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Brian Lumley’s Necroscope Headed to the Big Screen?

Brian Lumley’s Necroscope Headed to the Big Screen?Special effects make-up artist and Face Off judge Glenn Hetrick will be writing and directing a movie adaptation of Brian Lumley’s long-running supernatural horror adventure series Necroscope. Hetrick let the information slip during the recent season finale of the SyFy original show.

The Necroscope series began in 1986 and follows Harry Keogh, a man who discovers he can speak to, and learn skills from, the dead. This puts him up against an ancient race of vampires who seek that knowledge for their own resurgence and domination. No other information has been announced regarding an adaptation of the series.

Jack Flynn
1. JackofMidworld
I remember reading some of these books when they first came out. At the risk of SPOILERS, I really liked how it started but when they started SERIOUSLY, SPOILERS IF YOU PLAN ON READING THEM YOU SHOULD STOP NOW traveling to, what was it, other planets? other dimensions? Either way, I ended up losing interest a couple of books into that storyline.

Come to think of it, maybe it's just a me-Lumley thing. I loved the first two Titus Crow books but fell out of that series, too. Maybe I should try again.
Dan Sparks
2. RedHanded
@ 1 I completely agree, I think it was like the first 4 or 5 books that were good. I think I've read the first book about 10 times and recommend it highly to anyone looking for a good book about a nerdy kid who ends up throwing down some whoop ass. Oh and he's not Harry Potter.
Peter Tijger
3. Peter-Tijger
Oh man, finally !!!

Only one has to be really awesome! If not, then I will be p*ssed.
It's unbelievable we had to wait this long for a movie, but ok, it's on its way.

And @1...I really liked when (SPOILERS DON'T READ ON IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW) Harry traveled to "the" other planet. That was totally awesome and injected new life in the series, it was well executed, great stuff. But ok, the first book was absolutely the best and so much more than just the horror book it's known for, quite a few other genres crept in.
Chuk Goodin
4. Chuk
Loved the first few, I should track down the later ones.
YouDont NeedToKnow
5. necrosage2005
In case you guys can't figure it out I'm a fan of the series and Lumley. I can't wait for this to come out and hope that they do the movie(s) well.

Keogh kicked ass long before Potter was even a thought.
Movie Buzz
6. Movie Buzz
Evolving Pictures Entertainment is Producing the Necroscope Motion Picture. Glenn Hetrick's Special Effects will make Necroscope a must see!
Movie Buzz
7. Elaine Hubbell
Loved the whole series, just hope they keep the story line true to the books. I'd love to see it become a franchise that follows Harry and sons to the end. Can't wait to see how the vampires will be portrayed especially the one's in the alternate dimension.
Movie Buzz
9. LeGioN0130
Love the books, hoping Glenn dies the stories Brian wrote and does not change them too much. I know there will be things I don't like I have read all of his books and l Iove them all. Would love to see any if them made into movies
Movie Buzz
10. eyenomoardanu

There was no other planet, it was starside, kind of a parallel dimension if you will. You are entitled to your opinions, however I personally, along with the vast majority of Necroscope fans absolutely LOVED the Vampire World trilogy.
Movie Buzz
11. Andromeda
It's about time!! I've been raving about this author since early 90's, when I was introduced to Necroscope series. He is my ALL TIME FAVORITE WRITER!!! He has an ingenious imaginative mind. I believe he ranks at the top with Stephen King. I would not be surprised if the "Physcomech" or his Titus Crow series to be in the next movie line-up. Enjoy Sci-Fi Fans you will not be disappointed!
Movie Buzz
12. Lovelyamante
I emailed brian like 8 years ago about a movie and have been waiting since then. I have read 8 of the books and love it.. I have been dying for the movie to come I believe it will beat alot of the current and past movies out I also think it would make a great tv series.
Movie Buzz
13. J-G
If anyone thinks a make-up artist can bring this project to fruition, they expect too much.
Until a proper script-writer has their vision accepted by a major studio this movie will never happen.
Everyone must be aware by now how long this film has gone un-realised, little spikes of interest over the years have proven to be false leads.

Sunside/Starside is an "other planet" different from Earth, in a parallel dimension as you should know.
@1 was being dismissive of the level of fantasy which stretched his belief too far to be enthralling to him.
Hope you don't mind me correcting your rapt post dismissing someones opinion over your own.
Movie Buzz
14. Khamarupa
Wow, I never felt the series lost its "mojo" as I went along. Sure, there are books I prefer over others, but the vampire world books are freakin' AMAZING! The sheer volume of Lumley's imagination and character building is so satisfying! And even later in the series, when he revisits Harry in his Lost Years, I immensely enjoyed those stories, too! If you haven't gotten that far, I highly recommend getting the whole series under your belt. You seriously cannot miss the lost years and some of the others in there are pure brilliance! The Necroscope universe is one of my very favorites to immerse myself in. And I seriously hope the films are done right! If they aren't disturbing, moving, invigorating, and powerfully fun, it just won't be Necroscope!
Movie Buzz
15. Terry C.
I have read and own the Necroscope books series since I was in high school. When it was first announced I lost my mind. I just hope it's true to the first book and the vampires, excuse me "wamphyre" are like I've always Imagined them.
Movie Buzz
16. Luke Ro
I am a huge fan and have enjoyed this series so much. I have the a few notable people on my Necroscope facebook fan page...including Glenn Hetrick himself. We are a great group of fans...join us 'Necroscope Fans'
Movie Buzz
17. Felicidades
I read these series of books when they were first published in the 1980's. Loved the first book where Harry realises he has a strange gift and puts it to work in counter espionage. The discovery of a portal to a dimension where vampires rule opens up a multitude of possibilties for the author. However, whilst the first few books captured me, I sort of lost interest along the way, due to Harry's death and number of books that began to mount up.
I did however love a later book where Brian Lumley returns to the human world and depicts a super werewolf waiting to be reborn from its crypt hidden in the Scottish mountains. I really recommend this one. It's a great read as a stand alone story. Can't wait to see the Necroscope movie and I hope it's directed as a sinister tale and not given the Marvel Comic treatment.... Please!!
Movie Buzz
18. Movie Man
Brian Lumley announed on his website that Evolving Pictures has bought-out the movie option for Necroscope. Go to or for more info.
Movie Buzz
19. Kelli Webster
I have always said that Necroscope would make an excellent movie, if someone would take a chance. I have read this series at least times and have purchased and passed it around to friends that I know would appreciate it for the excellent read that I couldn't put down. Thank you Thank you Thank you

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