Nov 5 2012 6:15pm

Check Your Facts With this Handy Hellboy Timeline

Check Your Facts With this Handy Hellboy Timeline

In anticipation of the forthcoming new Hellboy comic Hellboy in Hell, Dark Horse Comics has put together a handy infographic listing the top 10 most important moments in Hellboy’s long and adventure-filled life. (Um, did you know he is the rightful ruler of Great Britain?) Take a look at the whole Hellboy Timeline here.

1. Seralphia
I'm sorry, but your link to the timeline only leads to the picture you used.
3. Nicholas Winter
If it's the timeline at the URL below, it's a piss poor timeline.
LJR Worrall
4. ljrworrall
Will there ever be a release of Hellboy 3 (the movie)? I loved the two first films and think that there is plenty of room to develop an excellent third film. Does anyone have news on anything from 'the powers that be'?
David Thomson
5. ZetaStriker
Last word was that Guillermo and Perlman were interested in it again after a charity event that had Perlman get made up as Hellboy to interact with a Make a Wish kid in character. They were both touched by it, and started taking Hellboy 3 again . . . but Guillermo also has Pacific Rim on his plate and just announced another new film with some of DC's horror themed/supernatural characters. It seems unlikely that it's anyone's priority right now.
LJR Worrall
6. ljrworrall
Thanks for the info ZetaStriker.

Maybe we need to set up a Facebook campaign page or something. I'd certainly sign up and join!

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