Dec 19 2012 12:50pm

The New Doctor Who TARDIS Interior Revealed

The New Doctor Who TARDIS Interior Revealed

We’ve been teased for the past several months that a lot of changes are on the way for Doctor Who. A new theme song arrangement, a new Christmas special, a new companion, a new outfit for Matt Smith, a new K-9 TV show called K-9 Gone Wild and on and on! But now, the new interior for the TARDIS has been revealed! It looks a little bleak, no? It’s unclear if this is a permanent redesign, or simply the state of the place since the Doctor has been down in the dumps in the wake of the Ponds’ departure.

What do you think?

Uncle Mikey
1. Uncle Mikey
I think it's really much too soon to be sure. We're seeing one angle with Matt Smith dead center of shot obscuring a fair chunk of it all. We get some sense of the style of the room, but not its scope. For example, at first glance it looks very small and claustrophobic, but a closer look reveals that the Doctor is standing on a platform (it's just not transparent any more) and there are railings leading downward in the background. Appropriately for the Doctor, I think there's much more here than immediately meets the eye.

I will say that, so far, I like the console itself. I never quite liked the jumbled-together junkyard of the previous two consoles.
Uncle Mikey
2. Jonathan Andrew Sheen
It's my favorite Console Room since the new series debuted in 2005. Finally, finally, a TARDIS that looks to me like a TARDIS! I still miss the dtaggered roundels, but this is close to what I like!
Uncle Mikey
3. John Fairley
Love it! I liked the expanded console room, but this is just so classic TARDIS. Gives me a nice warm feeling.
Uncle Mikey
4. LarryB
So what version is this now? How many TARDIS has there been so far? Looks kinda fancy to be broken you would think the Doctor would fix that stuck as a police box issue before he would do any redecorating. I Know the Doctor regenerates but the TARDIS? Glad to see its still bigger on the inside or is it?
F Shelley
5. FSS
I'll wait to see more of the console room before I judge.

i dkid like the new opening credit sequence of the first half of the season. The colors help, i think. The cloudy white time vortex made it look like the tardis was flying just ahead of someone's colonoscopy...
Bridget Smith
6. BridgetSmith
It's very...spacey. I'll wait and see.

On the other hand, the Doctor's new watchchain is the best thing ever.
Uncle Mikey
7. Admiral Sir John
I like it! Definitely looks more like what the classic TARDIS control room looked like, with a modern twist. I always wondered why all of the controls had to be on the one console, but I guess they don't have to be, after all...
Ay-leen the Peacemaker
8. Ay-leen_the_Peacemaker
Can anyone tell if Matt Smith is sporting John Smith/Tenth Doctor's watch fob there? Because if so-- that's is awesome!
Uncle Mikey
9. Kudzu
Love it! I was getting tired of the junkyard shop consoles. I never really liked 8ths, 9ths and 10ths and thought that I could probably live with the updated 11ths (the one with the mezzanine and sub-floor). But if they move more towards sci-fi and away from organic/steampunk the better.
Jeremy Goff
10. JeremyM
At first glance I didn't really like it, but after really looking at I think I like this a little more. I only started watching the show a couple of years ago so the jumbled up console is all I'm used to. This one is definitely cleaner and looks more spaceship like. As for the Doctors new style I am really digging it. Especially the pocket watch and chain. As an aside did you know that they put some classic Who episodes up on Netflix recently? I just started watching some of them and they are awesome. Cheesy. But awesome.
Uncle Mikey
11. JamesPadraicR
Has the Doctor gone on a cleaning jag?
The console looks rather old school, which I like. But I liked the previous ones too--well, not the one in "The Five Doctors" .
I've always been partial to the secondary console room from "Masque of Mandragora".
Uncle Mikey
12. Rancho Unicorno
@10 - They've been up for a while. This is just their attempt to gather them into one series (like they have for other TV shows). I just wish they had compiled the new and old together - it would have given classic Who much more exposure.

As for the new control r0om - I do like the design that harkens back towards the original control room. I would have been even happier if they did away with the second level. After all, this is just the control room - storage and such should be in storage rooms. It isn't like there a shortage of closet space, is there? Well, that and there seems to be an excess of trim...
Uncle Mikey
13. Cecilia ML
um, no. All the colors in the room are blue-green, but Smith himself has warm yellowish lighting. It's okay for time to be all timey-wimey, but not okay for the interior lighting to be all clashy-washy.
Alan Brown
14. AlanBrown
Having gotten on board with the new series, to me, the steampunkish, junkyard castoff Tardis is my Tardis. This one looks so neat and clean and...Ikea.
I'm not sure about the lighting, but I think the new Tardis clashes with the steampunkish, junkyard castoff personality of the 11th Doctor.
Matt Stoumbaugh
15. LazerWulf
Matt Smith does indeed look very stylish, but I'll admit I'm going to miss the tweed. At least he still has the bowtie, even if it doesn't stand out as much as the red or blue.

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