Nov 29 2012 10:57am

Did Christopher Eccleston Just Reveal He’s Returning to Doctor Who?

Did Christopher Eccleston Just Reveal He’s Returning to Doctor Who?

On November 27th, Red Carpet News TV grabbed a quick red carpet video interview with Christopher Eccleston during the premiere screening for The Oranges on and... may have gotten Eccleston to inadvertently reveal that he’s returning for a Doctor Who 50th anniversary.

On whether he’d like to be involved in a 50th anniversary, Eccleston smiled and replied, “If I told you that I’d have to shoot you.”

He also says he has no idea what the show is up to and that it was so long ago that he doesn’t think about it. He’s complimentary towards Matt Smith’s stage work, as he hasn’t seen Matt as the Doctor on television.

While not an outright yes, Eccleston has never been shy about saying no outright to the possibility of a return, and a coy answer like the one he gives is certainly suggestive. (We confess to letting our hearts run away with us a little on this, too.)

Check out our recent tally, updated as of mid-November, of which Doctors would return for a reunion.

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2. Mouette
Nine, Nine, Nine Nine Nine. *bounce squee*

Are you my mummy?
Dr. Cox
3. Nicholas Winter
I'm expecting the last three incarnations of the Doctor and no more than that as the others really don't look like what they did when they were the Doctor. The only other way they could do it and include all existing Doctors is to either use video already existing or change canon to say each reboot splits the timeline and makes a new Ictr while the old one continues in a different timeline.
James Goetsch
4. Jedikalos
Please! He is my favorite doctor (and too soon gone)!
Dr. Cox
5. tigeraid
Nicholas: Five and Eight both still look basically the same.

You're right about the rest.
Dr. Cox
6. Difficat
Eccleston seems way too professional to even hint. I'm sure he's been asked that same question a million times in the last couple of years and knows the answer he wants to give.

As much as I loved him in the role of the Doctor, I can't imagine that Eccleston's return would be a good thing. The Ninth Doctor was seriously messed up, and the Eleventh Doctor has a totally different set of psychological problems. Seems like it would turn into a muddled bummer-fest, with a lot of shouting and both of them paralyzed with guilt.

The new Thor movie sounds intriguing, though.
Ursula L
7. Ursula
Hmm... He's been pretty clear (as noted) in the past that he doens't want to return. But I'm wondering if he'd be willing to tease about returning, if he was asked nicely? The people in charge of the show have changed. So even if he still doesn't want to return, the peole who made the job difficult for him are likely gone, which can do much to ease past injuries.

And I could totally see Moffat contacting as many past regulars on the show as he can, and asking them to tease if they are ever asked about returning for the anniversary.
Alan Brown
8. AlanBrown
Even if he didn't want to work with the Who production team again, I can imagine him coming back for the sake of the fans. Or at least, that is my wish. He was an excellent Who, and is a great actor.
Dr. Cox
9. SarahSa
oh my god if he comes back i will DIE! I miss nine so much, but if there is nine without rose...
I'm not sure i will be able to handle that.
Dr. Cox
10. emma charleston
i think christopher eccleston should come back as the doctor as he as onely been it for up to a year. i think he should stay because he hasnt shown that much charecter i think this because he made the wrong dessision of leaving. to me i think he will be as better as any other doctor so he could change it as the series have changed over the years. i
also think billie piper should come back as she is one of the best companions iv ever seen on doctor who on tv.

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