Nov 6 2012 7:40pm

Happy Election Day

To our readers in the U.S., Happy Election Day from Tor.com Central! 

Bruce Arthurs
1. bruce-arthurs
The Flatiron Building has its own death ray? Cool!
Steven Halter
2. stevenhalter
Or is that the ever vigilant eye of Stubby keeping on top of any election shenanigans?
Alan Brown
4. AlanBrown
So far, regardless of party, it is more of a 'white knuckle' election night. Will it be happy? As the pundits say, it's too close to call!
James Davis Nicoll
5. James Davis Nicoll
It wasn't too close to call for Nate Silver.
James Whitehead
6. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
@5James Davis Nicoll, that's what a friend of mine said but as I don't listen to him I was part of the 'white knuckle brigade.' Did help that I switched over to PBS for more commentary & less speculation.

Now that the results are in how about 'we, the people' demand that our political representatives remember how to work together again & that compromise isn't a bad word?


PS - Bat signal? I was thinking Eye of Sauron. ;-)
James Davis Nicoll
7. James Davis Nicoll
My exgf is a big elections night fan (even though this one was just an American election and doesn't really count) so we watched CNN. What I learned from CNN is that apparently the coal industry can afford a lot of ads. Also that CNN really is uncomfortable with presenting elections in any way that will reduce tension over the outcome and so encourage the viewers to switch over to Time Team.

I am inestimably pleased that Elections Ontario hired me for the election last year and the by-election in October and thus enabled me to preface any critique I have of the US way of doing things with "as an Elections Ontario Official". I'll just skip over the part where I was just an information officer, which is basically the doorman of elections in Canada.

Seriously, though, speaking as an Elections Ontario official we managed to handle a by-election in the same week where 60,000 potential voters moved into the riding with a lot less fuss than many polling stations managed down there. On the plus side, at least people in the US were interested in voting.
James Davis Nicoll
8. James Davis Nicoll
I was going to link to the archives for Time Team (a British reality archaeology show, with the actor who played Baldrick on Black Adder as the layman to whom the ask you know bob speeches are directed; after twenty years doing the show, he's not much of an uninformed layman any more) but I cannot find it.

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