Dec 27 2012 4:30pm

The First Four Minutes of Warm Bodies is a Sad, Funny Short Film About When Zombies Win

The First Four Minutes of Warm Bodies is a Sad, Funny Short Film About When Zombies Win

Warm Bodies, the latest supernatural YA romance, has already exceeded our expectations with its first trailers: Rather than just be zombie Twilight, it looks to be a snarky, self-aware tale about an undead boy named R. who falls for a human girl and starts to revert back to his non-flesh-eating self. That’s due in large part to star Nicholas Hoult’s wry narration, which we get to see more of now that Summit Entertainment has released the first four minutes of the film.

In some ways, this footage covers the same bases as the trailers, but here it’s a self-contained sequence that acts almost like a short film. R. takes us through an airport filled with shambling undead, who were ostensibly turned while on their way to visit families for the holidays. His musings over what each of their lives were like before they got bitten is even more bittersweet because it doesn’t matter who they used to be. In this universe, being a zombie is the norm now.

Warm Bodies is similar to the 2009 film Daybreakers, except in that movie the human race had evolved into vampires instead of zombies. They were also a lot more grim about their situation, whereas R. can still have a sense of humor about the whole thing. In both movies, you see that there’s a hierarchy between the functioning undead and those who have completely devolved. The previous Warm Bodies trailers gave us a look at the “Bonies,” but only now do we learn how these guys actually become literal skeletons. (Warning: It’s not pretty.)

Warm Bodies comes to theaters February 1, 2013.

Irene Gallo
2. Irene
This is the firts zombie movie I’ve looked forward to in a long while.
3. laotsekung
zombie existentialism. love it!
4. ChrisB
If it's as good as the book, should be a good movie.
Natalie Zutter
5. nataliezutter
@Irene - I know, right? Really psyched for this.

@ChrisB - Would you recommend reading the book first?
6. Kevin B.
Ew. Zombie romance? He's a zombie. He's dead and decomposing and stuff. What if ... y'know ... pieces come off and stuff ... Just ew.

That said, that clip actually looked interesting.
Marcus W
7. toryx
My first thought was revulsion at the general concept of the film. After seeing the preview before The Hobbit, however, I've felt the first inklings of interest. It looks like there's a lot more to the film than zombie lust, thankfully.
8. Bryan Rasmussen
". He's dead and decomposing and stuff. What if ... y'know ... pieces come off and stuff ... Just ew."

Well that would really depend if he were a supernaturally caused zombie or naturally caused (radiation etc.)
28 days later zombies not being actual zombies are not decomposing.
This video of course seems to assume that he is decomposing but it could be that decomposition of his type of zombie is a mental thing - after all despite being dead he has an internal being, maybe you decompose when you start to lose that.
Natalie Zutter
9. nataliezutter
I haven't read the book, but my assumption from watching the trailers is that he's a biological zombie who's definitely decomposing. But falling for the human girl actually starts reversing his zombie-ism, kickstarting his heart and (as you can see in other videos) bringing color back to his face.

Now, I'll be curious to see if this cause is because of pheromones and such, or if we're meant to suspend our disbelief. (You know, beyond already suspending it for watching a zombie movie in the first place.)

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