Nov 30 2012 1:58pm

Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, and Tom Doherty Talk A Memory of Light!

A collaborative work involving many (including DragonMount’s Jason Denzel), take a look at this video where Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, Tom Doherty, Harriet McDougal discuss the Wheel of Time series, and it's upcoming conclusion, A Memory of Light!

It amazing to look at what this epic series has fostered. We're counting the days! (And we're sure you are too.)

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Ryan R
1. CorDarei
I like the 3dification of the book graphics
James Manly
2. jmanly
The video doesn’t appear to be working
Dutch Florence
3. Dutchflorence
Amazing. The Wheel of Time has been with me from the age of 12. Im now 32. Its the end of an era. Im looking forward to sharing it with my own kids now. I have to admit. I think I will make them wait like I did for the next installments!
Deana Whitney
4. Braid_Tug
Agree with CorDarei - like the covers and e-covers being 3D art in the video.

Part of me is starting to fear the end. Yes I want to read the book, but what if the end doesn't let us know what happens "after?"

Well, 18 years of waiting will be over either way. (started when book 4 was out)
5. Vambram
For over 20 years, I have been reading and re-reading The Wheel of Time. This is the greatest series of fiction novels EVER written, and although I am eagerly waiting for January 8th so that I may read, "A Memory of Light", I will also be a little sad to see the end of an era. The WoT has been a vital part of my life for three decades. No other fantasy novels will ever be better than Robert Jordan's series, The Wheel of Time.
6. Freelancer
Nice production work with the art.

While I agree with the comments, both within the video clip and in the thread, about the uniqueness of WoT as a long series, there have been other long series. Feist, Brooks, and to a lesser extent Salvatore and others have all written fairly long sets. Still, it would take another author twice the number of volumes to match the total page count of Jordan's masterpiece. Brandon's Stormlight Archive may make a run at that, but as much as I like his stories, there truly will never be another epic to match The Wheel of Time. The coordination of mythological, historical, cultural and political elements are as magical as the threads of the One Power. The sheer number of recognizable references drawn from those sources is incredible. It stands alone, incomparable, apart from all other works of fiction.

Brandon's stewardship over the conclusion of this epic has been outstanding, and he is entirely worthy of the marvelous boost to his own career which this opportunity has afforded him.

Also, it's amusing to see Pat Rothfuss pretending to be serious, even for a moment. I try to imagine what would have happened had he been asked to complete this series, and I have to stop before my head explodes.
Melissa Shumake
7. cherie_2137
@freelancer- i think, first off, that pat would probably not have said yes. but if he had, i don't know if we ever would have seen the conclusion, because he would be always worried that it wasn't good enough. and i say this with love, because i love pat's dedication to the kingkiller chronicles, and to worldbuilers, and to being a really awesome person. but, when he finally decided it was perfect, it would have been crazy good.

in other news, this video made me teary eyed.
8. Thaxll
The difference between Feist, Brooks, etc and Jordan is that the Wheel of Time series is one single story, like the Lord of the Rings is one single story, while Feist and brooks' series are a series of different stories set in the same world.

I believe that's what they were referring too. Not even GRRM is going to come near the massive lenght of WoT (assuming he's sticking to his 7 books outline)
9. trickster001
please please please address this video on youtube!! so eager to watch it but i does not work 8(

edit: dont know why it did not work normally but i managed to get it working using a FLV downloader. 8D SO CAN'T WAIT! 37 DAYS TO GO!!!!
Ron Garrison
10. Man-0-Manetheran
Harriet's remarks about Jordan's commitment to his fans and his desire to finish it for us left me in tears. Whatta guy.
JordanCon - April 19-21. BE THERE Re-Readers! Ms. Leigh is our Hostess!
Mark Krug
11. Zapho
I can't wait for this finale. I love the series and I know Brandon Sanderson is going to end it well.
Jennifer McBride
12. vegetathalas
I like Wheel of Time a lot...but one of the greatest achievements of modern literature? I don't know about that.
Michael Maxwell
13. pike747
@7. cherie_2137
I doubt you are alone in that. I am quite emotional right now.
14. J. Garvin
What makes this series so remarkable is the fact that it has traversed such a large gap in time and maintained a well written stories. How many authors could write a series this long and maintain the suspense, and character development. In that sense it is one of the greatest achievements of modern literature. Will it go down as Shakespear, Poe, probably not, but I bet in the Fantasy realm it will always be regarded as one of the greatest.
15. Kevin Tmac1965
I am sad at the ending and that we will not be able to continue the journey after the last battle planned by RJ
16. Len Goldstein
I remember meeting James (his real name James Oliver Rigney, Jr) at a signing party for 'The Dragon Reborn' and he told me there were going to be four more in the series. Little did I know the truth of what would become one of the most extraordinary fantasy sagas of today and Brandon Sanderson has been great of keeping the flavour his works alive. Only 'A Song of Ice and Fire' in my mind surpasses Jordan's epic.
17. Richard K
Middle of TOM on my umpteenth reread (and re-listen) but the first time going all the way through from New Spring (taking 3 months, since I do have a day job!) to be ready for Jan 8. As with each and every reread I have gleaned and/or re-remembered new details which have only served to further enrich the entire story. I met RJ a couple of times, including fairly early in the series and continue to be impressed by his broad knowledge (far more than is seen in his books) and have also met BS, a most worthly successor/completor. I have gotten 2 of my 3 stepsons as much into the series as I (and their girlfriends, too!). As with the Ages of the WOT world, it will be an ending, but not "the" ending. Just as I reread Tolkien every few years, I'm sure I will continue to do the same with WOT (although I am getting rather ancient and creaky now...don't know how many rereads I have left!)

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