Dec 21 2012 2:07pm

A Peek at Neil Gaiman and Adam Rex’s Chu’s Day

A peek at Neil Gaiman and Adam Rex’s new picture book Chu’s Day

HarperCollins is showing a sneak preview of Neil Gaiman and Adam Rex’s picture book collaboration, Chu’s Day, about a little panda with a big sneeze. The book was inspired by Gaiman’s trip to China, during which he had the unique experience of having a panda sit on his lap.

Gaiman says, “Chu’s Day is the first book I’ve ever written for really little kids. Ones who cannot read. Ones who can only just walk. Those ones. I hope that they like it, or at least, that they love Adam Rex’s amazing illustrations.” (Gaiman sneezing lessons here.)

Adam Rex is an amazing illustrator, and author, and just about one of the funniest and creative person I know. His novel The True Meaning of Smekday is being adapted into a Dreamworks animated movie, under the title Happy Smekday.

Chu’s Day will be out January 8th. Take a look inside the book!

Alan Brown
1. AlanBrown
I'm not sure about this one. After all, if you've read one panda book, Chu have read them all...
2. RobertX
Wah wah waaaaaaaaaaaaaah
4. BumbleBob
My son would love this on his wall. Can't wait to see where Neil tours this year.
5. Pam Scott
This would be great to frame it and hang it on our school's library wall.

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