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Announcing The Dresden Files Reread on!

Announcing The Dresden Files Reread on!

On November 27th, the fourteenth book of Jim Butcher's long-running urban fantasy series The Dresden Files, Cold Days, will be released. In honor of this, is kicking off a reread of the whole series, starting with the first novel, Storm Front.

The series chronicles the adventures of Harry Dresden, a wizard and private investigator based out of Chicago. When the things that go bump in the night threaten the people of the city, Harry steps in. As you can imagine, quite a bit happens over the course of fourteen books, and we aim to cover it all.

Each Monday I’ll take a look at a book in the series, chronicling Harry Dresden’s cases all the way up to Cold Days. Be aware that the posts will contain spoilers for all books up to and including the book of the week.

If you’re new to the series, I’d love it if you read along. If you’re an old fan, I’d love it if you came along for the ride. Because, Hell’s belles, it’s quite the ride.

First up, Storm Front, where Harry investigates a grisly murder and searches for a missing magician.

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Jack Flynn
1. JackofMidworld
Very cool. I read the first seven books (my wife has a big collected set) but I never managed to get around to buying the ones after. Looks like now I have even more incentive to pick them up again!
5. Jonno
Just re-reading ghost story in preparation, love this series got all 14 ( including side jobs) bring on the coldness!!
6. Footinmouth
I'm the douche who is going to point out that it's "Hells Bells" not "Hells Belles"...
7. Jennifer Jackson
WE CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Unit62
Already finished my re-read!!! So excited for the new book.
9. sissy3463
I have already re-read the whole series in the last two weeks, and have time to read them again before Thanksgiving. sigh.
Shane Alonso
10. turtlesong
finally! i have a reason for my eleventy-billionth reread of the dresden files! thank you so very much.
11. TomT
Oh good. I've been looking for an excuse to buy the series as ebooks. :D
Shelly wb
12. shellywb
Yay! I re-read the series before Ghost Story came out, and can't wait to read a long with you to lead up to Cold Days.
13. DFern
So ready for Book 14. I will re-read also and join you! Jim Butcher will be in Seattle on release day and I will so be there with my new book in hand. Can't wait!!!
lake sidey
14. lakesidey
This is a bad idea. No, really. It means I am finally going to have to read this series. Where am I going to find the time? Huh?

Grumble mumble.

Oh well. At least it will be fun, I suppose :) Bring it on!

15. Renay Marsh
Love this series and looking forward to yours. :)
16. Sonja George
oh soo awsome i've been a fan since bk 1 chapter 1
17. Ann M. Lynn
This is a fantastic idea. I've already stared re-reading the series in preparation for COLD DAYS, and I was amazed to discover that the novels are even better the second time around. Butcher is a master of plotting. For anyone who doesn't have time to re-read all thirteen novels immediately, this blog series might be a good reminder of The Dresden Files to date.

I'm simply thrilled at the attention these books are getting. The Dresden Files is my favorite seies of any genre.
18. Loveseals
Re-reading them all my self in preparation for the new book!
19. Truthowl
@footinmouth Since you called yourself a douche and named yourself such, guessing you probably already know this. Which is probably why they chose belles over bells, because most of Harry's problems come from ladies in distress.
I found the series a year or two ago on Netflix. Loved it, and hated that they ended it there. so I search for the books. Absolutely loved them. Looking forward to the next.
Jack Flynn
20. JackofMidworld
Truthowl - I watched the show on the 'flix and then read the books we had in the house. Totally agree!
21. deoren
Anyone know where DRM-Free ebooks of the series can be purchased? I bought several paperback books and checked out the rest from a local library.

I'd love to own the entire series in epub format.
22. Josh Wilhoyte
I own two sets already, going for the third. Love this dude.
Nicole Senter
23. joyskully
It's about time we get more Harry! So excited! And yes, I know he comes out with the books pretty regularly, I just am impatient.

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