Dec 24 2012 10:00am

Download the First Part of Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World for Free

Download the First Part of Robert Jordan’s The Eye of the World for Free

Those of you who saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey may recognize the below ad for The Wheel of Time. It aired before the movie in over 30 cities and offered a free download of the first portion of The Eye of the World, the first book in the soon-to-be-completed series.

Now you too can watch the ad and download the first 282 pages of the book! Check it out below or get straight to downloading here.

1. Tamyrlin79
I did see The Hobbit, but this was not a commercial at my theatre. As a huge WoT fan, I would definitely remember that. Not that this commercial is really targeted at me, since I have every published book (AMoL pre-ordered) and have read TEOTW a zillion times it seems at this point.
2. Dlawman
Does anyone know when A Memory of Light will be offered in E-book form?
3. Isaac Sims
@Dlawman: march-April 2013:(
Scott Silver
4. hihosilver28
Bummer, I was hoping the commercial would be a little better than that. I guess it conveys what it needs to those who haven't read the series, but it still felt a little stale to me.
darren vickers
5. darvick
I can't see the video, I also have all the books and I found a 1994 edition of the first 18 chapters that was given away free to get people to start the series. It only has 274 pages though. I just wanted it for my collection.

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