Nov 5 2012 4:30pm

Happy Birthday, Armin Shimerman!

Happy birthday, Armin Shimerman! Here’s you as Quark on Regis & Kathy Lee, which is like a birthday present to your fans.

We've been saving this one up for just the right occasion. Back in 1993 to promote the debut of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Regis and Kathy Lee had “Quark” on, sort of in character, as a very special guest. Watch below and delight in how much Regis does not understand what Quark is. Also, be baffled as to why the Regis and Kathy people thought this was funny. Happy birthday Armin Shimerman! (We loved you in Buffy, too, sorry you got all ate up by the snake Mayor.)

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Gabe Diani
1. Gabe Diani
This video of Armin & Harry Groener ("Mayor Wilkins" from Buffy) is a more recent gift Armin has give to his fans.

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