Dec 11 2012 1:30pm

Get Paul Cornell’s New Story “The Ghosts of Christmas” Early!

Get Paul Cornell’s New Story ’The Ghosts of Christmas’ Early!Is it us or is it just not Christmas unless there’s a bit of darkness to beat back? (It might just be us. Not a lot of light down here in the blog mines.) Every year, Tor.com commissions a new original Christmas story to help beat back, or perhaps add to, said darkness. This year we’ve got a great new Xmas tale, “The Ghosts of Christmas,” from Paul Cornell (Saucer Country, London Falling, Doctor Who) with wonderful, creepy art by Scott Bakal.

The world shall know the pleasure of this new original story as the holiday approaches, but as a thank you to those of you on the Tor.com mailing list, we’re sending it to you early! This Saturday, the 15th, to be exact.

Thanks for sticking with us! If you’re not on the mailing list, it’s easy and free to register


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