it’s bloody creepy and sad-making, and somebody better do something about it, toot sweet.

(Seriously, so upsetting. I know I’ve said this before, but if it can’t be fixed, how horrific is that? It’s like rape and brainwashing and a kind of bizarre slavery all lumped together in one big sickening package. Gah.)

Moving on!

I’m not really sure whether or how those ninja assassin rings Gawyn’s wearing will be significant in the future, but the fact that they keep getting mentioned leads me to believe they will be important. Which leads me to imagine one possible (and rather delicious) scenario is that Egwene will have to have a meeting with Tuon at some point and she will be all “I sneer at you, filthy channeler,” and then see that Eg’s bodyguard is totally sporting three Bloodknives’ rings, and he’s all “yeah I killed them, no big” and Tuon’s like “holy crap, that is badass” and then there is respect, yo.

…Though I imagine that the scene would probably not play out in exactly those words. At least, we should all devoutly hope so. But that would be pretty cool, if it happened in slightly less surfer dude fashion.

Other than that, I don’t have a lot to say about Gawyn and Egwene’s part in this chapter, as it is pretty much pure set-up for what I presume is going to go down in AMOL. However, I will say that it was a nice note to leave them on as a couple and/or team.

I have been reliably informed that there is no single other character and/or situation I have *headdesked* over in the course of the Re-read more than Gawyn and his Entitlement Crazy issues, so to see that he’s genuinely found his peace with himself and his role as Egwene’s Warder is pretty darn cool. There is great honor to be found in being the faithful and reliable second to a worthy leader, perhaps even greater than that of being that leader, so I wish him all joy and luck with it. You go, Gawyn.


Chapter 57: A Rabbit for Supper

What Happens
Mat finds himself outside the steel tower, and indulges in a victory dance and taunt toward the snakes and foxes. Moiraine asks who the third was, and Mat is sobered by the reminder. He tells Thom that Noal was a great man, and to be sure to note in the ballad he’ll write of this that he was the hero. Thom agrees. He also notes that Thom had not seemed surprised at the revelation that Noal was Jain Farstrider. Mat tells Thom that the next time Mat wants to do the negotiating, he is to hit Mat with “something large, heavy and blunt.” Thom tells him his request is noted, and they move away from the tower.

In a wooded hollow some ways away, Moiraine explains that the foxes don’t need to feed off emotions to survive, but it “pleases them greatly.” Mat thinks she seems more like a woman and less a statue than he remembers, showing emotion far more openly, and seeming humbler as well. It makes her seem stronger to him than before. He can still hardly believe she is here. She channels to light the fire with some difficulty, and explains the Aelfinn and Eelfinn took turns “eating” her ability to channel, so her capability is much reduced.

“They claimed to have killed Lanfear by draining her too quickly, though I think they may have been trying to make me afraid. A man was there once, when they woke me. He said I was not the one he wanted.” She hesitated, then shivered. “Sometimes I wished that they would drain me quickly and end my life.”

Moiraine reassures Thom that she was sure he would come, and asks Mat if his eye pains him too much. He shrugs. She regrets that she cannot restore his eye, but with the angreal (Thom gives it back to her) she says she can take away the pain, at least. She mentions she’d asked for the angreal as one of her demands, not realizing they would use it against her to drain more of the Power from her. Mat is surprised that she got her three demands, and asks what the other two were, but she smiles and says she will keep those to herself for now. Mat demurs about her Healing him, and she is amused that he is still afraid of the One Power.

Yes, she was still Moiraine. Quick with a moral and advice. But perhaps she had a right—after what she had been through—to lecture on suffering. Light! She had known what she would have to go through, and yet she had still pulled Lanfear into that ter’angreal? Maybe Mat was not the hero here, and maybe Noal was not either.

Moiraine says she must find Rand, and asks how he is; Mat replies that he is “half-mad” and the whole world is at war, but acknowledges that Rand has gotten most of them pointed toward the Last Battle. He also mentions that Rand cleansed the taint from saidin. This amazes Moiraine, who declares it a fulfillment of a prophecy: “By the Dragon came our pain, and by the Dragon was the wound repaired.” Mat also tells her that Elayne is Queen of Andor, and that Rand had killed Rahvin, though he doesn’t know about the other Forsaken.

“Mat’s been too busy to keep track,” Thom added. “He’s been spending his time marrying the Empress of the Seanchan.”

Moiraine blinked in surprise. “You did what?”

“It was an accident,” Mat said lamely, hunching down.

“You accidentally married the Seanchan Empress?”

“They’ve got some odd customs,” Mat said, pulling his hat down. “Strange folk.” He forced out a chuckle.

Ta’veren,” Moiraine said.

She comments that she clearly has a lot to catch up on. Mat tells her he has to go back to Caemlyn before she can go to Rand, and curses the colors “bunching up” his vision even more now that he only has one eye. Moiraine then turns to Thom and proposes to him, to Mat’s shock. Thom replies that she knows he doesn’t care much for women who can channel. She answers that she doesn’t have much of that anymore, and offers to throw away the angreal. He stops her, and says he’ll marry her now if she wants. Mat demands to know when all this happened, and Thom tells him he hasn’t been very observant. Thom assumes Moiraine wants him to be her Warder too; she does.

[Thom] hesitated. “You think they can make one of those color-changing cloaks with some patches on it?”

“Well, you two have gone bloody insane, I see,” Mat said.

Moiraine tells Mat that he should consider the advantages the Warder bond would give him, and Mat replies that he isn’t going to be trapped into a bond like that. Thom points out that Tuon is technically capable of it, and Mat is unnerved until he reassures himself that Tuon refuses to learn how to channel and so surely he didn’t have to worry about that. Thom and Moiraine laugh at him and then start making eyes at each other, so Mat decides to clear out, going to scout where Grady’s gateway should appear. He makes a cairn for Noal, and contemplates how the loss of his eye will affect his ability to fight.

He had put on a brave front, but inside he trembled. What would Tuon think of a husband missing an eye? A husband who might not be able to defend himself?

He pulled out a knife, flipping it. Then, on a whim, he tossed it behind him without looking. He heard a soft screech, then turned to see a rabbit slump to the ground, speared by the idly thrown knife.

He smiled […] Yes, he might not be able to judge distance, and he might not be able to see as well. But luck worked better when you were not looking anyway.


“You accidentally married the Seanchan Empress?”


This might actually be the funniest line in the book. Possibly in the last three books.

This chapter was faintly surreal, on first reading. Which is perhaps not surprising, considering it was the first time Moiraine has been on-screen since her spectacular exit in TFOH. After that, just about any possible first scene with her (with her being conscious, anyway) was going to be a little surreal by definition.

I rather like how it was played, personally. There was perhaps not the bombast and badassedness (yet) that such a long-anticipated return might have expected, but that Moiraine was humbled and softened and yet at the same time quietly strengthened by her ordeal in Finnland all played very true to me. It seems meet that she has seemingly had all the Aes Sedai bullshit stripped from her, to put it bluntly, and her extremely straightforward proposal to Thom was downright refreshing.

It’s kind of terminally weird to me that, as she says, Moiraine without the bracelet angreal is too weak to even be raised to Accepted, and yet with the bracelet she is more powerful than she ever was on her own before landing in Finnland. No wonder everyone is desperate to get their hands on one of those things, eh? Damn.

In other news, so Moiraine has met Moridin, sort of. That’s interesting. More so for the fact that it implies Moridin has or had some kind of understanding or deal with the *Finn than anything else. I wonder if he went in the same way Mat and Thom and Noal did, via the tower, or if he went in via the snakes’ doorway in Tear? Maybe that’s why Mat et al found it destroyed?

Also, what were Moiraine’s other two demands, eh? Well, at least we can be sure now that one of them wasn’t to kill Asmodean. I might still be ever-so-slightly annoyed at Team Jordan’s glossary trick re: that, but I am definitely very glad to put this theory in particular to rest, which always bugged the crap out of me for some reason. I dunno, I just always thought it seemed so petty, to suppose Moiraine would waste a wish on that.

That said, I have not the first damn clue what else Moiraine could have asked for. I feel absolutely certain that at least one of them had something to do with Rand, though. Call it a hunch. Guess we’ll find out!

And wow, how funny would it be if Mat ended up not only married to the Seanchan Empress, but bonded to her as a Warder? That would involve some serious paradigm shifts on Tuon’s part, though, so while it’s perfectly possible to happen at some point I wouldn’t put money on it actually occurring before the end of the series. Which may qualify as famous last words, but whatever.

And call me crazy, but I rather doubt that Mat will have any trouble at all being just as much of a badass with one eye as he was with two. It’s all fun and games, just without depth perception!


Epilogue: And After

What Happens
In the wake of the failure of her tool Isam to kill Aybara, Graendal packs up hurriedly, intending to flee. She’d started placing “strings” around the new Seanchan Empress, but thinks that will have to be abandoned now. She still cannot understand how the prophecy about Aybara had failed. She turns and finds Shaidar Haran behind her, and drops to her knees, sweating. It tells her she failed, ignoring her protests.

“Mesaana has fallen,” Shaidar Haran whispered. “Three Chosen, destroyed by your actions. The design builds, a lattice of failure, a framework of incompetence.”

Graendal protests that she’d had nothing to do with Mesaana’s defeat, but the Fade counters that the dreamspike’s presence in Tar Valon ruined Mesaana’s plans, and that is Graendal’s fault, as is Isam’s failure as well. She pleads with him to be given another chance at al’Thor, but it tells her that task has been given to another. It assures her that she will not be forgotten, though.

“No,” Shaidar Haran said, “I shall not forget you, and you shall not forget that which comes next.”

She opened her eyes wide, then howled as he reached for her.

Perrin thinks that even the wolf dream smells and looks like it is dying, and wills the land around him to be healthy again. It becomes so, and Perrin then tries to will Hopper alive again. The wolf’s form appears before him, but its eyes are lifeless. He tries harder, feeling himself become far too strongly in the dream, and finally cries out and lets it all go, remembering Faile and all he has to do in the real world.

Seek Boundless. He will explain.

Hopper’s last sending to him. What did it mean?

Perrin jumps to where he senses Boundless in the dream, and tells him Hopper sent him. To his surprise, Boundless vanishes. Perrin follows him to field with a rotting barn in it, where Boundless repeats No, no to him, frightened and angry. He runs again, and Perrin follows as Young Bull, chasing him across the dream. Boundless broadcasts images as he runs, including one of Perrin, looking at Boundless from outside a cage.

What? That sending had been of a younger Perrin. And Moiraine had been with him. How could Boundless have…

And suddenly, Perrin knew. Boundless was always found in Ghealdan in the wolf dream.

Noam, he sent to the wolf, now distant.

Surprise from the other, and Perrin finds him in the reflection of his old village. Perrin asks if he remembers Perrin from before when they met in the waking world. Noam stubbornly pretends not to understand, and Perrin asks if he remembers the cage. Noam freezes, momentarily becoming the image of a man instead of a wolf, before reasserting his wolf form and growling that he is a wolf, always. Perrin counters that once he was not, and Noam replies that that doesn’t matter here.

Why should Boundless have the answer? Seeing him, knowing who he was, brought back all of Perrin’s fears. He’d made peace with himself, yet here was a man who had lost himself completely to the wolf.

This was what Perrin had been terrified of. This was what had driven the wedge between him and the wolves. Now that he’d overcome that, why would Hopper send him here?

Perrin remembers how all he had sensed from Noam the man was murderous rage, and Moiraine had said there was nothing left of the man in him, but Boundless the wolf seemed at peace. He asks Boundless what he thinks of the world of men, and Boundless sends a barrage of pain and sadness, images of famine and abuse and disaster, leaving Perrin gasping. Perrin realizes that Boundless picked the wolf intentionally.

The wolf is peace, Boundless sent.

“Yes,” Perrin said, laying a hand on the wolf’s head. “I understand.”

This was the balance for Boundless. Different from the balance for Elyas. And different from what Perrin had found. He understood. This did not mean that the way he let himself lose control was not a danger. But it was the final piece he needed to understand. The final piece of himself.

Perrin thanks him, and then sends an image of himself out to all the wolves he could reach, an image of Perrin the man and Young Bull the wolf side by side, with the same scent.

Olver plays Snakes and Foxes in Mat’s tent with Talmanes, thinking of his eventual revenge against the Shaido who had killed his father and how he plans to go to the Aelfinn and find out how to find him once he is old enough. He thinks of how Mat had tried to keep from telling Olver that he was going to the Tower of Ghenjei without him, but Olver is not upset that Mat took Noal instead. He rolls again for his turn, and freezes when he realizes his piece has reached the center square.

“I won!” he exclaimed.

Talmanes looked up, pipe lowering in his lips. He cocked his head, staring at the board. “Burn me,” he muttered. “We must have counted wrong, or…”

“Counted wrong?”

“I mean…” Talmanes looked stunned. “You can’t win. The game can’t be won. It just can’t.”

Olver dismisses this as nonsense, and wanders over to Mat’s desk. He notices a letter under some of the papers there, and thinks it is very rude of Mat not to have opened it. He decides he is doing Mat a favor and opens it, and puzzles over the words inside. Talmanes sees what he is doing and grows upset, taking it from him, but Olver insists that he thinks it’s important. Talmanes hesitates, then reads the letter. He curses, grabs his sword and dashes out, leaving the letter behind. Olver reads it again:


If you are opening this, then I am dead. I had planned to return and release you of your oath in a single day. There are many potential complications to my next task, however, and a large chance that I will not survive. I needed to know that I’d left someone behind who could see this work done.

Fortunately, if there’s one thing I believe I can rely upon, it is your curiosity. I suspect you lasted a few days before opening this letter, which is long enough for me to have returned if I were going to. Therefore, this task falls upon you.

There is a Waygate in Caemlyn. It is guarded, barricaded, and thought secure. It is not.

An enormous force of Shadowspawn moves through the Ways toward Caemlyn. I do not know when they left exactly, but there should be time to stop them. You must reach the Queen and persuade her to destroy the Waygate. It can be done; walling it up will not suffice. If you cannot destroy it, the Queen must bring all of her forces to bear upon guarding the location.

If you fail in this, I fear Caemlyn will be lost before the month is out.


Verin Mathwin

Olver walks outside, and sees a reddish haze over Caemlyn in the distance, and Talmanes whispers that the city is burning. He raises a shout, calling the Band to arms, that they must get to the city and prevent the dragons from falling into the Shadow’s hands. Olver runs back into Mat’s tent to retrieve the large knife he’d hidden there. He thinks he had sworn to himself after Cairhien that he would never be a coward again, and now it is time to fight.

The merchant Barriga stumbles through the Blight, bleeding and panicked. Kandor has fallen, and his caravan had been overwhelmed by Trollocs. He falls down, and sees three figures in black and brown approaching. At first he thinks they are Myrddraal, but then sees they wear short spears on their backs and red veils across their faces, and is intensely relieved, thinking they are al’Thor’s Aiel. Then one of the men steps up to him and removes his veil, and Barriga sees the man’s teeth have been filed to points. The man pulls a knife.

Barriga stuttered, looking at that horrific maw and the glee in this man’s eyes as he reached in for the kill. These weren’t Aiel. They were something else.

Something terrible.

Rand sits quietly in his own dream, warded from intruders. His body sleeps at Merrilor, and he thinks of the demands he will make of Egwene and the assembled monarchs there the next day – not to keep him from breaking the seals, as he was going to do that anyway, but in exchange for his going to Shayol Ghul to face the Dark One.

He wasn’t certain what he’d do if they refused him. They’d find it very difficult to do so. Sometimes, it could be useful to have a reputation for being irrational.

He’s recreated in his dream the valley in the Mountains of Mist where his perhaps most important, and painful, journey had begun; he feels it is fitting. He is enjoying his calm when he hears screaming. He frowns and dismisses the valley, searching for the source of the screams. A wooden corridor appears, and Rand runs down it, reaching a door. The room beyond is filled with a darkness that seems to pull at him, draining him. He follows the sound of the screams to a round room that Rand thinks resembles the inside of a giant skull, and sees a silvery-haired woman on the floor next to a single candle, shaking and weeping. He kneels next to her, wondering how she could have gotten into his dream. She pleads with him to make it stop, that “he” has her, and “flays her soul anew each eve.” He asks who she is, and she replies that he knows her.

Rand gasped, releasing her hand. The face was different. But he did know that soul. “Mierin? You’re dead. I saw you die!”

She shook her head. “I wish I were dead. I wish it. Please! He grinds my bones and snaps them like twigs, then leaves me to die before Healing me just enough to keep me alive. He—” She cut off, jerking.


Her eyes opened wide and she spun toward the wall. “No!” she screamed. “He comes! The Shadow in every man’s mind, the murderer of truth. No!” She spun, reaching for Rand, but something towed her backward. The wall broke away, and she tumbled into the darkness.

Rand leaps for her but misses. He stares, trying to regain his calm, but instead feels hatred and unwanted desire for Mierin Eronaile, also known as Lanfear.

Lan stands at the head of Tarwin’s Gap, looking down into what had once been his homeland. The Trollocs on the other side of the pass easily outnumber his own force by ten times at least. He thinks on his bond with Nynaeve, and how something had changed about it. He thinks that he should regret the pain his passing will give her, but instead finds that that closeness gives him strength. At his side, Kaisel comments that it is fitting they should strike here; it will show the Shadow that they will not be beaten down. Lan agrees, and moves his horse forward.

“I am al’Lan Mandragoran,” Lan bellowed. “Lord of the Seven Towers, Defender of the Wall of First Fires, Bearer of the Sword of the Thousand Lakes! I was once named Aan’allein, but I reject that title, for I am alone no more. Fear me, Shadow! Fear me and know. I have returned for what is mine. I may be a king without a land. But I am still a king!”

He roars and charges, his army behind him, men from every Borderland and probably every living Malkieri able to wield a sword. They sweep down, cheering, a force of some twelve thousand against a horde of Trollocs at least one hundred and fifty thousand strong.

This day will be remembered in honor, Lan thought, galloping forward. The Last Charge of the Golden Crane. The fall of the Malkieri.

The end had come. They would meet it with swords raised.

Lan = Badass. That is all. Someone commission John Williams to score that scene.

Graendal: So, on first reading I completely and totally missed the hint here that the “three Forsaken” she had offed, in Superfade’s view, included Asmodean, and in fact didn’t get it until the much more alert commenters on the Re-read clued me in that the big Whodunnit question had in fact been answered in TOM. That’ll teach me not to at least skim the Glossary, eh?

And I get the joke, really, and I can’t say it wasn’t kind of funny, to resolve the longest-standing and over-analyzed (and ultimately superfluous) unanswered question in the series so offhandedly. I don’t aim to be one of those fans, if you see what I’m saying, and get all miffed over it, because it really was a non-factor in anything important to the actual story, and I recognize that. That said, I won’t deny that I kind of blinked at how it went down.

But at least we did get an answer, right? And since I had always basically split my vote between Graendal and Lanfear, it means I was only half wrong! Go me!

Now that Semirhage was gone, Graendal had begun placing some strings around their new, childlike Empress. She’d have to abandon those schemes now.

“Childlike Empress,” hah! I don’t know if that was intentionally a Neverending Story shout-out or what, but I’m totally going to take it as one, because it made me grin like a maniac. I loved the crap out of that movie as a kid.

I’m conflicted about the Perrin section here. Not because I didn’t like it, because I did. I really liked it, actually. I thought the revelation that Noam/Boundless had chosen the wolf rather than succumbed to it was both a shock, and perfectly fitting in how it allayed Perrin’s fears on that score at last. That was amazing, in fact, and terribly important to Perrin’s final acceptance of his wolf-brotherliness.

My problem with it is that I don’t think it belonged in an epilogue, for pretty much exactly the reasons I just said.

Basically it was far too pivotal a plot point (and character development point) to be relegated to an epilogue, which should (in my opinion) only contain either brief footnote/gracenote scenes or transitional/teaser scenes. The Graendal and Olver and Barriga and Rand and Lan scenes here fit the “epilogue” bill just fine, but the scene with Perrin and Noam should have been in the main body of the story, in my opinion.

Personally, I would have tacked this scene onto the end (or the beginning) of Perrin’s POV in Chapter 53, and started the whole Mat/Finnland thing in a new chapter altogether, but that’s just me. *shrug*

Olver: DUN!

And, wow. Verin didn’t make too many mistakes in her life, by all accounts, but when she did mess up, she messed up BIG.

In her defense, though, the Mat she knew would totally have opened that letter in no time flat; I guess it’s a little much to blame her for not realizing how much Mat had changed in so short a time. Still, damn; would it have killed her to make the prospect of opening the letter a little more palatable?

Also, it was a really amusing grace note that now that Mat has broken the mold and been the first one to truly beat the *Finn at their own game, that the metaphorical (or maybe just meta) representation of that game in Randland is suddenly winnable. It might not make any logical sense, but in a story sense it’s awesome.

As for Barriga and his pointy-toothed red-veiled “Aiel,” look, I have no clue. I know that plenty of theories have been floated around in the fandom, though. The one I remember is that these evil Aiel could be the revenants (or whatever) of all the male Aiel (and that still rhymes in my head, dammit) who were sent to the Blight to go down fighting once they discovered they could channel, and perhaps met a very different (and far suckier) fate instead.

*shrug* Sounds good to me. Well, not “good,” obviously, but in the sense of “plausible.” No doubt we’ll find out more Real Soon Now.

Rand: It figures that the only actual POV we get from Rand in the entire novel just confuses the hell out of everything. TYPICAL.

So is Cyndane/Lanfear sincere, or is she bait? Of course, no reason she can’t be both. The “he” she refers to is obviously Moridin, though, which probably explains how she got into Rand’s supposedly impregnable private dreams, owing to that (very worrying and very creepy) True Power-forged connection between Rand and Moridin. I suspect the two of them are going to get only more permeable to the other, so to speak, until whatever final confrontation is had. Which isn’t unnerving at ALL.

I feel certain, though, that Lanfear’s involvement is also pivotal in some way to, well, everything. It makes sense when you think about it: she was the one who originally opened the Bore, after all. So perhaps it’s only fitting that she be involved in some way in closing it again. Will she be redeemed by doing so? Maybe?

I am very much looking forward to seeing how it all plays out, that’s for sure.

Lastly, as a coda to the Epilogue we had some Dark Prophecy, a thing which I believe we have not seen since TGH. Let’s do some wild-ass guessing, shall we?

Lo, it shall come upon the world that the prison of the Greatest One shall grow weak, like the limbs of those who crafted it. Once again, His glorious cloak shall smother the Pattern of all things, and the Great Lord shall stretch forth His hand to claim what is His. The rebellious nations shall be laid barren, their children caused to weep. There shall be none but Him, and those who have turned their eyes to His majesty.

This is… all pretty self-explanatory. Dark One SMASH, all your realities belong to us, I am invincible, etc. Standard Ultimate Evil Posturing, check.

In that day, when the One-Eyed Fool travels the halls of mourning, and the First Among Vermin lifts his hand to bring freedom to Him who will Destroy, the last days of the Fallen Blacksmith’s pride shall come. Yea, and the Broken Wolf, the one whom Death has known, shall fall and be consumed by the Midnight Towers. And his destruction shall bring fear and sorrow to the hearts of men, and shall shake their very will itself.

Well, the One-Eyed Fool is obviously Mat; describing Finnland as “the halls of mourning” is a little odd but also fitting if you think about it.

“First among Vermin,” haha. Rand is king of the rats now?

So right, he’s going to break the seals and then “the last days of the Fallen Blacksmith’s pride shall come.” Which is Perrin, clearly. I think Graendal’s mistake, though, was assuming that both the “Fallen Blacksmith” and the “Broken Wolf” appellations referred to Perrin, when I think that actually only the first one applies.

So as to who “the Broken Wolf” actually is, then, I’m not really sure. I originally tended to think it referred to Noal, since Ishamael certainly “broke” Jain Farstrider, after all, and he was generally considered to be dead by the wider world, and there were towers in Finnland that you could suppose he’d been “consumed” by. But then again, I’m not sure how Noal’s death in Finnland could “shake the will” of everyone on the Light side of things, considering that most of them won’t even hear the story until after the Last Battle is over and Thom (presumably) has time to sit down and write a ballad about it. Not to mention, Noal’s story is inspiring, and whoever the “Broken Wolf” is, his story seems like it is meant to be the opposite.

Additionally, I think the consensus is that “Midnight Towers” probably doesn’t refer to the spires in Finnland anyway., nor to the passing mention of towers in Seandar, either. There were some towers in the Blight that fit the bill, weren’t there? Didn’t I read that at some point?

I kind of feel like the Broken Wolf thing is something that hasn’t actually happened yet, but I freely admit I could be seriously wrong. So, in conclusion, dunno. Ideas?

And then, shall the Lord of the Evening come. And He shall take our eyes, for our souls shall bow before Him, and He shall take our skin, for our flesh shall serve Him, and He shall take our lips, for only Him will we praise. And the Lord of the Evening shall face the Broken Champion, and shall spill his blood and bring us the Darkness so beautiful. Let the screams begin, O followers of the Shadow. Beg for your destruction!

… Yeah. People who choose the Dark Side are stupid, yo.


And thus ends Towers of Midnight, the penultimate novel in a series that I’ve been following for pretty much my entire adult life, and which is actually, really, truly, no lie, about to end. I still kind of can’t believe it, and I’ve got the proof sitting on my desk right this second.

I said in my summation of TGS that I thought it was flawed but a good start to finishing the story, and while I had my issues with TOM as well, I definitely feel it was a vast improvement over its predecessor. And thus it is with an eager heart that I go to crack open my copy of AMOL, and finally find out how this thing ends.

But first, collapse into a horizontal and unconscious position must occur. Love, luck, and lollipops, O my Peeps, and check back in for your super-fun advance AMOL treat next week!

1. neverspeakawordagain
Thank you so much for the re-reads, Leigh. Fantastic job; we're all in your debt.

There have been at least three friends of mine who'd given up entirely and walked away from the series somewhere between books 7-9, and I've gotten them to complete it solely by saying "Just skips books 7-11 and read Leigh Butler's chapter summaries for those, and then get back to read Sanderson's books, because they're completely awesome." You personally have kept multiple people from giving up on the Wheel of Time series entirely, and you should be proud of that.

2. Phil heckman
The End! and a new beginning. Great Read.
Craig Jarvis
4. hawkido

I polished off my puppy twice last night...
Stefan Mitev
5. Bergmaniac
It feels hard to believe the reread reached this point. Congrats, Leigh, great job!

Anyway, on this week's chapters - I got to say I was quite annoyed with Thom and Moiraine here. The marriage offer really came out of nowhere. They had no romantic relationship to speak of. And what was with Moiraine offering to throw away an invaluable angreal when the Last battle has come? The rest of the chapter was fun though.

Gawyn finally saw Morgase was not dead, thankfully. Part of me still hopes he uses the rings and die heroically.

Verin should've just made Mat promise to open the letter after 10 days, without making him promise to follow the instructions in it. Of course he'd alert the Caemlyn authorities that an invasion is coming, he's no Darkfriend.

I am glad that Perrin's Wolfbrother problems seem to be over, they stopped being interesting to me many books ago.

The cover is much better than usual for the series, still nothing special.
Jacob Marlowe
6. Savior4Hire
Just off the top of my head, could the "broken wolf" refer to Slayer/Isam/Luc?
Rajesh Vaidya
7. Buddhacat
The broken wolf is clearly Hopper, one who has known death and will fall again.
8. neverspeakawordagain
Two points:

One, I have a HUGE problem with the cover art that Leigh didn't mention. In every single mention we've heard of the Tower of Ghenjei throughout the entire series, from The Eye of the World on, it's described as a smooth silver metal spire without any markings on it at all. So, in my mind, it's a giant pyramidal mirrored spire, something like the Dublin Spire on O'Connell Street without all the writing at the bottom. But the cover here makes the spire appear to be blue (?) and, most disturbingly, covered in wierdly shaped blotchy patches. That goes completely against every mention of the tower as smooth and unmarked -- not "covered all over in raised blotches." I understand that it's very difficult to paint mirrored surfaces, but this is still pretty awful.

SECOND: Leigh skipped over what was, to me, the most interesting part of the epilogue: Graendal's mention that she could possibly escape to one of the parallel worlds of the portal stones. The portal stones have been criminally underused throughout the series (although, since the rediscovery of skimming / travelling in The Fires of Heaven, they've become rather superfluous other than for moving shadowspawn like in the battle with Perrin and the Whitecloaks), but the concept that somebody could just escape there and get away from what ails them in the "real" world is an extremely intriguing one. If I'm a Foresaken at any earlier point in the series and I'm aware of the possibility of using a portal stone to get a world the Dark One can't find me in, I'd take a whole lot more risks in trying to advance my own agenda -- after all, I don't have to face the Dark One's wrath if I can just skip away to a parallel universe if things go askew.
Stefan Mitev
9. Bergmaniac
Why would Hopper's death "bring fear and sorrow to the hearts of men, and shall shake their very will itself"? No man cares about him except Perrin.
11. ChocolateRob
I'm personally hoping that the three rings Chekhov's gun will not be him showing them off to Tuon but him trying to use them, poisoning his idiotic ass and doing the Light a favour by dying.
Fitting end for for a grade A chump.
Alex Fuller
12. AKFuller
I think "First Among Vermin" = Fain.

And, loony theory: Perrin fights Shadar Haran ("Death") and loses, but isn't killed. Maybe a broken back or something. He becomes both the Fallen Blacksmith and the Broken Wolf. Paralysis would give him pride issues. And, he'd still be able to do his thing against Slayer in T'A'R. Can't explain the rest of it, though. Maybe dark prophesy is just wrong?
Tim Kaufman
13. Tymerion
Also, is the broken wolf Lan?

He's about to assault the shadow, and his fall could certainly be a hit to morale everywhere...
Rob Munnelly
14. RobMRobM
Leigh - Bravo and thanks for all of the good work since the Re-Read commenced. Looking forward with anticipation to the denouement and, almost as importantly, your take on it during 2013.

15. Kadere
I have been reading this blog since it's start way back on Jan 20, 2009. That's nearly 4 years of reading this blog. How the Hell this thing reached the end, covering 14 MASSIVE books, just 4 odd weeks before the release of the final book is serendipity at it's finest. I really cannot imagine the sheer luck that Leigh reached this point at this juncture.

Thank you Leigh, for such a wonderful and long journey. I know the hours are killer, the time and dedication to this series that you've put in is mind-boggeling. I really don't even know what to do with my Tuesdays once this thing is good and done after AMoL, so I guess I have some months left of enjoying this blog, but soon enough it's over.

I've been angered by this blog, I've been fraustrated more then a time or two with your anaylsis, or not giving attention to things I thought deserved attention, even to the point that I did my own blog of the series and gave up a quarter way through TSR (I'll finish it eventually when I don't have so much school). But no matter what your opinions were, or where you took the descussion I was always back the next week furiously reloading the page to get the next installment.

So I know it's not over, but in a way it feels like it is, at least until mid-February. And I just want to thank you for your time and dedication. It's been a hell of a lot of fun, and in your own small way (or large way), I think this blog has rightfully become a part of the WoT cannon, where it belongs.
16. AndrewB

Thank you for all of your efforts these past years. I consider myself lucky to have discovered your re-read. I may not always agree with your positions, but I appreciate all your thoughtful insights. (Even if they are wrong :)). I am also impressed by your writing skills.

Thanks for reading my musings,
17. neverspeakawordagain
My looney theory re: the Broken Wolf (this explains everything except the "one whom Death has known" part, which I have only conjecture for):

"The Wolf" or "The Little Wolf" is Rodel Ituralde's nickname. (As an aside, Ituralde has quickly become my second-favorite character in the entire series after Mat, because he's the only one of the "great captains" who's shown any truly impressive military strategizing in the entire series). The Towers of Midnight are the names of the towers in the Seanchan city of Imfaral, which, in the Glossary in Towers of Midnight, are described as the place where "when a time of dire need comes, the Imperial family will return and right that which is wrong."

MY THEORY: Rand sends Rodel Ituralde against the Seanchan, and Ituralde is defeated by them. This defeat, at a desperate time, is what leads Rand to kneel to Tuon, which starts the whole Aiel prophecy thing Aviendha sees in the glass columns.
19. Susurrin
Couldn't the Broken Wolf be Lan? He has known death all his life. He literally courts it and his fall would most definately damage the will of the Light side.
20. gadget
Could the "Broken Wolf" be Rand? His death would certainly cause quite a hubbub. This would also fit the whole "Twice dawns the day..." and "To live you must die..." prophecy. Just when things look that bad, Nyneave pull the throw someone out of the dream world trick she learned from Morggy, and you have your hero again, both hands included!
21. Twedge
Thanks for the reread, Leigh! And it was downright classy of you to power through these last dozen or so chapters so we fans can get a taste of your soon-to-come-spoiler-free-AMoL-review--woot! I've seen it discussed elsewhere, so I know I'm not the originator of the theory (please feel free to take and/or give credit to those below, team), that the Midnight Towers refer to the 13 forsaken in Egwene's dream earlier in the novel. Now that I think of it, I believe you yourself threw that out there too, Leigh...so there's that. SO, I believe the prophesy refers to Rand (the lone wolf) getting killed by the forsaken, shaking the will of all light-siders, until he gets "resurrected" (possibly 3 days later hint hint hint), possibly by Nynaeve reverse-Birgitte/Moghedianing (TM) Rand out of Tel'e. Or some trickery with the horn, as Lews Therin is a hero and is known to them (as we discovered in TGH). Unless Morainne uses one of her wishes to find a way to bring Rand back to life--DUN! Those are my theories, and I'm pretty ok with not knowing for certain beforehand, as I don't want a repeat of the finland experience from ToM (although, like Leigh, I was totally taken by surprise with the use of Matt's ashandereii to open a portal back home). Very much looking forward to the spoiler free review--thanks again, Leigh!
22. ageless
Thanks for all your wonderful rereads leigh. You started this project 2 months after my husband died and i have followed you from the beginning. You and everyone who has commmented on this huge project have pulled me through a very difficult time in my life. I am grateful to you all. Cant wait to read the end in January.
23. neverspeakawordagain
I don't see how the "Broken Wolf" could be Lan. Throughout the series, there's never been any mention of him as a wolf. This appears to be an exhaustive list of the people who've been associated with wolves in the series:

Perrin, Noam, Elyas: Wolfbrothers

Aram: Carried a sword with a wolfhead pommel, and he's certainly somebody "death has known," but I doubt the prophecy refers to him, on account of that would be lame, since he's not that important to anybody and bringing him back from the dead would be pretty stupid at this point.

Rodel Ituralde: Nicknamed the "Little Wolf," and my personal choice for whom the prophecy refers to.

Slayer: Never really been associated with wolves other than killing them, but I suppose he could be shoehorned into some kind of definition here.
William Carter
24. wcarter
My life--without the reread and all of my fine fellow commenters--it will be so...empty...

On a slightly more cheerful(?) note, anyone else get the feeling that what happens next to Greandal under Shadar Haran's loving attention is high octane nightmare fuel?

On the Meiren/Lanfear/Cyndane thing, that has so totally got to be a trap. Last time we got a POV from her in Winter's Heart she wanted one thing and one thing only: Rand Al'Thor DEAD. I have no doubt that whatever vision Rand saw was a trick cooked up by Cyndane and/or Moridin to throw Jedi-Rand off his game.
Scott Silver
25. hihosilver28
Why is everyone assuming that the broken wolf doesn't refer to Perrin and that he survives the last battle? I'm counting on one of the golden three to go down in a big way during Tarmon Gai'don...and Perrin is definitely a possibility and would strike a HUGE blow to the Light in a battle.
26. MasterGeek
Thanks for the re-reads! I haven't read all of them (way to many), but those that I have read were great.

As for the Midnight Towers, I remember that one of Egwene's Dreams described the fall of several Black Towers, and that one of those towers fell almost to the bottom and then rose up to be the tallest of all. I believe that the consensus is that those towers refer to the Forsaken. Therefore, the Midnight Towers are the Forsaken. On top of that, Moridin read this prophecy to Graendal at some point (can't remember which book, but it was either KoD or TGS), and Graendal commented that it meant (or so she thought) that the Forsaken would kill Perrin. So even the Forsaken think that the Midnight Towers refer to themselves.

Therefore, whoever this broken wolf was would be kill by the Forsaken (or one of their tools). So...a broken wolf who Death has known...I can think of a few possible 'broken wolfs', but the only one who Death has known who can be killed again is Hopper. So,
"The last days of the Fallen Blacksmith's pride shall come. Yea, and the Broken Wolf, the one whom Death has known, shall fall and be consumed by the Midnight Towers. And his destruction shall bring fear and sorrow to the hearts of men, and shall shake their very will itself."
Means that about when Perrin finally stops thinking himself a blacksmith and embraces being a king, the Broken Wolf--Hopper--the one who death has known--who has already died once--will fall to the Forsaken--was killed again by Slayer, who is the Forsaken's tool. Hopper's death brought fear, pain, and sorrow to Perrin (a man). It just so happens that Perrin's will was only shaken and not stirred. Now Perrin just has a bigger hammer to swing at Slayer. It's no wonder Graendal was surprised. The prophecy was fulfulled without Perrrin's death. Maybe the Forsaken will take the hint and realize that The Wheel of Time is like an Aes Sedai: when it gives prophecies it never lies, but will interpret what it says in unexpected ways to its own advantage.
Matthew Smith
27. Blocksmith1

Thank you again (for the multiples of ten times) for a great re-read. I hope (with a large tablespoon of envy) you enjoy the advanced copy.

Looking forward to the spoiler-free review and the Februaryish re-read of AMOL.
28. neverspeakawordagain
Re: Pronunciation:

Leigh, there are a lot of words I've always pronounced incorrectly in my head, but -- assuming Michael Kramer and Kate Redding's pronunciations in the audiobooks are roughly correct -- they get pretty easily settled in your head once you listen through to them.

The one I still have a problem with is "Faile," which it seems to me should rhyme with "male," and be a cognate of "fail," which she's a giant pile of, but alas it has two syllables. "Aiel" I never had a problem with.

The two that I evidently always did get wrong are "Nynaeve" and "Egwene." I always pronounced "Nynaeve" as "nih-nuh-vuh," which is evidently wrong. And "Egwene" always sounded in my mind just like "Edwin," but with a "g" instead of a "d."
29. FTHurley
She did it! She really truly did it! You made it, Leigh! Well done! It's been a fun ride!

The only comment I have beyond the huzzah is that the "broken wolf" could be Slayer. I'm sort of reaching here because I really do want Perrin to survive this coming mess. It could just mean Perrin is not long for the world. But being optimistic, it could mean that Perrin and Slayer (who has been sort-of-dead before) will finally have a showdown, possibly in one of those Blight-cities. Slayer has a certain canine aspect, so it's a reach, but not totally crazy.

Or, you know, Perrin's toast.
Deana Whitney
30. Braid_Tug
Art: RIP Mr. Sweet.
So like Leigh, I feel a little odd criticizing work of a man who died so recently.
Yet, like others I’m left wondering “What?” I’ll guess the medallion is under Mat’s shirt, since we’ve seen it on a cover before.
But Why is Tom in purple pants, with a “cloak” that looks like a Scottish tartan gone wrong?
And yes, smooth surfaces hard to paint, but really? A nubby blue tower that could be almost any normal medieval building?
And weren’t they on a plain? Not a hilly, wooded area?
But it’s done. At least we have the ebook cover.

Re: Perrin, you know I had the moment of “That happens here? I thought that already happened!” so yep, should not be in the Epilogue.

Really forgot that Lan’s was the last view point we got. Still got goose bumps!
Remembered it as Rand’s, oh well.

Agree with Savior4Hire: “Broken Wolf” is Isam/Luc. The disappearances of both men before they became mixed was seen as a blow to the Light side way back.

Leigh: Have fun ripping through the book!! It’s a good thing that IS your day job! You’ll have a Merry Christmas!
Can’t wait for the reviews! And the start of the final WOT re-read.

Meanwhile, I’m going to miss everybody. I’m trying not to read the weekly teaser thread, but sometimes I slip. Yes, we’ll be somewhat active on this post, but it won’t be the same.

Countdown: 34 days to go.

Or 8 days if you think the world will end on 12/12/12.
But it really better not. Most of us haven’t got to finish our WOT yet! And why would the world end according to this calendar? There are so many other calendar’s in the world.

Off Topic: Does anyone know about “Release Parties”?
Yes, there will be the tour. But I was wondering if there is a place to find information about gatherings for Jan. 8th. No DFW B&N is having anything that I can find. Thanks!

31. FTHurley
Crap. Lord of the Seven Towers. He's rushing in there now. Yeah, Lan is the broken wolf, and he's toast. Crud. Didn't make that connection at first. Doh!

@12: Oh yeah, Fain. I forgot all about that dude. Man, there are a TON of moving pieces still in play for the last book, huh?
Marty Beck
32. martytargaryen
Yeah Leigh. Thank you so much for your awesome recap. I'm sorry I caught up so late, but very happy I was here at the end.

Congratulations and kudos for not cracking under the pressre of #14 sitting there, waiting....

I am going to refrain from commenting on too much, b/c I've been spoiled by the pre-release stuff. I will just say that I think the details of Noam's story are interesting, when you go back and read that chapter where Perrin sets Noam free. I'm referring to the character makeup of Noam's brother.

Can't wait for the advance review of AMOL, and I cannot wait for my birthday!! Yeah, it's January 8!!
33. BFG
Congratulations Leigh!
"his destruction shall bring fear and sorrow to the hearts of men, and shall shake their very will itself."

The only person of whom this makes sense is Rand, or as a long shot Lan. We also know that Rand is important to the wolves in some way
"They have caged Shadowkiller"
"we come".

Perrins viewing on DM...

But if Rand is the Wolf King, whose the first amongst Vermin? And why would Rand be first amongst vermin, unless it referes to people in general as vermin? Maybe the first is Moridin? Or Fain?
Karen Fox
34. thepupxpert
What a great series and re-read, I really hope Lan doesn't bite it, he's probably my favorite character in the book. Thanks for a wild ride Leigh and looking forward to more...
35. NicholasT
Hi Leigh--

Thanks so much for the re-reads! Well done!
William Carter
36. wcarter
So who is going to commission "I survived the WoT reread" t-shirts?
At the very least our Fearless Leader deserves to be presented with something to that affect.
Eric Lesch
37. EricLesch
Leigh, just want to add my congratulations and thanks.
38. Zhull
Doesn't Mordin mean Death? I'm thinking that the prophecy refers to someone Moridin has known rather than someone Death has known.
39. lecomteuk
As we have (almost) reached the end I would like to add my voice to those thanking you for the time and commitment that has gone into your hugely enjoyable re-read. I have followed you more or less from the beginning and have looked forward to every instalment. Your re-read and the comments from the other posters (hello everybody), along with the WOTFAQ (which I discovered during the long wait between books around 10-12 years ago) have greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the series.

I just checked the publishing dates in my copy The Fires of Heaven, which was the first book I waited for, 1993, nigh on 20 years ago!

Can't wait for AMOL and your spoilered and non-spoilered reviews; in the meantime I am following and enjoying your read of Game of Thrones, keep up the great work, oh and buy a pillow for your desk, you're going to need it!

Thanks Leigh.
LT Tortora
40. Lucubratrix
Leigh, thanks for the reread. I don't comment much, but I've been following for quite some time.

As far as the Broken Wolf, I initially thought it must refer to Lan, but he's not really associated with wolves. My second thought was Slayer, since he does seem to know quite a bit about wolves, and one could certainly make the argument that he's broken. Not sure how his death would break anyone's will, though. Good thing I'll find out in a few weeks (!).
Shani Gamble
41. ShaniBri
Thank you so much for the awesome reread. My Tuesday is going to be empty without it. I'm very much looking forward to your thoughts on AMoL.
42. Herb67
Gawyn accepting becoming loyal #2 to a leader would be more impressive if it wasn't what he's been trained his entire life to do. (And no, I haven't forgotten that he completely blew off his duties to Andor.)
Dave Danevich
43. ddanevich
The broken wolf that knows Death is Lan, the towers are Malkier. If he and his company dies it will shake the will of everyone on the light-side
44. Rooish
Leigh - Amazing discipline, both for doing this re-read and not reading AMOL yet--although I'm sure you're like 200 pages in by now.

Thank you, I've loved it the whole way through and you've reinvigorated my passion for the series.

Did anyone thing that Lan would never have yelled all that Aragorn stuff about still being a king? Seemed OOC.

What did people think of Olver's POV?
Maiane Bakroeva
45. Isilel
I have to admit that I am one of those people who felt let down by the Finnland sequence. Don't mistake me - there were glimpses of some great stuff - "the near-ancient, warriors of final regret" just brings on a pleasureable shiver of anticipation, but all in all I felt that it was very much a Cliff's Note version of what was originally envisioned.
And Moraine being out of it and RJ yet again jumping at a chance to show one of the female characters naked... um.
Well, Moiraine is my favorite character character and I have been waiting for her return for every book since ACoS, when it first became clear that she was only _mostly_ dead, so maybe I am a bit too critical.

However, this chapter where she is finally talking was an even bigger letdown in a way - because, well, if Mat (finally!!!) appreciates and trusts her, why doesn't he allow her to Heal him? He doesn't have adrenaline to carry him anymore and it is frankly stupid and dangerous to leave wound such as his untreated. Show us the change in him, not talk about it. Oh, and seemingly there are no practical consequences to his losing an eye either, since he still can hit everything without even looking, which cheapens his sacrifice somewhat.

Thom bringing up his reservations re: channeling women at this late date after everything seems completely out of place as well, IMHO.

And this:
She answers that she doesn’t have much of that anymore, and offers to throw away the angreal.
is just awful and is completely out of character for Moiraine. I mean, there is still the Last Battle to fight and whatever destructive fallout of it to overcome and she can really make a difference, since, as we have seen with Siuan, skills and Talents don't go anywhere even when a person becomes weaker, and still can be used fully with an *angreal. Moiraine could have saved thousands of lives at the very least with it, it was betrayal of her duty and frankly unconscionable thing to do to make that offer. Yea, she was pretty sure that Thom wouldn't take her up on, it, but still...
And why does she have to demean herself before Thom anyway? She is who she is and being a channeler is part of that.

And I don't like how this continues the trend of the powerful women of the previous generation having to lose power and be seriously humbled/humiliated before being paired up with a love interest.

Re: Moiraine's other wishes - I like to think that she asked for knowledge that would allow Team Light to figure out the details of how to seal the Bore properly. Maybe including some AoL channeling knowledge. Otherwise why would she be so crucial to Rand's success and why have her near the DO's cave with Nyn and Rand on the cover?

Re: Olver, I actually found his internal monologue somewhat creepy.

Graendal - so now all the female FS get raped by SH? Urgh. Also, what a huge, huge letdown re: her billing as an intelligent villain, sigh.
The design builds, a lattice of failure, a framework of incompetence
Well put, but could be said of all FS, sadly.
Tricia Irish
46. Tektonica
Mat thinks she seems more like a woman and less a statue than he remembers, showing emotion far more openly, and seeming humbler as well. It makes her seem stronger to him than before.

I do like that Mat seems more open minded about Moraine and even other AS. A sign of maturity and leadership. He's being very perceptive here, and generous. He's a good guy under all that bluster.

Cyndane/Lanfear: So Shaidar Haran tells Graendal that Rand has been assigned to another....who better than Lanfear, his old lover. He's still a sucker for saving women, after all. I'm betting she's bait, and not being sincere.

The round room, like the inside of a skull, could be Moridans head, which does help to explain how Lanfear got into Rands warded dreams, or it could be the mind of the Dark Lord, himself...if there's a difference.

He flays her every night and heals her just enough to keep her alive. Again, that seems more like the DO himself, or his avatar, Shaidar Haran, than Moridan to me. She's going after Rands emotions here.

Then: “He comes! The Shadow in every man’s mind, the murderer of truth. No!” She spun, reaching for Rand, but something towed her backward. The wall broke away, and she tumbled into the darkness.

Seems like SH or the DO. Not Moridan. Maybe Lanfear went to acting school? I really don't believe she's sincere about having Rand "save her". I think she's thoroughly pissed at Rand, and it's a trap, to make Rand angry, which is what it achieves. This kind of anger is what could drive him to the Dark Side, and THAT is the aim of the DO. He has to convert the Dragon to make the ultimate Win.

This section left me with a very queasy feeling about book 14. Oh Rand....don't fall for it!! Dun Dun Dun.....

And now the comments....

Nadine L.
47. travyl
I was actually a bit annoyed how Egwene described her Warder (Gawyn). - I think she would have profited more if Gawyn would not so "unquestionably" support her as she thinks of him now.

When I read Mat's "bonded to a woman, isn't going to happen" I immediately thought "foreshadowing" - but then Thom told Mat so the next sentence, which kind of "unshadows" it (if that is a word). Still I hope (maybe in the amol epilogue?)

About the dark prophesy: I still fear that the Blacksmith and brocken wolf apply to Perrin, but since I don't want him (or any other light side character) to die (it's fantasy not reality) - I will simply wait, and see if I'll understand the meaning in my next reread.

Oh and yes: Leigh, Thank you very much for your entertaining and insightful input over the past years. - Not that it's over, just yet.
48. Xerov
Leigh, I came across this series around the beginning of June and since that time have read the entire series and your entire re-read. For me, you have added clarity and dimension to a work that can only be achieved by years of analysis and rereading. I truely appreciate the time and effort you have put into this series. You have enchanced my appreciation and enjoyment of the series. Thank you.
49. Megaduck
Thanks for rereading this Leigh!
Tricia Irish
50. Tektonica
The broken wolf that knows Death is Lan, the towers are Malkier. If he and his company dies it will shake the will of everyone on the light-side. I think you could be right here!

Olver: I found his thoughts almost "evil". Revenge is never a very good motivator, and can cause you to lose sight of your own moral compass. It is interesting how he finally wins at the snakes and foxes, after Mat has done so for reals....

Moriane: I hope she asked the Finns how to reseal the Bore, or how to defeat the DO. She says she needs to see Rand, so she must have some good info for him!

Isilel@45: I agree with your assessment of the Moraine/Thom relationship thing. Lame. Her offering to give up all her power for a man is so not like the strong, committed Moraine we knew before! Perhaps being so near death, has made her long for "love and peace", but she knows full well, that's not possible with the LB here. Ug.

Leigh...thank you so much for your insightful and very funny dissection of these books. You've been totally entertaining and enlightening! I look forward to both of your reviews!!

And for those of you who are going to go through serious WoT withdrawal after January.....Come to JodanCon April 19-21!! Leigh will be the Toastmistress this year, and Brandon, Harriett, Wilson, Maria, etc. etc. etc., will be there too....along with many of us. It's a great time!
51. Susurrin
The round room that's like a skull...could this be a reference to the mindtrap???? If that is what Rand got pulled into wouldn't it be possible that what he is seeing is less Lanfear and more the woman she used to be i.e. the good part of her that is free from the Dark One's corruption?
Nadine L.
52. travyl
Isilel @45
I disagree with you on quite a few points
"seemingly there are no practical consequences to his losing an
eye either, since he still can hit everything without even looking,
which cheapens his sacrifice somewhat."
When he gave up his eye he didn't know that, before hitting the rabbit he even fears what it will mean to his skills, that the pattern isn't willing to incapacitate him, doesn't diminsih the sacrifice he made IMO.

Mat not accepting the healing is quite in character. He trusts Moiraine but not the Power being used on him, that is the whole point of him having the Metaillon, he will not suffer more damage from refusing to be healed, only some added pain, that is a choice I see in character.

And finally Moiraine offering to give up her power completely: I agree that it doesn't sound right with her 20-years quest of finding the Dragon Reborn and helping him above all else, but this woman was painfully drained of the power the last few month, I can accept that at least for a weak moment she puts herself in the fore front, when she hoped all those long month that Thom might come to save her from her ordeal.
Matthew Smith
53. Blocksmith1
Ideas on the chapters...

First, I like Moiraine willing to sacrifice. I think she meant it, but also she knows that both her and Tom yet have parts to play. She has definitely changed and improved, if that was possible. She has always been an amazing character with the one flaw of perhaps holding onto secrets a bit longer than necessary.

As in the past (with other female Forsaken), I felt sympathy for Graendal. I know she is evil incarnate, but no one should have to go through that. Ever. Maybe I'm too sensitive but, IIWII.

With regards to the prophecy...I have to believe it revolves around Perrin and Slayer....possibly including Hopper. One-eyed fool is Mat, First among Vermin is Rand. Fallen Blacksmith is Perrin. Done. And because those terms cover the three wonder boys, the broken wolf must be someone else.

I am having difficulty seeing Hopper as the broken wolf (only because Perrin is really the only person that knows him and I don't see his death bringing fear and sorrow). That said, neither does Slayer's; the few that know of him would rejoice at his passing. As far as "knowing" death, Hopper died in the real world, and then again in T'A'R, so he definitely knows death (but not Death).

And while Lan has had many brushes with death and certainly his passing would be a HUGE blow to the forces of light, I don't recall any thing about wolves attributed to him. Broken crown, broken towers, yes, but no wolves. Plus, Lan and Nynaeve need to survive this. They are just too good together.

So, my opinion is that this is referring to Jain Farstrider and his death in the Tower of Ghenjei. He was known by many through his books and, I believe, was an inspiration to many. Knowledge of his passing could bring sorrow and fear into the hearts of men. But I have to agree with Leigh...I don't see it breaking anyone's will. So maybe it hasn't happened yet. And if it were, why not mention it with the One-Eyed fool in the halls of mourning. Aaaaaggggghhhhh! Now I am back to worrying it's Lan!
Rich Bennett
54. Neuralnet
Like many others I just have to chime in with a big thanks to you Leigh. I havent commented much over the years, but I have been following the rereads since the beginning and before that the FAQ. You have done a tremendous job with it all and it was great fun to read along with you and follow the comments each week.

I cant believe that this is really it... the end of the story. I have been following it for 2 decades, it will be really weird for it to be over now. Thanks Leigh!
Kimani Rogers
55. KiManiak
Thanks for 14 books worth of posts, Leigh! Congratulations, and well done on shepherding us through years of WoT rereads and analysis. I am thankful for your efforts and in awe of your stamina and perseverance.

I look forward to the spoiler free review and will (in-advance) give you much dap for reading 900+ pages and crafting a review in one week.

If you need an extra set of eyes, I am humbly at your disposal.

I won’t even charge you nuthin.

Kimani Rogers
56. KiManiak
Anyway, about the post…

I liked the cover. Yeah, there is always the possibility of nitpicking, but this is one of my more favored WoT covers; definitely in my top 5 (which includes TEotW, TFoH, etc).

Gawyn and Egwene: Their relationship will continue to be dysfunctional. Egwene views Gawyn as a partner only when he does what she wants him to do; Egwene withholds incredibly important information from him (Admittedly Egwene did want to confirm Morgase being alive with her spies, but when had Egwene planned to do that and shouldn’t it have been before Elayne had arrived? After all, Elayne had waited until the last possible day to show up, so when did Egwene expect to confirm the information before Gawyn would be expected to find out for himself?); and then Egwene gets irritated/annoyed when Gawyn doesn’t tell her about jewelry around his neck? And Gawyn clearly doesn’t trust Egwene enough to tell her about the Bloodknife rings (probably because he knows she’ll demand he give them up). They may be a solid Warder/Aes Sedai pair. But as a romantic couple? Dysfunctional.

As for Egwene’s view of the meeting at Merrilor: I find it interesting that she uses phrases like “resistance” and “what would happen if (Rand) forced her hand,” to try to justify her actions and place Rand in a negative light. She has forced the confrontation; and she is the one who is trying to dictate a course of action and force the Savior to do something other than what he believes he should do. Isn't the resistance the group that fights against the dictator/oppressor, not the side that tries to dictate things themselves?

Also at this point in the story, we have no reason to believe that she has any rationale for her stance other than a dream (that she may be misinterpreting) and the fact that she doesn’t like an idea that originated from her ex-boyfriend because he didn’t extend her the courtesy of running it by her first, for her approval.

Androl & Pevara: I really like the combination of Pevara and Androl here, especially after we learned about Tarna and Mezar (who was supposed to be one of Logain’s most loyal “lieutenants,” if I recall correctly). We needed some positive upswing in that story arc before ToM ended.

Moiraine is back on Randland soil! I was so giddy near the end of this book. Moiraine and Thom, finally together. I look forward to that Aes Sedai/Warder pairing. They would be formidable in politics, subterfuge, intelligence gathering, etc. Anyway, I’m also curious to see what else Moiraine asked for.

I’m glad Perrin fully seems to accept himself, his position of authority, his role in the days leading up to Tarmon Gaidon, and finally fully accepts his wolfbrotherness, as well. It is fortunate that Boundless was there to show Perrin that Perrin has the ability to choose whether to be the wolf or the man. Perrin had to find the balance that worked for him; ultimately it is his choice.

It turns out that Verin’s note had some pretty important information. I know there is speculation about how Verin could have given Mat the information in a better way, but I think this portion of the story fits. We shouldn’t expect for every part of Sneaky Verin’s plan to work. And if you asked most readers whether they would choose between Mat saving Caemlyn and Mat saving Moiraine, I think Moiraine would probably win out. Mat had to go to the Tower of Ghenjei, and unfortunately that meant he couldn't be around to save Caemlyn. So it was necessary that he not read that letter. And again, it shows us that Sneaky Verin wasn't perfect, which makes me like her even more.

I have minimal speculation about Rand and Lanfear. I’m curious how it unfolds.

And my favorite part: Lan and his army of 12,000 charging the Trolloc horde. “I may be a king without a land. But I am still a king!“ Another one of my favorite lines in this book. I really hope that Rand’s forces get to Lan and his allies in time to help them…

Now, we just have to wait patiently until A Memory of Light. Only 35 more days to go…
Dawn Boyall
57. deebee
"The Broken Wolf, the one whom Death has known."

Slayer seems to have a compulsion to kill wolves, could he have once been a wolfbrother before being "broken" in some way? Being turned to the Shadow and hating wolves for their Lightsidedness?
And in the Dark prophecy painted on the walls where Fain escapes, it mentions Luc and Isam, and that " one did live and one did die"
This could explain the one whom Death has known bit.

But then the rest of the prohecy makes no sense...though I wonder if it's significant that the wording is "his destruction" not" his death" bringing fear and sorrow yadda yadda...?
Mikey Bennett
58. EvilMonkey
Just a few comments :

First I feel like the Morraine reintroduction was both well done and totally in character for someone who has suffered what she suffered. For those who felt let down by it, particularly her offer to Thom to give up the angreal and the marriage proposal I have a couple responses to that. Being tortured for any length of time tends to change your perspective on things you found important before and increases your awareness that life is short. Morraine is a different person than that totally driven woman we met in Two Rivers such a long time ago. Jordan may have been speaking to us as readers when Thom said Mat wasn't paying attention. Besides, she never says she's giving up the fight against the shadow, only the amazing flow of power she once possessed. Think about it. With all the powerful channelers around Rand, many of them stronger than she ever was, what one more powerful channeler? I would contend that Morraine ' s strength in the power was the least important part of her importance to the Light. It allowed her to be in the right position to help Rand but if it was Elaida (same strength as Morraine pre -Finn ) who found the superboys first how disastrous would that have been. I thinkMorraine
Kerwin Miller
60. tamyrlink
IDK if someone posted this somewhere before...

but I think the "Last days of the Fallen Blacksmith's pride shall come" refers to Rand (via Lews Therin).

Presumably the Seals were Lews Therin's idea (he "constructed the idea much like a blacksmith creates/constructs objects). He put them into place (with help) and Rand has said himself that he (as Lews Therin) was arrogant.

The "Last Days of the Fallen Blacksmith's pride shall come" refers to these current times (Last Days) when Rand is about to break the last seals (the pride) of Lews Therin (Fallen Blacksmith).

The part about the Fallen Blacksmith is a red herring to make you think of Perrin, who is the literal blacksmith in the story.
61. mrivers
I have kept up with the re-read from the very begining. Thank you Leigh, it has been a blast.
Steve Barkmeier
62. sbark
I interpreted the broken wolf as Hopper. It doesn't fit perfectly but fits better than any other character.

I think that people might be overlooking something with Morraine offering to give up her OP. We know that she had two wishes fulfilled and that we don't know yet what those wishes are. We also know that she is an integral part of winning the last battle. I think that she knows her role in the last battle from her last two wishes and that role does not depend on her use of the OP.

She's more humble now and has also had the experience of her power being used against her in a very painful way. I think she realizes that the OP isn't what makes her what she is. She knows her role and accepts it.
63. staizer
I disagree that Moraine would not have given up the angreal, she could have gotten knowledge from either rhuidian or the foxes that told her she had to offer thom the choice, also that she had to propose to thom. Or Moraine just loves thom, they have almost always seen eye to eye even if thom doesnt really trust channelers.
Carl Garris
64. Rorgloin
Thank you for doing this reread, Leigh. I love how honest you are with your opinions. Enjoy the last book! I am so excited to read it once it comes out.
65. Twedge
38. Zhull: Exactly! If Moridin, in the old tongue = Death, than "the Broken Wolf, the one whom Death has known, shall fall and be consumed by the Midnight Towers" makes perfect sense. Rand, who has an intimate connection to Mordin (and certainly has "known" him), can certainly fall and be consumed by the Midnight Towers (aka Forsaken). "The one whom Death has known" could also refer to Lews Therin, who also has known Death. For the earlier poster who wasn't sure why "first among vermin" would refer to Rand, keep in mind that Lews Therin was the First Among Servants, right (where's a glossary when I need one...)? Also, each of the superboys (seemingly) gets their own line there, so this line about the Broken Wolf could apply to any of them. Among the other theories out there, Slayer, Noal, Hopper, Ituralde...the wolf part makes sense, but I just don't see it living up to the second part of the prophesy: "And his destruction shall bring fear and sorrow to the hearts of men, and shall shake their very will itself." Lan could fulfil this prophesy, but I just don't think (read: hope) that it applies to him. How crappy would it be that only after having his bond for like a week or two in Rand-Land time that Nynaeve has to feel him die. I call phoey on that noise.

Also, the wolves have a name for Rand: Shadow Killer. Just saying.

It seems like there's a mountain of prophesy saying that Rand's going to die in some fashion--having Rand die to fulfil this dark prophesy would fit nicely with the rest.
66. D-Mac
Re: Moridin visit to finnland to bargain for Lanfear.

Do we know it was Moridin? I had been under the impression it was Slayer, at Moridin's behest that bargained with the finns. I thought i remembered him mentioning during a POV or in some dialogue having had to enter the tower and deal with the finn's, I know he slipped into the tower as an escape even earlier, but maybe i'm wrong.
67. WOTsUP
Many have said that Lan fits the prophecy of the Broken Wolf except for him actually being referred to as a Wolf. Let me ask you this: How do Wolves fight/live? The answer is, in Packs. One of the biggest things Lan has had to overcome is that he wants to fight alone when he is king of a country that fought/fights the shadow together. In that sense I think the Broken Wolf who Death has known fit's Lan quiet well (as has been noted he courts death). Not completely conviced it is Lan, but I do think it can work. The Towers of Midnight could refer to the towers in the borderlands as Leigh was saying, but unsure.
And then, shall the Lord of the Evening come. And He shall take our eyes, for our souls shall bow before Him, and He shall take our skin, for our flesh shall serve Him, and He shall take our lips, for only Him will we praise. And the Lord of the Evening shall face the Broken Champion, and shall spill his blood and bring us the Darkness so beautiful. Let the screams begin, O followers of the Shadow. Beg for your destruction!
First half of this has already happened by people being turned/forced to the shadow. And looks like the Eclipse will happen when the blood is spilt.
Margot Virzana
68. LuvURphleb
First. I agree with everyone who brought it up that the cover once again has weird mistakes. My biggest one is the doorway Thom is making. Its so small, how are they going to get through? Do they have to crawl thru standing on each other's shoulders to get in?

@12 i agree that Fain in vermin king as the DO has been tryin to off him since book three.
@25 perrin cannot die- he and faile are going to inherit the saldaen throne and they have to have enough kids to take over for both saldea and the two rivers. And there is no way that anyone would accept an heir for the two rivers from faile and another man. Tenobia is totally going to die at last battle.

Lan's Scene: awesome but still stupid. He is throwing his life away and that of his army for no reason. He could just wait till rand starts fighting than get his revenge return of the king game on. Instead he wants to demoralize the light side even more by his stupid and pointless death?
Kind of like theoden crying "death" on the battlefield when he should have been more "death to the opposition"
when ever these scenarios happen i just wish it could all be more klingon
"it is a good day to die but the day is not over yet."
C'mon lan the day is Definitely not over yet.
nat ward
69. smonkey
everytime I misread this as "Trousers of Midnight" and wish that
were a real book.

Just sayin'.
Niraj Merchant
70. NirajMerchant
Thanks Leigh for the awesome re read.. cannot believe that its over!

In theory Perrin could die and like a wolf continue to live in Tel'aran'rhiod (sp?).

I really hope that Lan doesnt die, because that would really suck
71. WOTsUP
Just a thought: "the last days of the Fallen Blacksmith’s pride shall come" could just be that Perrin has now fully accepted he is no longer Just-A-Blacksmith, but instead the leader he needs to be.
72. NotInventedHere
Thank you, Leigh, for the years of fun and dedication; the re-read has been a blast. Hard to believe the re-read is complete (except for that pesky last book), even harder that the final book is imminent after ~20 years.

As for the chapters... Moiraine's offer to give up her angreal is genuine, I think. She realizes that her contribution to the Light probably isn't going to be brute force, so in that respect it is probably immaterial whether she is a strong channeler or not - it is her wits and knowledge that are important. However, there is still a lot of good she can do as a channeler (and in many ways her influence would still depend on it), so it isn't a meaningless sacrifice she offers - just something she is willing to sacrifice for Thom.

Regarding the First among Vermin - makes me think of Rand. This is a Dark Prophecy, which as I recall tends to be rather denigrating to light-siders. Lews Therin was the leader of the Aes Sedai, the first among servants, so I think it makes sense the Shadow would refer to him as the First among Vermin. Plus, it fits in light of what he plans to do - break the seals and free the destroyer/DO. I think this is the interpretation most people have, but a few commenters seem to think otherwise.

Olver - yikes. One, for his overriding desire for revenge on the Shaido. Two, for his picking up the weapon and determination to involve himself in the battle. I just get the feeling that we are going to see Olver bite the dust (or at least get Talmanes killed). Not looking forward to whatever happens with everyone's favorite ugly boy.

Lanfear - I've always been partial to the idea that she was really only fighting for the DO because she was too proud to admit she done screwed up (though I think she does have the callousness and self-centredness to make her fit right in), but this does have the feeling of a trap to it. I'm expecting redemption for Lanfear and/or Ishy, but it definitely isn't a certainty, and the little scene here at the end makes me think they've got at least one nasty trap for Rand.
73. Blood_Drunk
@ 23. neverspeakawordagain
Actually I kind of like the Arem coming back to life and being the wolf that's known death. I always thought Aram's importance was foreshadowed a lot. I think both Min and Egwene had foretold things about him and then he died. Perhaps this falls into the column of 'loony theory' but I thought the dark one would bring him back to try to kill Perrin. He came dangerously close because of their connection(I wouldn't call it friendship). Perrins guilt over Arem's death would make him a great assassin, especially if he is armed with a shadow-wrought blade or other tools. All he would need to find Perrin is something that was his, like the string marking his time away from Faile with the 51+ knots in it that he dropped right before the battle of Malden. Perhaps it is his redemption and others like him that fight for the shadow and get turned back to the light that give us the books title 'memory of light.' Or maybe he's dead and 'sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.'
@45. Isilel & 50. Tektonica
I agree, I'm ok with her wanting to get hitched, but the whole,
Hey Thom, if you agree to marry me I would be willing to give up my angreal, right on the eve of the last battle, right after someone sacrificed their life to save me and Mat gave up his eye, just so I can get married to you and not fulfill any of the prophesies about saving the world. Yep, just say the word Thom and I will throw that all away, and belittle that sacrifice to save me, just for a few nights with you before the last battle destroys the wheel because I wasn't there."
Jay Dauro
74. J.Dauro
Morraine never offered to give up the One Power, she offered to give up the angreal.
“I don’t have much of the Power now, dearest Thom. Without this angreal, I wouldn’t be strong enough to be raised Accepted in the White Tower. I will throw it away, if you wish it of me.”
I doubt she would plan to actually dispose of it, where it could not be used in the Last Battle. So another Aes Sedai could still use it.

Also we have a distinct parallel between the two Accepted who first started the quest for the Dragon Reborn. Both were among the strongest Aes Sedai when raised, and both are now exceptionally weak. Siuan is anything but ineffective now, even though she is weak. In fact, she has learned to use her lack of power to advantage. I do not doubt that Morraine can also still fight for the Light.

In a way, this also points out part of the problem with the ranking system of Aes Sedai. Your strength in the Power is not under your control, and does not impart wisdom. Knowledge and Wisdom are far more effective tools in the long run.

Morraine has knowledge that we do not know of. We do not know that she needs strength in the Power to accomplish her goals. In giving up the angreal, she is not bowing out.

Leigh, as always, a great job. I am looking forward to seeing you (and all of the others) at JordanCon, and again owe you muchly. Although I am a bit worried about you as Toastmistress, will I be able to walk afterwards?
Sam Mickel
75. Samadai
Leigh, thank you for the work you have put into this. I was happy to find it and loved getting deeper and deeper into this series I love so much. I can't express the gratitude to you and Tor enough.

ToM is a great book. Full of action, and a Rand that is The Savior of that world. I am (like most everyone) so extremely excited and sad to be able to read the last book real soon.
All too soon it will be over, people will stop coming to Tor for a WoT stop. All of the (friends) we have made will move on, and that will be sad, but we all have a love that won't end.
76. karenb_nz
Like everyone else, thanks for the re-read Leigh. It's been epic. Roll on January 8th, which will be almost 20 years from when I was given my first WoT book in June 1993.

Some thoughts...
Firstly, and I don't think anyone has asked, how was Olver able to win the Snakes and Foxes? This game is supposed to be unwinnable. Was it a mistake by Talmanes? Or maybe because Mat has broken their power by rescuing Moiraine? Or something more sinister?

Verin's letter to Mat is just odd to me. Why not leave it with Mat with instruction that he is to get it to Elayne if Verin doesn't return?

And finally, the broken wolf of prophecy. To me, this has to refer to Slayer. I'm guessing that he hates wolves so much because he was one once (in some way, maybe wolfbrother or some other way). And he has known death, because from Luc and Isam has come Slayer.

Anyway, thanks again Leigh, and bring on AMoL!!!
77. D-MAC
I'm not sure who exactly the "Broken Wolf" is referencing, but I can't help but thinking its intended to imply or foreshadow Perrin's death, but will ultimately mean something else. I think the implication towards Perrin dying is a red herring, and the curve-ball will be that of the Big 3, I truly suspect Mat will be the one who gets killed at the Last Battle (doing something heroic of course), but he's tied to the horn and it may turn out that he dies b4 the horn is blown at the last battle, and someone else (Olver?) will blow it and we will find Mat at the head of the "hero's". I can't point to any prophesy's, just a gut feeling.
Roger Powell
78. forkroot
It's hard to comment about a lot of the stuff in the Epilog because of the spoiler restrictions here. I suspected that would happen, that's why a long time back I begged (in vain) to get the reread over before the AMoL prolog and previews came out. Oh well.

But .... As I've said before, I don't pay a penny for this reread and it really has been great fun. So no more kvetching about the above from me. Like so many of you, I too am grateful for Leigh's work - but I also want give it up for so many of you who have put so much into your comments. If I started naming names it would take too long, but you know who you all are.

Anyway, let's all be careful here with the tone. This is NOT the end of Leigh's great reread, merely a hiatus. We can save the maudlin stuff for when we finish the reread at the end of AMoL.
79. Iarvin
@ 68
That's actually accurate to the book. They draw a small triangle first, and then realize that it's going to be the actual doorway, and draw a larger one.

@78, I like that. Its also possible one, or both of them were wolf brothers, and a pack of darkhounds is mixed in. Perrin's fears of what happens to a wolf brother that is killed by a dark hound could be forshadowing of it.

(And edit. . . the captch is making me type 666. . . what?)
Ron Garrison
80. Man-0-Manetheran
Mezar: “A shadow stuffed inside human skin.” Make that “The Shadow...”

Androl: “Once, long ago, men and women who worked the Power strove together. They were stronger for it.” FINALLY! Someone said it out loud. Finally.

And, finally, Leigh: A great big THANK YOU for the re-reads and all the laughs. You (and the gang) have made WoT even more enjoyable. Can’t wait to finally meet you at JordanCon!
JordanCon - April 19-21. BE THERE Re-Readers! Ms. Leigh is our Toastmistress!
Jeff Schweer
81. JeffS.
Comments in general.
Moraine, I can't remember who said it but I remember someone commenting on how Aes Sedai didn't marry usually for two reasons.
One, life span and two, relative level of power. For all intents and purposes, the Aes Sedai are royalty and have powers above all others.
This applies to Moraine's offer to Thom. She is already royalty in Cairhien. She is also Aes Sedai. Her offer, in my mind, is acknowledging those facts and some what reminds me of King Edward, renouncing the throne as it were, "to marry the women I love." She wants Thom to realize that she wants him badly enough to go into it as equals. I call that beyond romantic and undeniably awesome and humble at the same time.
There is no doubt that Moraine's time in captivity changed her. Mat sees it and it makes note of it.
Oh, and she told some of the super girls that she knew who she would marry a long time ago. Freudian slip I think.

Olver winning the game. I've always felt that Olver's game and Mat's ordeal in the Tower of Ghenji were tied together in some weird way.
If Mat had fallen, Olver loses. Mat wins, and for the first time in history, someone wins the game. I don't think it was coincidental and I don't think anyone will ever win the game again. I never have thought that Olver was Gaidal but I think he's Ta'veren and linked to Mat. I'm sure that some one knows if Olver has been seen by someone that can feel Ta'veren, but I don't recall it so I think it may be possible.

Broken wolf = Hopper. We may be seeing this prphecy now for the first time but that don't mean some of it hasn't already happened.

The segment with Lanfear is a view inside her own mindtrapped skull. What we're are seeing is the last remnants of Mieren that is not controlled but constantly tortured by the trap and the DO's manipulation.
Throughout this series we've seen the Forsaken use any and all depraved methods to further their ambitions. Compulsion, physical and mental rape is a constant tool used by this scum. It did not surprise me that the DO's avatar would use these same methods on the Forsaken that have disappointed him. This is the epitome of evil we're talking about and he gets off on degradation.
82. SoCalJayhawk
re: Snakes and Foxes: Somehow, from the first time I read it, I've just assumed that Olver's winning move happened at the exact same moment as Mat's did. It just feels right.
83. AndrewB
I have always thought that Olver's winning at Snakes & Foxes parallels Mat & company's adventure in Finnland. I believe that the Olver threw his winning toss at the exact same moment that Mat exited the Tower. When Olver next plays Snakes and Foxes, he will probably loose (unless he cheats). I disagree with Leigh that the because Mat bested the Finns, then winning at Snakes & Foxes will not become impossible without cheating.

Thanks for reading my musings
(Sent from my smartphone; please excuse typos)
Jeff Schweer
84. JeffS.
Oops, forgot something.
As others have stated, Thank you Leigh and everyone else for making this reread a constant and welcome part of my life. Through this reread I've met a rather unique group of people. A group of diverse backrounds and experiences but tied by the love of the written word.
I've loved every minute of it.

Let's do it again in about 3 months shall we? AMOL, here we come...
85. Ferolakra
What am I going to look forward to on Tuesdays now?

I have enjoyed this re-read immensely and can't wait to read your patience destroying spoiler-free review of AMOL.
Noneo Yourbusiness
86. Longtimefan
I have not been commenting much of late and I still do not have much to say about these chapters but I will feel that my weeks will be a tiny bit empty without the re read to visit.

Granted there is one more book to both read and then re-read but that will be a little bit away. and then it will be done.

at least there will be the Martin read to look forward to. :)
87. AndrewB
Looks like JeffS. and SoCalJayhawk beat me to the Olver/ Snakes & Foxes points.
88. Alora
I can't believe the re-read is over. Now what am I supposed to look forward to every Tuesday? I have been impatiently awaiting the last book for years...but as the release date draws near I almost don't want to read it. Once I read it...that's it. The End. An era will have truly ended. It is bittersweet.
89. Ischlep3
First things first, thank you Leigh for the wonderful reread. The time and dedication you have put into this effort is much appreciated by all of us, even those of us who haven't posted before.

As for the epilogue, are we certain the dark prophecy has to come true? It seems to me throughout the series, events have been finely balanced so that if everything doesn't fall into place and the super boys and girls don't make exactly the right moves (or stumble ino them) things would look pretty dire for the light side. Wouldn't he same be true for the shadow? I mean if graendal ET al couldn't make the blacksmith fall, wouldn't it null their own prophecies?

Perrin seems to be very far removed from a fallen blacksmith here. In fact one could argue that with the giving up of the axe and the forging of the power wrought hammer he has very much reclaimed his blacksmith status and realized it doesn't have to compete with bein a leader. Just a thought
Cameron Tucker
90. Loialson
@45. Isilel
On the "out of character" criticisms; as a heads up, Brandon did not write this scene.

This is one of the few scenes that RJ wrote in it's entirety before he passed away. All he and Harriet did was change the tense.

MOIRAINE SAYS THIS: "(insert dialogue here)",
got changed to "(insert dialogue here)" Moiraine said.

I'm pretty sure Brandon has also said that almost the entire Finnland scene was written by RJ as well.

@66. D-Mac
Read this:

If you want to find out more about that, read the free aMoL promo material here on Tor. The text answers your question on that.
@81. JeffS.

Mierin is not good. I went to an interview with Brandon, and asked him about this: (highlighted white for prologue spoilers)

LOIALSON In the prologue, Isam is hired by a female that is not known. Is that Lanfear/Cyndane?

BRANDON SANDERSON Oh, I'm TOTALLY gonna RAFO that. Come ON! Come on. You KNEW I was gonna RAFO that. That's very important to the book.

LOIALSON Okay, related: Moridin says 'the one who is punished the most'. Obviously that's gotta be Cyndane, right?

BRANDON SANDERSON Okay, yes. That is Cyndane.

LOIALSON So, is it possible that what happened in the epilogue, she was really going through that torture?

BRANDON SANDERSON You will have to see it. RAFO. Okay, like someone related. I don't think, by the way...when you read the book, what Cyndane is up to should be of paramount importance to you, and DO NOT believe everything that you think happens in the book.

LOIALSON From her point of view, or from our point of view?
BRANDON SANDERSON From your point of view, regarding her.


Point being, that from Brandon's demeanor, and from his body language, he hinted that we can't trust her.

I take that to mean that the bit Shaidar Haran told Graendal about Al'Thor "has been given to another" was Mierin. This is her "last chance", which is the meaning of her name, Cyndane. She is the temptress of sorts, but in a different fashion.

@Leigh Pretty sure that it may not be the Moridin connection that brought Mierin into Rand's dream. She told him before in The Fires of Heaven (I believe), that she could break down his barriers/shield protecting his dreams, and that he wouldn't find it pleasant.

So not only is Mierin skilled in breaking into shielded dreams, she also (perhaps), is being used as a last ploy of the Shadow to make a grab for the Dragon. Thus, I theorize, she has the weight of some added power granted from the Shadow to worm her way into his dream also.

That's all theorizing. But essentially, spoiler free, I spoke to Brandon and he said we can trust all the things we have seen as a reader of Mierin/Lanfear/Cyndane's character. And all I've seen is greed for power and selfishness, and a psycopathic obsession with Lews Therin, whether having him as a lover, or dead.

I do believe the last time we saw her POV was in Winter's Heart, and she was thinking of how she'd kill Rand.
Thomas Keith
91. insectoid
I figure that it's about time I got back on board in comment-land; I wouldn't want to miss the pre-AMoL bunker party! So, fair warning that this is gonna be a Wall.

I have not, in fact, disappeared off the map; in the last 2-3 months I've been driven to distraction (not quite insanity) by so many things that I haven't had a lot of time to sit and ponder about WoT. (Foremost among these being my dad retiring at the end of August, and my looking for a job.) Nevertheless, though I may take a break from commenting every once in a while (which I just did), rest assured, Leigh, that I have not missed a single Re-read post since its inception almost 4 years ago, and have enjoyed every minute of them. It is sad that we're almost at the end of the story of WoT (and thus nearing the end of the Re-read), but hopefully come next month we'll break Tor.com have lots to talk about.

As far as AMoL events go, I will be attending the signing in San Diego, regardless of whether Mom chooses to join me. Also (and more importantly), there is a distinct possibility that I may attend JordanCon V next April; for whatever reason, my parents think sending me off on my first plane flight, by myself (!), is a good idea. So, here's hoping I get to see some of you in April.

I doubt I'll have time to read all the comments I've missed on the last 10 posts, but I'll try to skim through a few after leaving my thoughts on those chapters. (Catsup, that is.)

Mad props, indeed, for your admirable restraint in not reading any of AMoL yet, Leigh!

...How does one, exactly, polish off a puppy? Never mind, I don't want to know. XD

Ch. 56:
Gawyn: I'm surely not the only one who thinks that Gawyn wearing those Bloodknife rings is a Very Bad Idea. I certainly wouldn't want to wear something that may, possibly, you know, kill me within a month. Oh well—maybe there'll be a meeting with Fortuona like Leigh predicted, and he'll get told about them. (I'm sure there will be more opportunities for *headdesks*, Leigh.)

Black Tower: Is full of BAD THINGS. I hope Pevara and Androl come up with a good plan for getting out without Tarna or one of the turned Asha'man trying to stop them.

Ch. 57:
Yay, Moiraine!
Ta’veren,” Moiraine said.
I LOL'd when I read that. It's so much like what Loial said wayyyy back in the very first book.

Moir+Thom: We all knew it was coming, but it was a cute scene anyway.

Re: Moridin: It's possible that Ishidin knows how to travel directly to 'Finnland with the True Power (which, you'll recall. tears a hole in the Pattern). Just a thought.

Bye bye, Graendal! Enjoy your new life!
As for Asmodean, it's pretty hilarious that it was left as a footnote, given how wildly debated the mystery was.

Boundless: Though Perrin's arc really was already wrapped up by this point (IMO), it's nice that he found his peace with the wolves.

Snakes & Foxes: Heh... how meta is that?

Verin's letter: Probably the only time, in the entire series, where I can honestly say: NOT COOL, VERIN.

Pointy-toothed Aiel: Way creepy. For now, I'll go along with the general assumption that they are male Aiel channelers turned to the Shadow. But I do wonder what purpose they will serve in the LB.

Cyndane: What's she up to? I could've sworn she wanted Rand dead.

Lan:YAY LAN. Total badass.

"Childlike Empress" Wow, I totally missed that reference. And it's been ages since I read that book (I do have a copy of it on my shelf now). Don't remember if I ever saw the movie (though we had it on tape, as I recall).

Dark Prophecy: I interpreted this as mostly Grade A Baloney; I really doubt the story could end on such a bleak note.

...And I suppose someone will have to fill me in on the latest bunker gossip, as I don't know if I have the patience to wade through 10 posts-worth of comments. I do hope I can find enough time to comment more in the coming months; I miss the hunny hijinks and debates and frivolous banter around here quite a bit. ;)

Steve Barkmeier
92. sbark
I think it is likely that the main reason Mat's language doesn't read like it is spoken in the old tongue is because RJ wrote it. This strikes me as the type of adjustment that would happen late in the re-writing process. Since RJ wrote the scene, I think that Brandon was not as willing to change it.
93. Zizoz
Is it not possible that winning Snakes and Foxes is simply incredibly unlikely (say, a 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 chance) and the game is complex enough that no one can tell for certain whether it's winnable? I know it's been referred to as unwinnable but I don't recall if this is ever said to have been proven. I think if this is the case it would fit well with what we know of ta'veren -- chance was bent such that Olver became the first, and I expect only, person to win it.
Alice Arneson
94. Wetlandernw
First things first: Congratulations, Leigh! You did it! And did it well. Thanks!

(Also - how long have you had that new book sitting on your desk? I'm not sure whether to applaud your resistance or shake my head at your insanity... Pretty sure I wouldn't have resisted!)
95. WOTsUP
Interestingly when looking back it's seems that Lanfear never REALLY wanted Rand dead (except that one time where she went INSANE because she found out Rand slept with someone else). But really, she's mainly been depicted as obsessed with Rand and wanting him to herself rather than wanting him dead for the enitre series, unlike most of the other foresaken.

(completely happy for someone to point out how wrong I am on this :) but if any of the forsaken turned out to help Rand I'd be least suprised if it was Lanfear.)
96. XLCR
I'm still here too, feeling much the same bittersweet thoughts about The End. And yes, this reread also helped me through the lost of a loved one. I'm looking forward to the teasers. You Go Girl!!!
lake sidey
97. lakesidey
Is it January 8 yet? I've been following this series for night on 16 years now. As we come to the end, would love to thank RJ (and now BS) for a heady ride. There were bits I hated, bits that dragged, bits I wish had gone differently - but all in all it was one of the best roller coasters I have been on.

I've also been following the re-read for well over two years. And as we approach the end, I also want to thank LB for her patience and perseverance, for adding a whole new layer of richness to the already brilliant tapestry that was this series. Analysing in depth where I had only skimmed, drawing connections I never noticed, and doing it all with a sense of humour. (Well, maybe there was a wee bit more of feminism and spank-hating and head-desking than meets my taste. Nobody's perfect!). But you rock, LB dudette. (And you timed this perfectly in my opinion - making sure that you have enough time to read aMoL twice before the world ends - in case the Mayans were right and it is bloody Tarmon Gai'don.)

Also, all the commenters on the re-read - you folks are the best (even though y'all killed soooo much time that I ought to have spent working, I forgive you!)

And now, onwards to the last battle. Dovie'andi se tovya sagain....

David Goodhart
98. Davyd
I would like to add my final thoughts as we finish out the unpublished part of the series. I read The Eye of the World over a decade ago in high school, but at that point in my life and throughout college after, I had very little time for pleasure reading. I picked it up again about two years ago, and started my first series read through. Or rather, listen through. I have a pretty lengthy commute to work, so the audio books got me through. (I know there was discussion about the voice actors, but I would like to go on record saying that Mr. Kramer and Ms. Redding are a big part of the reason I loved the series so much. Even when reading the actual books, I hear their voices in my mind. Well done, and thanks!) In 2010, I found the re-read, and being the only person in my life to have read this series (although, after a year of persuading, a good friend of mine let me buy her TEoTW as her Christmas present, and in return, she is buying me A Memory of Light for my birthday, 12 days later. Both as audio books, natch), it introduced me to the fandom. Now, here we are in 2012, weeks away from the finale we've all been waiting for, I can't help but look back on this great work and have nothing but the upmost respect for Team Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, and Mr. Jordan himself for impacting so many lives. I have only been in the fandom for a couple years, some of you much more than that, but even the time I've had here I am thankful for. I am thankful to my fellow commenters, for giving me insight and an opporutiny to be a part of something, and especially for Leigh, taking such a huge portion of her life, and dedicating it to a work she loves, and so beautifully, intelligently, humorless and tirelessly helping to enrich the experience for the rest of us. Thanks also to Tor.com for hosting this Re-Read. I look forward to much more discussion and activity in anticipation for next month's finale. And finally, I want to wish all the commenters, lurkers, mods and bloggers here a Happy Holiday season, and a Extremely Happy and Healthy New Year!
Sandy Brewer
99. ShaggyBella
Thanks Liegh!!
I have really enjoyed this reread, even though I don't usually have much to say. I am determined to remain spoiler free until Jan 8th :-)
I did not discover this series until just a few years ago, and have gotten a lot of insight from everyone's comments. Although I do glaze over when facing a WOT W-O-T.
No guesses here who is the broken wolf. I am very interested in those red veiled, dark eyed, blight dwellers. I do not have a clue. RAFO I guess.
I liked Olver and his winning the fox and snake game, paralleling Mat's win.
lake sidey
100. lakesidey
Oh and my 2 cents on the broken wolf - I'll go with Ituralde, for reasons I won't mention here because they may be spoileriffic (and Leigh, I am impressed you could manage to not read that fat tempting bundle of squee on your desk....you're a better person than I, Gunga Din!).
Don Barkauskas
101. bad_platypus
Zizoz @93:
Is it not possible that winning Snakes and Foxes is simply incredibly unlikely (say, a 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 chance) and the game is complex enough that no one can tell for certain whether it's winnable?
That's almost certainly the case. Mat's luck doesn't cause impossibilities to happen, only improbabilities. While it's possible that Olver cheated (consciously or otherwise), thematically it's much more likely that Mat's victory over the *finn coincided with Olver's win at the game (and I agree with people who think it's simultaneous).
insectoid @91:
...How does one, exactly, polish off a puppy? Never mind, I don't want to know. XD
With plenty of hot sauce. (Heads for bunker.)
James Hogan
102. Sonofthunder
Wow, here we are, at the end of all things...

To add to the reminiscing, I remember first discovering the re-read sometime in 2009 - April, I think? I first read WoT in the end of 2008 bleeding into the first part of '09...I finished it and realized I wanted to find some other people out there that shared my love! So I googled WoT...and this was one of the first results...and I've massively enjoyed ever since. I remember taking most of a morning re-reading all the posts that had been written before I discovered it - great way to *not* get exam-studying done!

Leigh, I just want to say thank you. It's been real, yo.

And per this chapter...yeah. The epilogue just felt like a snowball rolling down a mountain...picking up ever more steam with each sentence. Olver and the fall of Caemlyn. Rand and Mierin. Lan at Tarwin's Gap. AGHHHHH. I'm so ready for AMoL. So ready. Also, want to thank you for keeping this spoiler free!! Apart from Chapter 11(which I read before my spoiler-free decision!), I've not yet read any of the pre-release material. So it's nice to be able to come here and still discuss.
Claire de Trafford
103. Booksnhorses
I'd just like to add my thanks too Leigh. You certainly deserve an ARC for keeping us all going (2009! Can't be) with this series and I'm so glad it is just about to wrap up. You've given me lots to think about and I haven't always agreed with you but it has always been an entertaining ride.
Kurt Lorey
104. Shimrod
At the outset, I believed the "Broken Wolf" to be Rodel Ituralde, who came very close to being overwhelmed at Maradon. Had he fallen there, I imagine that the forces of Light would have been dismayed. But then, the part about "whom Death has known" left me less sure. Had he died at some point (briefly)? Did Moridin "know" him somehow? I dunno. So, I guess I have to RAFO that one.

On the other hand, I think that Lanfear was talking about Shaidar Haran, who is the Hand of the Dark, effectively the Dark One on this side of the fence, for now. I agree that Lanfear is not "good", but her reason for joining the dark side had to do with revenge, not selfishness or greed. I think she both loves and hates Lews Therin with a passion (not in a good way in either), and in her extreme distress I am not surprised that she is able to override the wards in his dreams. If she weren't being tortured in such a fashion, I think that her hatred would still be paramount, and that her appeal to him is based upon extreme desperation. With all that said, I still don't feel very sorry for her.
105. Fakes-n-Snoxes
@80. Man-0-Manetheran

Mezar: “A shadow stuffed inside human skin.”

pre-zomara. Judging from the nearly identical descriptions of zomara and 13x13ed channelers, zomara are a specialized development from the study Aginor made of the myrdraal and the 13x13ed channelers. A "refinement", an android so to speak.
Antoni Ivanov
106. tonka
It's interesting to think that I began reading the books less than 8 years ago and have been following this re-read less than 4 years ago (since the beginning). The next year would be the last to follow Leigh's re-read. It's a bit sad almost as sad as knowing that I will not have new Wheel Of Time books to read anymore. And it is the only blog I've followed consistently for such a long period of time. And I am hardly the only one.

I really liked to romance of Thom and Moiraine, it is romance that has been played in the Great Game by two of the greatest player of the game.
Valentin M
107. ValMar
I also like to join the thanks expressed to Leigh for her re-read! I'd like to add a congratulations for her being the Toastmistress.

I was miffed at Moiraine's offer to ditch the angreal. But this has changed largely, after some thought and reading some comments here.
Firstly, sheer strenght in Saidar may not be the most important benefit which she brings- whether as a point of principle or whether she knows something we don't, e.g. the 2 wishes.
Secondly, a possible change of character. In TOM we saw a brief cameo appearance. In AMOL we may see a significant change in Moiraine which will make her offer to diminish herself make pefrect sense without having to resort to more subjective explanations.
Thirdly, if Thom had demanded it she would've thrown the angreal away. She was demonstrating how commited she was to him. But I have no doubt that she pretty much knew that he will decline her offer.
What surprised me ina bad way was Thom here. Isn't it a bit late to start balking at this stage on account of her being an AS? The old boy is a shrewd fellow and should know that Moiraine is who she is and for a channeler the OP is pretty important...

Olver. Given his thoughts that we saw, soon we may have to start calling him Darth Olver methinks.

Verin's letter. Having seen the contents, it is frankly absurd that she made him promise to follow the instructions, and thus making it far less likely that he opened it. Whether she knew how much she changed or whatever... What was she thinking of?! This is Mat, commander of the Band... and a major Lightside figure, not frigging Moridin! I suppose it had to happen...
108. dmseoni
I dunno what Lan's tryna do there? Suicide Charge? For what tactical/strategic gain? Bugs me. Always has. None of that strike-fear-into-hearts-of-enemy crap really cuts it either.
Deana Whitney
109. Braid_Tug
Re: Verin’s letter – yes bad of her to make him promise to follow instructions like a 12 year old. But we have to remember, she doesn’t really know him that well. And she comes from a town where all men are treated like 12 year olds. Plus add in 100+ years of AS crappy attitudes about how men behave, and you have the results we have.
Sad but true.

Random Thoughts:
It’s going to be weird. The next generation of WOT fans will not have to wait on anything…
They’ll be able to rip through all 14 books without taking the time to think up crazy theories. Or if they do, they will be able to Goggle the answer before they commit to it.

That’s sad for them, in a way. Part of the fun and the WOT journey has been the wait and the time to speculate.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
110. Lisamarie
This is kind of a momentous occasion :) I am pretty sure I've been following the re-read since the start, and also followed the FAQ for quite awhile (I started reading the series a bit before Winter's Heart came out - 1999, I was a junior in high school. To put that in perspective, I got a masters degree about five years ago!). I still have some of the old versions bookmarked on my computer (sadly, last time I checked, it did not seem to be updated for the new books on Dragonmount, but if anybody wants a similar fix I really enjoy encyclopaedia-wot.)

Thank you Leigh, this has been so much fun! I just hope that the library can get me AMoL before you do your reread (I think I'm something like number 20 on the hold list, haha)!
111. Tonybere
My dearest Leigh,
I would like to add my thanks to the many before me. Even though this is not the end, it seems that way in a strange way. Your humour and insight along with the sense of community that is found here in this blog has most definitely added to the substance of this series. Not to mention the mad theorizing that goes on amongst your devoted followers as if they were getting paid for it!
I will keep many tidbits from your posts with me well after this is over, but none so much as this one:
Eight hundred, you guys? Really?
You know I love you, and all, and I generally make sure to read all the comments even if I can't always respond to them, but I am so not reading 800+ comments, my dears. I don’t have timeto read 800+ comments! What the hell were you doing in there? Ack, no! Don’t tell me; I am suddenly positive I don’t want to know.
Aaah! Shh! No talky! Scared!
(Not really. But my Lord, y’all. Please do not break the pretty Tor.com, mmkay? It is where I keep my bloggings!)
I have been known to mutter “please do not break the pretty Tor.com…” and giggle to myself spontaneously fairly regularly ever since.
I tend to be slightly verbose so I will try to keep this brief, but I would like to add my story to the emotional accounts the end of this Blog of Awesome – I discovered this series early on, my brother brought home TEOTW when it was new to the bookstore and his accounts of the story had me diving in as soon as he finished (we were both familiar with Mr. Jordan from his Conan work). While he didn’t last through the middle of the series, both our sister and I were in for the LOOOONNNGG haul. As for the re-read, I discovered that not too long after it was started as well and was instantly struck with how similar your language/writing style and phrasing and intonations are to my sister’s (she is the only other person I know to use the word “dude” in quite some time!). I realize I said intonations as if I have heard you speaking the words you have written and that is because I have. My sister passed away this past spring, long before her time and whenever I read these posts, it is her voice that conveys your thoughts to me. She was the only person I have ever debated this series with in person. I get an extra blast of sadness when I think that she will not get to experience the end of this saga, but taking in all of the ideas that everyone here shares and basking in the civility of how everyone accepts others viewpoints (I have not noticed a heated argument here in ages! Kudos everyone) makes me feel I am still sharing the excitement with her.
For that, I owe. Never, EVER feel that your crazy ramblings are not without merit, Ms. Butler!
As for finishing this off with a copy of AMoL on your desk…my God, woman! I have been working a co-op placement for school (2nd career) and I go back to the classroom on…you guessed it – January 8th!!! I have toyed with the thought of leaving my pre-ordered copy alone until Reading Week in late Feb., but I have only slight delusions that I would be capable of it! My rationalizing tells me to just get through it as fast as I can to minimize the damage to my studies!
Okay, I will wrap up my cathartic rumblings here. Thank you everyone for indulging me and enjoy a safe and happy holiday season.
Come on January (best Ukrainian Christmas EVER!!!)!
112. Freelancer
Oh, wow, no. Chick, that spew you launched three 'graphs from the end of your gig on chapter 56, that was so totally not, and I do mean NOT, surferific. South Centralish, or Inglewood mayhap, but not this beach.

Utter washout.

So sayeth a fer-sure dude.

Aside from that, enjoy your read of the final volume, and your vacation from this space. We will see you when you return.

About the art, there are a few more details falling short of accurate, which would normally still put this cover well ahead of many, except that this one was revised specifically due to fan reaction over an initial pre-release of the cover art.
First, Thom's gleeman cloak looks like a tunic of some sort, not a cloak at all, and looks quilted, neatly, rather than having loose patches sewn on which would flutter in a breeze or a flourish.
The consistent attribute described about Mat's hat is broad-brimmed, and always in a way which suggests wider than what is seen here. Wide enough to pull down low over his eye(s).
The tower itself is described as completely smooth, like polished metal with no marking, and as big around as a house. The apparent circumference in the cover art would make for a sincerely cozy house. The landscape is described as flat, with very sparse vegetation.
Finally, Jain doesn't look nearly gnarled and ugly enough.

On to the text.

Egwene, for all that I have been trying to balance my commentary in her regard, goes big-time wrong here:
But even if not, surely what she had gathered would be enough to convince Rand to change his plans. Light send it was enough. She didn’t want to think of what would happen if he forced her hand.
Girl, Rand has been busy of late, taking multiple levels of various attributes, and is now way above your paygrade and skillz. Dude almost singlehandedly dusted a massive Trolloc attack, has DF-ray vision, and permitted four Borderland rulers to smack him around without flinching, in a no-saidin zone. A bunch of armies, several of which are of lands he has conquered, aren't going to tip his thinking one bit. And, excuse me, him force your hand?

Egwene surely believes that she's trying to do what's right for the world, but she's holding too tightly to an old bias which has no value. Good intentions, paved roads, let's not go there.

So here we go. Gawyn finally learns that not only wasn't it Rand who killed his mother, it was nobody. Hey, I've been wondering, when will Rand find out?

Androl and Pevara are going to be wicked busy RSN, and that's going to suck, but still better than if they didn't decide to join forces and let themselves get Stepfordized. The Black Tower resolution has been hanging there for nearly as long as Moiraine awaiting rescue, and it's well past due.

Speaking of Moiraine, not much here that was really new thoughts. Confirmation that she is weaker due to something about the 'finn. It has been fairly well established that channeling ability is tied to one's spirit (hence Balthamel/Aran'gar continuing to channel saidin in a female body).

Moridin almost certainly entered the Tower of Ghenjei via the Tairen doorway, and after retrieving Lanfear, destroyed it behind him.

Graendal. Your uppance comes. Don't want to know what a 'normal' fade does with its prey, much less SuperFade. Hmm, so male forsaken who fail die. Females get mindtrapped or something possibly worse. More fodder for the gender-sensitive.

Olver winning the game of Snakes and Foxes was a one-time deal heralding Mat & Co.'s victory. Mat didn't break the existence of the Tower of Ghenjei or its occupants, he simply beat them at their supposedly unwinnable arrangement. Likewise, the game isn't permanently changed to being winnable.

And, winding down, a point about Rand deciding to break the seals. I know many of us say that it's completely bad juju for Rand to channel the True Power again, especially now that he's had his epiphany. And yet, for all anyone knows (and Rand Therin knows a great deal now), only the True Power can damage cuendillar. So, will Rand channel the essence of pure, concentrated evil in order to clear the rubble? I still think he'll find another way.

Comments on comments...


The broken wolf of the dark prophecy must be someone who's destruction will bring fear and sorrow to the hearts of men, and shake their will. Neither Slayer nor Hopper fit this. Slayer is known by very few men, and his death would bring joy; Hopper is known by no men save Perrin, and he's already twice dead.

AKFuller @12

I too considered "First among Vermin" to speak of Fain/Mordeth/Ordeith at first, but he doesn't intend to open up the dark one's prison, Rand does. Also, Shaidar Haran as a name means "hand of the shadow" not "death". Moridin's name is death in the Old Tongue.

Kadere @15

I don't think you credit Leigh enough. I'd say she has been adjusting the trajectory of this blog carefully over the past year plus, just to attain this timing. It was no accident, but required significant vision and planning.

Isilel @45

It is possible that Moiraine knows, from one of her journeys through prophetic and semi-prophetic visions, that she must offer to walk away from her past as a strong channeler, for Thom to accept her proposal. It is possible that she knows with such certainty that he is going to accept, that she can freely make the offer, knowing it will not be required of her, but is her way to express the depth of her desire for him. Who can say what is out of character for someone who has been waiting, suffering, for a rescuer whom she loves? And one other thought about Moiraine, in the last post there was speculation that her Oaths were broken along with Lan's bond. The Oaths are a part of her, sunk into her body and soul using the Binding Rod. Nothing about her travelling to a distant world through a portal which is being destroyed in the process should affect that. She wasn't stilled, her Oaths are intact.

LuvURphleb @68

The first time Thom creates an opening in the Tower, it is too small, and he has to redo it. That part of the cover is fine (though the pre-release draft had the triangle drawn point-up, IIRC).

Insectoid @91

Simply wearing the bloodknife rings on a chain, as Gawyn does, should be harmless. There is no real description of the process of activation, but there definitely is one. The Sul'dam who speaks with Gawyn states that once the ring is active it affects the blood of the wearer, and they have no more than a month left to live, and to carry out their assignment.

Alright, folks. Enjoy the holidays, remember why it is we celebrate them, and 'see' you soon. Don't forget to tip your hostess on the way out.
M Peters
113. DJ_Pon3

I've been following the reread for at least a year or more now. I don't comment much, but I'm here every week.

Leigh, you do an amazing job and thank you for doing so.

I don't have much to add to the discussion except for a thought on Verin's letter and why she did it the way she did.

At the time she wrote it, she was still alive (obviously, right) and not within the hour of her death. So she couldn't betray the shadow. She had to ensure that her betrayal happened either after she'd used the oath rod to remove her oaths to the DO (if it was possible) or until she was deaded. She was counting on Mat to last only a few days, as she stated, so it was plenty of time to get the bad oaths gone or drink her death tea.

Anyway. I think we all agree that it had to play out this way to keep Mat on task with rescue. Save the world at the cost of a city. Its a bargain!
114. rhandric
First, I'd like to thank you, Leigh, for the re-read, and I greatly look forward to your spoiler-free read of AMoL, plus whatever you have in store for us post-release.

@112. Freelancer
And, winding down, a point about Rand deciding to break the seals. I know many of us say that it's completely bad juju for Rand to channel
the True Power again, especially now that he's had his epiphany. And
yet, for all anyone knows (and Rand Therin knows a great deal now), only
the True Power can damage cuendillar. So, will Rand channel the essence
of pure, concentrated evil in order to clear the rubble? I still think
he'll find another way.
We also know the cuendillar Seals are just 'nodes', and physical representation, for the actual sai'din weaves that seal his prison; if the weaves are cut, which with LT's memories he should know where/how to do so, I would think that would have the same net result.
Plus, the Seals are failing; aren't all the remaining Seals brittle, and soft enough to cut with a knife?
115. Daviddragon3
Thank you Leigh. I have truly enjoyed reading your re-reads every week for a while now. I am not much of a poster but I haven't missed one of your spanking rants for a couple of years now. I feel as if this ending is a final act in a grand play and with the completion of this wonderful book I applaud your great efforts. Bravo! It's been a great show.
William Carter
116. wcarter
@112 Freelancer

"Only the True Power can damage Cuendillar..."
Where did you get that idea? It makes sense that the Dark One's touch could cause Cuendilar to 'rot' or decay into another (less indestructable) compound via speeding up its half-life. But there's been no direct evidence in the text that I can recall that it can directly damage it in its normal state.

Aside from that, the remaining seals are no longer what you would call normal cuendillar. Several characters have stated througout the books that the seals are now physically brittle and could be scraped or chipped with ordinary tools (particualarly the ones that have already broken).

So Rand wouldn't necessarily have to channel anything to break them. For all we know, he could just smash them against a rock as easily as a piece of pottery.
Matthew Smith
117. Blocksmith1
wcarter @ 116

I am not trying to speak for Freelancer on this, but the definition of cuendillar is a material that cannot be destroyed and gets stronger from the force applied in trying to break it. In the books to date, only the seals (made of cuendillar) have appeared to weaken. Other cuendillar artifacts (including new ones like the chain across the river at Tar Valon) have not become brittle. The association, therefore, is that the seals, due to their proximity (figuratively) to the Dark One are weakened by his...let's call it "influence". The only other cuendillar that we have "seen" damaged to date was the male a'dam that Rand destroyed with the True Power. Since the True Power comes from the Dark One, the seals are slowly being destroyed by this influence.

But, I understand you point about the seals now being brittle and able to broken with a hammer, etc. So your point is well taken that Rand may not need the True Power to destroy the remaining seal. Do we know what condition that particular seal is in?
118. Emily D
My jealousy/envy/foot-stomping-tantrum-with-arms-crossed-and-pouty-face-ness(?) knows no bounds! Ha.
I've decided I'm waiting to BUY when the paperback comes out, so that my collection is super shiny and matchy-matchy; but I shall read the hardback posthaste!
Also, Neverending Story FTW!!!
Thanks for such a great re-read! I've read these books I dunno how many times and your re-read helped me gain insights to things I'd missed over and over again. Woot!
Hurry back with your preview and can I borrow your copy when you're done with it? Pretty please? ;D
119. Susurrin
Re: Verin’s letter- Classic example of a sneaky person being too darn sneaky for their own good.

Olver is a bit creepy in his POV. I think his winning the Snakes and Foxes game was meant to coincide with Mat's encounter. I wonder if it would have seemed to carry more impact if the Finn trip was intercut with Olver & Talmanes playing. Might have given that section some more punch. or not.

Like everybody else I would like to thank Leigh for the hard work and good humor she provides us with every week, and hope that Tor brings her back around to reread another fantasy series for us all to keep our Tuesdays entertaining.
William Carter
120. wcarter
@ 117 Blocksmith1

I'm not sure there is only one seal left (I thought it's 2-3 actually) but from what a few characters have said as early as the middle books, the remaining one(s) are in pretty rough shape.

I also don't think the third age Randlanders have necessarily have a complete understanding of how the stuff really works. Yes Cuendillar is apparently indestructable (although how something can become more indestructable by having a force applied against it is certainly a logical paradox).

However, that doesn't mean that it can't have an eventual expiration date. This is just a theory of mine but I believe it might have a half-life.
The simple reason being the stuff is so rare. If it really was as indestructable and permenant as everyone believed why is there not more of it?

Time is cyclical in the WoTverse. Every age has happened thousands upon thousands of times. If Cuendillar never breaks down, there should be truck loads or (more probably) Whole cities built out of the stuff. Instead we are told a few tea cups and maybe a saucer or two would make you filthy stinking rich.

So it would make sense if after thousands years Cuendillar breaks back down into iron + whatever else it's made out of. If this is the case, then it would explain how the Dark One--being Entrophy personified--could speed up the process to weaken the seals on his prison.
Bill Reamy
121. BillinHI
Leigh, let me add my thanks to the many preceding (most of them better done than I can) for a truly outstanding job on this whole re-read madness. I came to the books fairly late but I have been following the re-read since the beginning (or at least fairly close to the beginning) and have thoroughly enjoyed it (even if I do sometimes skip over some of the more lengthy discussions/rants on some points).

Of course the re-read is not over! I cannot imagine that we won't have tons of stuff to dissect and argue over for many weeks or months after AMOL is out (and Leigh does her re-read of it). That said, it will come to end and that makes me sad. I can't imagine what would capture my interest the way this series and the re-read has done.

See you at Jordan Con V!!!
122. Toby1kenobi
Gawyn knows what the rings do and it seems pretty clear that he intends to use them himself if necessary, and I'm sure it will be necessary in the last book. My question is: will wearing all three triple the effect (and cost) or is he going to share them with two others?

My other question is: if Gawyn is already badass enough to beat three bloodknife assassins unaided, then how badass will he be wearing all three of their rings?
Kerwin Miller
123. tamyrlink
Verin expected Mat to open the letter right away. It's not so much that she doesn't know he's changed, because he hasn't changed. He always keeps his word. The supergirls made a point of mentioning that in ACoS i think, before they left to go to Ebou Dar. It's really more of a point that she didn't know him at all.
Sean Dowell
124. qbe_64
So Noam is still alive in the real world right? Like just running around naked with wolves? Eating uncooked meat, with no protection from the elements? Do wolfbrothers end up in the dream when they die? Shouldn't Perrin track him down and kill his human self so he can just be a wolf all the time in the dream?
Kev Hamm
125. cavynmaicl
The final book will be released on my 40th birthday, which is fitting in so far as I started reading the series on my 20th.

I. Can. NOT. WAIT!

So, Leigh, if after you're done with your copy if you want to make my 40th birthday appear sooner, just let me know, I'll swing over and pick it up from you. =D
Maiane Bakroeva
127. Isilel
All hail Leigh!

Should have said so yesterday, but better late than never. Anyway, it was a tremendious undertaking that was completed (yea, yea, I know, but MoL won't technically be a re-read, right?) with exquisite flair and grace.

I became aware of it while it was covering the last chapters of TFoH and spent some hugely entertaining weeks catching up and have been here since, mostly.
In fact, I was very much a _lapsed_ WoTian when I came across it (read only summaries of CoT and KoD) and it convinced me to give the saga another chance. Which, I am very happy that I did!

Community here has been great and contributed a lot towards success of the re-read, of course. Kind of sad that it will be dispersed after Leigh gets through the last book. I suggest going slow with it, to make it last and savor it. A chapter a week, perhaps?

Anyway, on to stuff:

Travyl @52:
he will not suffer more damage from refusing to be healed, only some added pain, that is a choice I see in character.
Actually, Mat should incur a significant risk of infection by leaving it untreated and also, unnecessary pain could prove to be disadvantage/distraction at a bad moment.
Nor do I understand how he could trust the Healer, but refuse Healing and why.
I still think that the change in his relationship with Moiraine could have been better illustrated by him letting her Heal him without fuss. They are comrades-in-arms and he should finally start behaving as such, now that he actually understands and appreciates her.

Loialson @90:

I knew that this section was almost pure Jordan, but I do believe that an original author can have OOC moments with his characters too and this was one.

JeffS @81:

Aes Sedai didn't marry usually for two reasons.One, life span and two, relative level of power.

And this is another one such, actually, IMHO. Though it is more like "out of world" moment. Because situation being as it has been depicted in WoT, women being more publically important/powerful than their husbands should happen as frequently as vice-versa and Randlandian men should have a lot of practice handling being "outshone by their wives' radiance" or something along those lines (according to Lan).
So, are they congenital jerks with fragile egos and inexplicable (within the framework) entitlement issues?
Or did RJ just thoughtlessly borrow something from the southern american culture/general fantasy tropes, that doesn't really fit into his world? It happens and it happens to even to the best.


Yes, channeling is only part of what Moiraine can offer, but given that TG approaches, it could mean a difference between life and death for thousands of people, particularly given that she is a gifted Healer _and_ one of the channelers with most combat experience.
It is TG, everybody will have to give their all. Moiraine had no right to offer to throw away that angreal - not as an Aes Sedai, not as a decent human being. If she wanted to demonstrate her commitment to Thom, she should have offered to get rid of it after TG.
And I will note that she did offer _to throw it away_, not to give it to somebody else who could use it constructively.
Yes, I can imagine that, after everything, Moiraine just wants to settle down with Thom for the relatively short time they might have together. But there is still TG to get through.

Also - AMOL cover is not a spoiler, right? So, we know that she will be there at the fateful cave with Rand an Nynaeve - i.e. her contribution _will_ involve channeling. And so far in channeling more power was always better.

Re: Moiraine knowing that Thom would never agree to it - but doesn't it make her offer hypocritical/manipulative, rather than touching?

I just don't see any good interpretation for this scene.

Oh, and Thom bringing up his reservations re: channeling women at that late point, after everything, made him look like a jerk, IMHO. Particularly towards Noal, who had freaking died to get Moiraine out, but also towards Moiraine herself.

OK, I guess, I got that off my chest. Moiraine's role in AMoL should better be meaty and bad-ass!

Freelancer @112:
Simply wearing the bloodknife rings on a chain, as Gawyn does, should be harmless.
Not if gets wounded and his blood accidentially splashes on them, I don't think, heh.
And his not telling Egwene is more than just normal WoTian refusal to communicate - he is keeping them in reserve for a bit of self-sacrifice, if it becomes necessary.

Brian Heavey
128. alKohol
@deebee 57: I like it! Slayer being a wolfbrother would work in so many ways. He does have a very strange, unique connection to T'A'R; well, so do wolves/brothers. And why his apparent joy in hunting wolves? Well, if he's some kind of corrupted, evil Wolfbrother, it may make sense.

Someone with a better memory or more handy reference, tell me: Does Elyas ever mention knowing another wolfbrother? Perhaps even a fellow borderlander? Maybe back when Perrin first meets him?

I had actually come here to post another silly theory, which is that perhaps Slayer is the Midnight Towers, as he is sort of the flip side, evil reflection of Malkier. And while that still sounds .05% plausible to me, I like deebee's theory way better.

And just to add my voice to the chorus of understated, insufficient gratitude: thanks, Leigh!
129. blknight18
Thanks you Leigh! I've been reading this religiously since the beginning!
Tricia Irish
130. Tektonica
This is probably as good as time as any to thank all of you on this blog, for providing a community of thinkers through witty, insightful, and often times profound musings.

I didn't know anyone else that had read this series, when I discovered it some 8-10 years ago. I certainly didn't have anyone to talk to about it! Thank the powers that be for the internet, and Leigh, and Tor. Finding all of you here has been one of the highlights of the last 3-4 years for me. I've made many new good friends here, and through actual face to face conversation and fun at JordanCon.

I look forward to AMoL, and that discussion, and to JordanConV, and meeting even more of you, but this ending will be very bittersweet. This Reread holds a very special place in my heart, and my week.

Thank you all.

Celebratory champagne in the Bunker!
131. Wortmauer
We should all be thanking tor.com here. They've been footing the bill all these years, paying for the hosting, moderators, and content. leighdb is just their contractor. And while I originally believed tor.com did it because WOT is published by Tor, that can't be the whole reason, as they also host stuff like the Dark Tower read-through and the Star Trek rewatch, which have nothing to do with Tor. So, thanks, tor.com! It's been fun. Not to say the fun is over. The last book will be a reread too (in the sense that I'm sure spoilers will be permitted and everyone will be assumed to have read it already), just a more recent reread, like this book but more so.

Plus, as forkroot@78 puts it: "I also want give it up for so many of you who have put so much into your comments. If I started naming names it would take too long, but you know who you all are." I think it's safe to say this reread would not be even remotely the same without all the volunteer hours put into the comments. I do try to read them all — though there were a couple of epic posts way back around the TFOH days where I had to stop reading or skim the comments. (Aside: a fun reveal a few posts ago, forkroot, about your name being a reference not only to the herb but to Unix.)

I was gonna say something about being a relative noob because I only started reading WOT circa 1996 or 1997 ... but so many of you have topped me on that one! Evidently I'm somewhat more of an old-timer than I thought.

Hmmm, what else. Isilel, I have to agree that Moiraine offering to give up her angreal was either a bluff (unlikely, if she's still bound by the Three Oaths) or just very foolish. And out of character. Sure, her channeling strength isn't going to be her biggest asset in Tarmon Gai'don, but there's an awful lot to be said for the ability to Travel, weave balefire, and Heal, none of which she can probably do unaided. (She's surely in for a shock when she first learns that saidar Traveling has been rediscovered, though she knows Asmodean taught the male version to Rand, so she shouldn't be shocked by Grady's gateway.)

Red-veiled Aiel: Obviously not really Aiel: dark eyes (Aiel have grey or blue eyes, right?), red veils, and they unveil for killing. The eye color pretty much shoots down the theory that they're male Aiel channelers that had gone to hunt the Dark One. Lots of mystery who they are, then, or what they're doing that far north. I ... I got nothing.

Boundless / Noam: I liked it. I don't have a problem with it being in an epilogue. Perrin had already made his choice to accept himself as a Wolfbrother, this is just giving him some peace of mind about it after the fact. It's not a major part of his arc.
Jeff Howard
132. Dorianin
I envy that advance copy. I timed this re-read wrong, and now there's another month to go, dammit!
The scene with Mat outside the tower was great. I'd forgotten about that last bit, but , yah, Mr. Sanderson did Mat justice there.
i've never liked any of Perrin's story arc, and the bit with Boundless is pretty much my favorite Perrin bit to date. He's finally done with all the whining, we can hope.
As an aside, I was thinking about the pot Mat found...that means his luck set a series of events in motion days to months before he needed that item. Does that make his luck related to Balefire? It is affecting things in the past, presumably...
133. Tonybere
@ deebee (57) & AlKohol (128): I don't have the intimate knowledge at my fingertips that some here do, but I'm not sure about Slayer being a Wolfbrother. I admit that it fits pretty nicely, except that I have to think that if a "Shadow-souled Wolfbrother" was roaming TA'R the wolves would swarm him until he was killed no matter how many of them died in the attempt. I have been proven wrong many times on here, though!

Also @ Wortmauer (131): you are absolutely right. A huge thank you to Tor.com as well (but still more to Leigh!).
Ron Garrison
134. Man-0-Manetheran
insectoid @ 91
Oh yeah! I do hope you can make it to JordanCon. It will be great to meet you. Tell your folks that Tektonica and I will make sure you stay out of trouble! OK, I’m volunteering Tektonica, but I know she’s a great mom and would be a great substitute mom!
JordanCon - April 19-21.
Richard Hunt
135. WOTman
Thanks Leigh, it's been great. I have enjoyed the many hours I have perused the comments and have been enlightened, annoyed, and otherwise entertained.

I believe Gaywn's rings are only activated by his own blood, so he may be reasonably safe from it's effects.

I feel that Moraine's re-entrance has been rather subdued, probably because, Mat and Thom both were prety well spent getting out of the tower, but it was rather anticlimatic. I guess, That is the way of things even in the real world.

I still very interested in Fain, I think he will be the wild card in all of this, mostly because no one has him on their radar.
I will be very sad if any of the main (good) characters end up not making it to the ned, but I know that it would not be much of a struggle if someone doesn't pay the price to be free.

I am going to sign off as of now, I am not interested in being teased, or hearing what someone else thinks about a book I haven't read yet, but I will pop back after a reasonable spell to savor the ending and reflect on the past and how it led up to the end. Thanks again to everyone who was willing to post a comment and perhaps help clarify a point, and please have a safe and happy Christmas holiday !
Lannis .
136. Lannis
Here to echo the previous sentiments of my Rereading companions... Ah, Leigh, it’s the END! I can’t believe we’re here--and that we’ve made it this far without you kicking us all out of the bunker... ha!

After reading this series since 1992, I’m afraid it’s not hyperbole when I say I know I’ll get teary when I first set eyes on the cover of AMoL. I’ve been involved with Rand al’Thor longer than my husband--and I’ll grant that hubby is FAR better at remembering anniversaries than Rand al’Thor... ha!

And pertaining to this particular recap: MOIRAINE!

And VERIN, how could you drop this ball, you sneaky sneaky girl, managing to twist the tension a little more in your own epic mismanagement?! Whoopsie?!

Oh, lord, wcarter @ 36 is SO right! We need “I survived the WoT Reread” shirts! (Shenanigany wheels are a-turnin’...)

J.Dauro @ 74: LOVE your connection of the circularity, re: Moiraine and Siuan, and their lowered Power levels harkening back to the beginning of their quest for the Dragon Reborn. Good catch!

Thanks for the post, Leigh. Excellent as always! Looking forward the the spoiler-free review, and then all the goodness of AMoL to come! And re: your epic discipline and ability to resist the lure of the last book, well, I kind of understand... a teensy part of me won’t want to open that cover because it’ll be the beginning of The End (though a much bigger part of me will stomp all over that little part, just sayin’...).

And Re-Readers! Echoing Man-O here: Get your tuchuses (tuchi?) to JordanCon! A blast, y’all, we shall have one! :D
Jay Dauro
137. J.Dauro
Lannis? "y'all"? Are you from Southern Canada? (Actually you must be, cause Northern Canadians are usually frozen.)
Tricia Irish
138. Tektonica
Insectoid@91: So glad you are coming to JordanCon!!!! Wheeeee!!

Man-O@134: Thanks for your vote of confidence. We'll all keep an eye on him ;-)
139. Freelancer
Wortmauer @131

While few here would normally consider me a reliable Second in Leigh's corner, I've got to say that this is as rude as it gets without a direct, personal insult:
leighdb is just their contractor
Had you posted under a registered login, I would have asked you to excise the word "just". Leigh Butler owned and supported the WoTFAQ for a substantial length of time, not contracted by anyone. It was her writing skill and encyclopedic knowledge of the WoT-verse which gained her this gig at Tor, and she accepted. The choices made then and since, and the consistency across four years, multiple major life events, putting up with all of us, AND being a Saints fan, are well beyond remarkable. So she gets paid, does that invalidate the enormity of her work on this effort? Can you name another narrowly-defined blog forum with an equivalent following which has not only sustained since inception but vastly expanded? It is unquestionably due to Leigh's stewardship that "this space" has been such a resounding success. Dude.

rhandric @114

Yes, the cuendillar discs are focus points, not the true seals themselves. And yes, perhaps Rand knows how to affect those directly. As to the discs failing, that is all well and good, but Rand wishes to control the precise moment that the seals are cleared away for something new and better to block the Bore. Waiting for them to fail, or hoping that the remaining semi-intact seals are subject to physical failure isn't good enough. That leaves either your point of a direct attack on the weaves, or destroying the seals with channeling. Which brings me to...

wcarter @116

Moghedien said that any weave of the One Power used in an attempt to destroy cuendillar would only make it stronger, even balefire. This is proven in two places in TSR, both in Tanchico. Jeane Caide tries to blast Nynaeve with the black balefire rod, and damages the Panarch's Palace, with the only museum objects surviving the beam of balefire being cuendillar. After Nynaeve recovers the Domination Band set, she asks Elayne to destroy it. She weaves the strongest fire she can into it, and it doesn't even get warm. Rand, however, blows the Domination Band necklace off of himself with the True Power. That's where I get that.

Yes, most of the seals have deteriorated, because they were instantly subjected to the taint during the dark one's counterstroke. Which brings us back to the fact that it would be unwise to depend upon any which remain even partially intact being vulnerable to destruction through mundane, or even One Power, means. That leaves side-stepping the cuendillar discs as rhandric suggests above, or using the True Power to complete their destruction.

On the specifics of which seals are in what shape, the last we know is that four are broken. These were discovered at:

The Eye of the World
Bayle Domon's ship, The Spray
High Lord Turak's palace in Falme
Panarch's Palace in Tanchico

The three others are as follows:

Found by Moiraine in the Stone of Tear, intact (Lan broke a knife on it)
Found in Rhuidean, semi-intact (it was possible to carve off a sliver)
Given to Rand by Taim in Caemlyn, intact.

Isilel @127

Many have assumed that the activation of the bloodknife ring requires drawing and applying the user's blood to it. But the text never says such. It might only require placing it on a finger, like any Ring of Power.

Tonybere @133

Slayer definitely has enough going on, what with two persons splitting time in existence (not just mind, but body, changes when he shifts) and his abilities in tel'aran'rhiod. Adding being a wolfbrother seems a bit overpowered, and also hasn't been suggested in the text. Besides, the wolves in the dream would recognize him as something more like them, or like a darkhound, than like a man, and we get no sense of that, just that he smells cold and less than human to them and Perrin. But all of that is irrelevant, since he cannot fit the prophecy of concern. Slayer's death would cause no great discomfort to a significant number of people, quite the contrary.

It's still odd that this double-minded character who is related to both Lan and Rand hasn't come face-to-face with either of them. Everyone else in our core group (not Moiraine) has spotted one or the other of them, and noted the resemblance(s).
William Carter
140. wcarter

Ah, I had forgotten that the domination bands were Cuendillar. Excellent point. I still don't think that necessarily means Rand will need the TP to break the remaining seals if and when he does, but in light of your evidence I withdraw my suspicion about it's effecacy.

That being said, while I remember the quotes, the Panarch palace fight and the time Rand split a balefire blash Ishy through at him in Tear with Calandor--also Cuendillar, I still don't understand how an indestructable item can become more indestructable.

That's like adding to infinity. You're not actually accomplishing anything...
141. Freelancer
wcarter @140

No doubt, there are saying and ideas in WoT which don't hold up well under scrutiny. If something made of cuendillar cannot be harmed, how could a measurement be made suggesting that it got stronger for being channeled into? As you say, how does impervious become moreso, and how would that be proven?

As to the core point, I hope dearly that Rand never touches the True Power again, and knows how to break the seals without it. But breaking down the knowns available to us at this point in the story, that's the only way, unless he has some inside info that the remaining three seals are all going to crumble in his fist. And as to that...

How many people know that the prison is held by seven Seals? If most people have a corrupted concept of who and what the Dragon was, they couldn't have a clear knowledge that he and the Companions placed the Seals to hold the prison closed. So when they hear of the Amyrlin Seat as the Watcher of the Seals, they couldn't really know to what that refers.
Alice Arneson
142. Wetlandernw
Freelancer @139 - One, a resounding agreement with your first point. Dude. Granted that I don't know every individual in WoT fandom, I can't think of any I do know who could possibly have done what Leigh did here, even if I have sometimes agreed and sometimes disagreed with her. Frankly, I'm glad she's been getting paid for it (though I doubt it was truly enough!!), because she'd have to be completely crazy to do all this work free; since I don't think she's completely crazy (Gawyn-induced concussions notwithstanding), she'd have had both right and reason to walk away from it several times. I know she does it because she loves the WoT, but she still deserves a more tangible reward than our applause.

Two, "Removing the ring would slow that process slightly, but once activated—done by touching a drop of one's own blood to the stone ring while wearing it—the process was irreversible." The question would be whether he has to put it on his finger, or whether wearing it on a chain around his neck is close enough to "wearing it." If it must be on his finger, then he couldn't accidentally activate it by getting a nosebleed or something. If, however, it only requires skin contact - such as a ring on a chain under one's shirt - it could be accidentally activated by blood from a cut during a fight or what have you. This leads me to wonder whether he will actually use them on purpose or accidentally; I have no doubt they will come into play, and I strongly suspect it will be by their use rather than merely their display.

About the seals... why hasn't anyone tried to "destroy" the discs with the One Power so that they would be stronger and hold better? We know (extratextually) that there are only two things which can destroy cuendillar: the True Power and the unravelling of the Pattern. Anything else used against them should make them stronger. It begs the question of whether breaking the physical objects would destroy the weaves, or whether the decay/unravelling of the weaves is what causes the discs to weaken. One wonders, then, how exactly does Rand plan to break the seals? Does he mean the physical cuendillar disks, or does he have something else in mind? Last I knew, Rand had possession of the three remaining intact discs - not that he's carrying them around, but he put them in safekeeping in a couple of different ways. IIRC, we don't know exactly where they are at the moment.
143. Freelancer
Thanks, Wetlandernw. I don't know how I skipped over that description of the bloodknife ring activation, because I was specifically looking for it. Subwoofer would say old age got to me. More like trying to multitask at work and giving the lion's share of focus to the other side. Anyway, there you go.
144. Susurrin
Oh, lord, wcarter @ 36 is SO right! We need “I survived the WoT Reread” shirts! (Shenanigany wheels are a-turnin’...)
Can I recommend that the shirts have something on the back that says...
"And all I got was a good spanking!" or something to that effect?
Alice Arneson
145. Wetlandernw
Freelancer - well, I knew I'd read it somewhere. Having a searchable copy helps a LOT with actually finding it, though. And I wasn't trying to work at the same time... I was actually procrastinating on the dishwashing. :)

Sussurin - Now that would be truly hilarious! Yes, indeed... I Foretell serious shenanigans to come.
m g
146. mdgberg
Been lurking since the beginning of the re-read and just wanted to say thanks to Leigh and everyone else who has been active on the comments. The dialog has been terrific and those of us who've been quiet really appreciate everyone's time and energy here.
147. Wortmauer
Freelancer: I'm sorry to have offended you with my remark praising tor.com for hosting this reread. But I don't think the remark itself was rude and I don't retract it. I also don't think it self-evident that this community could not have flourished in the way it has with anyone else doing the blogging. It is no insult to say that I can think of a few names within our reread alone whom I consider at least as knowledgeable, as erudite, and as funny. Of course, whether any of these people would have been willing to do the job and do it for four years for whatever fame and fortune (and ARCs!) derives from being a tor.com blogger, is impossible to know. Heck, I don't even know if I could have found the time and energy to do it. (It would depend on the pay; I certainly wouldn't have done it for free, not for very long.) But in any case, I come for the commentary — everyone's, I mean — and the community, and I feel tor.com's role in enabling this is at least as important as Leigh's, and judging from this comment thread, is far easier to overlook.

Also, tor.com is providing this for free and it's surely costing them significant funds. I still can't figure out quite how the Blog Hosting Economy is supposed to work and exactly what tor.com is getting out of all this. (I mean, like, if they've been showing me subliminal ads this whole time, those ads been awfully, well, subliminal, 'cause I haven't noticed.) Especially as they seem to be mostly or wholly divorced from Tor the publisher. So, while I'm sure they have business reasons to think this is worth their trouble, from my POV they've been very generous. And that was my main point.
Wetlandernw: It begs the question of whether breaking the physical objects would destroy the weaves, or whether the decay/unravelling of the weaves is what causes the discs to weaken. One wonders, then, how exactly does Rand plan to break the seals?
You know, that question has never occurred to me. I've always assumed, as I think we are meant to assume, and indeed I think the characters in the story assume, that breaking a cuendillar disc will directly cause the underlying Seal to fail. But ... I guess we don't actually know that! Through the series we've seen the Dark One's influence get stronger as the discs weaken and shatter, but which is the cause and which is the effect? I just figured they'd take a hammer to each of the remaining Seals, which would shatter and so would the weaves behind them. But if it's really the other way around (i.e., even the weakest seal can't be shattered on its own, but only through "clearing the rubble" directly), Rand just might have a fun surprise when he shows up at Shayol Ghul only to find out that he doesn't have the precise control of the timing of events that he assumed he would.

Of course, one strong reason to think the physical discs are what you need to break is that at least one can now be scraped with a steel blade. If it's not unscratchable, it probably isn't unbreakable either, and it seems reasonable to assume that if you break it, so goes the Seal. Also, if they're not integral to the structure of the Seals, why did the Breaking-era Aes Sedai bother to set up a Watcher of the Seals?

(Which leads to another tangent: since the Hundred Companions presumably had the discs on site at the Strike, and they all went mad instantly, who managed to get the Seals back out of the grubby hands of the madmen, to carry back to the sane Aes Sedai for safekeeping? I guess they must have had some mundane soldiers there too, or lesser channelers who did not participate in the Sealing and thus did not go instantly mad. I don't have the text to that story so I can't check.)
Jonathan Levy
148. JonathanLevy
Maybe the only reason Moiraine offered to give up her angreal was because she used wish #2 to ask for a spare, just in case Thom took her up on her offer :).

Sneaky Moiraine.
Barry T
149. blindillusion
Wow...the Re-Read is almost over. I have to say this...I'm beyond happy I found this place lo so many years ago now. I've met some great friends through this, found some awesome people to finally...finally...discuss WoT with and simply had a blast reading Leigh's stellar thoughts about a series I've loved for half my life. It's been great and I'm looking forward to Leigh's aMoL reviews...both the non-spoiled and the spoiled...err...does that sound right? Meh.

On a side note...now that I can actually post from my work computer...who knows, perhaps I'll even be able to get a little more involved.

hmm...not spoiler at all....but who wants to take wages that the last line in the last book of the Wheel of Time is: And a wind rose....
Tricia Irish
150. Tektonica

Nice to see you here again! And how is everyone where you are? Been thinking of you....
William Carter
151. wcarter
@144 Susurrin

Yes! That's perfect...does anyone know who to ask/plead/beg at Tor to maybe get them to design us t-shirts like that? I'd be more than willing to fork out $10-20 for something like that.
Jonathan Levy
152. JonathanLevy
147. Wortmauer
I think the characters in the story assume, that breaking a cuendillar disc will directly cause the underlying Seal to fail.
It's worth noting that one of the characters who believes this is Lews Therin, who actually placed the seals, to judge from his reaction in LoC when he meets Taim. :)

and 144.Susurrin

It would be even better if we could personalize the front of the shirt with our username on tor.com.
Deana Whitney
153. Braid_Tug
Re: T-shirt - "www.cafepress.com "
It takes about 5 minutes to design a text only shirt.
There's a discount for buying multiples, but a surcharge of $4.00 to put something on the back.

Of course it would be really cool if someone with design ability could create a "Chapter Icon" for the shirt.
Maybe a paddle? and just print on the front? Uhm... I work with a graphics team... stay tuned.

Are we having a "Bunker" meeting at JordanCon V? Great place to sell / hand them out.
Valentin M
154. ValMar
I don't want to get all mushy-eyed and sentimental just yet because it's not over, there's AMOL to discuss and the series overall. Nevertheless, I also would like to express how much I am enjoying this re-read. I didn't really know anyone who read WOT so here I was offered the opportunity to express my own thoughts to other WOT fans, and much much more! I started to read Leigh's blog here from the very beginning (after seeing a preview on another site), great decission.
So, a big thank you to Leigh, Tor, and my fellow commenters!

PS I'm really jealous of you who are going to JordanCon next year!
155. swivelhead
Haven't posted here in a few years, but have been a weekly reader all along. Just wanted to add my Thanks to Liegh for all the hard work, and say that the rest of you guys have added enormously to my enjoyment of this series. You crack me up alot, too
156. rhandric
Also, if they're not integral to the structure of the Seals, why did the Breaking-era Aes Sedai bother to set up a Watcher of the Seals?
To know when the Seals are weakening, not (as Egwene seems to have in her mind) to stop them from being broken when that time comes.
Of course, the Seals getting lost for a couple thousand years didn't help.
Alice Arneson
157. Wetlandernw
At the risk of sounding like a sappy echo... (sorry, I don't think it can be avoided at this point) I too would like to express my appreciation for the commenting folk I have come to enjoy so much. I now have people all over the world that I honestly consider friends, even though I may never meet any of them in person. I'm not going to name names, because I would inevitably leave out someone significant, and feel stupid about it later, but you all have enriched my life - to say nothing of my understanding and enjoyment of the WoT. Speaking of which...

Tonybere - Thanks for the reminder. :) I chuckled all over again when I read that, partly because Leigh's response was so funny, and partly because it was so much fun to do in the first place. And yes, at least once we really did break the pretty tor.com... Let's call it incentive for them to ratchet things up a notch so they'd be ready for the new-release spoiler threads. :)

I would also like to express my appreciation to The Powers That Be at tordotcom, and all the people who have worked behind the scenes to make this work so well. (And for their wisdom in providing whatever incentive it took to get Leigh to write the blog.) Again, I'm reluctant to name names because I'll miss someone, but Torie, Pablo, Irene & Bridget have done a fantastic job of moderating when we got immoderate. (I'll never forget Torie disemvoweling a particularly vitriolic commenter on the TGS spoiler thread... That was priceless. And it worked.) And then there's Irene's work on the art side... Yeah, I knew I shouldn't start naming names. :)

Anyway, THANKS y'all, for everything. I'm glad it's not over yet, and that some of you will remain my friends outside of this venue as well.

(On the other hand, my husband would like to stand in direct opposition to most of what I've said... ;) He's just glad the last book will finally be out and is hoping that my obsession will be cured someday so he can have his wife back full-time.)
Rob Munnelly
158. RobMRobM
I should amend my earlier kudos and congrats to our Leeh and expand them to the entire WoT re-read ecosystem that has developed and has now spread across Tor.Com like zebra mussels.

As many of you know, I was a real WoT newbie, having just finished an initial read of the books when I discovered this re-read a week or two after it began. I posted cautiously, then with something akin to abandon, as Leigh's thoughts and the community's responses explored all parts of the WoT-verse. It's been more fun than I would have imagined and more educational as well - many outstanding thinkers, humorists, and citizens and joined in over the years, to mutual benefit.

It's been great and I hope as many of you as practicable make the shift over to Leigh's ongoing initial read and review of GRRM's Song of Ice and Fire series, which has had a few rough early patches due to the more restrictive spoiler policy, but is now moving forward at its own productive and charming pace. (We even have a few newbies who are reading chapter by chapter along with Leigh, showing much more restraint than can be easily imagined in avoiding being spoiled.) We're in the first third of the most excellent Book 3 (A Storm of Swords), so not too hard to catch up if you want to join the party.

Best to all, looking forward to AMOL, looking forward to the holidays and a great 2013 and beyond.

Tricia Irish
159. Tektonica
Braidtug: T here will be Bunker meetings nightly in the bar. And we're trying to put together a dinner of rereaders as well! T shirts sound wonderful. We had some mugs last year that said "team spanking".

Come one, come all!
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
160. Lisamarie
Is it wrong of me to hope that once WOT is done (which does make me sad) she'll post at the GRRM read TWICE a week?
Heather Olver
161. Arila
Well, I'm sad that I never did catch up with you on the re-read portion, but I think I'm moving along at a good enough clip that I should be able to "follow along at home" with the rest of the re-read to join you all for AMOL. You have no idea how much I itch to comment on like...every old Re-read thread, but I resist! :)
Alice Arneson
162. Wetlandernw
Arila - if you have stuff to say, feel free to say it, either there or here! New perspectives are always interesting; besides, a) there are always more people coming along behind you and b) some of the folks here go back and check when someone posts on an old thread. So your thoughts probably won't go unread, and might even spark some new discussion.

No pressure, there, what with several hundred people ahead of you... ;) In any case, there will soon be a non-spoiler review of AMoL to make us crazy, and soon after that... the Spoiler Thread will go up! Definitely, keep going and join in the AMoL discussions.
Scott Mayer
163. tiornys
Freelancer @141: If something made of cuendillar cannot be harmed, how could a measurement be made suggesting that it got stronger for being channeled into? As you say, how does impervious become moreso, and how would that be proven?

I can see at least one way this could work. We have ample evidence that the Age of Legends used channeling in a scientific fashion to create a high-"tech" civilization fueled by the One Power. We also have evidence that channelers could use the One Power to probe reality on very fine scales, analogous if not identical (or superior) to our ability to probe the atomic scale (recall Elayne's analysis of the struture of the dream ter'angreals).

We have numerous modern methods for at least modeling the strength of materials without actually testing them to destruction. It's not unreasonable to suppose that AoL channelers had similar modeling ability, along with the analytical capacity to provide good data for their modeling.

Now, let me jump off into the deep end.

Suppose that cuendillar is a crystal lattice of some material whose basic properties are known. In principle, it would be possible to use those properties and the structure of the crystal to analyze the strength of cuendillar. Now suppose further that cuendillar's unique property is that any force applied to it--via weaves or mundane methods--causes the crystal lattice to morph in a way that improves the structural integrity of the crystal. The more force, the more increase you seen in structural integrity.

This gives us a material with a measurable breaking point that can't actually be broken because any attempt to actually break it alters the breaking point to a level higher than the force being applied. It satisfies the idea of getting stronger when channeled into.

In other words, this hypothetical version of cuendillar isn't intrinsically impervious--under any given stress, we can measure and report on its deform elasticity, tensile strength, etc. But it's impossible to damage because those properties change in direct proportion with any attempt to damage it, so that the deform elasticity, tensile strength et. al. are always greater than whatever level of stress is being applied at the time of measurement (I hope this makes some kind of sense to people other than me!).

I'm not saying that's what actually happens of course, but I think it illustrates the general concept that RJ had in mind when he concieved of cuendillar.

On a completely different note, I think I'd like to see something like this on a T-Shirt:

I took a ride on the Wheel of Time....
...and then came back for the Re-read!

Thanks to Leigh and Tor, and I am also eagerly looking forward to next month, and the eventual reread of the final (!) volume.
Rob Munnelly
164. RobMRobM
We should do more thinking about the T-shirts. A few more:

Team Leeh

Team Duopotamia

Team Headdesk

Team Gawyn

I survived the WoT Re-Read
1/20/09 - 12/4/12

Manetheren FTW

"Weep for the WoT Re-Read. Weep for what is lost forever."
Donna Harvey
165. snaggletoothedwoman
I would also like to thank Leigh for this most excellent WOT re-read. I have come to learn and understand so much more about the WOT through Leigh and the many posters here. I have been confused...and found answers, LOL at the many jokes and inuendos. I sympathised with Leigh when her head got sore from all the headdesking, and enjoyed many glasses and cookies tucked in the corner of the bunker listening to the chatter. Thanks to all of you! Now, about the Gawyn and bloodring supposition....Didn't Siuan heal Gareth of the poison in his blood? Couldn't Egwene do the same for Gawyn? Do you think the ninjas used a similar poison?
Can't wait for AMOL to come out, I am one of the hold outs! I want the whole thing in my hands to dive into!
The end draws near. Dovie'andi se tovya sagain!
William Carter
166. wcarter
@163 tiornys
That does make sense after a fashion, and it would also fit into my cuendillar has a half-life/expiration date theory (which I still have no direct evidence for other than its rarity).

@164 RobMRobM
I'm rather fond of several of those suggestions (though I still agree with Susurrin that any "I survived" version should include the "and all I got was a spanking" bit).

@165 Snaggletoothedwoman
Hmm, you may have a point, but we don't know if the posion on the knives works the same way is whatever posion/steriod cocktail the rings introduce into the wearer's blood does. It will be interesting to find out. As for my opinion on Gawyn's chances if he puts on one or more of those rings, well... let's just say if I were Gwayn's insurance agent, I would dropping his policy right about now.

*Note: wcarter's opinions and $1.10 will get you a small Premium Roast Coffee at any McDonald's in the states of Tennessee or Georgia.
Alice Arneson
167. Wetlandernw
snaggletoothedwoman @165 - We've discussed it, briefly, but there's nothing to go on until/unless Gawyn actually tries it. My bet would be that it could be healed, whether it's the same poison or not. (FWIW, I wouldn't think it would be the same thing, but I can't prove that either.) It's a good question: if Gawyn, with an AS who knows Healing plus the benefit of the Warder bond, used the rings, would he be able to use them indefinitely, or at will? Could he use it for a time, take it off, and be Healed with no ill effects? It seems reasonable, except that it's such a gratuitous super-power to give him. My bet is that if he tries it, it will be when he's too far away from Egwene (or other AS) for Healing - and it won't occur to him that he could have been Healed.

Another thought occurs to me... what would be the result of Bloodknife Gawyn (already a Blademaster) taking on a Seanchan Bloodknife, or several? Or a whole contingent? I can't entirely envision the situation where this would happen in AMoL, but it's a fun thought.
Sam Mickel
168. Samadai
I think that Mierin is truly asking for Rands help here, not Lanfear. The true "soul" of Mierin is the one trapped being tortured by The DarkOne. I wouldn't hesitate to say the Lanfear/Mierin are the 2 sides of the same person. I bet when LT married Ilyena was when she had her first psychotic break between her personalities, forming a dark vengeful self that took over her body. She went to serve the darkside because LT rejected her, and he was serving the light. I imagine that some part of her is/was fighting to the surface. Unfortunately all we know about the cour'savoura is that the soul is trapped inside. Sure Cyndane wants to kill Rand, but there were parts of Lanfear that wanted to protect him too. (Kind of reminds me of the dwarves in The Last Battle(Chronicles of Narnia) (the dwarves are for the dwarves and nobody else)) She knows no special allegiance to the DarkOne, or does anyone think that if she had access to all the saidar she could pull through (what use to be the strongest Sa'angreal) and her soul wasn't trapped, that she would still willingly serve the DarkOne? I don't buy it.

So, what if by helping get Mierins soul free from the mind trap, Rand redeems her, she remembers the light, tells him how the bore was drilled, and this is how he fixes the bore, rather than it just being sealed over?
It's crazy, but the seeds are there, just as much as any other theory
Alice Arneson
169. Wetlandernw
I have to disagree. One of the reasons LTT dumped Mierin was that she was so power-hungry, and he knew that her professed "love" for him was at least partly that she saw him as a means to reach greater power - and that she loved power far more than she loved him. RJ said:
As an aside, for those who think that Lanfear was in some way twisted against her will by being involved in drilling the Bore—I have heard the theory advanced—of all those involved in the project, she was the only major figure to go over to the Shadow. She was ripe for the Shadow's plucking long before the Bore was drilled.
RJ didn't seem to think that she was a very nice person to start with.
Sam Mickel
170. Samadai
greed,envy, and lust for power, doesn't necessarily mean you want your soul tortured for etenity by the source of all evil. and Lanfear herself believed that she could (with Rands help,and the sa'angreal) overthrow the DarkOne. I am not saying she isn't evil, but "no one can serve the shadow so long they can't come back to the light." Sayings are usually based off of reality. Not even saying that I believe that's the way it could happe. Like I said, it is just as possible as any other theory we all have presented.
And who is likelier to know how to fix the bore than the only surviving person who helped make it?
Sam Mickel
171. Samadai
As an aside to that. In FoH when Lanfear is talking to Kadere and asks him what Rand has been up to for the last little bit, she says because she has been to busy to keep watch of him, I wonder what she was doing? I know it's not likely to matter, but I sure wish I could have all those gaps filled in (mostly because I just want more story. ;) )
172. Freelancer

Hey, I'm completely with you on appreciation for Tor having this site system for their fans. They deserve every kudo for the way they treat us around here, and that goes well beyond just WoT-related aspects.

I wasn't offended, nor could I have been, as I was not the subject of the comment. I was disapproving on her behalf. It was the diminution of Leigh's direct contribution to this encapsulated society as "just their contractor", to which I took exception. Beyond all of the standard business which comes with presenting regular commentary on a subject, beyond all of the literary competencies and cultural references she brings to bear in her presentation, she has striven quite consistently for balance, as she sees it. Obviously, nobody is going to agree with her all the time, and some less often than others, but she has taken it all with a strong measure of grace and aplomb, rarely responding to the more inflammatory comments aimed at her (a behavior which I clearly could not match), and then, save very rare exceptions, with as even-tempered a tone as anyone could expect.

For this and dozens of other reasons, Leigh should not be considered "just their contractor". At the same time, any supposition that this project would have worked as well, as enjoyably, under different leadership is speculative at best, and a further poke at Leigh at worst. The workman is worthy of his wages, and she is more than worthy of hers, but this work has been a passion and sometimes consuming aspect of much of her life, more fully at times than most of us could imagine. Minimizing that with a stray word isn't appropriate.

Since you've made it clear that your intent was to balance the praise Leigh is receiving with (in your opinion) the more deserved but less offered praise for Tor, I get it.

(The above and wcarter's opinions together will still leave one $1.08 short of the price of an aforementioned cup)

snaggletoothedwoman @165

Siuan Healed Bryne, but of a more mundanely poisoned pin with which the dying Bloodknife stuck him in the wrist. No connection with the ring ter'angreal. That doesn't invalidate the speculation that Gawyn could possibly use one or more of the rings for battle, then be Healed before dying to its influence.
Tricia Irish
173. Tektonica
Sam....you are a good person. I like that you think the best of Lanfear and hold out hope, but I have to agree with Wetlander here. I think Lanfear/Cyndane is so P.O.ed at Rand, and such a megalomanic, that she just wants him dead nowthat he betrayed her with yet, another woman (or three). I also think Moridan is using her, on purpose, to tweek Rands' emotions, and try to turn him to the dark side, which would be the utltimate win for the DO. The DO doesn't win it all, until he's turned the Dragon!
174. ocssor
I feel like nobody has mentioned Moridin is Death in the old tongue and seeing as Death is capitalised in the prophecy...the broken wolf is someone he knows of personally.
Ron Garrison
175. Man-0-Manetheran
Braid_Tug @ 153:
“Are we having a "Bunker" meeting at JordanCon V? Great place to sell / hand them out.”
It will happen. One way or another. Working title: “Lady Leeh’s Bunker”

Wetlandernw @ 157:
“I now have people all over the world that I honestly consider friends, even though I may never meet any of them in person.”
I feel the same, and THAT is the main reason I’m going to JordonCon. PLEASE try to make it! ...and come as Cadsuane! LOL. If your husband will now get you full time, then give us this one last thing.
JordanCon - April 19-21. BE THERE Re-Readers!
176. Wortmauer
wcarter: Note: wcarter's opinions and $1.10 will get you a small Premium Roast Coffee at any McDonald's in the states of Tennessee or Georgia.
I'll have to try this when I'm in Atlanta next month on business. Which ... hmmm ... looks like I fly in on Release Day. I hadn't noticed that until now. Perhaps when I arrive, I shall have to detour to B&N downtown. And then later I'll walk into a McDonald's and say, "So, wcarter doesn't think it would be wise to underwrite a life insurance policy on Gawyn. Can I get a small coffee?" And they'll be like, "Good to know. We'll also need $1.10."
177. Freelancer
ocssor @174

Two thoughts about your comment.

First, Jordan expressed strong distaste for the suggestion that he used that "pun" of Moridin's name when it came to Asmodean's murder ("when death took him"), so I'd be hard pressed to believe that Brandon would turn around and use it in this capacity.

Second, it is not at all unusual for Death, when referred to as a sentient entity, to be capitalized as a personal pronoun.
Sandy Brewer
178. ShaggyBella
My question on healing...When Verin was dying of her poison, Egwene could have healed her or found someone who could. This always bugged me. She didn't even try.
She would probably try to help Gawyn, though. If she knew or he was near.

Tai'shar Manetherin
Jay Dauro
179. J.Dauro

By the time Egwene would want to heal her, it was fairly obvious that the attempt would negate what Verin was trying to do.

Egwene couldn't channel because of the forkroot. She could have gone to try to get someone to heal Verin, if Verin would let her. Of course, when she got back Verin might be dead, and Egwene would not have learned what she did, or Verin would be healed, and no longer able to talk about what she wanted to tell Egwene.
180. jerome248
Hello everyone!!!
I was away for the last couple of years and just came back to hese a while ago. Hello everyone of the "old" gang... I won't say names cause I'm sure I'll forget many...
Wow I can't believe this thing is almost over... Can't wait for January....

Wetlandernw @ 167,,, and before

I had a thought on how they could show the rings on a future movie or TV series:
the ring would have a "prick-like needle" on the inside of the ring so that when you put it on, it would draw blood (the inside needle) and therefore activate the ring and it would then be stuck on the person's finger (similar to the TV series Stargate SG-1 when the heroes had the bracelets stuck on them and it gave them super-human strength, for those of you whose watched that show).

Thank you so very much Leigh and I envy you so much for having that early release copy of AMoL...

Anyway great job everyone... and thanks so far for a great time always...

Let's keep going for the last stretch...

Jeff Schweer
181. JeffS.
Loialson @ 90
Now that you mention it I remember you reporting on that awhile ago. (on another thread maybe?) I guess I still hold out hope that she might return to the light. The imagery in the scene just implied, at least to me, that we were in her own mindtrapped head. Oh well, RAFO it is.
@ various with the speculation of Gawyn wearing all three rings at once.
I keep getting this image of Gawyn striking a dramatic pose, starting a sword form against many foes...
and going into a profound jittery spazz out ala Max Headroom. snort chuckle. The thought kinda makes up for all of the head desks he has caused.
182. SoCalJayhawk
@149 blindillusion
who wants to take wages that the last line in the last book of the Wheel of Time is: And a wind rose...
Actually, my suspicion is that in the final paragraph the wind will die and all will be still. The final sentence will tell us this is not The End, as there are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But is an ending.
Alice Arneson
183. Wetlandernw
Man-O-Manetheran @175 - You can bet your last dime that if I came to JordanCon, I'd come as Cadsuane! :) Possibly, just possibly, with a Wise One outfit for a change of pace.
Thomas Keith
184. insectoid
Time to start playing catsup.

To all: Since I neglected to @91, I would like to echo several other people's sentiments, in that you are the craziest nicest group of people I've never met. I don't think I'd have near the level of enthusiasm for this series if not for Leigh's commentary, and all the laughs, deep thoughts, confusion, debates, Gawyn and Cads-hating, polls, and cookies this Re-read crowd has provided. (Well, maybe not necessarily that last. But you get the idea.) Thanks for the good times, all, and keep 'em coming!

Remember, there are no beginnings or endings to the Wheel of Time Re-read. But it is an ending.

NSAWA @8: Good catch re: Graendal's wish to go to a PS world. Funny that they should be mentioned at this point after practically forever (TSR?).

RobM² @14: She did forget that, didn't she! ;)

CorDarei @18: BAHAHAhahaha! *laughs for like 5 minutes*

wcarter @36, et al: T-shirts, huh? How about "I survived the WoT Re- read... from the safety of the cuendillar bunker"?

ddanevich @43: That's the best argument I've read so far for Lan as the Broken Wolf. Hard to say if he fits the 'wolf' bit, but his death would certainly shake the Light Side's morale.

Tek @50: If my wish comes true and I can go, I'll need to make a list of who from here (besides Leigh) to meet... starting now. Two ;)

smonkey @69: *snortLOLgasp*

J.Dauro @74: That's three ;)

Sam @75, Fork @78: Well said.

Man-O @80: Four ;)

Thomas Keith
185. insectoid
Catsup part 2.

bad_platypus @101:
With plenty of hot sauce. (Heads for bunker.)
Hehe. Naughty naughty!

Tonybere: LOL! I nearly joined in on TSR #10, but that post was already snowballing out of control. (Though I've followed since the beginning, I didn't comment until TSR #21.)

Free @112: Well spoke, dude! (See you at the signing in February?)

DJ_Pon3 @113: Yeah, but the least Verin could have done was tell Mat to open the letter in "a few days" if she did not return. Her instruction to stay in Caemlyn for 30 days (or whatever it was) was just insurance that he and the Band would be there when the invasion began. (She didn't have to tell him why he needed to be there, after all, sneaky as she was.)

BillinHI @121: That's five ;)

Isilel @127, WOTman @135, Wet @142, etc.: Good catch on the Bloodknife rings.

Man-O @134: Hah! Keep me out of trouble? That's like being asked to keep a snail from going berserk. XD No, you needn't worry about me, as the only thing I'd likely be drinking there is Coke. (And that's a maybe. Have to wait until Christmas to see if I get my wish.)

Lannis @136: Six ;)

Tek @138: Again, maybe. My dad would probably say, "If ifs and buts were fruits and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas." And maybe I will: we'll see.

Wet @145: Oh boy... I love shenanigans! :D

Blind @149: Hey there! Seems like you were gone longer than I was. Good to have you back.

Sam @168: Good theory! I hadn't thought of that.

Wort @176: LOL!

Wet @183: Here's hoping. :)

Tricia Irish
186. Tektonica

JordanCon: You won't have any trouble meeting/finding all of us Rereaders....The name tags will have our real names on them, but underneath, we always write our "handles" from here. I've started a list of all who said they'd be here, and we'll be looking for you! And JordanCon just isn't that big. It's really easy to find each other.

A few Bunker get togethers will be planned, and we'll let you know through the posts on the Spoiler page in the new year, so don't go away people! Keep watching this space, and your shout pages!
Melissa Spray
187. meowwl
I think the broken wolf could only be Perrin, since he's become a much beloved leader, and is among the light side's heavies. The Midnight Towers could as easily refer to Malkier, and the broken wolf be Lan as easily. I think that the "First among vermin" is no less than Ishi/Moridin himself...Think about it, to the Dark One, humankind is like millions of cockroaches, to be squashed beneath a boot, and the head of the forsaken is the highest ranking among the lot.

The whole prophecy is moot however, because it's from the dark...and if it comes true, then the whole wheel world is screwed.
Terry McNamee
188. macster
First off, just want to say that yeah, I think you're just being a nitpicky fan about the cover art, Leigh. Some of the other covers which had numerous mistakes that went completely against the characters or the scenes were inexcusable, and some didn't even match the scenes at all. But this one is clearly so tailored to the description that either Sweet got to the see the written scene before the book was done or Sanderson wrote it to match what was drawn. So to complain about minor errors, when it is otherwise the most accurate WOT cover done by the man, seems...rather silly, and disrespectful. But that may just be me.

And all that said, and even including the times I too have been annoyed by what you wrote about in the blog (or how you wrote it), things you focused on and things you didn't, important points I wish you had been able to follow up on in the comments...I still have to commend you for the incredible work you've done here at Tor. And regardless the problems I've had, the insights you've had, the intelligence and knowledge you've displayed, and especially the humor and the comments that so perfectly matched what I and so many fans were thinking as we read, have more than made up for any lapses or difference of opinion. So, thank you for this, and I can't wait to see your review of AMoL!

While I suppose it is possible Perrin and the divided loyalties between his followers, Rand's, and Egwene's could cause trouble, I think that quote actually highlights the opposite outcome through typical Jordan ironic foreshadowing--that instead Perrin will, as some of us have theorized, actually be the one to bring things together, maintain peace, and resolve the conflict at Merrilor rather than make it explode. And that this is his second time for Rand. Though there's no reason he can't be there for him more than once, so the one prophesied by Min could be something else (defending him during the Last Battle, in TAR, who knows) and Merrilor will be something separate that comes first.

On the other hand I think you're absolutely right that the rings being mentioned with Gawyn is a clear sign they're going to play a big role in AMoL. Whether that is something ominous or not remains to be seen, but based on Egwene's dream about him living a long life and dying in bed vs. dying young in battle, married or not, I suspect it's going to mean Gawyn's death. Which will make those who hated him happy but I think is a shame--both because, like you, I am pleased to see him at peace, having resolved his conflicts with Rand and Egwene, happy as her Warder, and because for all his faults and the many mistakes he's made, I still remember pre-coup Gawyn and like him, thinking he is good at heart. Hopefully if he does die it will be something worthwhile and meaningful.

Androl and the Black Tower: well first off, mad props to him for taking over and leading even though he doesn't understand why the other Asha'man look up to him, because he knows someone has to and they will listen to him, and also of course for joining up with Pevara. I can't wait to find out how they (and Logain) will help fix things, as much as they can be, anyway. As for what happened to Mezar, I just have to say (since it is relevant thanks to the footer prophecy) this: when I first read the Black Tower scenes in ToM, my mind did not immediately leap to the 13 x 13 turning. My first thought was something on the order of the bubbles of evil and Pattern-unraveling incidents, namely that the Dark One was so close to getting free (or at least breaking the last seals) that he could actually possess people. And the footer prophecy, coupled with Androl's description of Mezar as being "a shadow stuffed inside human skin" made me think that even more.

Of course there is nothing saying the 13 x 13 trick isn't the mechanism by which that prophecy is fulfilled and the Dark One possesses someone; we don't know when that Dark Prophecy was written, but since Semirhage discovered the trick during the War of Power and it was last used during the Trolloc Wars (when Ishamael was free), Moridin could have made sure there would be Fades and Dreadlords available precisely to fulfill this prophecy (as well as to benefit the Shadow, obviously). If the 13 x 13 trick is the fulfillment of the prophecy, that could explain why the turning is so different, and why the results aren't like Darkfriends who willingly joined for power and glory.

I loved the last chapter with Moiraine, not just to see her again but to see how she had both changed and stayed the same. Strong, wise, still a bit arrogant, but at the same time much humbler, kinder, and more openly caring. In some ways, it seems to be calling back her New Spring characterization and reintegrating it with her modern one. Also rather funny and human--loved when she told Mat, after he refused to marry her and Thom, that she could see why Tuon just had to marry him, he was so romantic. :P

And while I agree her marriage proposal to Thom seemed rather sudden and out-of-nowhere compared to the previous subtlety of their relationship (Sanderson could have made this less jarring, I think), the idea of the relationship itself is heartwarming and sweet, and I thought their moment here was romantic and I'm happy for them. Thom's comment that Mat wasn't paying enough attention, aside from being some of his vintage snark, seems like me to be a meta commentary on the readers who (willfully or not) missed out on their subtext too. :P

Very much wondering what her other wishes were! I also have to say I loved her reaction to hearing the taint was cleansed--not fear, not disbelief and skepticism, but wonder, awe, and hope. And her ta'veren comment after hearing how Mat married Tuon was hilarious. It was like having Loial back. :P As for her meeting Moridin, that likely won't be important in the last book unless a) she meets him again at Shayol Ghul and b) she remembers what he looked like. But I think it's pretty clear that whether he came in through the Tower or not, he did destroy the other doorway either before or as he was leaving with Lanfear/Cyndane. (I still wonder if we're ever going to learn exactly how and why she got a new body. Could it be as simple as she'd been drained so much the Dark One had to resurrect her in a new body to have her be any good with the Power? Or could it have been punishment for what happened in Cairhien and getting trapped?)

Not that I wanted her to succeed, but I kind of thought it a bit unfair to blame Graendal for what happened to Mesaana. Yes, if she'd done her research and spying properly she'd have known about Perrin's wolfbrother nature and that he could therefore possibly find and take the dreamspike in TAR; but it was still Slayer's fault it happened, since he wasn't able to properly defend it and then got caught up in chasing and fighting Perrin. On the other hand, it's not like Graendal told him to avoid the White Tower. And if Graendal really knew Perrin as well as she claimed, she could have guessed what might happen and prepare Slayer for the possibility. So I guess it still works.

The reveal about Asmodean was hilarious though. And the bit with Boundless does seem out-of-place, but it's unquestionably a powerful, meaningful moment, and a perfect resolution to Perrin's wolfbrother arc. Though I remember being a bit surprised Noam's memories seemed to imply his brother had abused him in some way--Simion seemed to be quite the caring brother and a fairly nice man. But I guess people can surprise you, have hidden darker depths. Or perhaps it was just a moment of weakness and temper he later regretted deeply but the damage was already done.

Oh yes, I remember being very amused (and also deeply satisfied) that Snakes and Foxes was suddenly winnable because Mat beat the Finn. On the one hand it makes no sense that this should be the case, since even with the Finn able to see into Randland (maybe) through Mat, there's no way they could or would change how the game works to reflect this--they can't affect the real world, and why would they want anyone to know of their failure? On the other hand, it's got great thematic and symbolic value, and it even means that those who theorized Olver had a role to play in the rescue (aside from telling Mat, Thom, and Noal about the way into the Tower he learned from Birgitte) were partly right--he didn't go in or help them win, but his victory mirrored Mat's. And who knows, maybe his constant belief that the game could eventually be won helped make it come true.

As for the letter...all I can say is, while yes Verin misjudged Mat and this was a huge mistake on her part, when I first read the Caemlyn scene I was actually mad at Mat, not her--because it seemed like he only avoided reading it out of spite and stubbornness, and of course to avoid being caught in Aes Sedai traps. With hindsight I can see that it may be Caemlyn needed to fall, and while it's possible Mat could have read it, warned Elayne, and then still gone off to rescue Moiraine, the possibility he might stay to protect her, the city, the Band, and the dragons means that it had to happen this way for Moiraine to be saved (and the Light to win). Doesn't mean I can't still be annoyed with him, or disappointed in Verin.

I wonder if we'll learn in AMoL just who opened the Waygate for the Shadowspawn--even if someone could come with them to guide them (Demandred?), somebody had to open it from the other side since Loial was supposed to have locked it with both leaves. Assuming Dyelin isn't a Darkfriend, the candidates seem to be: unknown Darkfriends in the palace/city; the Black Ajah members who broke out of the dungeon with Mellar (including, possibly, the missing members of the coven); Duhara, whom we know is Black; or Taim and his Dreadlord Asha'man.

If I hadn't read any spoilers for AMoL I'd have no clue about the red-veiled Aiel. Even having read what I have, I am puzzled and confused on a number of points. So...just have to wait and see if they'll be explained, or what their exact role in the last book will be. I just hope they only act to even the playing field and keep things dire and dark, not as a Diabolus Ex Machina--things are stacked high against Team Light as it is.

Cyndane: Well it's obvious to me that she got into Rand's head via the link to Moridin, since we saw in TGS that despite Rand's wards he was still drawn to Moridin in TAR. Whether she's faking or not... *throws hands up* Clearly she's the one being "given another chance at al'Thor" Shaidar Haran mentioned to Graendal, but that doesn't tell us whether she's sincere or not.

On the one hand, last we were in her head at the Cleansing she wanted to kill Rand, and Moridin was keeping her far away to make sure that didn't happen; what changed his mind? Does Graendal's loss mean he had no choice but to fall back on Cyndane, since she has a better chance of reaching Rand than Moghedien would? Or is he confident he can keep her from killing Rand with the mindtrap? Or...does it not matter, because the time for his death is nigh. from the Shadow's POV?

On the other hand, as you say the symmetry involved if Lanfear, she who helped create the Bore, were to be instrumental in re-sealing it for good until the next Age of Legends, something she could do if she has seen the Light (or soon will), would be fitting and resonant. On the gripping hand, there's no reason she can't do that against her will, or accidentally, so her being the one who has the "memory of light" isn't required for that. It's just as likely she is tricked or manipulated by Rand into helping (or perhaps Moiraine, if one of her wishes had to do with learning how to reseal the Bore and she was told about Lanfear's role in it!), or that Moridin is the one who gets redeemed and he forces her to help via the mindtrap.

I think it is more likely Moridin will be the one redeemed (if for no other reason than because the liquid light in Rand's mind could bleed through just as much as the True Power was affecting Rand pre-Dragonmount, though the bit with Graendal seeing the memory of what it was like to be good in Moridin's eyes coupled with his scene in TAR with Rand suggest this as well). But even if so, Lanfear clearly has a role--there's no other reason Jordan would have brought her back and kept her around.

Lan's rousing speech=ten kinds of Awesome. But while John Williams would do an amazing job orchestrating that scene, I have to say the suicidal nature of the attack, and Lan's thought about the Last Charge of the Golden Crane and the fall of the Malkieri, put me more in mind of Howard Shore, The Two Towers, and "The Last March of the Ents". Or perhaps the moment when Eomer and Gandalf arrived to save Helm's Deep.

As for the footer prophecy, aside from what I said above, I don't have much to say since I am not sure who any of the titles mentioned in it are. The Broken Champion sounds like Rand, but it could also be Galad. The Broken Wolf might be Ituralde--he was nicknamed the Little Wolf, he's known death through the many friends he lost fighting the Shadowspawn, and being one of the Great Captains the Light would certainly be demoralized if he dies.

There was also that unexplained Dream of Egwene's of the man in the narrow bed who must not die--at one point during the siege of Maradon, Ituralde tried to sleep in a cot while his leg was healing, and his whole plotline in ToM was about whether or not he would die, with Rand finally coming to save the day to make sure he didn't die and the city didn't fall; his men would be crying out if he died, the Trollocs (and Torkumen) would be cheering if he did, and what happened to Maradon almost was his funeral pyre. Perhaps the reason he "must not die" was so as to save Maradon, or something else he does in the Last Battle...but afterward he might still die. If the symbolism from Egwene's thirteen towers dream is correct, the Midnight Towers which "consume" him would have to be the Forsaken...

Perrin may possibly die too, or at least lose his leg as Thor did to Fenrir in Ragnarok (Slayer?), but "the last days of his pride" could mean other things. And the First Among Vermin? While that sounds like Rand, I have to offer another possibility: what if that's what Nae'blis translates to? After all, the Dark One sees everyone, even his followers, as vermin. At the same time, all the vermin appearing in Randland suggests an affinity between them and the Lord of Decay, and Ishydin has always had an...interesting relationship with rats, so being first among them may not seem as bad to the Shadow as it would to everyone else.

"Bringing freedom to Him who will Destroy" doesn't necessarily mean breaking the seals, it could mean simply opening the Bore wider. Or he could break them through Rand, via the link--he did after all try to get the seals back in COT, and while Taim gave a seal to Rand in LOC, it may be that wasn't the right time to break them and now is. No, I am not saying I think Rand is wrong to break the seals, just that there may be a right time and place and Moridin will want it to be at his choosing, not Rand's. Perhaps Perrin will try to stop him from breaking them, and that's how he dies?

Mat and the halls of mourning could also possibly reference his upcoming trip to Ebou Dar--either on behalf of Tuon's dead mother still being mourned, or Tylin.
Jay Dauro
189. J.Dauro

Actually some of the dark Prophecies we have seen have already come true. And some from the Essanik cycle. We do have some readers who are convinced that some of the prophecies have been tampered with, and as such, will not come true. I am of the opinion they all come true. Just that they don't always mean what many think they mean.
Rays of silver and blue flashed about her fiery hair, and a soft golden light.
So, did you think that this was a beheading?

And yes, that does mean I think Rand will kneel to Tuon. But I don't think she will be completely happy about it.
Terry McNamee
190. macster
@13 Tymerion: That is also a possibility.

@17 neverspeakaword: I have a more symbolic interpretation, but that is also possible.

@24 wcarter: I am pretty sure Graendal suffered the same fate Moghedien did (rape, I mean). In fact Sanderson or Team Jordan may have confirmed that.

@26 MasterGeek: That is a very original interpretation, and it could well be right! I still think the Broken Wolf is Ituralde...but since he could still be the man in a narrow bed (whether he dies later or not), your theory could still work with part of mine. Still, the fact it says "hearts of men" suggests it couldn't be fufilled by Perrin alone being shaken by Hopper's death.

@30 Braid_Tug: Hmmm, I didn't even think about that...whether we take death literally (Isam knew the death of his family and kingdom, Luc thought Tigraine died, both have known death as an assassin) or figuratively (they certainly know Moridin, Death, well), him falling, being consumed by the Forsaken, and shaking the hope of men could all have happened in the past. The only part I'd question is how exactly Luc's death brought fear and sorrow and a loss of will--yes, Andor was thrown into civil war before Morgase won the throne, but aside from that I'm not seeing a huge negative response. Unless this is something in the future, when it is revealed who and what he has become?

@33 BFG: Ah I see I am not the only one to think it might be Moridin.

@45 Isilel: Since you clearly have your biases (and always have, justifiably so), I'll only note 1) just because Mat can still throw knives/fight just fine doesn't mean there are no consequences to losing his eye--it being missing will affect more than fighting, plus his luck can still fail him 2) whether it is out of place, Thom having issues with channeling women/the Tower is in character for him due to his past experiences with Owyn and Morgase 3) I would say it's less that the women of the previous generation must be humbled and humiliated as that they lose power in order to make way for the powerful women of the new generation--Morgase to Elayne, Siuan to Egwene, Moiraine to Nynaeve--and that getting a love interest afterward is just a coincidence and not a cause/effect or "reward" 4) Jordan always said the Forsaken were incompetent, Stupid Evil, so having Graendal fail so badly (and Semirhage for that matter) is no worse than Be'lal, Asmodean, Aginor, or Balthamel (who even got to fail twice, and was still male regardless of his new female body).

@58 EvilMonkey: Very good points.

@60 tamyrlink: Interesting interpretation! Of possible support is also the point that, as you said, Rand talked about Lews Therin's pride...but this time "he was raised better" and after Dragonmount that pride has been conquered. So perhaps these are the last days because Zen Rand has overcome the pride he had as Lews Therin (and as crazy Rand).

@65 Twedge: You make some very good points, but the only problem is Rand has never been called or associated with wolves, other than when Perrin called him Shadowkiller and the fact they needed to see him defeat the darkness inside himself before they could join in the Last Battle. That doesn't seem like enough to call him one, though I suppose the wolves could see him as an honorary one despite not being a wolfbrother.

@66 D-Mac: Slayer never said he went into the Tower to deal with the Finn, nor do we actually have proof he did; all we know is he led Perrin to the Tower, then disappeared; he could have just made Perrin think he went in in order to get him trapped and killed by the Finn. Still, he seems to know about them (though he could have been told by Moridin), and your other points have validity.

@67 WOTsUP: My thoughts exactly on the first half. And if you're right about the second half (I didn't even think of the "Darkness so beautiful" being the same as the eclipse), that suggests it is caused by the actual spilling of his blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul. This makes sense if his blood spilled at the same time he dies, but if he's only wounded it seems odd that would cause an eclipse...

@74 J.Dauro: Very good points about Moiraine, I agree completely.

@81 JeffS: I like your comparison to Edward. That makes a lot of sense and is indeed romantic. And the only one who might have seen Olver is Siuan, and that's only if he was in Salidar with Mat (as opposed to staying with Mat's camp outside the town). Was Olver at the dance, where Mat danced with Halima and accidentally asked Siuan to dance?

@89 Ischlep3: I thought someone asked Jordan after the bit with the Dark Prophecy in TGH and he said they do come true as well. But I may be remembering wrong.

@90 Loialson: I'd forgotten Lanfear said she could break into shielded dreams. But if she had done so, wouldn't Rand have sensed it or felt it in some way? Yes his encounter with her wasn't pleasant, but it seems to be she was talking about the actual breaking in when she said it wouldn't be pleasant for him. But he just...suddenly feels uncomfortable and then hears her screaming. Anyway, whether she broke in or got in through the Moridin link, your other conclusions seem valid to me.

@92 sbark: Good point.

@95 WOTsUP: She wanted him dead when we saw her POV as Cyndane in Chapter 35 "With the Choedan Kal" of WH.

@107 ValMar: Hmmm. I can see why you and others are worried about Olver, but on the other hand how could that be an issue this late in the game? The Shaido are gone and heading back to the Three-fold Land. Unless some of the Wise Ones captured at Malden show up at Merrilor with the Seanchan, what Shaido would there be for him to attack?

@109 Braid_Tug: Also she was constrained by her Dark Oaths. She may have had to tell Mat the way she did to guarantee she didn't break her oath to the Shadow until she got to drink the poison or get the Oath Rod.

@111 Tonybere: LOL that was a great moment in the blog! And Leigh's later entry where she spoke about having to go on hiatus for a week, only to come back and find out the commenters had staged a cage match, was equally amusing. :) Also, my condolences for your sister--but I'm sure she's getting the full story already from Mr. Jordan...

@112 Freelancer: So many nitpicks! Ah well, it's what fans do. I swear I must be one of the most forgiving people ever, because I can't recall a single time something was wrong on one of the covers, or there was a continuity error in the books, that it upset me enough to comment on it, let alone rant. :P

@119 Susurrin: Interesting point. I wonder if Jordan might have revised it to include such intercuts, had he lived.

@156 rhandric: Ooo good point.

@163 tiornys: Great analysis of how the Age of Legends channelers would know cuendillar's properties, and great analogy too!

@171 Samadai: Considering the timing of events, and what we saw when Birgitte and Nynaeve were spying in TAR, I'd wager Lanfear was busy meeting with Sammael, Rahvin, and Graendal during that time. She may also have been looking for more powerful angreal to use against Rand.

@179 J.Dauro: Yes exactly...even if Verin could have been saved, it would have undone her ability to betray the Dark One, and then something horrible would have happened to her for having done so.

@184 insectoid: I suspect the reason the Portal Stones and the Ways are returning now is that Jordan always intended them to become important again, but allowed them to lapse and be replaced by Traveling to mislead us and make us think they wouldn't have relevance now, until--surprise!

@all: May I also say how glad I am to have met the commenters here, to be welcomed into your group, and to have the chance to read your fine words, intelligent (and wacky) theories, and great jokes and stories. I've definitely been enriched by coming here and I will certainly miss you guys. Sadly, I don't think me going to JordanCon is ever going to be likely for me. But then again, the Wheel weaves as the Wheel wills, so who knows!
S Cooper
191. SPC
I'd like to add my appreciation as well - I came in about halfway through, and I've never posted much, but I've thoroughly appreciated everyone's commentary and discussion. I'm so much more fired up about the series now than I was back then!
Tricia Irish
192. Tektonica
I'm rereading The Eye of the World in preparation for the Finale...I highly recommend it! I may throw out a couple of relevant lines here and there, if you don't mind.....

Here's one that caught me last night: It was a description of the boys first sight of Lan: Chapter 2, near the end:

"When he moved, Rand could think of nothing but a wolf."

The Broken Wolf of prophecy???
Glen V
193. Ways
My heartfelt thanks to:
1) Tor, for providing the opportunity and the means
2) This community of commenters, for so enriching my WOT experience with their insight, huge knowledge base about the series, and lively discussions on any number of topics (relevant to WOT or not).
3) And of course to Leigh, without whom it would not have come together the way it did. Words can't say enough here. Fantastic job, LDB!!!

Re: T-shirts - YES. A graphic of some sort - the bunker or a reference to spanking (heh, heh) maybe - in addition to plain text would be cool. The question is who is going to take point. It kinda seems like Tek is volunteering, but she is putting together bunker operations at JordanCon. Too much to do? How can we help? Perhaps Tor.com would be willing to host a web page where we can pre-order. Delivery ex-JordanCon would be great for those who can't make it (I am planning on attending, but ya never know for sure).
Deana Whitney
194. Braid_Tug
Sending out my Thanks to everyone on the blog. Leigh, Tor.com, the moderators and all the Commenters.
I’ve not had anyone to talk about the books since 2001, when my friend who started me on this path stopped reading the books.

@ First time posters and longtime readers: Wow, I don’t know how you all have restrained yourselves! When I first found the blog I was 11 books behind everyone and wanted to comment on the dead posts. I applaud your discipline.

Random Wonderings:
So I know speculating on who wrote what in the last three books is normally not a good thing. But I'm wondering if Team Jordan made the deliberate choice of starting and ending each of the three with a section that is 99% Jordan himself.

He left a ton of pieces behind. And his prologues were always full of random viewpoints. So maybe Team Jordan took three of them and started each book with one pure Jordan writing.

Sanderson has said that the endings have each been almost pure Jordan, so why not the beginnings? As a small, but fitting homage to he who started it all?
Tina Pierce
195. scissorrunner

yup - he is absolutely yelling LEIGH!!!!

Seroiusly, this re-read has been the best "find". With literally no-one in RL to talk WoT with I have enjoyed this piece of (in)sanity since TDR.
Life has been crazy - and I don't post much (if at all) lately, but I have really looked forward to Tuesday.
Thanks Leigh for your brand of awesome.
(and you didn't even PEEK????? the restraint amazes me!!!)
196. AndrewB
News at 11 pm: The WoT Re-Read will not be ending. My sources say that very soon our fealess leader, the funny Leigh*, will make the following statement:

"I win again WoT Re-Readers"

Leigh will then commence her Re-Read of Chapter 38 and 39 of TGH.

Thank you for reading my musings,
197. Susurrin
Actually, my suspicion is that in the final paragraph the wind will die and all will be still. The final sentence will tell us this is not The End, as there are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But is an ending.
This is how I've wanted the series to end since book 2!!!!
198. AndrewB
See @196 above

*not in a Joe Pesci Goodfellas way.

Thanks for Reading my musings,
Don Barkauskas
199. bad_platypus
Freelancer @177:
Both completely valid points. However, as one of the foremost champions of "we don't know who wrote what," I'm surprised you automatically assume Brandon wrote the prophecy. If anything, I would think that Prophecies, where exact wording is so important, would have been things RJ would have written/dictated himself.

It really doesn't matter who wrote it, because regardless of who actually worded the prophecy, there is another possibility: if the relevant Dark Prophecy was originally given in the Old Tongue and is presented here in translation for us, then "Moridin" would actually translate as "Death." No need for a pun interepretation, like the one RJ was so disgusted by for Asmodean.
200. Freelancer
Bad_platypus @199

Actually, I don't make that presumption. But beginning with showing that Jordan surely would not have used Moridin's name in that cheesy way, I posited that neither would Brandon, the conclusion being that whomever wrote that text, Moridin is not the Death spoken of. That's all. I agree that prophecies such as these almost certainly were already in place to set the parameters of the plot movement, and therefore Jordan's work.
Glen V
201. Ways
Free, you dog. :-) Beat me by 5 minutes. Congrats on the 2 hunny.
Brian Heavey
202. alKohol
If I could offer a suggestion to you bunker-dwellers, perhaps "Band of the Red Buttocks," or "Band of the Spanking Hand."
203. alreadymadwithreread
I haven't really been all that active lately. But I'm gonna miss this re-read. Kudos to Leigh for soldiering thru, despite all the headdesk moments(that poor poor desk). Big shout out to all the other re-readers. I have really enjoyed sharing ideas with you(despite all the insanity that occasionally ensues, but hey, we can always blame the Taint for that).
Nadine L.
204. travyl
forkroot @78: you're not naming names? But you'll give us another gift like "friends at tor places" for christmas, right? - You may even chose the song, theme, topic and lyrics yourself :)

RobM^2 @158: I'm not yet in for ASOIF, right now I try to catch up with the Malazan read ;)

175. Man-o: You'd dare to call an Aiel Maiden "Lady Leeh"? Aren't you afraid of getting knifed? Maybe she'll offer you to play Maidens kiss? - Oh I so wish I could be there (I'm at least as envious as ValMar).

192. Tek: I still don't think Lan is the wolve, but this would be a goooood justification for it. Thanks for pointing it out.
Chris R
205. up2stuff
Could the wolf have been Moridin's AOL "totem"? LTT is the Dragon and was in the AOL. Could he be the Broken Wolf?

Edit to add..

Ahh...Nevermind. Thought I was on to something because it all could fit until I got to the "And his destruction shall bring fear and sorrow to the hearts of men, and shall shake their very will itself."

Moridin can DIE IN A FIRE and I wouldn't pee on him to put him out. I certainly wouldn't be shake to my very will by his death.
Glen V
206. Ways
up2stuff @205
The pee might be more problematic for Moridin than being in a fire. ;-)

me @193
I humbly retract what I said about it kinda looking like Tek was volunteering to head up the T-shirt effort (apologies Tek). Looking back through this thread I do see where Braid_Tug @153 will check into design aspects.

Do we continue the T-shirt topic in this thread or (alternatives)???
207. Grad Student
Just another first-time poster chiming in, I've been reading these posts for about 2 years now, spending many a late night snorting (and sighing) at Leigh's fantastic writing, enjoying a return to the books I read when I was younger, and being constantly astonished at the quality of the discussions in the comments section. It's been a great ride, and I look forward to the final re-read posts next year. Here's to Leigh! (And to Tor too, more publishers should do this).
Alice Arneson
208. Wetlandernw
I am completely amazed at the number of people who have been following along for all this time, who are only now posting for the first time. I'm not sure whether to admire your restraint (from someone who obviously has very little of that quality!) or be a little miffed that you deprived us all of your contribution. :) Still and all, I'm glad y'all are introducing yourselves now, and I do hope you'll join in on the upcoming AMoL Spoiler Thread and the reread, when it comes around. You already know we aren't going to beat you up or anything... You do know that, don't you? Right?

Peanut brittle in the bunker!
Birgit F
209. birgit
On the one hand, last we were in her head at the Cleansing she wanted to kill Rand, and Moridin was keeping her far away to make sure that didn't happen; what changed his mind?

Moridin didn't want to kill Rand as long as there was a chance that Dark Rand would destroy the world. After Dragonmount he no longer has a reason to let Zen Rand live.
210. thanksbetoleigh
Can't help but jump in and echo the many thanks to Leigh and all of the regular and episodic commenters. I've followed along with the re-read for years now and haven't felt the need to comment until now because y'all got it covered so well. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that all of the silent re-readers appreciate your insights, wit, and good humor.
Glen V
211. Ways
Wet @208
There was a wave of new commenters (my self included) who jumped in during one post when the ToM re-read started too. I had been lurking, catching up, and enjoying the goings-on for about 1.5 years when I finally took the plunge. I suspect there are still many more potential commenters in the same boat who haven't jumped in yet. It's interesting that there are specific trigger points that finally bring lurkers out of the closet.

My POV on the "why" question: I certainly didn't think y'all would bite (not too hard, anyway). I was, and still am to a certain extent, a bit overwhelmed by the vast amount of knowledge about the series that many of you have locked in your heads, as well as the in-series connections you have all worked out. It's somewhat intimidating. (Are there others reading this and nodding their heads in agreement?) I have great respect for that knowledge and appreciate that you have welcomed this not-so-knowledgeable newbie into this community.

I have a enough confidence now (that you won't bite) that I'm serious about attending JordanCon next April. I think there are others in the >50 age group who may be going too, so I hope to not be the only relic there. Well, somebody has to dress out as Jain or Thom, right? I'm not sure about that part, we'll see. I would like to be part of the effort to drive the T-shirts to fruition, just not sure how to do that, nor do I want to be the point person.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it, FWIW.

Edit: and what thanksbetoleigh @210 said. Excellent points.
Tricia Irish
212. Tektonica

So glad to hear you are coming to JordanCon! You will not be the only "relic" there! Trust me!! (I am in your age group....as are others!)

I was hopeing Braid_Tug was heading up some Tshirt discussion. (Didn't he/she volunteer?) I think it would be great!

As for all you newbies....welcome to the Bunker! Why didn't you stop by sooner? Some of us have been here the whole time, some of us (me) jumped in a little bit later, and it seems as if quite a few jumped in just this year. We fade in and out, as real life interupts our time in the Bunker, but all are welcome. All you have to do is play nice! Stick around!
Glen V
213. Ways
Thank you! *breathes sigh of relief* Do you know if J.Dauro is going too?

I went to a small concert with a buddy back in the '80's when we were 30-ish and everyone else there was 16. It was kinda weird, but we enjoyed the music nevertheless.

Re: T-shirts - after implicating you and then re-reading the comments I saw that Braid_Tug said she would check into putting a graphic together (spanking icon, heh, heh ::runs for bunker::), but didn't go further. We'll pull the shirts together, I just wasn't certain if we should continue on this thread????

Much appreciate you helping arrange a dinner and nightly bunker meetings in the bar (yay).
Jay Dauro
214. J.Dauro

Yes I will be there, would not miss it for the world. And there are many of us in the >50 group, a number will be in costume. Looking forward to seeing you there.
Thomas Keith
215. insectoid
Tek @186: Thanks for the info! I'd been thinking about something along those lines... and maybe make a sticker of my avatar. ::points:: Anyway, I have a feeling keeping me entertained and social would be a much more difficult task than keeping me out of trouble. ;)

Macster @190: re: Portal Stones. That's as good an explanation as any. There are probably other things like that in the story, introduced early on and then forgotten (e.g., Hurin's sniffing).

Tek @192: Heh... good catch!

Ways @193: That's seven ;)

AndrewB @196: LOL!!

Ways @206:
Do we continue the T-shirt topic in this thread or (alternatives)???
Why not here? It's no stranger than favorite character polls, or cage matches, or the 9 kinds of silliness we put out on the TGS/ToM Spoiler Threads of Doom... XD

Glen V
216. Ways

I was also thinking about putting an avatar sticker on my name badge. Great minds and all that...yeah.

I'm pretty sure Tek is putting together a concise list of who said they are going to JCon. Anyone who doesn't show will probably have to sit in "time out" in a corner of the bunker. :-)

So, let's keep the T-shirt discussion going here as long as no one has a better idea.
Sam Mickel
217. Samadai
RE: T-shirts

Zazzle dot com does custom made shirts, graphics and all
218. Thiadon
For those speculating about the Broken Wolf "who death has known" is....

Seems to me that it was Hopper, and Hopper's death in the dreamworld DEFINITELY had an impact on Perrin and his followers. The Darksiders' mistake was thinking that meant Perrin was gonna die. Sooo.... neener neener, wrong wolf bubs, and *sob* for having lost one of the coolest er, cats... I mean wolf... character... guys, in the series.

Can't wait for Perrin to destroy Luc in AMOL...
Jeff Schweer
219. JeffS.
Ways and others.
Just thought I'd point out since many of us started reading WOT over 20 years ago, the odds of many of us being over 50 is pretty good. I figure the over 40 group is rather large also. Nothing wrong with younger members of the bunker association of WOT, just that you ain't alone.

Fantasy is for everyone, WOT doubly so.

I'm 54. I always say that I am now "middle aged" which means I plan on being 108 at checkout time.

There's a good possibilty that I will be able to make it to JordanCon in April. Chance, which sometimes favors all of us, has made an appearance. It seems that my youngest daughter is interested in an Art School in Atlanta and would love to Meet Michael Whelen. The CFO of our home corporation has taken notice and it looks good.

I've already offered to throw in the money I was saving for a new bike into the pile as I don't need a bike as much as I NEED to go to Roswell GA.

I am just an egg
Jay Dauro
220. J.Dauro
Jeff S

I too am in my middle years (a boy in his middle years, Verin would say.) If pressed, I might admit to being well into my middle years.

I will admit that I don't drink near as much as some of the folks there, but I have every bit as good of a time.

There will be a huge amount of good art there, not just Michael. Paul Bielaczyc will be there, and he has some great WOT stuff, as well as other pieces. (See www.aradani.com)

The art show last year was amazing, so plan for a good amount of time.
Tricia Irish
221. Tektonica
Re: JordanCon: Even though Bunker meetings might take place in the bar, no one is obligated to drink. This is a vey loose, fun, open and nice crowd. Do not feel intimidated! We are all waaaay beyond college level crazy.
Alice Arneson
222. Wetlandernw
OT: JeffS @221 - my dad's doctor told him recently that his odds are pretty good... "You know, not many people die at 96." :)
Thomas Keith
223. insectoid
Tek @221: One nice thing about JordanCon being near Atlanta is you're probably never far from a Coca-Cola. ;)

Glen V
224. Ways
Thiadon @218
I was still struggling with the meaning of the Dark Prophecy after finishing up my 3rd read of ToM a couple of weeks ago. Before this post I was also thinking that perhaps the Broken Wolf could be Hopper. The part about the one whom death has known fits well. But what about falling and being consumed by the Midnight Towers? That doesn't fit well at all. It can't be the White Tower. Hopper's destruction in T'A'R certainly brought sorrow to the heart of Perrin and maybe even fear, and it may have even shaken his very will for a time. But I'm not convinced it went much further than Perrin or his inner circle at most. Does Perin (+inner circle) count as the hearts of men? The prophecy seems more plural than that, but I could be wrong about that point.

I like the way you are thinking and want it to be the outcome (especially Perrin destroying Slayer finally), just don't think it's going to work out that way after reading all the commentary this week.
Glen V
225. Ways
JeffS @219:
Thanks for weighing in to the geriatric bunker. ;-) My comfort factor is growing. Edit: CFO of your home corporation? Your wife/SO?? Love it.

insectoid (and Tek):
Did you add JeffS to your count?
Seems as if you'll have several "seniors"/grandparents available to keep you out of trouble and entertain you. XD

Re: T-shirts
Samadai (et. al.), my take is that designing a graphic and getting the shirts printed is not the big challenge. I live (kinda) in BFE and there are 3-4 local companies who will gladly run off as many as we want in a couple of weeks. Yeah, deciding what graphic to use and what color the shirt should be can precipitate huge discussions (read: arguments). IMHO, we should "elect" a volunteer we trust to head up the effort and just accept what that person decides.

The challenge I see is the logistics of figuring out how many of which size to order, collecting payment and then distribution (some in this community may want them, but not be able to attend JordanCon - I don't see leaving them out). This is why I was thinking along the lines of throwing up a website to handle orders and maybe even pre-payment. If anyone has enough time and cyber-skills to do this efficiently (I don't), then please take 2 steps forward.
Thomas Keith
226. insectoid
Ways @225:
Did you add JeffS to your count?
Nope, forgot. Eight ;)

Gary Singer
227. AhoyMatey
Leigh, you've done an absolutely incredible job with the reread. It's always insightful and bloody funny and entertaining! The best part is that's actually not really over, as we still have AMoL. And there's Jordancon. Can't imagine what those opening ceremonies will be like!

I don't always read all the comments - they dwarf the actual posts in size, but people have come up with some clever and interesting theories and observations.

I'd be happy to pay for a "I've had a spanking good time on the Tor Reread!" T-shirt or something like that :). Ta'veren Tees could probably dream something up.

As far as Rand bowing to Tuon, I'm not sure if that will happen. Only the Seanchan prophesies mention that, and I thought they'd been corrupted by Ishamael. It may be a self-fulfilling prophecy now, because the Seanchan actually expect some bowing and scraping, but no other prophecy mentions it...
Jeff Schweer
228. JeffS.
Ways @225
Yes, the CFO is my lovely wife of 32 years. We joke about my compensation package being $20.00 a week on my Starbucks card and other non enumerated benefits...

I've lost track, what is the count that insectoid is keeping? The number of comfortably middle aged WOT addicts planning on attending?
I do like the idea of having an icon/avatar sticker for the name tag. It shouldn't be too difficult to pull off.
Alice Arneson
229. Wetlandernw
Go to the end of Leigh's post at http://www.tor.com/blogs/2012/04/jordancon-2012-the-bloggening-part-2
to see the great work anthonypero did last year in Leigh's... honor. He put it on cafepress so the rest of us could order too.
Jeff Schweer
230. JeffS.
Ah yes, the "Team" group of gifts. That was too funny. I'm looking forward to seeing what Hijinks occur this time. Especially since I'll be there in person.
Glen V
231. Ways
JeffS @228
CFO - yeah, pretty much the same situation in my household, except I was asked to take over that role a couple of years ago.

insectoid is keeping track of the commenters who committed to attend JordanCon. So is Tek.

cafepress looks simple enough and could simplify the logistics I was fretting about. Let's see if Braid_Tug can come up with a "spanking" chapter icon. As an alternative, maybe we can talk anthonypero into updating his graphic from last year to say 2013 (black T with the graphic on the back and text "I survived the WoT reread" or "I've had a spanking good time on the Tor Reread!" on the front?). Just musing out loud. Other ideas?

Tricia Irish
232. Tektonica

I am taking note of all who say they're coming to JordanCon, but a reminder is always appreciated. I do try to read all the comments, but sometimes I miss things.

Cafe Press works really well....then whoever wants a shirt can order one, whether they're at JCon or not. And no one is laying out $$, and left holding merchandise, or having to mail things.

AhoyMatey: Love this: "I've had a spanking good time on the Tor Reread!" !! That on the front or back, with the paddle ,and date???

Braid_Tug: Do you have any ideas?
233. fan of Hopper
(mostly a re-posting from the TOM #26 reread entry)

I'm probably one of many people who think the "kneel to the Crystal Throne" prophecy is a corruption, and that the true version would read the opposite: it is the Crystal Throne that kneels to the Dragon.

But where to find a copy of the true version that's legit enough to convince the Seanchan? - How about that *angreal that Avi demonstrated was a library from the AoL? I think it was a statue of a man holding a book. (I heard it figures in the early release chapters of AMoL, but I haven't read those yet.) How cool would it be, if the library she found could help her save her people? ... yes, I know the columns don't lie, but as Yoda taught us, "always in motion is the future," so that's my justification.

Anyway, I'm hoping the combination of the authentic prophecy, plus the sword Justice - and maybe Hawkwing himself responding to the Horn's call? - will serve to knock Tuon and her cronies off their high-horse and onto their knees: pride going before a fall, etc.

But I'm like Leigh in that I almost never guess correctly, and am happiest when the *big reveal* is a big surprise. Thanks for sharing that, Leigh, and for writing your posts in a tone that creates an atmosphere where folks feel comfortable sharing. I came to the WOT through Sanderson (I'm a Mistborn fan, & Stormlight looks to be even better), and everyone on this reread helped me to like the Randland characters much better than I did on my own. This series really does make you think about human nature, communication, customs, etc. To me, the books would have been better with less (IMO) hazing amongst the characters in the various groups, but I'm no less drawn into the story & want to know how it all ends.

JordanCon is unlikely, but I do hope to attend one of the book signing events next month. If any of you frequent posters are at those events, it'd be great if Sanderson would recognize you - someone suggest that to him! :-)

Thanks again everyone for all your insights & idealism!

... to Soar!
Alice Arneson
234. Wetlandernw
Hopperfan @233 - Which signing do you plan to go to? There are folks here attending a number of them.

New poll: Who is going to a signing? Which one?

I'll start: Seattle!

As to the earlier part of your comment, we were told in interviews that the Essanik cycle (the Seanchan prophecies) were Foretellings from Seanchan damane, and have not yet been available to anyone in "Randland". Since IIRC the Kindle'greal is an AOL artifact, I don't think it would contain Dragon prophecies of either sort.

Still, I don't think the prophecy means what Tuon thinks it means. My best guess is that she has simply misinterpreted it - like that ever happens, right? Unlike the Karaethon Cycle, we've been given very, very little direct quotation from the Essanik cycle. Most of what little we know has come in the form of someone's expectation - such as "He must kneel before the Crystal Throne before Tarmon Gai'don" - which may or may not be the actual words of the prophecy.

Remember how many people assumed that the DR had to conquer the Stone of Tear, but what really happened was that Rand snuck in and pulled Callandor from the Heart, while any "conquering" was done simultaneously but independently by the Aiel. Uh... woops? So the kneeling & suchlike might not even be the actual words used; even if they are, they probably won't mean what everyone assumes they mean.
Thomas Keith
235. insectoid
Wet @234: Poll: As I indicated earlier, I intend to attend (say that three times fast) the San Diego signing on Feb. 6. I don't know if my mom is going with me or not.

Rob Munnelly
236. RobMRobM
For the record, while I'm not going to Jcom, I'm another "middle aged" participant on the re-read. All one has to do is take Wetlander's and Freelancer's age, and subtract one. (i.e., pretty darned old).

I like the "spanking good time" tee-shirt idea. Perhaps on the back you should do the logo with the word "headdesk" with a strike though it.
Gary Singer
237. AhoyMatey
Tek, I'm thinking either big paddle logo on the front, with the line on the back, or vice-versa, or a small paddle logo above the heart with the line on the front. I think I prefer the smaller logo in any event, wherever the text is placed. It should probably say tor.com rather than tor.

I'm not sure which date you mean - Tuesday's date, Jan 8, or Jordancon date, but it would probably be good under the logo.

If we can get this done, they'd make rereaders easy to spot at Jordancon!
Jay Dauro
238. J.Dauro

I am planning to attend the Birmingham signing. Applied to be a Memory Keeper, so we will see.
Alice Arneson
239. Wetlandernw
Jay - Cool! I hope you are chosen! (But not Chosen...) I applied for the Seattle signing, as did JeffS. IIRC, Loialson applied for the Provo release party, and Samadai for the Portland event. Gotta get at least ONE representative for tordotcom in there...
Glen V
240. Ways
Wet @234 poll:
Lexington, KY on 1/11/13.
Sam Mickel
241. Samadai
I will be going to the Portland, OR signing in February, also hope to be a Memory Keeper, but as the closing date has passed and I haven't heard anything, who knows.
Deana Whitney
242. Braid_Tug
Re: T-Shirts
Hello everyone, yes, I’ll take point on a t-shirt design. (Haven help me!)

One thing I found out about Café Press, is that I can submit a design and they will offer it to anyone who wants it. Therefore, no one person has to gather orders or speculate on what sizes / colors to offer it in. But I’ll check out Zazzle too.

Bunker icon: I’m a little blank on ideas for that. A little box or house just doesn’t seem to convey the right idea.

Paddle icon: Here is where I have a few more ideas. Since I fear copyright infringement, I would not want to copy the “Flame/Fang” design. Instead, I was thinking a Flu-de-Le in black and white on a paddle. But maybe have the “S” curve divide.
This honors Leigh, her home town where she wrote half the blog and of course her football team. It is also a design that can’t get me sued.

Sorry, I work is a business where I’m very aware of copyright. And even copying it to honor the original maker, can get you into trouble when it’s offered for public sale. Which the shirts would be, but the “Team Spanking” gifts were not. Thus they did not have to worry about it.

I’ll let everyone know when I got something to review. Ways, Tek, and a few others, I might be sending something to your walls for private comments. But not today – need to get back to work now.

243. Freelancer
I'll be at the San Diego signing on 6-Feb.

I've mentioned before that I expect there will still remain questions to answer about tidbits scattered throughout the story that Brandon or Harriet can be questioned about, and I suppose that Leigh's post-release spoiler review would be a good repository for gathering those. Whiel I'm sure that most such questions will be of no great importance (i.e. Where did Ronde Macura send her second pigeon?; Where did Avi send the third?), there should be some the answers to which exist in the "notes", that have no further reason to be withheld from the readers.
William Carter
244. wcarter
@ Braid_Tug

Excellent Idea. The traditional Yin Yang is within the public domain but I'm sure the Aes Sedi symbol may be held by the Jordan Estate and/or Tor (whom as you said we are trying to honor, not piss off).

A broken/dented desk and a paddle however are not copyrighted images so you might get somewhere with those.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Jordancon
Thomas Keith
245. insectoid
JeffS @228/Ways @231: Actually my count includes Leigh, not just us commenters, but you get the idea.
(Or, you could say my count includes myself, and I'm being optimistic. ;) )

Free @243: Oh excellent. I'll look forward to seeing you there.

wcarter @244: That's nine ;)

Rob Munnelly
246. RobMRobM
@243 - Pigeons FTW. Also
- where did Moiraine go while she was missing for a few weeks at the start of TGH (cough - should be Tar Valon to pick up Rand's new clothes and research Tam but alternative arguments could exist)?
- What was Alana up to in the TR during TSR - just looking for channeling girls or other tasks?
- what were Lan and Moiraine arguing about on the hill above Mat in the TFOH Before the Arrow chapter?
247. Susurrin
I'm still debating on going to JordanCon, but it sounds like so much fun I am really tempted to try it out this year.

Here's a question that may have been asked already. Is the band of the Red Hand named so because they endorse spanking?
Tricia Irish
248. Tektonica
Susurrin....Come! It really is fun!

wcarter: You're on the attendee list!

RobM: I really wish you would come to Jordan Con. I know, work, family, etc. It's just so much fun to put faces to names and thoughts, that have been shared for so many years ;-)

Brain_Tug: The standard Yin/Yang symbol is public domain. The one with little slashes in it is the WoT version, I believe. Although I totally understand your thinking with the Fleur de Lys, it just doesn't have any WoT resonance for me. ?? Perhaps others feel differently? I'd love to see what you're coming up with!

And thank you for taking this on!!
249. LastToTheWOTParty
Hey...everyone... Excuse me...while...I catch....catch my breath...

So I've just flown through 300+ WOT Reread posts in SIX MONTHS, and boy are my wings eyes tired!

My biggest thought was to catch up before AMoL comes out, and YIPPEE I DID IT YAAAAAY. I haven't actually read the last, um, 4ish books, since I got to the eigth(?) book and was all GAH ITS NOT DONE YET?!??!!11???, and pretty much decided to bail until it was good and finished, assuming I was still alive when that occurred (and I was 29 I think, ha!). Then I discovered this here reread (many) years later, and heard that Mr Sanderson was gonna finish it good and soon, which all means I'll finally get some closure...

I think Leigh deserves kudos and awards complete with a big ceremony and uplifting music by the London Philharmonic and a big fat dangly gold medal and perhaps a Wookiee and stuff for doing this. THANK YOU LEIGH YOU ROCK AND ME SAYING THAT IS TOTALLY NOT ENOUGH BECAUSE THAT'S HOW AWESOME THIS IS. And also you made me want to actually read the last 2 books, not including AMoL of course. Thank you!!

I also just wanted to say that I've been reading lots of the comments as I went along, and I totally wanted to post and stuff but I said to myself 'seriously you're gonna post a comment on a three year old commentary post, you really think anyone's gonna read it at this point?' More impetus for finishing up before AMoL, so I can join the party, as late as I am.


I also thought the Broken Wolf sounded kinda like Luc/Isam. Because what else is his deal with the wolves, I ask? His hatred of them seems AWFUL specific. Plus I get the feeling that Death has certainly known him, amirite, what with the suspicous details surrounding that whole journey into the Blight and then presto blammo, LUC-ISAM! Of course, that theory falls apart on the last bit, because I can't see that his destruction would bring fear and sorrow to anyone, unless he experiences some sort of major . So then perhaps the Broken Wolf is Lan? That seems to kinda fit. He has been a lone wolf a lot. I do not think it's Hopper tho. He has fallen twice already, I just don't see how the WOT cosmology could allow for a third. Unless super fast Pattern spits him out early? Just seems like a lot to do to get a character back into play who was important only to Perrin.
As for the midnight towers - Hello Forsaken. That's what those towers of midnight were in the beginning...but then assuming that Broken Wolf = Luc/Isam, why were they eating him? Unless hey, evil wolfburgers, yum!

On first reading it, First Among Vermin made me think of Fain as well.

Sneaky Verin is finally, at the last, just a teensy bit too Sneaky and should have told Matt to open it if she didn't come back in X days. Always be sure your time-sensitive mail is marked as such.

Herb67 @ 42: No kidding. Seriouly, Gawyn. /headdesk

I think Lanfear's little surprise cameo totally sets up that Rand is gonna Jesus her into a complete redemption and she's gonna help him with the DO seal-up job since she probably knows the most about the details and then be all self-sacrificing since it needs the blood of yadda yadda and wasn't Rand's Jesusification caused by All You Need Is Love (I seriously heard all sorts of Beatles tunes playing up on the mountain) and she'll be all like "I LOVE YOU RANDddddd..../gasp" at the end and then he goes and marries his three girls and live happily ever after. Or perhaps I've been watching too many cheesy action adventure romances lately.

wcarter @36 - I'll totally buy one!
250. LastToTheWOTParty
Samadai @ 241

I'll also be going to the Portland signing. Woot.
Sam Mickel
251. Samadai

Welcome to the insanity fun. Hopefully we'll get to say hi in Portland.
Sam Mickel
252. Samadai
Me and a bunch of others from the reread have made our very own bunker over on FB. It is the WoT Tor.com rereaders group. Any and all of you are welcome to join. I created it to get to know some of my fellow rereaders. Please stop by if you have a FB account. You can leave me a message, if you want to, just put your Tor.com nickname in it and I will add you in. If you are worried about creating a FB account there are several members who just created one using their Tor nickname as their sign in, so random figures from their past can't find them. ;)
Ron Garrison
253. Man-0-Manetheran
Ways @ 211: You definitely won’t be the only relic! Don’t call me geriatric though. I need to be at least 100 before that is appropriate. Dibs on Thom! My gleeman’s cloak is nearly done.

ALL: I’ve got buttons of my avatar “Beer of the Red Hand” to hand out to all the re-readers at JordonCon. I’ve also been in contact with a distributer in Georgia to get us some Beer of the Red Hand (Lefthand Brewing Nitro Milk Stout).

re. T-shirts:
Ways @ 225: I’ve had a hand in doing many t-shirts over the years, and yes people have strong opinions. It’s usually safe to stick with white, black or grey as the basic shirt. As for theme, it seems that spanking seems to resonate here for some reason.... “Bunker of the Red Hand” I am not volunteering to be point on this, but will role ideas over in my head and share if any are worth merit.

Ways @ 231: I like that design!

How about on the pocket:
(with caret marks enclosing which don't show here)

Braid_Tug @242: YEAH! Glad you will take the lead! The Café Press route seems like a good way. And your depth of thought re. copyright, etc. is greatly appreciated.

Susurrin @ 247: Debate no longer! Come! It will definitely be lots of fun, and the more Re-Readers, the merrier.
254. Freelancer
RobMRobM @246

Well, my speculation is that there was a Blue eyes and ears agent (or more) in Fal Moran, so Moiraine tripped down from Fal Dara for several days. She could easily have sent messages for Siuan (who wouldn't get them because she is already on her way to Shienar), as well as to other agents to begin several angles of research (such as Tam al'Thor's history). The capital may also have had worthwhile libraries to scout for useful information. Without the Ways, Traveling, or the use of Portal Stones, there's really nowhere else she could have gone in the time provided.

Had she gone to Tifan's Well in Arafel to visit with Adeleas and Vandene, you would expect some mention of it being a second visit in a short time, when she and Lan are there in TGH ch22.
255. Freelancer

:: headesk ::
:: headesk ::
:: headesk ::

Everybody groks the double-colon.
Jeff Schweer
256. JeffS.
As Wetlandernw indicated, I'll be at the Seattle signing one way or another. Heck, I work only a mile from the location. Dreadlords couldn't keep me away.

For a bunker icon I always get the vision of a hobbit style round door with the Aes Sedai symbol. On either side you have two Thomas Kinkade style lit windows to indicate a warm and inviting convivial spot for conversation and merriment.

Did I mix enough genre symbols there? Maybe a bit much although I've always had a soft spot for Bag End...
Glen V
257. Ways
Braid_Tug @242, MoM @253, et. al., re: T-shirts
Yep, spanking resonates with this bunch (just like my own mom used to resonate my backside).

I was more concerned with getting anthonypero's blessing to use/update what is apparently his work product than AS symbol copyright infringiment. IMHO, the traditional yin/yang symbol on a paddle shouldn't be a TOR/Robert Jordan estate issue, but I'm not the one possibly sticking my neck in a noose.

Perhaps Irene Gallo could give us some feedback on the copyright topic above. Hey moderators, are y'all tuned in?

MoM @253
Thom is yours. I don't fancy myself as a bard anyway, was just thinking "old". :-) OTOH, an explorer, writer type pulled back from the brink of darkness like Jain/Noal, well that could make sense. Would have to dye my hair gray(er) though. Now if I can just figure out how to get that huge staff/walking stick on the airplane without TSA hauling me off to an interrogation room...
Thomas Keith
258. insectoid
Free @255: But using asterisks (like Leigh) is fewer characters:


Ow. Now I've got asterisks floating around my head like in a cartoon...

Dawn Boyall
259. deebee
Sadly JordanCon and the signings are on the wrong continent for me, consider me very jealous...(slowly turns green)

So, back to the Dark Prophecy:

We`re all assuming that the Broken Wolf has to be from Team Light because
"his destruction shall bring fear and sorrow to the hearts of men, and shall shake their very will itself."

But what if it`s the consequences of his destruction-not the fact of who the Broken Wolf is, but what he has done? In other words, his destruction doesn't mean the destuction of him, but the destruction done by him?

If say Slayer is the Broken Wolf, he kills Rand and is killed in turn by Moridin. The Broken Wolf has been consumed by the Towers of Midnight aka the Forsaken, but the destruction he carried out brings fear/shakes the will and so on.

I`m trying not to stretch the meaning too far, but the prophecies strike me a bit like the words of an Aes Sedai- the truth you think you hear isn`t always what truly is.
Rob Munnelly
260. RobMRobM
Free - but Moiraine needed to order Rand's custom, high end clothes. New Spring makes clear she has a top of the line tailor in Tar Valon. I can see her traveling down by boat to TV, having her own secret meetings and research while the clothes are being made, and coming back - and can't see, from a travel matter, why it couldn't be done. The only remaining issue is why leave Lan behind - perhaps to protect Rand and keep him engaged so he wouldn't bail out?
Katie Frey
261. TalithaSedai
@234(re:poll), Freelancer, and Insectoid: This is the first time since the early 2000's I wont also be at the San Diego booksigning.

This year, I'm going to the Feb 16 New Hampshire signing, light willing. As a native San Diegan, I'm a little worried about weather problems in mid-February, but it would take the Dark One himself to stop me from attending a signing for A Memory of Light.

Is anyone else from the Boston area planning to attend the New Hampshire signing event?
262. Faculty Guy
AH! It's Tuesday almost noon. Just another hour to wait for the WOT post.

WHAT? Oh, that's right. There WILL BE NO POST!


How many more days till AMOL? Four weeks exactly? Isn't Leigh going to post an "advance" review, or maybe two: one spoiler-free the other not? Is the spoiler-free one going to show up TODAY? Hope so.

Deana Whitney
263. Braid_Tug
@234 Poll: No signing for me. Unless they bring one to Texas or Oklahom.

@ 262: agree, sad that there's no post today.

Re: Yin yang - has the little dots in the middle, so not the same as Jordan’s "Flame/Fang"... guess I'm slow, just realized how much that rhymed.
264. Jeremyalthor
Sanctume Spiritstone
265. Sanctume
No Tuesday fix. I'm having a WoT withdrawal!
Alice Arneson
266. Wetlandernw
Hey, who here knew about this bit from the To the Blight glossary?
Ring of Tamyrlin (TAHM-ehr-lin): (TTB) A legendary ring, believed mythical by most people, worn by the leader of the Aes Sedai during the Age of Legends. Stories about the Ring of Tamyrlin include that it was an angreal or sa'angreal or ter'angreal of immense power. It supposedly was named after the first person to learn how to tap into the True Source and channel the One Power, and in some tales, was actually made by that man or woman. Despite what many Aes Sedai say, no one knows whether it was a man or a woman who first learned to channel. Some believe that the present title of Amyrlin is a corruption of Tamyrlin.
267. Jeremyalthor
... But! There MUST be a Tuesday fix. Promises were made. Hints were dropped. Teases were teased.
Liz J
268. Ellisande
Don't we at least get a Memory today, to ease the withdrawal?

Dawn Boyall
271. deebee
As is my wont, I happen to have in my hot little hands an advance copy of said final novel in the series. And as is also my wont, I will be providing yourhot little… er, eyes a completely, and probably incredibly frustratingly, spoiler-free advance review of said novel, right here on Tor.com.
So needless to say, I advise you to watch this space, riiight about where you’d normally be getting a Re-read post, because I feel safe in saying that even without spoilers, my review is probably going to be fairly epirecord, BTW, as of the writing of this post I have not yet read a single word of that advance copy. Any mad props and/or incredulous stares for my heroic restraint in this regard will be nobly accepted. And yes, that also means I have given myself one week to read and review a ~900-page novel. And yes, I am insane, thank you for playing.)

Um-Leigh told us that she was expecting to post the spoiler free review round about now at the start of this thread.
Glen V
272. Ways
deebee @259
"In other words, his destruction doesn't mean the destuction of him, but the destruction done by him?"
Now that's a plausible interpretation that went unnoticed until now. Clever! It could almost apply to Rand in a Dark Prophecy-ish sort of way, except for the broken wolf part (Dark Rand??). I'm going to pee myself if Slayer kills Rand Sedai though.

Wet @266
That definition is setting off the Deja Vu alarm, but I can't come up with why because I haven't read To the Blight as such. Where is she going with this, he wonders? Perhaps one of the super-kids (or any channeler, really) finds the ring? We have plenty of channelers-on-steroids and angreal floating around now as it is. The ring would almost be superfluous unless it is an awesome ter'angreal of some sort. Somebody spank me if I'm missing the obvious. ::Runs for bunker::, well, really the kitchen to cook dinner.
273. Freelancer
Wetlandernw @266

::raises hand:: Yep, the speculation has been refired recently that Rand has found the Ring of Tamyrlin, and that it is the male sa'angreal which is between Callandor and the Choedan Kal in strength. It is also mentioned in the BBoBA, but to my knowledge, with the same disclaimer to all information about it being unsubstantiated. Chekov's gun, or red herring? RAFO...
Alice Arneson
274. Wetlandernw
Ways & Freelancer - I'd seen various speculations about the Ring of Tamyrlin, but I'd never before seen any actual support (other than the looney-theory-fan variety) for the idea that it might actually be a sa'angreal - or an angreal of any sort, really. While it would seem reasonable for the symbol of office to be an *angreal, I hadn't seen anything in the books or the interviews that would indicate such. Well, now I have.
Glen V
275. Ways
Freelancer and Wetlandernw
That's it! I must have read about the ring in the BBo(Wonderful)A. Yuk. Perrin certainly does not look therein how I envision him. Oops, wrong topic. ::changes gears:: Apparently the ring is an actual finger ring and not something like, well, a crop circle in the Caralain Grass.
Chris R
276. up2stuff
deebee @ 259, that may have helped validate a question I have posted...somewhere. I was wondering what Moridin's or perhaps Demandred's "totem" was in the age of legends. If they had one, like LTT was the Dragon, maybe one of them was "The Wolf" in the AOL and was "broken" when he went to the Dark.

His onslaught could be the destruction that shakes the will of men. "Death" has known them. It could all fit in that context. I like it.
277. LastToTheWOTParty
Samadai @ 251

Done and done and thank you!

deebee @259

Excellent theory, especially since it makes my favorite one that the Broken Wolf is Slayer that much more plausible. Have we heard any other sort of justification as to what his deal with the wolves is? Or could it just be a simple case of "No *I* am the uber T'A'R guy around here, not you stinkin wolves dammit!!"
Sandy Brewer
278. ShaggyBella
New topic. Working my way thru a reread... Up to #7. I am wondering about a thing I have seen a few times now. Who is Mat's second Raven? Egwene saw 2 light on his shoulder. LOC ch 15.
Then he buys the ring with the fox chasing two ravens.
Tuon would be one "raven" but who will be the second?

Always the questions...
Birgit F
279. birgit
Have we heard any other sort of justification as to what his deal with the wolves is?

He is probably turning them into Shadowbrothers.

Who is Mat's second Raven?

There are two ravens on the ashandarei, Odin's Hugin and Munin (thought and memory).
Thought is the arrow of time; memory never fades.
Memory is Mat's memories he got from the Finn. Is thought the connection Mat thinks they have to him after his first visit to Finnland? If we missed one thing about the ashandarei, maybe there is something else that we haven't interpreted yet.
280. s'rEDIT
After moving, I'm still playing with the catsup, I see. I'm sure everyone else has migrated over to the spoiler-free review thread, but I couldn't go without leaving some thoughts here.

First and foremost: How can I ever thank Leigh enough! Her wit and patience and wisdom have sustained this blog (with a little help from some friends at TOR-dot-com). I didn't find it soon enough.

As some know, I began (2 years late), reading these blogs at the behest of my son, a Marine captain/Harrier pilot who was still spewing looney theories and impatiently awaiting the release of AMOL when he died in an aircraft crash (his own aerobatics plane, not the Harrier) this past April. He had praised BWS's work and told me it would be worth catching up to read TGS and TOM, and he had found this blog for me, although he never had time to post, afaik.

Now, I've been caught up (double-meaning intended) in the story again after having given up years ago, and I feel as if I've made many friends among you. The Tuesday posts have sustained me for a year and a half, and I'm glad that we have a reread of AMOL to anticipate together.

Regarding the red-veiled "Aiel":

My own looney theory is that they are the Snakes and Foxes come out to play. I posted a whole list of references on the TOM spoiler thread, and apparently it was convinceing, because several people agreed with me. But then, I was too late to really join the discussion here.

So . . . on to the AMOL spoiler-free review!

p.s. @insectoid in particular: There is a squeeky-slim chance that I might be able to attend the San Diego signing.
281. CuriousInMissouri
Thanks Leigh for the great re-read, in part it made books 7-11 much more understandable for me.

And now my question, (which perhaps has been answered elsewhere).
Where is that 5th. assassin? Garreth and Siuan dispatched one, and Gawyn three. Didn't Tuon commission five Bloodknives for the raid on the White Tower?
Alice Arneson
282. Wetlandernw
s'rEDIT @280 - Glad you a) got moved (how are the kitties?); b) found the reread; and c) got caught up again! Good to have you back. I sure hope you can make it to the signing; I think Freelancer will be there as well. Definitely make connections if you get there!

Curious @281 - They got the fifth assasin that same night, but lost two soldiers and a Warder killing her. It's almost a throw-away line at the beginning of Chapter 42.

Come to think of it, the Aes Sedai don't actually know that they've got all the Bloodknives; we know there were only five, but they're still waiting to see if there are more killings.
Thomas Keith
283. insectoid
s'rEDIT @280:
Well, if you do attend, Freelancer and I aren't hard to spot. ;)

284. s'rEDIT
@insectoid: what . . . you're the only baby; he's the only codger? Or what?
285. s'rEDIT
p.s. Kitties survived the move and even seem to be enjoying new surroundings!
Sam Mickel
286. Samadai
you could look at their profiles, I believe there is a picture of the two of them together on Insectoids profile.

edit for: yes, there is definitely a picture of both of them from tGS signing on his profile

edit: now you can stalk them. ;)
288. CuriousInMissouri
Wetlandernw@282; I totally missed that. Back to the library for me.
Alice Arneson
289. Wetlandernw
CuriousInMissouri @288 - It's easy to miss! Even with the electronic searches, I had to do some looking, and I knew what I was looking for. Without that, you'd have to reread the whole book to find it - and at that, it's an easy piece to miss, because so much other stuff is going on.
290. Freelancer

Welcome to the best weather on Earth. Did you bring this rain with you? Here's a prayer that you can make the signing event. The folks who run the store, Mysterious Galaxy, to a pretty great job with these.

Be advised, they will be issuing numbered tickets for the signing line, based upon a purchase of AMoL from them. So, if you've already pre-ordered from Amazon or another source, you would end up in line behind everyone with a ticket. That shouldn't be a worry, at past events Brandon has stayed until the line is empty (or longer), and won't rush people along just to get it over with. The store folks have also ignored their normal closing time in the past, so everyone will get a chance to chat with Brandon for a moment or two.

Should you be able, insectoid would be the fairly tall gent with hair on top of his head, and possibly in asha'man regalia, as well as a certain affectation only known among the sea-folk that we've seen in the story. And me, I'm just this guy; will probably be holding a Starbucks cup.
Thomas Keith
291. insectoid
Free @290:
...insectoid would be the fairly tall gent with hair on top of his head, and possibly in asha'man regalia, as well as a certain affectation only known among the sea-folk that we've seen in the story.
You mean my glasses? I don't do piercings or chains. XD

Birgit F
292. birgit
WoT reread posting statistics up to the end of ToM
(up to comment 287)

- different spellings of usernames are counted separately
- punctuation is counted as words

top 50 posters by number of comments
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4: RobMRobM;1467;153327;104.0
5: forkroot;1197;182923;152.0
6: alreadymad... (all);1163;141557;121.0
7: Tektonica;1129;169369;150.0
8: thewindrose;1032;147558;142.0
9: insectoid;878;108411;123.0
10: jamesedjones;786;63453;80.0
11: toryx;763;144679;189.0
12: Samadai;734;55978;76.0
13: Man-0-Manetheran;689;70558;102.0
14: ValMar;688;83918;121.0
15: anthonypero;659;64967;98.0
16: Randalator;656;117527;179.0
17: HArai;646;88134;136.0
18: MasterAlThor;642;82413;128.0
19: R.Fife;608;83068;136.0
20: birgit;608;102724;168.0
21: JonathanLevy;598;208334;348.0
22: blindillusion;594;93908;158.0
23: Isilel;560;199951;357.0
24: J.Dauro;554;75055;135.0
25: ZEXXES;553;121082;218.0
26: Terez27;450;114074;253.0
27: Caveatar;432;74060;171.0
28: Lannis;431;63159;146.0
29: misfortuona;427;46372;108.0
30: Wolfmage;421;167512;397.0
31: sps49;406;35672;87.0
32: Fiddler;374;50352;134.0
33: KiManiak;367;203140;553.0
34: Lsana;364;73778;202.0
35: gagecreedlives;345;39919;115.0
36: Shimrod;320;36936;115.0
37: Bergmaniac;318;57098;179.0
38: UncrownedKing;304;25917;85.0
39: tonka;302;40642;134.0
40: CireNaes;294;50405;171.0
41: AndrewB;277;56050;202.0
42: Sonofthunder;274;38151;139.0
43: sinfulcashew;268;26563;99.0
44: SteelBlaidd;267;67006;250.0
45: Wortmauer;257;97114;377.0
46: macster;249;308210;1237.0
47: Shadow_Jak;243;29776;122.0
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4: macster;308210;1237.0;249
5: JonathanLevy;208334;348.0;598
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7: Isilel;199951;357.0;560
8: forkroot;182923;152.0;1197
9: Tektonica;169369;150.0;1129
10: Wolfmage;167512;397.0;421
11: RobMRobM;153327;104.0;1467
12: thewindrose;147558;142.0;1032
13: toryx;144679;189.0;763
14: alreadymad... (all);141557;121.0;1163
15: ZEXXES;121082;218.0;553
16: Randalator;117527;179.0;656
17: Terez27;114074;253.0;450
18: insectoid;108411;123.0;878
19: birgit;102724;168.0;608
20: Wortmauer;97114;377.0;257
21: blindillusion;93908;158.0;594
22: HArai;88134;136.0;646
23: ValMar;83918;121.0;688
24: R.Fife;83068;136.0;608
25: MasterAlThor;82413;128.0;642
26: Ouroboros;77909;421.0;185
27: Longtimefan;75914;313.0;242
28: J.Dauro;75055;135.0;554
29: Caveatar;74060;171.0;432
30: Lsana;73778;202.0;364
31: chaplainchris1;72853;411.0;177
32: Man-0-Manetheran;70558;102.0;689
33: SteelBlaidd;67006;250.0;267
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35: jamesedjones;63453;80.0;786
36: Lannis;63159;146.0;431
37: Bergmaniac;57098;179.0;318
38: AndrewB;56050;202.0;277
39: Samadai;55978;76.0;734
40: CireNaes;50405;171.0;294
41: Fiddler;50352;134.0;374
42: Amalisa;49206;278.0;177
43: misfortuona;46372;108.0;427
44: Alisonwonderland;44123;211.0;209
45: Looking Glass;43336;461.0;94
46: tonka;40642;134.0;302
47: gagecreedlives;39919;115.0;345
48: travyl;38388;196.0;195
49: Sonofthunder;38151;139.0;274
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Thomas Keith
293. insectoid
birgit @292:
Thanks Birgit! (I've given up trying to agree with your comment-counting program, though.) Good to see that Wetlander is still top of the pack, and I'm not surprised to see macster in the top 5 in word count. Where is Woofer, anyway?

On a related note... I've been bored (between decorating and shopping), so a couple days ago I downloaded (with wget) every post I've ever commented on here, in hopes that I could archive my comments for posterity, or something. Maybe I should write my own comment counting program... but I doubt it'd be able to pull as many details out as yours does. ;)

With that said, time for Z's...

Nadine L.
294. travyl
Re 292, Statistics-
Thanks for the work Birgit, I always enjoy these posts.
Rob Munnelly
295. RobMRobM
Birgit - agreed, very nice and appreciate all of your efforts.

Looking at the cum statistics reminds us of the many who were incredibly active once and stepped out of limelight later. I hope our old friends join back in as we begin working through (playing through?) AMOL.
Alice Arneson
296. Wetlandernw
Thanks, birgit! I think.... ;)

I call shenanigans. Some of you folks have not been keeping up your end!
Jeff Schweer
297. JeffS.
It's not my fault!
Most of the time I just follow along with the comment thread, nodding my head in agreement.
Let's face it. Some of you are so thorough (I'm looking at you Wetlandernw) that there isn't a good reason to post. I really don't like to post if the best I can come up with is, Yes, that.
Anyway, lots of words to ponder along the way.

I know most of you are following the spoiler thread of no context sentences and I started to do so but quickly found myself bogged down with the format. I removed myself from the e-mail notification list and am no longer following it. It just jumps all over the place and I can't seem to get anything out of it. It may be the lack of context that I mentioned earlier and the extent of the rampant speculation for every post.
In just a few weeks I'll get the context I need from the book and be much happier I'm sure.
All this to say that I'll probably be much quieter on the site for awhile.
Tina Pierce
298. scissorrunner
Agreed JeffS @297!
I won't post until I've read all of Leigh's post and the comments all of you have made. To me it feels rude - like walking in on a conversation & demanding to be heard without knowing what's going on. By that time the most insightful thing I can come up with is "ya, what (s)he said.".

I do read! Then I laugh, groan, laugh again, feel like someone turned on a lightbulb for me, gnash my teeth sometimes too, but I always feel better for having visited this most awesome place. Here I have shared this amazing adventure with some of the nicest people ever.
Ron Garrison
299. Man-0-Manetheran
Yes, sadly my postings have fallen. I blame Subwoofer. Where is that hound?

JeffS: I've signed up multiple times for the "spoiler thread of no context sentences" as well as emailing Tor, but I still haven't received a single email. Maybe I'm not missing anything after all.
JordanCon - April 19-21. BE THERE Re-Readers! Ms. Leigh is our Toastmistress!
Thomas Keith
300. insectoid
Wet @296:
I'd probably already be at 1000 comments on the Re-read if I hadn't taken that long break these last 2.5 months, and the shorter break earlier this year. And playing hooky from the KoD re-read. ;)

ETA: And I hardly ever get the (three) hunny. *does hunny dance*

Bill Reamy
301. BillinHI
I'll fall in line with JeffS's comment @ 297 as well. I do read the comments (admittedly skimming over a few here and there) and find I don't usually have much, if anything, to add. Part of the problem is timing: I usually read the Tuesday post/comments around 6 AM Hawaii time and now that the mainland is back on Standard Time I don't actually get back to that post until Wednesday morning when many comments have already been posted.

All in all, though, I really enjoy reading (mostly) all that is written, so keep up the good work.
Deana Whitney
302. Braid_Tug
@292. birgit: Thanks for the lists! I was wondering when our stats would show up.
And I'm really inordinately happy to be in top 20 for TOM. Guess because it’s the first time I had a shot at being on the list.

T-shirts: working on designs, but won’t having anything to show until after New Year’s. Sorry.

Marginally related: Just bought a Kindle and Eye of the World ebook. Where is the “Ravens” chapter? I can’t find it. I don’t see the prologue being any different than my HB version. Help????
Thomas Keith
303. insectoid
Braid_Tug @302:
As far as I know, the prologue "Ravens" only appears in the "young adult" version of the first half of TEoTW, From the Two Rivers, which is available as a seperate eBook (link to same often appearing as an ad banner here on Tor).

Wow, how in the world did I end up with so many comments and such. It doesn't even seem like I've commented so much.

Anyway, thanks so much for that Birgit! Very insightful.

Roger Powell
305. forkroot
Here's a little twist on a holiday song, sung to the tune of Let it Snow!

Shayol Ghul
Oh the Draghkars in flight are frightful
And the Myrddraals mean and spiteful
The Trollocs are big and cruel
Shayol Ghul!   Shayol Ghul!   Shayol Ghul!

With spikes reaching from the ceiling
It's the Dark One's touch you're feeling
If you channel there you're a fool
Shayol Ghul!  Shayol Ghul!  Shayol Ghul!

Well we've read Towers of Midnight
And before that, The Gathering Storm
Now we wait for A Memory of Light
To see Rand Al'Thor perform!

Moridin I'm sure we'll see there
Super Fade will surely be there
Padain Fain's also in the pool
Shayol Ghul!  Shayol Ghul!  Shayol Ghul!

What The Eye of the World began
Has continued for near twenty years
It will draw to a close in Jan
Realizing our hopes and our fears

If the Dragon is slowly dying
Then you'll find three babes a-crying
It's the place for the final duel
Shayol Ghul!  Shayol Ghul!  Shayol Ghul!
Shayol Ghul!  Shayol Ghul!  Shayol Ghul!
Ron Garrison
307. Man-0-Manetheran
Oh Forkroot. We really need you for a JordanCon kareoke. That is great!!!
308. Freelancer
insectoid @291

Bingo. Yes, the framed lenses.

insectoid @293

Perhaps you aren't counting words in the same manner as birgit. Her notes include that punctuation is counted as a word. I'm certain that bumps my score compared to some; I'm apparently less annoyed about typing punctuation. Who'd've known? My question would be whether mid-word punctuation such as the apostrophe in ter'angreal (or mid-word, even) would cause those characters to add to the word count. Not to mention parantheses (well, okay, so I mentioned them) (And used them).
Thomas Keith
309. insectoid
Fork @305:
LOL, bravo! Added to my list of holiday song parodies.

Free @308:
a) That's good; I'd hate to have to improvise. ;)

b) Who said I was worried about word count? There's a pretty big difference 929 comments (my count as of @287) and 878 (her program's count). But, I've seen the markup of these pages, and wouldn't be surprised if a program got lost trying to parse them...

310. Freelancer
Hmm. Well, maybe there are WoT related posts you are including, which she isn't counting as part of the re-read.
Birgit F
311. birgit
I'm only counting the rereads, not spoiler threads and reviews of new books and the like.
Alice Arneson
312. Wetlandernw
forkroot - Bravo!! Bravo!! I've been looking forward to this year's entry. :) It does not disappoint. Well done.
Thomas Keith
313. insectoid
Free @310/birgit @311:
I am very thorough; and though I commend birgit's efforts, I'd like to offer an alternate method—so, I've written a bash comment-counting program. Even though this post has pretty much already wandered off into the woods, I hope you don't mind a little programming gibberish...

As I mentioned @293, I downloaded all the posts that I know I've posted on. Now, the only string I know of that is unique to each comment (other than the user's real name) is the "view all by " link at the top. So, in my program "count-comments", I told the string searcher (grep) to output the number of matches of that string in each file; this is then added to the total.
# Shell script for counting comments in Tor.com posts.

let count=0
for FN in $*
postcnt=`grep -c "view all by insectoid" $FN`
let count+=$postcnt
printf "%s\n" $count
exit 0
So, when I type "count-comments the-wheel-of-time-re-read-*", it gives me the total for the Re-read only, 934; for "the-wheel-of-time-re-read-towers-* ", it gives 101; and for "*" it gives 1235. (Those numbers don't include this comment.)

And I'm sure that, even if I bored the rest of you, birgit and forkroot at least understood all that. ;)

(No, I had nothing better to do tonight...)

(edited for clarification)

Sam Mickel
315. Samadai
Forkroot, that was excellently done. Bravo!!

C'mon everyone let's keep ourselves entertained. Anybody know any stories? Any gleeman around here?
Bill Reamy
317. BillinHI
Very well done, Forkroot! We certainly could use you at Jordancon and it would be great to see you there.
Apropos of nothing much, my son and his fiancee were here two weeks ago (only for a week, unfortunately) and they wound up staying at the Marriott Beach Club. This will be our first Christmas without him joining us. On the other hand, when they get married in May, my wife and I will go from having no grandchildren to having 4 step-great-grandchildren!
Ron Garrison
318. Man-0-Manetheran
Samadai @ 315:
"Any gleeman around here?"
Ahh, besides forkroot, I would have to say "YOU."
Kimani Rogers
319. KiManiak
Forkroot- That was well done, sir!

Thanks to you, I've been humming "Shayol Ghul, Shayol Ghul, Shayol Ghul" at work.
320. s'rEDIT
@fork, 305: Oh, my. It took awhile before I could stop chuckling long enough to post my appreciation. Wait . . . still chuckling!

Happy Holidays all, if I don't get a chance to mention it before next week!

::twitch, twitch::
Glen V
321. Ways
And another helping of kudos for forkroot.

Braid_Tug (T-shirt design) -
There's plenty of time. I, for one (and definitely not the only one), am excited about seeing what you come up with. Post something on this thread if you need some help.

Best wishes for the holidays to all!
Thomas Keith
322. insectoid
Did we kill the thread? -_-

Quick, Forkroot or somebody... think up another song!

323. s'rEDIT
Talk about crickets! I can't even hear *them* here or on Leigh's Light Re-read post!
Alice Arneson
324. Wetlandernw
Well, here's a thought to ponder... I've been rereading (again), and I noticed something in TDR. So far there are three instances where Egwene consciously thinks about the possibility of a specific Aes Sedai being Black Ajah: first Sheriam, then Verin, then Alanna. Is this a pattern? We know the first two turned out to be Black; will Alanna also be revealed as BA is in AMoL?

(In her Accepted testing, she also thinks of Elaida as Black, but that's because of certain events within, and we know that the test scenarios aren't prophetic - or at least, not very accurately prophetic.)
Sydo Zandstra
325. Fiddler
I am sure she is Black, Wet... Alanna was with Verin in tSR, and Verin warned Perrin about her. She also fled Tear after getting a letter by Verin, before Rand could use his DF-vision on her.

And there was the quote from somebody saying to hand over the bond to Rand a few weeks ago, which I am sure was a Forsaken talking to Alanna. Probably Cyndane...
Alice Arneson
326. Wetlandernw
Well, if she's Black, the probability of a Forsaken demanding the bond from her certainly goes up. However, we're still supposed to be keeping spoilers off this thread, so I think you and I had both better use some white-out... And I do think that with that particular pattern developing, my opinion of her being Black just went up. A lot. I wasn't too big on that idea before, but I'm not sure I seriously revisited it after reading TGS.

Any one of those things by itself wouldn't be convincing, but when you line them all up, knowing Verin's position... if the pattern continues - or doesn't break - through TDR, I'll be absolutely sure this was RJ foreshadowing.
Thomas Keith
327. insectoid
s'rEDIT @323:
Would this help?

Wet @324/Fiddler @325:
That's some pretty compelling evidence. It does make sense, I suppose, for the Shadow to tie a string to Rand. But here's my question: if this is true, and Alanna is a DF... why does she not appear to have done anything with this connection to him yet?

On the other hand, perhaps the Shadow thinks to kill Alanna and drive Rand mad from the broken bond. After all, I doubt they're aware of Min/Avi/Elayne's triple bond; and since Verin probably doesn't know, either (except for possibly Min's connection to him), perhaps that's why she told Alanna to flee?

Birgit F
328. birgit
Alanna knows that someone bonded Rand (it knocked her out and Rand later explained, but didn't say who it was).
Thomas Keith
329. insectoid
birgit @328:
Hmm, yeah, you're right. But since Alanna doesn't know who it is, would she (again, theoretically) pass this information on to her superiors?

Roger Powell
330. forkroot
I've been going through the last part of TGS in my reread and I just read the chapter where Egwene goes over Verin's list of BA. Egwene notes all the ones with Rand and does not mention Alanna -- thus we can reasonably infer that Verin did not think Alanna was BA.

This, in itself, does not clear Alanna since Verin admitted she may have missed a few; however it removes a lot of the circumstantial evidence presented above.

An unrelated tidbit: When Nynaeve first checks the Compulsion weaves on Ramshalan she notices that they are not as complex as the ones on Kerb (Graendal's errand boy, sent to poison her earlier messenger.) This was our giant cluebat that perhaps Rand had BF'd someone other than Graendal.

It's amazing what I've picked up on this reread, with the extra knowledge of what's to come. I'm sure I'll get even more in a few years when I start my first post-AMoL reread.
Alice Arneson
331. Wetlandernw
And, as far as I know, the pattern is broken. Egwene just wondered if Anaiya was BA, and we've never seen anything to indicate that. Well, so much for that bit of foreshadowing, sort of.

OTOH, I had to chuckle at Elayne's comment, "Chesmal Emry is one of the most talented Healers anyone has seen in years. Light, could you imagine being Healed by one of the Black Ajah?" Yuppers.
Alice Arneson
332. Wetlandernw
forkroot - As far as I can tell, Egwene doesn't know about Alanna bonding Rand. (Not that I've done an exhaustive search, but...) That might mean that she doesn't think particularly about Alanna being on Verin's list; on the other hand, she had enough contact with Alanna over the course of the book that it's hard to imagine she wouldn't at least have noted it in passing. And given the amount of time Verin spent with Alanna, it's hard to imagine that she wouldn't know if Alanna was BA.

Still... we don't have proof either way. Rats. I have to wait. Again.
Nadine L.
333. travyl
First things first: forkroot @305 - Given as was asked :) I'm amazed that you manage to come up with all this (every year), thank you.

About Alanna:
I don't see her as Black. Her behaviour in the last few book (her weeping all the time because Rand was miserable and dark) doesn't fit. Of course she could have been weeping because she was ordered by the DO to manipulate Rand and didn't succeed, but I don't think so.
Besides: with Weiramon being a DF the position of a character doing questionable things (eg. bonding Rand), without being a Darkfriend is vacant again ;)

@Tor: I just received the same fatal error birgit mentioned above, which doesn't allow to preview.
Tricia Irish
334. Tektonica
I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you might be celebrating. Things are about to go sideways here at our house, so posting will, of necessity be spotty.

This discussion has so much food for contemplation! Thank you all.
335. azuarc
Wow, I can't believe it's over. I check out for the month of November to write my own novel, and I just remember to come back now and...looks like I missed the party. Damn.

I still have trouble fathoming the amount of stuff we have to resolve in one book. A lot of it will go unresolved, I think. A lot of it will not play out as I might have believed. Because there's no way to tell that entire story in ~300k words. Not unless Sanderson completely shifts his style. I don't even want to try to give the short list on things that still need closure, and this is without even considering any kind of epilogue or wrap-up after it all ends.

I stopped my own rereading some months back when I was just about to catch up with Leigh's. Looks like I have a precious few weeks to read KoD, TGS and ToM before the real fun begins. See you all then.
336. srEDIT
@insectoid 327: Whew! Now at least I can *see* one!
Thomas Keith
337. insectoid
s'rEDIT @336:
Glad I could help! ;)

*cheep* *cheep* *cheep* *cheep*

338. lburns05
I love the DKS artwork. Until reading this reread I have never nitpicked them for accuracy, and I've never let the artwork define what I think the characters look like. I think the artwork captures the spirit of the books.
Alice Arneson
339. Wetlandernw
WOOOT!! I'm a Memory Keeper for the Seattle signing!! :) Anyone else get an email this morning?
Thomas Keith
340. insectoid
Good News, Everyone!
I have reservations at the hotel in Roswell for JordanCon!! Haven't been able to purchase a badge just yet (waiting on an email), but Mom and I may get airfare settled with AAA in a few days. Isn't that exciting?

If only I didn't have to wait so long. Silly holiday.
Happy Holidays to all, and to all a pleasant night!

ETA: Now I'm getting that error message a couple others have gotten when trying to "Preview Comment":
"Fatal error: Class 'TorAuthors' not found in /www/sites/www.tor.com/files/html/templates/shared/html/mod_latestposts/default.php on line 15"

Alice Arneson
341. Wetlandernw
insectoid - WOOT WOOT!! Way cool, dude! Have a great time!

(I got that error for the first time today, too, but it didn't lose my post. I wondered if it had anything to do with the fact that I'd copied stuff in, in a different font, so I cut the whole thing, dumped it in Word, reformated, copied it back, and then it posted just fine. Probably wouldn't have mattered, though...)
342. Freelancer
When you get that particular error, DON"T PANIC. Refresh, and you'll find that your last action has been handled, it just didn't restore the page properly afterward. I don't believe that formatting has anything to do with it, given the few cases where it has happened to me. Just a timing glitch.
Thomas Keith
343. insectoid
Wet @341:
WOOT must be the word of the day! :D

Free @342:
Who, me? Panic? I will not panic... until TPTB give the order to panic!
(Actually, I pressed Back and my comment was still there in the box.)

Jeff Schweer
344. JeffS.
Wetlander @ 339
I got the e-mail. I'm a Memory Keeper for Seattle!!!
I'm so stoked I can barely think! I got goosebumps when I saw the header.
We open presents on Christmas Eve and boy did I just get the MAX present for the year.

Now working on reservations and Airfare for Jordancon.
Ain't it just like WOT. We're gathering for the ending of the series and we get the beginning of new friendships outside of the printed pages.
Jeff S.
I am only an egg
Alice Arneson
345. Wetlandernw
JeffS - So cool! See you at a meeting soon! :)
346. Freelancer
I've had a glitch on Dragonmount since just after I registered, the email address I used originally has become obsolete, and when I changed it, it claims to have sent a "revalidation", but it seems to have sent it to the now defunct email address. I specifically messaged Jason about that when I signed up for Memory Keeper selection, and he responded, but I've still got the "revalidation pending" notice in my profile, and suspect that if they emailed me, it went to the old address. I'll know more Wednesday, I surely won't bother him until then.
Ron Garrison
347. Man-0-Manetheran
insectoid! Yeah. See you in Atlanta. Check Southwest Airlines. They often have some really great rates.

Same to you Jeff. Grab Wetlandernw and see if you can bring her as a carry-on!
Valentin M
348. ValMar
forkroot @ 305


To All: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I must research if there is anything happening on Release Day here in the UK. You guys can't have all the fun :| Right now I'm not aware of anything on.
349. AndrewB
Wetlandernw @234 re poll: I will be attending the Philadelphia, PA book signing on 2/19.

(I was hoping to also attend other nearby events . However, RL [i.e. work] will only permit me to go to the Philly event.)

Forkroot @305 -- thank you; that was wonderful

"Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then" -- Bob Seger, Against the Wind
Roger Powell
350. forkroot
Speaking more of Alanna: I'm in my ToM re-read now and I read the part where Alanna suddenly disappears - right before the reforged Rand appears. Plenty of attention is given to the envelope that had been sealed with red wax, so it's pretty clear that we are to draw the conclusion that it's from Verin.

Even though she's gone, I think we're going to learn a lot more about Verin's handiwork in AMoL. Sneaky wonderful Verin!
Alice Arneson
351. Wetlandernw
forkroot @350 - I sure hope so! Keeping in mind that RJ planned this to be one book, I don't think it would be at all surprising to see a lot more "fallout" from her preparations, even though we're two books downstream.

@several - by my count, we have thirteen (with a faintly-possible fourteenth) rereaders attending signing events, including at least three Memoy Keepers. For what that's worth...
Valentin M
352. ValMar
Wetlander, so who do you want to call dibs on? Mesaana, Moggy, Lanfear... Surely not Graendal!
William Carter
354. wcarter
@Wetlandernw 13...rereaders? Are there 13 fades hanging around anywhere? So what poor schmuck lucky guest are we going to 13x13 into a darkfriend WoT fan once we get to the festivities?
Jeff Schweer
355. JeffS.
I don't think we have to convert anyone. The festivities that we're attending will be populated by WOT fans, or at least afficiandos.
Besides, do you really know anyone that WANTS to be a fade?

Fight of course. Didn't you say that you would probably costume as Cadsuane if you had the chance?
Alice Arneson
356. Wetlandernw
wcarter - that puts a new slant on it... :)

JeffS. - Yes, I hope to do Cadsuane. Not sure the bright red t-shirt really fits the costume, but I might just do it anyway. :) For dinner, if nothing else. Do you think a Memory Keeper with a paralis-net would be too intimidating?

(Gotta stop with this cheese-faced grin thing... somehow...)
Valentin M
357. ValMar
Wetlander @ 353
I meant to impersonate due to the context- there being Thirteen of you, spread about in a different locations. If you were all at the same place it would've opened more possibilities, eg:
- turning Brandon into the Dark Side, and him continuing Terry Goodkind's series.
- just turning Brandon, in a way his wife wouldn't apreciate at all.
- if you are all women, then you can still him and take away his writing mojo. This will help making the transition between authors being seemless if you forced him over to the Shadow and made him continue The Sword of Truth.

It's getting really close now! I was intending of starting J Cronin's Twelve, having read recently The Passage, then realised I won't be able to finish it on time before AMOL is out...
Tricia Irish
358. Tektonica
Hi all! I hope you had a very Merry Holiday!

I was at a Christmas Day dinner, when one of my friends' sons, age 30, asked me if I was pre-ordered for January 8th! I had forgotten he was a WoT fan. In fact, all three of her sons are WoT fans! It was so nice to find some people here in SoFla that share my love of WoT..... a nice Christmas present for me! Good discussions ensued.....

Congrats to all you Memory Keepers! No signings in SoFla....Four people just aren't enough to warrant one, I guess ;-)
William Carter
359. wcarter
@355 There will be bystanders here or there, particularly at Jordancon since the hotel itself will have other guests.

I can just imagine it now:

Poor Mr. Dunlee follows the signs to the free "Super" Continental breakfast. He opens the door to a room with all the lights shut out.
Suddenly, the door closes behind him and the lights flick on to reveal 13 hooded figures.
Welcome they will say as they close in around him. He reaches for the door only to find it locked. One of the figures throws up their head in laughter, and Mr. Dunlee knows that he is doomed....
Alice Arneson
360. Wetlandernw
ValMar @357 - I'll be Mesaana, and sit around drooling vacantly at everyone. ;)

You know, that really would be hilarious. I'm just not sure we have enough description in the books to let people figure out who we would be...

Also - ROFL @ turning Brandon to lose his writing mojo so he can finish SoT with no discernable difference in authorship...
Rob Munnelly
361. RobMRobM
Wet - brown shawl, carry a book with you, drool. Should suffice.
362. Freelancer
Tall and slight, scrollwork-trimmed bronze skirt, big blue eyes, dreamy expression (now gone vacant), taps her lips with her finger when thinking. And, she is proof, along with Lanfear's disguise as Else Grinwell, that channeling strength can be partially, as well as fully, masked from other saidar-wielders.

Looks like I need to take a half-day off of my normal work on Feb 6, I'll have memories to keep at Mysterious Galaxy.

ETA: Confirmed by Jason. Now hoping to get a co-worker, a Sanderson fan who has never read WoT, to attend.
Tricia Irish
363. Tektonica
I'm so happy to see so many Rereaders as Memory Keepers! Congratulations to all!!!
Thomas Keith
364. insectoid
Good News, Everyone! Got airfare for JCon! :D

several re: 13x13'ing Brandon:
Oh you guys... XD

Wet @360/RobM² @361:

Okay, I know this is going to sound stupid, but... What exactly is a Memory Keeper??

Jay Dauro
365. J.Dauro

I exactly is a Memory Keeper.

For the release tours for each of the three parts of the final book, there have been a group of fans selected to assist with the events. The first ones were Storm Leaders (I think) and the second book had another group, I don't remember the name.) For AMOL, these people are Memory Keepers.
366. Freelancer
For The Gathering Storm; Storm Leaders. For Towers of Midnight; Tower Guards. For A Memory of Light; Memory Keepers.

I'm starting to consider how to get a week off in April. Need to keep priorities straight, would have to convince my wife I haven't lost it before I think about travel arrangements.
Sam Mickel
367. Samadai
Congratulations all of you guys that got selected for Memory Keeper-hood.
Jeff Schweer
368. JeffS.
I would like to do a costume for Jordancon but I don't have the skill set to put together a Borderlands Lords fancy coat. Besides, I'm shaped more like Basel Gill only with more hair. Hmmm, that might have possiblilities...
Thomas Keith
369. insectoid
J.Dauro @365:
Oh. Right. Yes, of course. *is sheepish*

JeffS @368:
Well, I don't have the skill set either... which is why I was decked out in a black suit-shirt and slacks for the TGS signing (see my profile pictures). Though, if we're going to JordanCon, perhaps there is someone there with the materials and know-how to make better costumes? (I certainly wouldn't mind having an actual Asha'man coat...)

ETA: Bought my badge. :D

Alice Arneson
370. Wetlandernw
Freelancer @362 - Well, I can't be Mesaana then. Tall, yes; slight, not so much. Got the blue eyes, though.

Also: WOOT!!

Also, also: I need to win the lottery. (They tell me that's hard to do without buying a ticket, though.)

It's getting downright exciting up in here!
Glen V
371. Ways
insectoid @364
Fantastic, CU there!

Freelancer @366
I told my wife that my WOT fixation is her fault because she bought me the first book a couple of decades ago. She gave me ::the eye::, but agreed that I should (could?) attend.

JeffS @368

Any critical questions for Brandon that need to be answered before y'all see him? I'm planning on attending the Jan. 11 signing.

Now, must figure out how to get a staff that looks like WMD on the plane to Atlanta.

Happy New Year all!
Ron Garrison
372. Man-0-Manetheran
Ways @ 371:
Could you make the staff in two parts that would fit in your checked luggage and then reassemble it in the hotel?

JeffS @ 368:
If I can make a gleeman's cloak, I'm sure you can come up with a fancy lord! Check the thrift stores for band uniforms for a start. I picked up a great jacket that would be perfect for Mat, but Thom is more my age. You are welcome to it if it will fit you. No label, but I'd guess it is a size 42.

Memo to Wetlandernw:
Buy a lottery ticket. The Wheel may will, but you still have to buy a ticket!
Alice Arneson
373. Wetlandernw
Ways @371 - Not sure what they'd think on a flight to Atlanta, but people check skis all they the time up here. No reason you couldn't wrap the staff for protection and then check it. Of course, the way things are now, you'd probably have to pay a premium for oversize luggage or something.

Man-o-Manetheran @372 - Great idea about band uniforms! Perfect for a much-decorated coat like the lords seem to wear.

Edit: All they time? Oy.
Ron Garrison
374. Man-0-Manetheran
Wetlandernw - I'm surprised that I didn't think about a ski bag. Colorado. Duh! I guess it's because I don't need to take them on a plane. :-)
Thomas Keith
375. insectoid
Happy New Year, everyone.
May your year be filled with Light. :D

Darth Agilus
376. darth.agilus
Happy New Year!

Seems we've moved well beyond the re-read material but with a week left I'll see if one of my rare posts might spark the discussion again.

Back to the Dark Prophecy and the much argued lines about the Broken Wolf, I'll offer up something I haven't seen yet.

Of course the Fallen Blacksmith is Perrin, but the "Fallen Blacksmith's pride" is Manetheren. Also the Broken Wolf is Manetheren. What we're reading here is a prophecy that the Two Rivers, and more, are going to be laid waste by the Forsaken.

Manetheren fits both with Perrin, but also with the more difficult lines of the prophecy. Manetheren has certainly known Death, biblically even, after getting destroyed by the Shadow, and also by ceasing to exist. Now reading "his destruction" with "his" as a reference to Manetheren is a stretch. However most interpretations read "his destruction", as (the destruction being wrought upon him) with "him" being the Broken Wolf, that isn't necessarily how it must be read. This line could instead be read as (the destruction being wrought by him). In that reading it would be the destruction of Manetheren by He Who Will Destroy, and it all ties together.

The destruction of the Two Rivers will definitely shake up our Two Rivers heros. You could also see all of the forces of light being shaken if the Shadow simply lays waste to the entire area with sufficient vileness.

What's more Manetheren is certainly in a tenuous spot right now. Its defenses have been stripped by Perrin, Rand, and Egwene. Its surrounded by the Midnight Towers of the Seanchan on one side and the Midnight Towers of the Shadow on the other side. Also Padan Fain still has it out for the Two Rivers and may have had a hand in the fall of Caemlyn. Finally Moridin has ordered the breaking/death of Matt and Perrin. Despite Graendal's failure, that doesn't mean they've given up and its clear that you can strike at Perrin, at least, by striking at the Two Rivers.

Laughing at me yet Leigh?

Less interestingly, I think the halls of mourning refer to Matt and Tuon going back to Seandar to secure the Crystal Throne.

As for JordanCon, I live about 20 miles away from Roswell. I hope to make it this year. Anyone who knows ATL traffic though knows it will take me only slightly less time to get there than Wetlandernw. ;)

Edited for formatting and typos.
Ron Garrison
377. Man-0-Manetheran
I like your ideas here. Makes a lot of sense. Add to it one of the leaked Memories from a couple days ago: "The Blight had consumed the Two Rivers" and it makes even more sense.

See you at Jordon.con!!!

Tai'Shar Manetheren
Darth Agilus
378. darth.agilus

Sweet! Thanks for the heads up. I've been avoiding the leaks to preserve the feeling of the final reveal so I didn't know about that item.

But getting the validation is awesome! My theories don't always suck, yay!
Tricia Irish
379. Tektonica
Happy New Year WoTers!

To all of you potential attendees for JordanCon.....be sure to put your Rereader name under your Real name, (on your name tag), so we can all figure out who we are! And if you recognize a "handle", introduce yourself! Don't be shy!

I'm so glad so many are coming!!! We're still working on a few organized get togethers for the Rereaders...using "organized" rather loosely here, but we will have a standard meet up place, and hopefully we'll corall Leigh for an evenings' revelry. (We know you're going to be very "in demand", Leigh, but we are your minions, after all ;-)
Bill Reamy
380. BillinHI
As soon as the Jordancon dot org people get their website working properly again, I hope to get my badge. I also had a lot of trouble getting registered at first.

Do have my hotel reservations and will shortly be getting my airline tickets. Certainly looking forward to being there and meeting all the Rereaders.
Thomas Keith
381. insectoid
Tek @379:
Standard meet up place, huh? Well, don't leave any of us out of the loop... if you need to drop me a line, shouts and emails are welcome.

BillinHI @380:
Hmm, well... I had trouble too. I filled out info for an account, and it told me it would send me an email, and in 4 days none showed up. So I went back to the site and filled out the form again, and it helpfully told me that my account was already registered. *eyeroll* So I clicked on the "Forgot password" link, gave it my email address, and it promptly sent me a link to reset the password. Then I was able to log in and buy my badge. Hope that helps.

Ron Garrison
382. Man-0-Manetheran
I registered and have the PayPal receipt, but I have no "badge." Have you guys received something besides just an online confirmation?
Thomas Keith
383. insectoid
Man-0 @382:
Um, no.
Shortest comment ever...

384. Andrew Peacock
Thank you so very, very much for your efforts here. I've just been re-reading your re-reading of the last few books, if that makes sense, in time for this week. I'm truly appreciative of your work.
Ron Garrison
386. Man-0-Manetheran
My Pre-aMoL Re-Reread of tEotW continues, and I posted the following on the tEotW page, but thought it worth posting here as this thread still is somewhat active.

With every new book, I’m always fascinated at the new things I see in tEotW. At the end of Chapter 41:
“Rand felt a sickness in his stomach at the thought of Trollocs in the streets of Caemlyn. . . . He could see the towers burning, flames breaking through the domes, Trollocs pillaging through the curving streets and vistas of the Inner City. The Place itself in flames. Elayne, and Gawyn, and Morgase . . . dead.
‘Not yet,’ Moiraine said absently.”
By the end of ToM, Trollocs are in the streets of Caemlyn. Was the above a paranoid fantasy of Rand’s, or a foreshadowing? If a foreshadowing, then it sounds like Elayne, Gawyn and Morgase will die in aMoL. This lends support to the discussion about Elayne’s kids being raised by Avienda. Though there is the prophecy: “The lion sword, the dedicated spear, she who sees beyond. Three on the boat, and he who is dead yet lives. The great battle done, but the world not done with battle.” I’ve always taken “the lion sword” as Elayne. Do we know that the three are women? Hmmm. Thoughts?
Alice Arneson
387. Wetlandernw
FWIW, when I read that recently, I sort of assumed that "Trollocs in the streets and the Palace in flames" was foreshadowing, but that the extension of "Elayne, Gawyn & Morgase dead" was merely Rand extrapolating, based on his natural assumption that they would, of course, be IN the palace. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

I find myself less and less inclined to discuss either Memories or theories at any length these days; knowing I'll be reading the final book in less than a week, I just... can't wanna, as they say.
388. Freelancer
Rand has been running from darkfriends all across Andor, Mat has been turning into the bogeyman, he just met a queen, a princess and a prince. Now Lan tells him that there's Trollocs outside the walls, and it's because of him and Mat, and the dagger. Of course he's going to imagine the worst, but that's all it was, imagination. Not a dream, not a vision.

Also, Trollocs are in Caemlyn later, brought by Rahvin, and it's after all of the royal family is gone. They don't range beyond the Palace grounds, thanks to the Aiel with Rand. The only damage to the Palace beyond a wall smashed down is what is done with the Power before Rand and Rahvin enter t'a'r, and the Palace is not "in flames".
Ron Garrison
389. Man-0-Manetheran
Freelancer @ 388:
Well, if you, Wetlandernw and Tektonica think it's not Foretelling or foreshadowing, then you are probably right. That's a formidable panel of experts!

Because our ability to "what if" and "suppose" is rapidly coming to an end, I may be just experiencing withdrawal.

But then again, having that Waygate open and an army at your back is not a good thing, and of all the armies assembled on the FoM, Elayne's army is the best choice to deal with this threat to the rear. Just sayin'...
Alice Arneson
390. Wetlandernw
Man-o-Manetheran - My biggest reason for not thinking the three deaths are foreshadowing is the disconnect between the scene in Rand's head and the reality in ToM. Before Caemlyn is attacked by the Trollocs, all three of the people named are at the Fields of Merilor. The only way they could all be in the Palace is if they deliberately Traveled back to the Palace while things were still not secured. I can't quite see all three of them going back once they find out what's happened.

In other words, I do think the "Trollocs in the streets and Caemlyn in flames" aspect of the scene is foreshadowing; not a vision, not a Foretelling, not a prophecy, but simply RJ giving us a mental image that won't come back to bite until the epiloge of the penultimate book. (Wow!) The three deaths are Rand's logical assumption - if the Palace is in flames, then of course the Queen, the Daughter-Heir and her First Prince of the Sword would all be dead. Remember that in this scene, Rand has only met - but liked - those three people, and he doesn't really think of them going other places. By the time the reality of the Trolloc attack happens, all three of them have been absent from Caemlyn for a LONG time, and only Elayne has been back for more than a visit since leaving. That wouldn't have been in Rand's mind at the time, so of course he would think of them being in the Palace and therefore dead.

That rather begs the question, I guess, of why RJ would put it in; if the first part is foreshadowing, why did he attach to it something that... isn't? To which I can only shrug, I guess. :)
391. L A Moody
Final volume is only days away and this loony theory won’t leave me alone. Leigh’s reread intensified the anti-climactic feel of the escape from the Tower of Ghenjei. “Warriors of final regret” indeed.

The ‘Finns foresaw the rescue attempt yet they failed to thwart it. They even facilitated Mat’s exit by providing him with the ashandarei ahead of time. Where’s the double-edged sword that is the ‘Finns’ trademark? When would the other boot drop, the one with the scorpion hiding in the toe? As Mat tell us, another world’s rules must always be consistent.

Conclusion: the ‘Finns wanted them to escape. In the ultimate double-cross, they granted Lanfear’s request to trade bodies with Moiraine. The aged ivory angreal bracelet which Moiraine now wears is the same one which Lanfear had when we are first introduced to her in Book 2. The explanation she gives Mat and Thom is just a ruse. What a perfect ploy! Any differences from Moiraine of old can be explained away by the torture she suffered during captivity.

As amoral agents of chaos, the ‘Finns also make a deal with Moridin. The ‘Finns advise him of the switch when he demands to retrieve Lanfear; he purposely allows Lanfear in Moiraine’s body to overhear him saying that she is not the one he came for. No need to upset Lanfear’s plotting; it’s to the Dark One’s advantage to have a Forsaken infiltrate Rand’s innermost circle. Moridin can exploit the true Moiraine who is now encased in Lanfear/Cyndane’s body; her inner turmoil will draw Rand in his dreams. Rand notices the discrepancy between outward appearance and true identity as the mind-trapped Moiraine beseeches him with her blue eyes, but he does not draw the correct conclusion.

The ‘Finns still demand a sacrifice from Mat, partly because they can and also to keep Mat from suspecting anything is amiss. Mat is half-blinded because he does not see the truth of the woman before him. He and Thom are playing into the ‘Finns’ hands by taking a viper into their midst. The ‘Finns’ reward: they are allowed to actively hunt their victims instead of having to wait for the victims to come to them. Red-veiled Aiel are nothing more than the first hunting party of Eelfinn; the pointy teeth is part of their original description and red is a color associated with ‘Finnland (beginning with the twisted redstone doorways).

To draw the obvious parallel: It makes for a better adventure if when Han Solo is thawed out of the carbonite, he turns out to be an imposter.
Alice Arneson
392. Wetlandernw
It would work, except for the clear indications that Cyndane is Lanfear, and RJ was pretty clear that you can't split a soul into two bodies.
393. s'rEDIT
Wow, Moody! That's a bold and well-thought out looney theory. But it would need another 13 books . . .oh, wait, that's right...not with BWS writing. ;)

If nothing else, I'm with you on the hunting Eelfinn.
394. Freelancer
There has been no indication that either the Aelfinn or the Eelfinn can change their bodily appearance, which makes it very difficult to credit them as the red-veiled "Aiel". The Borderlander who was ambushed by them would have remarked over the less-than-human appearance along with the teeth, eyes, and revised dress code, not to mention carrying spears and knives. They wouldn't kill humans, they would want to feed on memories.

If they wanted to hunt, why would they have waited until now? Understanding that the redstone doorway ter'angreal probably would impose the same limit on them (only one trip allowed per person), they surely know how to exit the Tower of Ghenjei. We must surmise that they can exit it, since someone had to physically hang Mat among the limbs of Avendasora. Yet all evidence in the story suggests that they sit and wait for humans to come to them. Easy enough to imagine that they find our world as unpleasant as we find theirs, possibly more so, and so out of discomfort choose to remain in their own domain.

Which returns to the question, why hunt, and why now?

As to Lanfear, while Brandon has carefully evaded a firm answer that she is now Cyndane, there was much discussion, with corrections and apologies issued, regarding the comparative saidar strength levels of the two, and within those discussions it is presumed by all that they are speaking of the before and after abilities of the same person.

Next, can anyone honestly imagine that Lanfear would be willing to become married to someone other than Lews Therin? We know that she was willing to appear fat and ugly as Keille Shaogi, but she has carried a torch for the Dragon across 30 centuries. The undisputed queen of stalking isn't going to pretend, even for an instant, that she loves someone else.

Finally, and in conclusion, I give you Egwene's Dream of Thom reaching his hands into a fire to retrieve the blue stone of Moiraine's Kesiera.
Ron Garrison
395. Man-0-Manetheran
bad_plattypus @ 199:
if the relevant Dark Prophecy was originally given in the Old Tongue and is presented here in translation for us, then "Moridin" would actually translate as "Death."
FWIW: Loial is translating the inscription on the Horn in tEotW:
"'Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin,' he whispered. 'The grave is no bar to my call.'"
"grave", "death": close but not quite synonyms. Don't know if it matters. Probably not, but as you can see I'm bored waiting for Tuesday...
Thomas Keith
396. insectoid
Boy, is it quiet around here... even the crickets are sleeping!

I know the wait for Tuesday (short as it is now) is maddening—I feel it myself. I can almost hear the voices, urging me to break... something.


397. Iarvin

Some of the Forsaken when they first meet Moridin comment on him being a fool calling himself Death. It seems that it can be translated both ways.
398. Freelancer
Man-o-Manetheran @395

Actually, grave and death are used synonymously. Being dead means being in the grave; Lord of the Dead and Lord of the Grave are used interchangeably in more places than one. The inscription on the Horn is accurately translated as "To my call, Death is not a barrier". Remember, though, that many characters, foremost among them Moiraine and Thom, remind us that the Old Tongue is very mutable in being translated to the current common tongue. This provides much flexibility in revising the phrasing for dramatic effect.
Glen V
399. Ways
L A Moody @391
Love your looney theory, but Wetlandernw and Freelancer have already pointed out some holes that would have to be filled to make it hold water.
Wow! It's here. This week is THE week we've been waiting for. I'm having difficulty getting my head around that fact. After 2 decades reading the books over and over, 2 years reading this blog and comments (and occassionally jumping in) and 2 weeks of ignoring THE event due to the holidays...it's here. *squee*

I suspect many of you will get your copy of AMoL and have it mostly read before I pick up my copy at the Lexington signing on Jan. 11, but cest la vie. I can wait a few more days. I hope to convince the other half to go along and handle the next-day drive to Maker's Mark where we will pick up a bottle from the batch containing a barrel that had our names (among a few others) engraved on a brass plaque affixed to it for the last 7 years. Then I can continue reading AMoL after likely staying up most of the previous night. So far she hasn't committed to going along though. I'm looking forward to this road trip even if I'm not a memory keeper. My heart rate is going up. I'm getting spinal quivers. Oh, joy.
Glen V
400. Ways
Might as well grab the 4-hunny while I'm at it. A dubious honor at best. Heh, heh.
Janet Hopkins
401. JanDSedai
I've spent too much time on FaceBook-- I keep trying to *like* posts that say the same thing I'm feeling!
Hope to meet some of you at JordanCon. Maybe Leigh can do a post about JCon about a month out, and we can make plans to get together.
And have a room party-- with cookies!
Thomas Keith
402. insectoid
JanDSedai @401:
Cool! Hope to see you there!

(That's eleven now, I think. I'm sure Tektonica can correct me if I'm wrong.)

*mad twitching*

Deana Whitney
403. Braid_Tug
So anyone else reading the start and ends of each book as a "mini-re-read" over these last 48 hours in anticipation?

Really wishing I could call in sick to work on Tuesday…

Are we breaking Tor.com? it’s responding really funny to me.
Tricia Irish
404. Tektonica
Hey all....I've got 23 on my list of JordanCon attendees!!! (Formerly, JCon Rereaders have topped out at 6)

Here's the list, correct me if I've included you by mistake or have not included you and I should have:

The ones below were contributed by Man-O. Would you please confirm?

I'm so excited that so many are coming! We will definitely have a party...whether in a room, or the bar. We'll find a Rereader "hang out" spot, where we can gather when not in a forum. Hopefully, we'll corral Leigh for a casual dinner too...if she's got time. She'll be around, never fear, and hanging out in the evenings is always on the agenda.

It's not a very large Con, and the hotel isn't huge, so it's easy to meet up, and it's very personal.....and fun! I'm so glad we are having a good turn out, for Leigh, and to celebrate the ending of this turning.

Edited to add some more people!
Ron Garrison
405. Man-0-Manetheran
insectoid & JanDSedai re. JordonCon:
I have 20 people on my list, but that includes a few who are "probable." Between now and then we will need to make connections and plans. Tek and I have been talking for awhile about it, and we definitely plan to get us all together. For sure, put your Tor screen name on your badge when you get it. Ways, I believe, is working on a t-shirt.

>>>For now, anyone who is going to JordonCon, leave a note in my Shoutbox here, and I'll be sure to keep you in the loop.

Hah! Great minds think alike. Tek, you must have been typing at the same time. You have a couple of names I didn't have.
James Hogan
406. Sonofthunder
So close, y'all!! Is this real? *One* day away?? I finished my re-read of ToM last night, so I am ready to go!! Planning to drive to Waterstones(closest bookstore) during my lunch break tomorrow. My flatmate's birthday celebration is tomorrow night, but well....I'm sure I can sneak a little reading in.

William Carter
407. wcarter
@404 Tecktonica

I'll be there.

The Universe has had 13.5 billion years to do whatever else it wants to. I need my book now!
Tricia Irish
408. Tektonica
Thanks, wcarter! You're on my list! See you there.
Alice Arneson
409. Wetlandernw
Tektonica - add travyl. She said on fb that she's coming, right?

ETA: Also moondivatx - she hasn't been on the reread very much, but she's been along on the Memories threads and is totally pumped about meeting a bunch of folks at JCon
Marty Beck
410. martytargaryen
Hard to concentrate on work today.
Counting hours to my birthday the finale....
Taking the next two days off.
Sam Mickel
411. Samadai
wcarter, it can never be tomorrow, only a different today...... :D
Roger Powell
412. forkroot
Ways is going twice? :-)

Boy oh boy was I tempted to take days off too. Good for you. I just don't have enough vacation days to do it.

It's a pity that Tor couldn't have released the book on a Friday, but I think the timing has something to do with trying to snag the top of the Bestseller list (again!)

I'm going to resist the temptation to run out to WalMart at midnight and try to stick to my normal schedule. That means going out at lunch tomorrow, buying the book, and then reading a few chapters before reluctantly stopping and returning to work.

I finished my reread yesterday. All the way from the BBoBA, New Spring, TEoTW and so forth through ToM and then even the prologue of AMoL.

I did NOT reread Chapter One of AMoL even though I've read it from the web site before. That's because I want to sit down tomorrow and start reading with:
The Wheel of Time turns ...
... And I want to be alone so I won't be embarrassed when I cry reading those words.

One thing I am vowing to do this time is savor the last book. I confess to ripping through both TGS and TOM when they came out. My more careful reread convinced me that I missed some of the richness of Brandon's work in the process.

So... It will be some number of days before you see me on any review discussion, etc.
413. Faculty Guy
So: dropped in to my local mom-and-pop bookstore, one of the few and endangered independent bookstores remaining and a business I try to support when possible. This wea Saturday. I paid for and reserved my copy of AMOL. The guy reached stepped into his back room (actually a closet in the old house that serves as the store) and pulls out AN ACTUAL COPY OF THE BOOK, into which he places a slip ofpaper with my name, then puts the book on his "to be picked up" shelf behind the cash register!

Being the highly ethical person that I am, I won my struggle with the impulse to snatch the book out of his hands and runlikehell. Also the impulse to beg him to simply hand me the copy, who would ever know.

Probably b/c my spouse was with me . . .
Patricia Lawlor
414. NearToothlessWilder
I am having mixed feelings re AMoL. On the one hand, I am so excited at the prospect of finally reading the book. On the other hand, I am slightly depressed at the thought that this will be it - no more WOT books!

I usually race through the new book, and then reread slowly to pick up all the little details that I missed the first time. Now I think I will do the first read quite slowly to make the most of my first experience of the last book.
415. s'rEDIT
I see this is where all of us "twitchers" are hanging out. I went to the AMOL Review by mistake, so I'll quote myself here:

Amazon says it's shipping soon and will arrivew tomorrow by 8 p.m.

What? 8 p.m.? I'll be up all night, fersher!
416. Jonellin Stonebeaker
Only 9 hours and 19 minutes until I pick up my copy at Professor Tom's after the NYC release party! I can't imagine how I'll get to sleep afterwards.
William Carter
417. wcarter
Tic- toc damn the clock,
Why won't this curs'd day die?
Tic-toc it just won't stop,
yet no closer now am I...
Roger Powell
419. forkroot
You and I are of the same mind about reading this one slowly.

Regarding being sad because this is the last one: I'm actually deriving quite a bit of comfort from the fact that we will resume the reread and do AMoL together a little while from now.

After that, we'll still have the encyclopedia to look forward to. Almost certainly AMoL will leave out certain minor threads and plot points that may well be tidied up in the encyclopedia.
Valentin M
420. ValMar
I hope that Leigh doesn't post her spoilerific review too quickly. I've been thinking how quickly I'm likely to read AMOL. About 30 pages p.h. So if I manage 4-5 hours reading per day, that's 150 pages. So, like 6-7 days. By then the comments thread would've turned into a monster...
I think 5 days wait would be reasonable, before Leigh's review is posted.
Tricia Irish
421. Tektonica
Thanks Wetlander....I forgot travyl's handle on here. I wish YOU were on that list ;-(

I got Moondivatx from Man-O too. Thanks.

Forkroot....did I put Ways down twice? oops. Hey...aren't YOU coming?
Roger Powell
422. forkroot
Given that I'm going to take some time to read it, I've resigned myself to the fact that the spoiler thread will have a lot of comments by the time I take a look.

But - here's the cool thing ... We'll be starting on the reread a few weeks later. So we can drop our pearls of wisdom in the regular reread, eh?
Roger Powell
423. forkroot
If you can convince Wetlandernw's spouse to let her come to Atlanta, I will use that as the winning argument with mine.
Alice Arneson
424. Wetlandernw
ValMar - Historically, the spoiler review & discussion has gone live the day the book is released, and there are hundreds of comments in the first couple of days. Some people have gotten theirs early and will be jumping in right away just to prove it; others will have actual thoughtful comments; some will just have to show off their "skills" to point out every typographical and presumed continuity error.

For those who, however it came to be, got their copies early, it would be a real bummer to have to wait several more days for discussion. Hopefully, most of them will have gotten the majority of the squealing out of their systems over on the Dragonmount spoiler discussion or something.

For those of us who won't get the book until release day, and can't spend 24/7 reading, it presents a real dilemma. Do you race through as fast as possible so you make it to the discussion before it's up to 1000 comments? Do you just take your time so that your comments will be more thoughtful? Do you take the time to savor the book, and pop in with comments without reading everything else first? Oy.

I know on TGS, even though I'd received my book a day early, and I read pretty quickly, there were probably 500 comments by the time I got there. With ToM, I tried to read as fast as possible so I could get there earlier.

With AMoL? Much as I hate to miss the early discussion, and much as I hate to slog through hundreds of useless comments before I post... I know I will read as many hours as possible, but I'm going to take it as slow as I can. (I expect I'll still find myself racing, but that's because when I get caught up in the story, I read fast despite my best intentions.) I've been training myself to skim the stupid posts and only really read the more intelligent (or at least intelligible) ones, so hopefully I can get through the hundreds of comments without going nuts. :)

Sad story: the UPS truck just came!!
With a package from QVC for my mother-in-law.
Valentin M
425. ValMar
forkroot @ 422

A re-read of AMOL starting a few weeks later? Great, I must've forgotten about it. As for my estimation of 6-7 days, it may be a little optimistic so alot of skimming will have to be done with the comments, unfortunately. OTOH, I'll be reading mostly late evening/night so if I know myself correctly, it will be a case of "one more chapter, and so on 'till 4am", on more that one occasion. But even then there will be hundreds of comments.

Wetlander @ 424

I think you are right about many of the earlier comments that will be posted this week. There's no way otherwise, normally. I personally will be reading the book in a way I can enjoy it the most, for myself. I.e. I won't be racing beyond what one does when really gripped by a book and having difficulty putting it down. Therefore, my numerous fans will have to wait for a few days before hearing any reaction of mine ;)

Twitching on full power!
Roger Powell
426. forkroot
From the top of this very page (LOL - I know, I hadn't read the top in weeks either ...)
Therefore, the Wheel of Time Re-read will (rather logically) be going on hiatus until such time as AMOL is actually, you know, out and people have had a chance to read it i.e., um, Februaryish, probably. More on that as it develops.
Perhaps "a few weeks" might be slightly optimistic, but "Februaryish" could be as early as 4 weeks up to maybe 8 or so.
427. Iarvin
Shipped! Hurrah!

I'll be reading it at a very leisurely pace, as I'll be reading it together with my wife. Hopefully I'll be finished before the reread. . . but that may be pushing it!
Alice Arneson
428. Wetlandernw
Tektonica @421 - I wish I were on that list more than I can say. I can't imagine what would have to happen to get it there, though. I'm not sure "But all my friends are going!" carries much weight... :)

forkroot @422 - I surely would love to give you that bit of leverage.

In other news, my book has shipped... but it's still in Nevada. Grr. They'd better have it on an airplane soon; I don't think a truck will get it here in time.
Sam Mickel
429. Samadai
I will pick the book up at 9 am tomorrow, Should have it finished roughly 9 hours later (assuming I don't stop for lunch or other interruptions), and then will read it again several more times. I took the whole day off from work, just so I could. That is a slow read for me.
William Carter
430. wcarter
@Wetlander 424

UPS and no AMoL? I don't think my sanity would have surivived that. Not in it's current state to be sure.
Glen V
431. Ways

I almost regret canceling my Amazon order to make the purchase from
Joseph-Beth Booksellers - just so I could get a (preferred ?) signing line ticket Friday. Well, I really don't need 2 copies, do I? And I can wait until Friday, can't I? YES.

s'rEdit @415 really made me question the decision , though, because I assumed (yeah, I know) that the Amazon delivery wouldn't arrive until Tuesday + a few days. Y'all enjoy! I'll catch up (with my signed copy) and savor that first, (fairly) slow read - as a few others have committed to do. Maybe Harriet will be willing to sign my copy too.

MoM @405
Braid_Tug was going to check into getting a chapter-icon-like graphic put together for the T-shirt. Haven't heard anything back on this topic yet. I won't let the T-shirt idea fall to the side of the road.

forkroot @412
What? I'm going twice? Sounds like extra fun and I often wish for a clone, but Tek must have edited my body double out of her original comment.

Ramble, ramble, ramble...
Tricia Irish
432. Tektonica
Ways...I did an edit and took your clone out ;-) I also added whatever new names had been given to me...

As for signing at JCon...there is always a book/signing event. Brandon and Harriet usually do it together. That's why I'm not too bent out of shape about missing a launch party/signing. I did think a few times about flying up to NYC for the midnight party tonight though....I was very tempted! Dang.

So we're all just hanging out here....waiting......twitching.....
Ron Garrison
433. Man-0-Manetheran
I heard from Braid_Tug today, and she's on it. I had both of you down as working on the shirt. Anything you need me to do?
Deborah Kay-Morgan
435. moondivatx
This is like watching grass grow!!! Not talking about your post...they are making the wait bearable, but time is standing still!!!
Jeff Schweer
436. JeffS.
I pick up my copy tomorrow afternoon at appx 4:30 PM PST. I'll see you all Friday or Saturday at the soonest.

I have a hunch that I'll have trouble sleeping tonight. All the twitching will probably turn into restless leg syndrome or something else that will make my wife kick me out of bed.

Then tomorrow night she'll have to threaten me to turn off the light...

Oh well, she understands my little foibles after all these years.
I'm sure she'll be gentle...
Liz J
437. Ellisande
Joining in the impatient twitching! And jealous of everyone who found a copy early. All the stores around me are apparently very responsible, darn it.

It's a little strange to think I'll have the complete collection finally.
Ron Garrison
438. Man-0-Manetheran
I love that along with New Spring, the hardbacks fit exactly on one whole shelf of my library.
Alice Arneson
439. Wetlandernw
This is really annoying. They still say it will get here tomorrow - but it's apparently sitting at the carrier's facility in Nevada. This tells me that, at best, it will get here tomorrow evening. A whole day wasted!! I may have to take... steps...

JeffS - are you getting it at UBooks after work?
Chris Chaplain
440. chaplainchris1
Twitching and squeeing. Only one question: do i devour it as quickly as possible so I can come back here to discuss; or do I stretch it out and savor it? (Oh, who am I kidding; I'm going to bed early so I can do without sleep tomorrow...)
Chris Chaplain
441. chaplainchris1
Oh...re: statistics, I've been very sad to be so inactive with the TOM read. Personal and work circumstances have been...difficult. And generally I've only been able to read on the weekend, which means we're hundreds of comments in and most everything had been said by the time i caught up.

There should be some improvement in circumstances; if nothing else, i have a home computer again.

I do find it amusing that even though my posts have dwindled so much that I've fallen or of the top 50, I'm still in the top 50 by word count. It's almost as if some of us are incapable of brevity....
Chris Chaplain
442. chaplainchris1
Oh...I think I'm in for JordanCon. What's a little obsession between friends?
Glen V
443. Ways
What obsession? Where? Who is OCD? Just because MoM can fit all the volumes exactly on 1 shelf?

MoM @433
I'm just waiting in the wings for Braid_Tug to give 2 thumbs up, yell for help, or whatever. Like you, ready to help as needed.

Off to bed now...

Chris Chaplain
444. chaplainchris1
Went to bed but can't sleep. It's Jan 8!!!!! 9 hours, and i will ride the Winds of Time once and finally. I'm desperately obsessed with the idea that something will go wrong and my copy won't be available...

By the way: 1) who is it we're supposed to Shoutbox about Jcon?
2) Did I understand right, that there's a Tor rereader group on Facebook?

Roger Powell
445. forkroot
Yeah - twitch indeed ... I'm sitting here yawning, yet seriously contemplating driving down to WalMart (it's 11:28 PM) and seeing if they'll unpack the crates at midnight. Must ... resist

Must ... sleep

Must ... stick to plan (lunch tomorrow)

Alice Arneson
446. Wetlandernw
Yup. My book is still in Nevada. Might have to go to plan B. I don't think I can wait until 8 p.m.

chaplainchris - Yup, a bunch of us have connected on facebook. WoT Tor.com rereaders - I think you have to get Samadai to add you.
Alice Arneson
447. Wetlandernw
And yes, Leigh's Spoiler Review is up.

Chris Chaplain
448. chaplainchris1
Same fight here...easier to resist because I talked to the local Walmart 3 times today... now...and they didn't know anything about AMOL. Stick to plan, sleep, get p in the morning, drive an hour to the closest bookstore, experience laughter and tears. By the way, tor is reacting very strangely. Words keep appearing and disappearing as I type. Plus the cursor Plus the cursor keeps jumping. Twitching perhaps. Or perhaps it's the Pattern fraying. After all...there are only hours left, not days.
Chris Chaplain
449. chaplainchris1
Hi Wetlander! I see you. Thanks for the information, I will check into it. I'd love to connect more.
Thomas Keith
450. insectoid
Braid_Tug @403:
Ohhhh no. Tor.com hasn't seen anything yet. XD

Tek @404:
Ah, see... that's what I get for not being a Facer. (And for dropping off the radar for 2 months.)

Man-0 @405:
Done. (Though probably unnecessary at this point.)

Fork @412:
Ways is going twice? :-)
Maybe he's planning on using a time machine to go again? XD

JeffS @436:
Then tomorrow night she'll have to threaten me to turn off the light...
I get that a lot. :D

Wet @439:
I sympathize. :(

Ways @443:
What obsession? Where? Who is OCD? Just because MoM can fit all the volumes exactly on 1 shelf?
*raises hand* ;)

Wet @447:
What the... The Spoiler Review is up already?? That's very evil of Leigh... (ValMar @420: Too late ;) )

I'll be hanging around here (when not reading) till I finish the book.

(must... wait... ten... hours...)

*twitchity twitchy twitch*

James Hogan
451. Sonofthunder
Ahhhh...what do I see when I come on Tor this morning?? Leigh's spoiler review!! I probably won't visit that until late this week, sadly. I'm *hoping* to have the book in my hands by lunchtime today, but tonight have a birthday celebration withh my flatmate and I'm also busy Wednesday and Friday nights! This gives me Thursday night...so I *most likely* won't finish until sometime Saturday. We'll see though.

But just to have the book in my hands today...will be special. It's here, y'all!!!

Oh and about JCon - if I lived in the US, I would be strongly tempted...I want to see you all. Truly.

Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time.
452. Freelancer
Just got a text from a church friend who works at the only 24-hour WalMart in the area. They just shelved AMoL.

::sigh:: But no, sticking to the original plan. Tempted to hang out all night reading in the store, though. I wonder how far I could get? But I don't think I could actually leave the store without it once I touched it.
James M
453. Otoahhastis
My book has been dispatched but I won't get it until tomorrow morning.
Ah well, i've waited this long, I can wait one more day.


I'm glad we finally get to find out how it all ends but at the same time, it's sad to think that a series i've been reading for over half my life is finally coming to an end...
Rob S
454. RobSS
Good morning fellow WOT fans! Enjoy your day!!!
455. s'rEDIT
Oh, no!!! Amazon says my book has arrived . . . at the wrong town!!!

Maybe I'll have to run to the local WalMart at lunch and buy a copy. I don't think I can wait for the shipper to sort out my new address. Why, oh why, wasn't my address updated? ::weeps::
Roger Powell
456. forkroot
So far, so good - I'm sneaking in this post during a boring conference call. I am itching like crazy to go get the book!

And, I also put a comment in the Spoiler Review addressing a couple of prologue issues. I can always go back and edit it to add more comments later (kind of a cheap trick, but all the "red"s can't do that :-) )
Maiane Bakroeva
457. Isilel
My local retailers are a bunch of monkeys. Not a single one of them had AMoL today nor had a clue when they might get it, but it turns out that a couple of them got and sold some copies before Christmas! I am so done with brick and mortar...
James Hogan
458. Sonofthunder
Isilel - noooo!! That is so utterly ridiculous.

My heart weeps for you - as well as for s'rEDIT - at least you should be able to get one today though!

As for me...I got my copy at lunchtime...and it is currently sitting on my desk, where it gets glanced at once every other minute or so! A few hours to go before I can start reading it!!

And forkroot - you're braver than me to go into the Spoiler Review...I'm too afraid I'm going to see a spoiler by accident. And I. Do. Not. Want.
Marcus W
459. toryx
I'm not getting my book until this weekend. I've got too much business to take care of during the week and I know once I get the final volume I'll not be able to concentrate properly on work. So I'll pick it up somewhere this weekend and put my 22+ year obssession to rest at long last.
460. NotInventedHere
Wow, looks like I'm not the only one that just had to jump on... and complain that it arrived on my doorstep 15 minutes after I left for work. Which, all things considered, I suppose is probably a good thing - this pleasant torture is probably better in the long run than just not showing up at work today.
461. s'rEDIT

Wow! Now I am totally sold on Amazon!

I called to complain that my shipping address was not updated. While I was on the phone, the cs rep called the shipper, explained the issue, and then had me provide the updated address directly to the shipper. I should still get my delivery sometime today!

Here's one time when "too good to be true" is NOT the case!
Roger Powell
462. forkroot
s'rEDIT@461 - Wow. If they follow through on that, consider me totally amazed (and more likely to buy from Amazon because of it.)

Trust me - I had the blinders on! Got in, got out.
I'm going to be like you this afternoon, but I suspect
it will be a l-o-n-g lunch.

Just happened to notice in the Costco magazine last night that they recommended AMoL in their January releases. Since I have no local independent bookstore to support, and Costco is pretty close, looks like they'll get my business in about one hour (twitching like mad now!)
Eric Hughes
463. CireNaes
Will any Chicagolanders be at the Skokie site? Anyone else have the everlasting cold of eternal mucus?

I too devoured the first two releases of the end trilogy, but am taking my time with it this go around.
Roger Powell
464. forkroot
Arrgh this is worse! I made it to Costco, got the book and as soon as I made it back the to the home office I've been deluged with calls, appointments, and urgent stuff! The book is still sitting in the car with the rest of the stuff from Costco (everyone knows that if you go to Costco you always spend at least $100.)

I've got two or three more pressing things I must absolutely do before I can read the book. Torture!
465. s'rEDIT
@forkroot: I can enjoy your companys for a couple hours. Mine was sent back to the local warehouse for the address correction, so I won't actually receive it until tomorrow.

Edward Phippen
466. Grimwanderer
Happy Memory of Light Day!!!

I'm still working through my own re-read, and waiting for the book to arrive from Amazon, but wanted to thank Leigh and all the commenters over the last couple years. The recap, commentary, the comments and the discussion have all made my re-read even more fun.
Thomas Keith
467. insectoid
Bah... 10 hours and I'm less than 1/3 of the way through the Brick. Though, in my defense, I am a) taking notes on my reactions for later; and b) savoring the last book. Because, sadly, there will be an ending to the book (probably around Thursday), even if it is not the last (or the first).

My mom and I had a nice long chat with our friend Freelancer this morning; he found us right away, waiting in the car for signs of a line. He had some trouble getting his book, though; I hope that worked out okay for you, Free.

s'rEDIT @455, Isilel @457:
O the humanity!!

James M
468. Otoahhastis
After being told that my book wouldn't turn up until today, I got home from work yesterday to find it sitting there waiting for me (along with the complete Babylon 5 collection, but that will have to wait for now)!
I only got to read a few pages before I then had to put it back down to go to a Scout meeting. I did manage to get the Prologue finished last night and some of Chapter 1 this morning before leaving for work.

Wish I could have taken today off work to get stuck into it, but not an option unfortunately. So i've walked in with the weighty tome in my bag so I can read some more of it on my break - there are times when I can almost see the appeal of an ebook reader...

Hope the rest of you get your copies soon!
Rob Munnelly
469. RobMRobM
I got my copy yesterday. Given the (ridiculous) absence of any major booksellers in downtown Boston, I had to go to my home in the burbs and pick it up in the local bookstore before heading home. Less than 1/3 of the way though....
470. s'rEDIT
So much for my gushings over Amazon: this morning I was told AGAIN that it's being held by the carrier. When I called the carrier, they said they're waiting for authorization from Amazon to ship to the new address! All this after Amazon themselves first contacted the carrier yesterday!

::runs screaming through the building::
Glen V
471. Ways
::runs screaming through the building::
I would be too. I was starting to regret canceling my Amazon order until now. Sorry to read some of you are going through massive gyrations to get your copy. I'm resigned to waiting until Friday evening. If something goes belly-up with that, them I'm sure I can find a willing WalMart or 2 in Lexington and Brandon can sign my copy of ToM instead (which will be making the journey "just in case").
Roger Powell
472. forkroot
Oh man - stayed up until almost 2AM last night, and made it through about the first 1/3 of the book. Whooie!

Of course no spoilers here ... I especially won't discuss anything related to the revelation that Demandred was posing as Bela all along (who knew?).

Nor will I discuss my revulsion when I found out that the line "Enough talk. You will bed me now" was Cadsuane talking to Tam.
473. Rancho Unicorno
So I'm picking up my copy this evening (I know, I know). The question is, do I run through it or not.

I know a lot of you are taking it slowly, but I'm not sure I'm equipped to do that. I've been stalking my copy for the last two days. I'm just wondering - do I force myself to slow down (i.e. sleep) or do I stay up. Additionally, do I start and stop as I take care of needed things (dinner, scouts, getting the kids ready for bed) or do I wait until they are down for the night and start then?
Thomas Keith
474. insectoid
Just passed the 1/3 mark. Boy, is this a long one. And I have almost 2 pages (!!) of notes already... hopefully I'll be able to sort them out later.

Fork @472:
Oh, that is awful of you. Truly. XD

Rancho @473:
Hm, well, I personally haven't found myself averse to taking breaks from the book, to do things like work in the yard, play a computer game with Spider, go to the gym. And tomorrow I'm planning on driving up to Pasadena and back—though I'll probably take the book with me, in case I have time for it. So you could say I'm taking it slowly.

475. Freelancer
insectoid @467

My trouble turned out to be a suspected hijacking of my check card. I bank with a (thankfully) very paranoid institution when it comes to fraud, card theft, etc., and they suspended my card and all funds in the related accounts pending investigation. It's not the first time it has happened, but previously they phoned me as soon as they took action; this time I had no warning until I was embarrassed at the counter of the book store, with no cash in hand and a rejected card. And yes, with tremendous thanks to insectoid and Babokathy, I did still get my book and line #. Tai'shar Poway!

Put the book down last night (this morning) at page 493. I feel like more than 3 dozen of those pages (various, not consecutive) were read without taking a breath. Most definitely an E-ticket ride. Not taking notes yet, but so far I've only seen three typos, so among other things I'm quite happy with that.
Rob Munnelly
476. RobMRobM
@472 - you forgot to mention that Demandred was the first male gay character in the WoT-verse. Silly you.
Sam Mickel
477. Samadai
I picked up the book at 9 am yesterday, stayed up and finished the book at 12:30 this morning. Completely overwhelmed. What a great ending.

@ 472

I used those 2 same lines earlier today. :D

To those of you that had the strength to put it down, and sleep, you're crazy. ;P
I tried to put it down, but it just wouldn't leave my hands, I think I was under compulsion of some kind
Glen V
478. Ways
Are youze guys dropping spoilers or are those comments just for some yuks? I really don't care, but come on...Tam and Cads??? Can't be for real. Ugh.

I sent a request to join the FB group (I hope). Know you're busy with the book - when you get a moment. Thanks.
Sam Mickel
479. Samadai
Ways, they are just for fun.
And you are added now. Thanks for joining us. Come on in people, the water isn't any crazier there. some people just have the tor.com names as their facebook account. We accept all kinds, unless you're a Forsaken or something
Thomas Keith
480. insectoid
Free @475:
You are most welcome, friend. :)

Ways @478:
Fear not; Forkroot is just being snarky.

Also: whoa! How did some of you finish reading it so fast?? There's no rush... :P

James Hogan
481. Sonofthunder
Y'all are much faster readers than I...but I'm enjoying this immensely. Made it through page 283 last night so will start Chapter 14 tonight...oh this book is a treat!! I think I may be the last one of all of us to finish it...oh well!!
Nadine L.
483. travyl
Sonofthunder: you certainly won't be the last: I still have not gotten my book, and am a slow reader...
But I've got time till april ;)

Forkroot: come to J-Con. R. Jordan named a relevant tea-plant after you, you have to honour that. Use that argument with your wife. The argument should be even stronger for Wetlander, going by that logic. I'm *certain* your spouses can be swayed.
Glen V
484. Ways
What travyl said - yes - both topics.
Rob Munnelly
485. RobMRobM
Finished. I give it a nice thumb's up. Bravo. I liked the Nakomi-Bela heading off into the sunset ending - A Memory of Light indeed.
Roger Powell
486. forkroot
I'm jealous - loving the book, but only getting a couple of hours a night to read because I'm so slammed with work. Of course I think about it a lot while I'm working, so I guess I'm being forced to "savor" it, so to speak.

Working on it. See if you can get RobMRobM to come - then I can tell Mrs forkroot. For some odd reason she liked Rob when she met him.

Sigh - It's 9:25PM my time and I am still working (after a quick check in here.) With luck I'll get an hour of AMoL tonight.
Jeff Schweer
487. JeffS.
I haven't finished it yet but I have to say one thing.

Last night while sleeping, I remember dreaming.
I dreamt I was in Tel'aran'rhiod
Living through prior and current episodes in which various characters had visited.
I woke suddenly and realized how much this series has drawn me into it.

I have never had a dream with WOT in it ever before that I can remember. I remember this one. I'm rather unsettled by the depth of feeling this situation has put me in. I find myself reading slower, Almost "savoring" the emotions like the finn do. It's not as pleasant as they would make it out to be.

I am only an egg
Roger Powell
489. forkroot
You know there is this eerie feeling I'm getting ...

OK - I'm still not done - got a few more chapters in last night before I had to sleep.

Meanwhile, one by one, you others (e.g. RobMRobM, now Freelancer) are finishing (and presumably are posting on the spoiler thread where I won't go yet.)

It's almost like, one by one, you are being turned ....
Thomas Keith
490. insectoid
Didn't have much time to read yesterday, but got to around p. 550 early this morning.

Fork @489:
Check their eyes. If they don't look entirely human, you should probably walk the other way till you've finished the book. If you need me, I'll be attempting to Travel about 1000 miles away for the next 5 hours. ;)

Glen V
491. Ways
At the signing this evening - Brandon asked if you are going to JordanCon.
Eric Hughes
492. CireNaes
Join us...it's so much better this way. You'll see...
Rob Munnelly
493. RobMRobM
Fork and Buzz - we're having a great time. Bela and Narg are the lives of the party. So fun!
494. Freelancer
::blink:: You're kidding me. Oh, man. Well, as of today the answer is no way I can afford it, too many other demands on time and resources.

Ways, tell me a story. How on earth did my name come up?
Glen V
495. Ways
Here's the story (nothing earth-shattering, really):

After much deliberation, I had finally decided that the only relevant question I wanted to pose to Brandon during my 15-30 seconds with him was: "Will you be putting in an appearence at JordanCon this year?" Yeah, I know, a little lame. BUT, everything else is pretty much RAFO for me at this point and having more time with BWS at the con would be cool. Brandon answered "yes" to the question. So, I told him about 20 of LDB's gang of re-readers were planning on attending and having a grand time. This is when he asked if Freelancer was going to be there. I kinda choked b/c I couldn't remember in the heat of the moment if it was you or forkroot who is waffling - :-) - and provided a non-answer. Now, this is my spin/take, but I believe he assumed a priori that Wetlander is going to be there and he didn't ask about her.

Photos of the signing are up on the FB page, but what the he**:

Roger Powell
496. forkroot
Finished at 3AM last night.

I think the thing with the eyes is called "bleary". I have it too now :-)

Waffling? More like trying to convince Mrs forkroot.

See you all over on the Spoiler side (sooner or later)
497. Freelancer

Thanks, I'm still boggled a bit that he asked about me without prompting. I suppose I should cut back on the stalkery behavior. ;-{)>

Sweet pic, BTW.

forkroot, welcome among the Turned. It's not so bad, really.
Alice Arneson
498. Wetlandernw
Finished last night. Must ponder long before I can comment. Extremely well-written, though.
Chris Chaplain
499. chaplainchris1
Finished Thursday at noon. Sill in shock, or withdrawal, or something. Being Turned takes a lot out of some of us, y'know. Hopefully I'll have something substantive to say soon. For now, a warning - don't believe RobMRobM about the party. Bela brought some sparkly dude named Ed or something to the party; very pretentious and speaks only in ungrammatical cliches. And Narg keeps scarfing down all the white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.
Thomas Keith
500. insectoid
Finished tonight. Light, but that was a long book. An emotional roller coaster, even.

I'll go read Leigh's spoiler review, but probably won't comment for a while; I have 6.5 pages of notes, musings, predictions, questions, and reactions to sort through.

But until then, I'll just snatch the 5 hunny! :P

James Hogan
501. Sonofthunder
Congrats on the 500!

And...I'm still reading. (Hence why I'm posting here and not in spoiler thread). Got to the beginning of "The Last Battle" last night, and decided it was probably not a good idea to start reading that chapter if I wanted to get any sleep whatsoever! But Light! This book is amazing and oh so emotional...I'm enjoying it so much and at the same time feeling so emotionally drained by it! I will probably finish sometime in the next few days, but for now, I'll relish the fact that I am one of the few of us left un-Turned....
Birgit F
502. birgit
When I asked again at my bookshop when my book will come they said none of their three distributers has it yet and it will take some more days. I got tired of waiting and got the audiobook from audible. The whole is about 41 hours. I'm in the second of 5 files.
503. Rancho Unicorno
My non-stop read/stopping issue was resolved in it's own special way. I've had the not-flu since Weds. It feels like the flu and is wearing my down like the flu, but the test came back negative. I got to ch 37 last night. I should be able to finish the rest of the book tonight. Staying away from the spoiler thread (and the memories thread) is getting harder and harder.
Nadine L.
504. travyl
I'm still waiting for my book to be delivered (and hope I'll get it tomorrow). But to ease my wait, I was reading some EotW.

Can anybody tell me, what Elaidas motivation was in that first meeting of her and Rand before Queen Morgase, to only wisper the second part of her Fortelling of Rand (being dangerous...), so that only he could hear, but not the Queen...
(aside from the fact that the pattern weaved it that way)?
505. Freelancer
I managed a brief chat with Peter Ahlstrom via FB the other night, he asked if I liked AMoL.

I said no.

Then I said "like" was an immensely inadequate term. That no book had ever kept me feeling so nervous, excited, worried, and breathless before. He replied that Brandon was aiming for that kind of response.

travyl @504

Elaida is the next thing to evil without being evil. She was warning the Queen about Rand, but in a non-specific way, hoping her advice would be taken, and he put in a dungeon for a very long time, if not beheaded for trespassing with malicious intent. Morgase demanded that she speak clearly, so she did. She quoted her Foretelling publicly, as far as it involved Andor, and then whispered the remainder, which concerned Rand, to him only, so that she was "obedient", while keeping back what she could. Certainly Rand wasn't going to repeat the part about the world marching toward pain and division, and him at the heart of it.

But yes, there's more, and fortunately, Rand figured out enough of it to lie about the inn, and to run once released.

Elaida had plans for Rand. If Morgase wasn't going to have him arrested without proof of wrong-doing, then Elaida wasn't going to give the Queen reason to hold him for investigation, because she knew there was nothing to discover, Rand hadn't done anything wrong. She wanted him free, so that she could get to him herself. She didn't know who he was, yet, but if her foretelling made him that dangerous, she'd find a way to get rid of him. This wasn't a new behavior for her, she had definitely been involved in the Red Ajah "vileness", the unscrupulous hunt for any man who could channel, in hopes of stopping the Dragon Reborn before he got started.
Thomas Keith
506. insectoid
Free @505:
Then I said "like" was an immensely inadequate term. That no book had ever kept me feeling so nervous, excited, worried, and breathless before. He replied that Brandon was aiming for that kind of response.
Well said! That's what it was, all right.
This wasn't a new behavior for her, she had definitely been involved in the Red Ajah "vileness", the unscrupulous hunt for any man who could channel, in hopes of stopping the Dragon Reborn before he got started.
Really? I don't remember it being stated or suspected that Elaida was associated with that. All I remember is that 3 Red Sitters were exiled (Toveine and Tsutama and one other).

(No, I still haven't found time to compile my AMoL notes. I'm what you might call a "delay fish".)

507. DougL
So, I read AMoL once really quickly, then once at a slower pace. Well, I am done, don't get me wrong, I will buy the Encyclopedia and if the short story in the anthology is anything interesting I suppose I might think about that.

I guess with no more books to come I don't really feel the need to discuss the minutia of the book, or what may happen next. I gave my opinions on Dragonmount, and that's pretty much that.

I will follow the reread of AMoL though, so I hope Leigh is feeling well and can get to it relatively soon.
Glen V
508. Ways
insectoid @506
It was Marith Jaen, the Amyrlin raised from the Blue Ajah just before Siuan, who exiled Tsutama, Toveine Gazal and Lirene (the 3rd) for gentling male channelers outside the WT (and they deserved it IMHO). I get that you didn't specifically blame Elaida for being involved with the exile of those sisters, but she wasn't involved. This doesn't in any way, shape or form give Elaida a pass on being a self-serving POS.
Sam Mickel
509. Samadai
In a Toveine pov she specifically thinks that Elaida got away free while the rest of them were sent into exile. that happens when she is going to the Black tower to Gentle and murder
510. Freelancer
Give Sam a cigar! Exactly. Toveine knows what Elaida did last summer. Can't be another way to interpret that.

Also, in the Prologue to ACoS, when Elaida and Alviarin are first discussing plans to raze the Black Tower, Elaida doesn't believe there can be more than a couple of men who can actually channel, since the Red has only found twenty-four in the last twenty years. Alviarin reminds her that twenty-four is a dangerous number to speak of, since the official history only lists sixteen. This says straight out that eight male channelers were found who's names were not recorded. And Elaida knew this.
Glen V
511. Ways
Oops, got a bit off the path @508. Sorry insectoid, I mistook where you were going.
512. Beccat45
Thank you, thank you, thank you for these fantastic re-reads! I now am ready to read Memory of Light - I very much look forward to reading yours and every else's thoughts on the final book!
Nadine L.
513. travyl
@ Freelancer, Ways & Samadai (505-510)
Thanks very much for these insightful answers.
This "piecing together" of information given in the books I seldon manage myself and it is the reason I started the reared.

Sorry for the delay to voice of my appreciation of your answers. Due to the arrival of aMoL I hadn't "time" to visit the internet the last coulpe of days.
Roger Powell
514. forkroot
Sorry for the delay to voice of my appreciation of your answers. Due to the arrival of aMoL I hadn't "time" to visit the internet the last coulpe of days.
Best damn excuse in the world! It'll resonate with this crowd. ;-)
Eric Hughes
515. CireNaes
Holy backlit beard of Moses! I could really use a reread right about now...the Spoiler thread is petering out.
516. srEDIT
Well, I'm still here . . . sorta. I've finished only about 1/3 of AMOL, so I may get the prize for the most slow reader in this world.

I'm enjoying it immensely thus far, and appreciate that BWS has put so much effort into tying up loose ends and satisfying so many questions fans have expressed. I may not even be catching them all, but it seems like a lot!
William Carter
517. wcarter
1/3 of the way through?! Jeeze pete that's scary. Not because of the pace you're reading at (which I imagine is quite normal among the general population of working adults and students), but have you managed to keep yourself unspoiled all this time?

So many great/terrifying/funny/sad moments could lose their impact if you see them coming....
518. srEDIT
After following the rereads and reading so many posters' thoughts for the past 2 years, I feel as if I've sequestered myself.

I don't know what's going to happen when I show up at the San Diego book signing. I know I won't have finished it, yet I'll want to talk with Insectoid and Freelancer while I'm there. It's going to be a challenge!
Alice Arneson
519. Wetlandernw
And so, we keep working on keeping this thread spoiler-free. :)

::waves at s'rEDIT:: I'm really eager to hear your take on some of the end-game. If you aren't ready to put in on tordotcom right away, email me when you finish.
Chris Chaplain
520. chaplainchris1
wcarter@517 - sad moments? In AMOL? No, I...I didn't really *sniffle* notice any of those...*wah*...it's a really light read, after all. Don't worry, s'rEDIT *crosses fingers furtively* - puppies and bunnies and unicorns all around.
521. Don, IA
s'rEDIT - don't dispair... I'm at chapter 2oish currently and I'm taking it nice and slow. Although missing all the spoiler threads & discussions about the events is tough, I'm glad this is staying spoiler free here.

From what I've read so far... wow, simply wow and I'm sure it's gonna get better . The pace is something unheard of, and I love it.

What I do know, is when I do finish it, I will spend the next week reading the comments (hopefully) before Leigh's AMOL re-read column begins.

*feels weird posting for the first time in 1.5 years lol*
Alice Arneson
522. Wetlandernw
Don @521 - Not to worry - the "discussion" on the spoiler thread hasn't been all THAT great. Mostly it's everyone saying what they did or didn't like about it. There isn't a lot of theorizing left to do, so there are a few clarifications and reminders that "yes, it happened, you just missed it." Unlike the previous two books, where we broke 3000 comments and needed a new thread, this one has yet to reach 1000. Just barely past 700, in fact. You won't miss a lot if you don't read it before the reread; I think a lot of the reread veterans are saving their actual discussion for the right points in the reread. Makes for a lot more coherent discussion, anyway! :) Just finish the book before the reread starts.
523. Don, IA
Good to hear Wetlander, has Leigh mentioned when the re-read will start out? I'm assuming mid-February range (or hoping anyway).
Alice Arneson
524. Wetlandernw
I haven't seen anything specific yet; she mentioned February at one point, but not a particular date. If nothing else, someone will pop in here and say "Oh, look, she started the reread!" :)
525. Freelancer
From the top, where Leigh rants and spouts, and finally re-reads:
Therefore, the Wheel of Time Re-read will (rather logically) be going on hiatus until such time as AMOL is actually, you know, out and people have had a chance to read it i.e., um, Februaryish, probably. More on that as it develops.
Nothing new since then.
526. srEDIT
Hi, Wet! ::waves:: I'll keep that in mind. In fact, maybe I'll send a few sooner than that!

Thanks, Free! ::waves:: See you soon!

Don, glad to know I'm not the only one!

I was guessing about the 1/3 earlier...judging by the place my cover was tucked into the pages as a bookmark :). It wasn't until last night that I discovered I passed the 300 mark in page count.
Alice Arneson
527. Wetlandernw
All right, you two. You have eleven days to finish the book. :) Leigh just told us that (barring disaster) she plans to start the AMoL reread on February 5.
528. obdave
thank you leigh, i've spent the last two months rereading the whole enchilada, and have found your commentarys enlightning; referring to them at that end of each day. That's two and a half feet of shelf space I've savored and occasionaly trugged through, (if i ever hear "thread of gold" again i'll scream). But here i sit-virgin taught bound copy of amol before me on the desk- lusting after but also dreading the last 908 pages. Never has a tale consumed so much time or thought. Many a time i have blessed and cursed the day my 10 year old daughter brought home teotw from the library 15 years ago saying, "i think you might like this." so good on ya leigh for your reread posts, though i only read the commentarys. i've really enjoyed em.
Glen V
529. Ways
srEdit & Don, IA
It's been 3-4 days since y'all posted and I find myself in the midst of chapter 37 - The Last Battle. You guys, and travyl, aren't the only ones taking it slowly for various reasons. I'm avoiding all spoiler threads and even the FB page (which was still spoiler-free when I stopped checking in around Jan. 15.). I'll be finished with read #1 by Feb. 5 and likely into re-reading the first few chapters myself to stay sharp for Leigh's first post.

Anywhoooo...my head is overstuffed with all that is going on in Randland. It's clearly awesome, just hard to put it all in perspective at this point due to too many late nights reading, and all the action and emotions flying around.

How 'bout an update on the T-shirts. Need help? Has anyone seen anything on other threads about this?

All you denizens of the re-read heading to West Coast signings in early Feb. - ENJOY! My wife, who is not a WOT fanatic, said Brandon and Harriet's 1 hour Q & A was worth the trip.
Alice Arneson
530. Wetlandernw
Really looking forward to the signing - and Harriet is coming to the west coast!!
Thomas Keith
531. insectoid
Hi guys—haven't posted in a while, but I'm halfway through my notes and am almost ready to post my elephantine review on the petered-out Spoiler Thread... hopefully before the Re-read starts up again two Tuesdays from now.

Sam @509/Free @510:
You are correct, of course; I'd forgotten those scenes.

srEDIT @518:
So you are coming, then? Great! You know how to find us. ;)

Wet @530:
Say what now?? I never saw any sign of that. I thought she was sticking with the East Coast signings.

Alice Arneson
532. Wetlandernw
insectoid @531 - They haven't made a big announcement yet, but it's gotten out to the Memory Keepers. I heard it first from Jennifer Liang, who had JUST heard it herself; Peter Ahlstrom confirmed it for us. Just the California, Portland and Seattle signings, as I understand it. I guess she was taken by surprise at how popular she is with the fans, and decided she'd like to do a bit more than she'd planned after all. I'm pumped!!
Thomas Keith
533. insectoid
Wet @532:
All right then... Freelancer, spill! Is Harriet coming to San Diego?

534. Freelancer
That's a big affirmative. Caught Peter Ahlstrom on FB chat and verified it.

Nothing against any of you wonderful folks whom I would greatly enjoy meeting, but missing Harriet was going to be my biggest regret of not getting to Atlanta in April. I had a total fanboy moment when I heard she was joining Brandon out here. I'm not that emotionally demonstrative, but the great big sparkly YAY! went through my head. Just like Zits this morning, for anyone who gets that comic in their Sunday morning fishwrap: Cool on the outside, party on the inside.
535. Don, IA
I thought this page was dead as nothing updated for days (it automatically pops up at work). Then I see a barage of posts this morning. well last night was reading utnil midnight and I'm nearing the home stretch (less than 250 pages to go). I'll be lurking by Feb 5th to see if I can add anything to the comments that haven't been mentioned 5 times already 8Þ
Glen V
536. Ways
Don, IA

I have 163 pages left, as of today. The suspense is killing me.

BTW - did anyone ask if you are going to Jordan-Con in April?
Eric Hughes
537. CireNaes

It was nice to finally meet her in Chicago. To say thank you. And Brandon was fun to meet too. Anyone who will go to the lengths he did to muscle through that many signings, questions, and repeat signings...well, it shows great character. I'm looking forward to reading his other books.
538. Don, IA
Ways, negative on Jordan-Con, would be a blast I'm sure, but the timing with work won't allow it. got 220 pages to go after last night.
Birgit F
539. birgit
Today I went to the bookshop again to ask why my book still isn't here, and we finally found out what went wrong: they ordered the paperback! Of course that's not available yet. Now they ordered the right book and it's supposed to arrive tomorrow. Seems I will get it in time for the reread after all and don't have to rely on the audiobook.
Glen V
540. Ways
Finished savoring my first, leisurely read of AMOL early Sunday morning. My only comment at this point is...WOW, with big, sparkly yays!

I'm very much looking forward to Leigh's re-read starting next week so we can delve into all the nuances of the book.
Alice Arneson
541. Wetlandernw
For what it's worth, the moderators have promised us a "signing report thread" of some sort here, to give us a place to post reports (even if it's just one question & answer, I think) from the signings we attend. I plan to do a couple of reports after the Seattle event. The first will be a general report and a transcription of the Q&A; the second, I hope, will be a transcription of the more interesting questions & answers at the signing table. (That will be contingent on Brandon & Harriet giving me permission to record it, etc.) The first will have to be posted on Dragonmount first (it's in the contract), but will be posted here as soon as it's released there; the second will simply take longer to do, so I'll post it as soon as I can.
Kimani Rogers
542. KiManiak
Rumors of a new post. Feeling a little twitchy here...
543. blackbelgianfoe
ooooowww .... just discovered 3 weeks ago your pages, Leigh. Congratulations for the huge job ! Not yet finished AMOL here in Belgium, but I'm hard at it. I hope re-read will continue !
Clara M
546. ErnestTRocks
I'm still into the Looney Theories! I'm currently listening to AMOL, and am reading back through Leigh's rereads.

I am terrified of spoilers, so I'm not even reading the newer posts on the old threads.
Oh, Oh, RL interrupts... I'll be back. I know, just talking to myself, but somehow it makes me feel good to "say" this stuff out loud, 'cuz I'm the only one in my circle of folks who is into WOT. Later, she says to herself...
Glen V
547. Ways
Well, ErnestTRocks, I'm still subscribed to this thread. You are not talking to yourself b/c I get an email every time someone posts here and I have this strange urge to check to see why.

I had hoped (and tried to help it along) we would break the previous record for comments on this one, but we are still quite a ways off.
Clara M
549. ErnestTRocks
@547, Well, who knows? This is the only place I can post, cuz I have spoilerphobia if I go on AMOL!

Back to Looney Theories, even tho everybody else already knows, but I can't help myself

I think the Red Veiled Aiel are errant brotherless who wandered and ran afoul of Padan Fain.

I don't think flesh and blood Birgitte is going to make it out alive. I don't think RJ would have left her hanging without Gaidal. So she will die heroically, and then come back when Mat blows the horn; winking at Elayne, as she skewers Darkfriends with arrows from her Silver Bow.

I think Ishydin has been in and out of the world for 3000+ plus years, and is bone tired, weary, and done, and wants an end to it. He'll switch bodies with Rand, and in the "hour of his death" ala Verin, Vader Ishydin will turn. It was remarked that Elan had trouble with his conscience. Since he's mirroring Rand in some ways (feelings, hurts, dreams), he's going to feel that conscience again.

"Fallen Blacksmith's Pride"... hmmm, Perrin may get killed, but since he is both hero and wolf, then rise again in the wolf dream, and do lots of heroic damage from there. Or, Faile's death would certainly break him. It it could be Ituralde, and Perrin is nothing but a red herring. Hmmm.

LisaMarie, and Ways! It is SO good to converse with someone. I've been behind. But I feel like I know you both! Not to mention, Wet, and Free, and fork, and ValMar, and whatever happened to Sub anyway?

Does a Hunny and a helf count? Congrats to the next poster. I've still go more Looney theories. In AMOL, I'm up to "go take a bath, you Son of a Shepherd's boil!" So I've got to get 'em out before they're blown away...

Thanks to you both for still being there! :)
Alice Arneson
550. Wetlandernw
Hey, ErnestTRocks! Yes, I'm still here too. :P

Can't wait until you read AMoL and find out which guesses were right and which were wrong. Just to be obnoxious, you have some of both. Isn't that nice to know? (or... not so much...)
Clara M
551. ErnestTRocks
Looney Tunes Theories. cont. I originally thought that Mat was the One Eyed Fool traveling through the WT going to fetch the Horn, after a another Seanchan attack, thus the Halls of Mourning. But so far, Mat's in Ebou Dar. I was semi-irritated that Mat now looks back, fondly, at his subjugation by Tylin. Oh well, I will eventually get to that in the commentary. And didn't somebody mention a blacksmith, in passing, in Talmanes' fight to get out of Caemlyn? And I don't think Min's going to get out of this alive, either.

Of course for a one eyed fool, there's always Uno. :o

I am sure I am traveling (everyone else's) old roads. Once I finish (listening) to AMOL, I'm going to "reread" it with the "reread" and commentary. For now, after I listen to and savor AMOL on the way to work and back, I'm reading Leigh's "reread" of the series at night.

Wet, you are my WOT hero! ('cept for the dishes!) I always read your posts carefully. Was it Faculty Guy that pointed out WOT scholars? Of which you are the Department Chair, IMHO. Your posts are always gracious and well written, and CORRECT. At least I usually agree with you. The breadth of your knowledge not only of the books, but of RJ's and BS's commentary, is amazing.

This wall's too long... going to bed, now... Can't wait to find out what Cad's and Tam's children will look like... :D
Glen V
553. Ways
You are remarkably close in some of your speculation; better than my hit rate at the end of TOM. How far into AMOL are you?

Consider coming to JordanCon next April. More than 30 of Leigh's re-readers attended this past April and we had an absolute blast! I was a bit reluctant about attending and took a pass on going in 2012. Wish I hadn't, in retrospect. There is plenty of discussion upthread (200's) about who was going to be the oldest fossil to attend in 2013 and what t-shirts we should have made up (which eventually moved over to FaceBook). Unfortunately, Wet and Free didn't attend in 2013--hope they can make it in 2014. Anywho...if you are even remotely interested in going, then you should reserve your hotel room now. You can always cancel it later without penalty.

You too, Wet.
Glen V
554. Ways

Glen V
555. Ways
Grrr, photos do not assimilate.

Edit - until you remember the trick.
Clara M
556. ErnestTRocks
hmmmm. Wonder how long it takes to drive from Richmond, Virginia to Roswell, GA?? something to think about. Thanks, Ways for thinking of me!

In AMOL, for me, Lanfear-Cyndane-Whashername has just turned off the dream spike. And Rand and Perrin have said goodbye. ::wipes away tear::

Wonder where Taim's balefire went-- on the other side of that coin sized gateway?

Sorry about the pics--would have been nice to see them.
Glen V
557. Ways
ErnestTRocks - I finally remembered the trick I used and had some time to insert a photo back at 554. There's 20 + Leigh of the more than 30 of us who attended JCon V in it. We had stepped out for dinner with Leigh that evening and took a group shot when we got back to the DoubleTree.

I'd guesstimate it's a 8+ hour drive.

Yeah, where did the BF go?
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
558. Lisamarie
It will be fun to see your reactions to the AMOL re-read regarding some of your theories :)

I would LOVE to go to JordanCon. We live in Wisconsin and have two children under 2.5 though, so it's not quite feasible at the moment, and that's not even considering the logistics of traveling with children (flying is out of the question due to the extra expense so we'd have to take the time to drive). We have taken them to a convention before, but our two year old especially is really hard to keep a handle on. It was a small convention so it was okay, but we still had to tag-team it during panels. The baby was totally easy ;)

But maybe in a few years I'll take a bunch of vacation time and we'll drive and do the family convention thing :)
Clara M
559. ErnestTRocks
Ways: Thanks for the pic! Love how the Logo turned out: Leigh's Loonies! Are the other 19+ photos out there somewhere?

Lisamarie: They don't call 'em the "Terrible Twos" for nothin'! A family convention thing, sounds like fun for the kids, when a bit older. I have a coworker with 2 kids, 12 and 8, girl and boy. The girl's Bday celebration is a sleepover with her friends in a local hotel, with mom in the adjoining room, of course. The girls order pizza, swim in the pool, and do happy 'tween girly stuff. I have always thought that is really cool. No fuss and muss at home, and if you get a good rate for the hotel, maybe cheaper than a home b'day party.

Old Looney Theory: for the longest time, I was convinced that Messana in the WT was... Laras! Mistress of the Kitchens. I have no excuse... seemed like a good idea at the time...

I am looking forward to joining the reread--as soon as I am through with the audio book. In the meantime. I shall wear the tail end of this thread out! not moving very fast though. If I would stop replaying good parts... Oh well. LOVED Tam and Rand's practice session!
Glen V
560. Ways
ErnestT -
Oops, I wasn't clear about what I was trying to communicate. There are 20 re-readers plus Leigh in that photo, out of the 30+ who attended JCon this year. Something like 25-26 of us went out for dinner Friday evening (Leigh joined us and was gifted with a bunch of swag). A few other re-readers were dining with other Con dignitaries or lived locally and went home to sup or simply skipped out before we took the pic--so they missed being included.

There are many more photos from the 2013 Con, and some from 2012, posted in the FaceBook re-readers private group: WoT Tor.com rereaders. Someone (not sure if I can) will add you if you send a request to join. Spoiler warning: most of the discussion about AMoL occurred quite a while ago and is way down in the posts. However, you may run across something you don't want to see if you read even current posts. Sticking to perusing the photo albums will not be spoilerific.

I lurked on Leigh's blogs for quite a while after discovering them at the end of 2010. I finally caught up (without reading all the comments) just as the ToM re-read started. From that point on I did read all the comments. This gave me a sense of who the various commenters were and what motivated them. A couple of months into ToM I finally felt confident enough to jump in and say something. And nobody replied "that's dumb." Bravo! I joined the FB private group after learning about it in January this year. Wow--an entirely new and more complete feel for the re-reader's community opened up. Sometimes Leigh will even jump in with a post. I've made many friends and it's been a very worthwhile experience. Being part of the design team for the re-reader's JCon t-shirts this year allowed me to get to know 4 other commenters pretty well, even though we had not met in-person. Attending JCon this year drove it all home when we bonded in-person. My only regret is not going to the Con in 2012.
Clara M
561. ErnestTRocks
OK, I feel stupid posting on AMOL, cuz, I'm not reading the commentary until I finish my 1st read. I'm up to Faile's POV... moving the Horn, etc. It just dawned on me as I'm cooking the fresh local farm corn I just shucked... (fresh corn on the cob in the bunker! Woo Hoo!). If Tenobia has been slaughtered, because of Agelmar's compulsion; and Bashere is in chains... Does that make Faile, Queen??? as soon as the dust settles, assuming she survives. Wow.

And where's Olver, and how could Mat leave him?

Yes I know I am asking questions... DON'T TELL ME.

moving right along.
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
562. Lisamarie
I won't tell you but Olver figures in one of my very favorite parts of AMOL :)
Glen V
563. Ways
Fresh corn sounds like a grand idea. I imagine you are in a warmer area than my casa. The mid-Atlantic region is starting to see the first signs of Autumn. Don't think we will get much local fresh corn at this point.

As far as your questions...mwhahahaha, RAFO.
Clara M
564. ErnestTRocks
OK, I have now moved completely to the darkside. I wonder how Moghedien will get along with Suffa? hmmm

Freelancer @ 68, TSR:
Hah! Pikers, upstarts, amateurs, n00bs! They haven't seen Wild Mass Guessing until they've seen us WoTFans with a theory to tear into.

Well. Min theory=zero. Red Veiled Aiel=zero. Birgitte=1 Yay! Ishydin=.5 only get half a point, cuz I got the what, but not the why.

Oh, well... That's why RJ and BS are th writers's and I'm not.

Speaking of BS... If I can somehow go to JordanCon, I might have to have a word... giving a knowing, sneaky smile when asked Wet's question about the Jenn Aiel. Hmmmph! I actually thought the "gray haired woman" was a Jenn Aiel, come to make the transfer. Again: Hmmmmmph!

And finally...

BELAAAAAAA! Noooooooooo!

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