Nov 28 2012 4:40pm

First Clip from The Hobbit

It’s 41 seconds and it might be taken down soon! Watch it now below the cut.

Thomas Jeffries
1. thomstel
Ian and Martin are kinda fabulous. Not sure I'm going to be able to hold out for my Christmas-day viewing this time around.
Alan Brown
2. AlanBrown
I am beyond excited about this one. I love Martin Freeman, I loved the Hobbit, perhaps even more than Lord of the Rings, the movie adaptations have been very good so far. All the stars are in alignment. And it comes out before the solstice, so even if the Mayans were right, I'll still get to see this movie!
Sorcha O
3. sushisushi
I hope I wasn't the only one waiting for Gandalf to say 'stick them with the pointy end!'
Al C
4. Al C
@Sushisushi: I was just thinking the same thing! LOL
Al C
5. PhilJ
@Sushisushi @Al C: That makes 3 of us. :)
Alan Brown
6. AlanBrown
Ditto! If there is one line from GRR Martin that will be remembered, it is that one!
Adam Shaeffer
7. ashaef
Ahhhhhh! I shouldn't have watched that. Caffeine + innate excitement for the movie = heart racing a little faster than is safe ...
Al C
8. Evan H.
Ugh, that was horrible. So in one 30-second scene they've eliminated the character development of Bilbo choosing the blade for himself -- an important moment in the story as it's a step forward in his increasing willingness to embrace adventure -- and telegraphed both his discovery that it can help him in the tunnels, and the ethical choice he makes there, making Gandalf more the hero than Bilbo is.

Peter Jackson makes a very pretty movie but I hate the way he writes scripts. If I hadn't already promised my eleven-year-old to take him to see it, this clip would have convinced me not to bother.

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