Dec 3 2012 10:50am

First Star Trek Into Darkness Poster Features the Wrath of Cumberbatch

First Star Trek Into Darkness Poster Features the Wrath of CumberbatchParamount Pictures just released the first teaser poster for Star Trek Into Darkness, and it is really ominous. Presumably, we’re looking at the back of Benedict Cumberbatch’s still unnamed villain as he surveys the destruction he’s inflicted on Earth. Wow. Who is this guy?

Despite the very Dark Knight Rises-vibe to the poster, we think it looks massively cool. What do you think?

[News via EW]

Michael Grosberg
1. Michael_GR
Is this London in the background? One of the buildings is London's famous "Gherkin". It could just be some artist populating a cityscape with random futuristic looking buildings, of course.
Other than that, the lack of originality and similarity to the dark knight (not just the poster - the name as well) is disappointing. It certainly doesn't scream "space adventure" which is what you go to a Star Trek mvie for.
2. mstanley
I don't know. I am mostly enjoying JJ's reboot, but this poster looks like one of the countless (and seemingly endless) generic super hero movies comin out every month these days. I do like the Starfleet "shield" trick with it, though.
3. Uncle Mikey
Abrams and his creative team probably have absolutely nothing to do with the poster's creation. Details like that are usually handled by people who barely talk to the actual creative team for the movie, which is why movie posters are so often generic and, when not, often turn out to have little to do with the actual movie.

The same is true for book jackets.
4. Tumas-Muscat
@1: I think it's indeed London we're seeing here. There are also the London Eye and St. Paul's Cathedral among the more futuristic buildings.

This fact alone just makes me that little bit more curious about the film now. Star Trek in London, who would have imagined it possible?
Lee VanDyke
5. Cloric
@4 Well, the Federation capitol and HQ are in Paris. It's only StarFleet that is located in San Fran.
6. wiredog
The Mass Effect 3 version.
7. Syllabus
*chants* Section31Section31Section31...

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