Nov 9 2012 12:45pm

Watch the Full Trailer for World War Z

Watch the Full Trailer for World War Z

The first full trailer for World War Z has hit the internet and... it looks nothing like what is depicted in the book.

Take a look below and judge for yourself, but from this trailer it appears that the documentary/Studs-Terkel style that served Max Brooks’ World War Z so well has been completely abandoned in favor of a by-the-numbers-rah-rah action film.

Alex Bledsoe
1. alexbledsoe
Yawn. Which I know, sounds cynical and jaded, but when that much money (and Brad Pitt) are thrown at something, the first things to go are anything interesting and/or original.
2. Kirshy
Well at least this trailer gives a bit more insight into what they are adapting from the book. Looks like they are choosing to focus on one character to tell the story of the actual war, where the book focused on several different characters survival stories post war and then dealt with the clean up effort.

I'm curious what, if anything, they will take from the book given that this trailor looks like a Brad Pitt saves the world movie. Fingers crossed that it will be good.
3. PopCulture girl
I was very disappointed by the trailer. I loved the documentary style of the book with the various narrators. I'm sorry that Hollywood decided to go with the action/thriller focus on the Megastar approach.
Angela Korra'ti
4. annathepiper
Well, bah. My initial reaction is disappointment, too. :( I'll perk up if we see some evidence that at least something of the book survives into the movie, otherwise the whole point of calling it World War Z will IMHO be lost. I do have to wonder who Pitt's supposed to be playing, too, since the trailer gives no sign of that.
5. Lewonton
alexbledsoe... yaa. you are jaded, a movie is only to entertain, at least once, nothing more, watched the trailer twice..... still don't, no it can't be...another zombe movie, dead before it starts?
Bethany Pratt
6. LiC
Given the reports that they had to reshoot a large portion of this film, I imagine the "documentary style" didn't work.

I think I'd like the premise better of it weren't zombies, and I do hope the whole escape from NY sequence takes less than 30 min. Don't need most of the film to be about Brad running around with his family.
Daniel Hoagland
7. danielrixy
cgi zombies look like the goofy monsters from "i am legend" instead of real living corpses. zombies in the book didn't run and that made their unstoppability more terrifying, not less.
8. C_Ivan_Bickett
Since they're calling this World War Z I thought it was going to be an adaptation of the book... which apparently it is not going to be. So that's a little disappointing.

However, for those of you've that've seen any of the Bourne movies / read the books (Bourne Identity, etc), we can only hope that this movie will be like those movies compared to the books, very good, but not very much like the books. I loved the Bourne movies, actually bought all of them, and I loved the books, but sometimes I think the only similarities are the titles, the name of the main character, and the fact that Bourne is a bad, bad man.

Here's hoping...
Brandon Daggerhart
9. TankSpill
Wait, so what does this movie have to do with the book, other than having zombies in it? (and not even the right kind of zombies)
Shoshana Kessock
10. ShoshanaK
Those are not zombies, they're undead Road Runners. They are WAY too fast.
Peter Tijger
11. Peter-Tijger
First...I haven't read the book, so I can't make comparisons or lack thereof. And I'm glad I can't. Because I like what I see. And I would have hated a documentary style movie.

I'm reading Boneshaker by Cherie Priest and seeing these "waves" of zombies I immediately think of Boneshaker...exactly like it's described there.
Sean Pratz
12. Galoot
Haven't read the book. I'll do that after watching this (which looks like a decent scary movie) so I can enjoy both without preconceptions.
13. a1ay
Those are not zombies, they're undead Road Runners.

Now that is a film I would pay to watch. Plenty of gadgets from the Acme Corporation (which is obviously an outsourced supplier to MI6's Q Branch) and unstoppable, super-fast flesh-eating monsters.
14. jannisar
looks like that IS the movie you are going to watch. they are so fast they may as well be the rabid-based virus zombies from 28 whatever later instead of the zombies described in the book. oh well.

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