Nov 26 2012 5:20pm

Announcing the A Memory of Light Tour

Announcing the Tour for A Memory of Light

We are very excited to reveal the upcoming tour schedule for the highly anticipated final book in the Wheel of Time saga: A Memory of Light. Author Brandon Sanderson will kick things off with a midnight signing in Utah on the evening of January 7th, joined by Wheel of Time editor and caretaker of the series, Harriet McDougal.

Check the tour dates below to see when A Memory of Light is riding into your town. Expect a few more dates to be added in the next few weeks, as well. Want to help out on a particular tour stop? Here's info on how to join the Memory Keepers.


2/1/13: Salt Lake City, UT
Weller Book Works @ 7pm

2/6/13: San Diego, CA
Mysterious Galaxy @ 7pm 

2/7/13: Los Angeles (Huntington Beach), CA
Barnes & Noble @7pm 

2/8/13: Sacramento (Citrus Heights), CA
Barnes & Noble @ 7pm 

2/9/13: San Francisco, CA
Borderlands @ 3pm 

2/11/13: Portland, OR
Powell’s (Beaverton store) @ 7pm

2/12/13: Seattle, WA
University Books @ 7pm (off-site; University Temple United Methodist Church)

Tickets are free with the purchase of A Memory of Light from University Book Store; otherwise tickets are $10.

2/14/13: Vancouver, Canada
Chapters Metrotown @ 7pm

2/15/13: Toronto, Canada
Bakka-Phoenix Books (off-site at the Lillian H. Smith Library) @ 7 pm

2/16/13: Milford, NH
The Toadstool Bookshop @ 2pm (off-site; The Amato Center for the Performing Arts)

2/18/13: Baltimore (Hanover), MD
 Books-A-Million @ 7pm (With Harriet McDougal and Michael Kramer and Kate Reading, longtime audiobook narrators of The Wheel of Time)

2/19/13: Philadelphia, PA
Free Library @ 7:30pm (With Harriet McDougal)

2/20/13: Raleigh, NC
Quail Ridge Books @ 7:30pm (With Harriet McDougal)

2/21/13: Atlanta, (Norcross), GA
Eagle Eye Books @ 7:15pm (off-site; Norcross Cultural Arts Center in conjunction with the Gwinnett County Library system) (With Harriet McDougal)

2/22/13: Birmingham, AL
Books-A-Million @ 7pm (With Harriet McDougal)

Alice Arneson
1. Wetlandernw
See you on the 12th! I'd love to hear how I can help out.
2. kailorien
I sincerely hope a Central Texas date will be added!!!
3. Runningbull
don't see the link for info on becoming a "memory keeper"; but I would love the opportunity to participate here in New England (opportunities to do so were limited on previous tours by births of daughters)
Ryan R
4. CorDarei
would be nice to see a TX stop :) hopefully it will be posted with the new updates.
5. DragonZim
7. keri bailey
Somewhere even remotely close to the dfw Area in Texas would be amazing. I know a ton of folks who would come!
8. Kristina Klis
Would love to see Texas or VA. And I don't see the Memory Keepers link either.
9. thelastgoodkiss
Like several other people have said, I sincerely hope that a stop in Texas is added! DFW would be best, but heck I'm willing to drive a while if necessary. (Seriously though, DFW, pretty please? Dallas loves you!)
10. Githraine
Woot Philly! great location too!
13. shadow_kun
NEW ZEALAND! would be awsome for fans of the series in new zealand and aussie to get a chance to meet brandon nand get signed copies instead of just the u.s
Taryn Barker
15. Taryntula
The Memory Keepers link is on the home page of right now, just click over there.
16. Linds
Yes! please come to Denver!
17. GunnerWalker
Need some Canadian dates!! Or at least North Dakota for us Winnipegers :p
Nathan Love
18. n8love
Me to Chicago: 516mi
Me to Birmingham: 521mi.
Me to Lexington: 554mi.
Me to Dayton: 554mi.
Me to Minneapolis: 601mi.

How about a stop in STL, KC, Springfield, Little Rock, Tulsa, or OKC? I can drive to those.
Luke M
19. lmelior
Blast! Nothing in Denver (yet), and of course I'll only be in OH until the 8th or I'd totally apply for Dayton on the 10th. Here's to hoping you hit Tattered Cover or one of our other awesome indie book stores around Denver.
20. Herb09
I will join the growing drumbeat for adding a Texas signing.
Kerwin Miller
21. tamyrlink
they have to come to dallas! they came for the 2 previous books, they have to come for the last! i want to have a signed copy of the last book!
Scott Silver
23. hihosilver28
It does do my heart well to see all the Denver love here. I was (am) seriously bummed that the past (several) tours have ignored Colorado. Aaand now this one too. I've been waiting to get books signed since The Way of Kings and Towers of Midnight. Dammit.
Peter Ahlstrom
22. PeterAhlstrom
Brandon will likely go to Texas for the Rithmatist book tour in May/June.
24. KnightOfChains
And of course there is nothing in Texas. It really sucks to be a fantasy fan in this state.
Ken Neth
25. neth
It's disappointing that AZ is being left out yet again. Any chances of other dates being added?
26. Shannon A.
As excited as I am to know that Bramdon will come down for his Rithmatist tour, it's not the same . A bunch of WOTer's gathered together, feeling out about the LAST friggen book. Harriet being there.. . Not the same.

I'll be at the Rithmatist signing, and excited to be there, wearing my Tower Guard shirt.
Peter Ahlstrom
27. PeterAhlstrom
Neth, Brandon will be at Phoenix Comicon in May.
28. CSherman
Hopeing for a stop in Arizona, id love a good opertunity to show off my shiny new Asha'man pins I got myself for X-mass ^_^
Ken Neth
29. neth
Thanks Peter - though that's one of the worst scheduled conventions around. No way I can get away even for a brief signing on a holiday weekend. Any chance of him coming any other time?
30. Wieds
Looks like I might need to take the day off on 2/18 just to be at the signing.. Oh well. :)
Nathan Love
31. n8love
Surely the university would want Brandon to visit Independence, MO at the very least.
Sara Khan
32. blind pilot
Yay for San Francisco! Love Borderlands too, it's a great bookstore. Just FYI, the wrong website was given for the bookstore though, the right one is Don't want people trying to get to the one in San Antonio!
33. cgreen1971c
Come to Book People in Austin! We have BBQ.
34. B.
Yay, NC! So excited! I should probably actually read WoT then... :)
35. hokietrax
Denver seconded!

Tattered Cover Bookstore maybe?
38. Yarmurd
Does anyone know which BAM the tour stops at in Brimingham, AL? There are three and the link only sends you to the general BAM page.
39. umpa
Birmingham:) here i come
40. Umpa
Yarmurd..pretty sure the Birmingham stop will be at the 459 location
Peter Ahlstrom
41. PeterAhlstrom
Neth, sorry about that. I don't think there are plans for a different AZ stop in 2013. There are just so many places that want Brandon to visit... The Rithmatist and Steelheart tours aren't fully scheduled yet, so there's hope, but those tours will be smaller than this one.
42. Yakov
Nothing in NYC? Well that's dissapointing. Guess I'll have to wait until JordanCon to get books signed then.
43. doggytexans8796
Come to Texas!!! We need some WOT love!
Douglas Freer
44. Futurewriter1120
I hope a stop is made for the DFW area so that I can sign up for the Memory Keepers, even though I'm still a new fan getting into TSR. It would be nice if Harriet showed up for all the dates, but what can you do.
michael gaston
45. Ashenladoka
Come on Tor...Hawaii in the winter time!!! Absolutely need to get over here! We have poke!
46. Julia Sedai
Wish there was a Canada (Vancouver) book signing! Guess I'll have to make a trip down to Seattle!
DA Ford
47. Ford75
Can we start tentatively planning a Vancouver signing on February 13th?
Alice Arneson
48. Wetlandernw
Julia @46 - I believe there IS a Vancouver signing, maybe 2/13? I think I read elsewhere that he's going to do 3 Canada (maybe all BC) signings right after Seattle, but they haven't got all the details firmed up yet. If I can figure out where I read that, I'll give you better info. Or Peter will.

ETA: Found it! on facebook, Brandon posted this:

Note that the A MEMORY OF LIGHT book tour should have three Canadian stops between February 12th and 16th, but details aren't finalized yet.

There you go. Pretty sure one of them is Vancouver.

ETA2: Per the Dragonmount Memory Keepers list, he goes from Seattle to Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto before heading down to New Hampshire.
William Carter
49. wcarter
Hugely not a fan of Atlanta (Why couldn't you come back to Chattanooga Brandon?), but it look's like I'll be making a drive there for the 21st.
50. Orayelle
I've been crossing my fingers to move away from Philly area……but I just changed my mind. Super excited!!
51. Ceph
:le-sigh: once again nothing in FL, i'll have to see if i can snag a couple of days off and either drive to ATL or fly up and visit family in NH.
Lee VanDyke
52. Cloric
I would love to see a stop within driving distance from me, either someplace in TX, or Kansas City, or I could probably even make St. Louis work. Skokie is just TOO far out for me, and that's the closest to Tulsa, OK.
53. ghenjei
NO NYC? come one, how else are we to see PNH and the rest of the TOR crew?
Bobby Stubbs
54. Valan
I will add my voice as well for those of us in DFW. Would love to see a stop in Dallas or Fort Worth for the aMoL tour.
55. Yarmurd
@umpa- thanks! Not from Birmingham so that helps!
Irene Gallo
59. Irene
Hey Guys, It's true we wont have Brandon or Harriet in NYC but I suspect we'll arrange some fun to be had regardless. We'll announce soon.
Jeff Schweer
60. JeffS.
Yay for a tour date in Seattle. The U bookstore is only a couple of miles from where I work. This is going to be Awesome.
62. consma3304
I can't believe there isn't a Texas date!!!!!! There aren't enough exclamation points to convey my distress. It's the LAST book and no Texas date. I reaaalllyyy hope it's one of the dates to be added. My sister and I have been planning the last book signing for years. YEARS.
63. JamieLondon
Will there be signings in Europe?
Sorcha O
64. sushisushi
N8love@18 Hey, at least you have a remote possibility to drive to a signing, from here to Chicago is 3,498 miles...

What's the chances of a European tour for this, Tor, given that it's the last book in the series?
Lisamarie LiGreci-Newton
66. Lisamarie
Aw, sad, no Madison, WI :(

I'll be very close to having a baby though, so who knows if I would be able to make it (otherwise we might try to make the Chicago/Roseveille signings!). But it would have been cool, since with my first child, I went to a Patrick Rothfuss signing about a week before my son was born. Was hoping I could keep up the tradition ;)
Deana Whitney
67. Braid_Tug
Adding a call for something in Texas. Sad that the odds of anything happening in Oklahoma are are so small. I feel bad for my home state.

Any of the other Texas people know if their will be a big party at any of the DFW bookstores?
68. realshemp
In my memory there has NEVER been a Wheel of Time signing in Texas. What does TOR have against us?
69. Eyeless621
Add me to the list of people here that want you to come to Denver!!!!
70. Lychordia
Denver!!!! Please come to Denver!!!!! :)
71. Freelancer
Whenever the illustrious Miss Butler submits her spoilerific review, I'm wondering if that thread, or a separately dedicated one, might be of use to congregate final questions about the series. I know that the "big" questions will all have been answered, but there's no way that this crowd will be satisfied with whatever Team Jordan manages to cram into the final volume, and certainly dozens of questions will remain.

Even though none will any longer receive a RAFO, there are likely still some which would qualify for a MAFO. Hopefully few will continue to be considered out of bounds to be answered.

And, I just had an image of Brandon hanging up his shawl (Brown, of course); he won't have to act like an Aes Sedai anymore.
72. Ghenjei
@Irene Gallo- Thanks for the response! It would be really cool to do some type of NYC release-related event for AMoL.
73. Sorcha
So thrilled that there is a signing by my place! I hope he doesn't mind signing all of the books :)
74. Kriti
Any chance of a signing in MA or RI?
75. Vaynard
Would love to see a Texas stop added. Although anything midwest would be nice.
Jenny Reid
76. jenreidreads
We Nebraskans love Brandon! Surely he'll be coming here again for something soon??
77. EHawkmoor
Any chance for a stop in Central Florida?
78. NickWright
Again... No where near where I live... Why not near Cleveland? Sheesh... I have to drive 4 hours+ for this... :/
79. SarahH
Aww, I wish you'd add one to my side of Washington! Walla Walla! -hinthint-
81. jonbillarcher
You posted the wrong Chicago/Skokie location on here. On it shows it being at the 55 Old Orchard Center location. You have a link to the 5405 Touhy Ave location.

Glad I checked!
82. Jroskien
Please make a stop in Texas!! (preferably DFW)
Evan Langlinais
83. Skwid
As a former Storm Leader from the tGS tour stop in Dallas, I'm deeply saddened to see Texas dropped off the list entirely, particularly given the huge turnout the last two tours got here! And, no, a Rithmatist stop in Texas is definitely not the same, especially with WorldCon coming up in Texas next year! Just doesn't make sense, to me...
84. browneyedgirl67
would love for there to be a Texas date. Any chance of adding one?
86. GMalloy99
I'll echo the sentiment for a stop in NYC. Anything would be great.
87. BellaTuk
Florida, please?
kenny burns
88. kennyb6
Hi all, new on here and not sure how to start a new thread!!
I was wondering, has anyone read or seen the eye of the world graphic novels? what are they like?
89. BernieMargolis
No love for Texas.
90. mekishikoraptor
adding another plea for Texas.
it's the last book. pretty please come to the DFW area?
91. DarthRachel
This South Carolinian transplant to NYC is weeeeeping.
92. MartinCahn
Wondering how the off-site book signings work. For example, I'm in South Carolina and would like to go to Charleston on Jan. 12. The list says the event will take place at Barnes & Noble at 2 p.m., but that book signings (with Harriett) will be at the College of Charleston. Does that mean she'll be there at that time while Brandon's at the bookstore? Or that the book signing (with both of them?) will be after being at the store? Thanks a bunch!
93. Tony W
I WILL make the Birmingham stop. I can't miss out on this!
94. KRDM
I (insert # here)rd/nd Denver!
95. Torrwin
Any chance we can get one somewhere in the middle? Tulsa, Dallas, OKC, Houston, KC?
96. jensketch
Why choose Raleigh and not Charlotte? Raleigh has a small percentage of the population of Charlotte.

I know, they throw a dart at a map and pick the capital... instead of a great, bustling, alive city with an enourmous population and large fanbase.
97. Heather J.
Woohoo! I know where I'll be on 2/18, and I know what I'll be wearing - my Storm Leader t-shirt. :)
98. James E
Put me on the list for Denver as well! I've been very sad we're so close and been passed over the last few tours... It's such a short flight from SLC too!
99. Rob Lei
Please add a St. Louis, MO stop!
Sharon E.
100. Sulin
Please, please PLEASE add a TX stop in there! D:
101. Aerudaer
Don't go to Dallas / Fort Worth. Come to Houston instead!
102. gandalf23
North or Central Texas would be great!
103. AmandaP
See you in Raleigh!

Stoked! :)
104. Michael R C
Another vote for Denver. Really, the Tattered Cover provides a great venue and lots of people would show up.
105. Lewonton
Please SOUTH FLORIDA..... please!
106. seeker8955
Why don't you come to Texas? We buy your books here in Houston.
107. The Red Hand Gang UK
Any chance of a book signing tour in the UK following the release?
108. JGH
Any chance for Nashville, TN area? Maybe Cool Springs or Franklin, TN?
109. Malina
I am not surprised (since NO ONE ever comes here)...but it would be AMAZING if the tour came to Hawaii!!!! Think of all of nice weather during those cold months you could be having... :)
110. mrhumble1
So sad that I'm so close yet so far away. I live IN CHICAGO, but the signing is nowhere near the city.

People need to stop saying an event is in Chicago when it's a 30+ minute drive away. Also, MANY people here do not own cars.

All roads, trains, buses, etc lead into the city. PLEASE have these events downtown!!!
111. frodo2012
The Big Apple is sour grapes?
112. Craig C
Why no Dallas? I went to both of the Dallas signings for TGS and TOM and Dallas turned out for Brandon and Harriet. Lines all throughout the store, polite appreciative fans, and a warm Texas welcome. PLEASE COME TO DALLAS!
113. Wiggadewah
I agree with n8love. Somewhere near KC or St Louis would be nice!
114. E.S.O.E.N.
Gah... no Houston signing again... heck... no Texas at all this time? I wish I still had a Black Lotus lying around... I would give you one to do a signing in Houston!
115. Pearannoyed
Mark down one more vote for North Texas. Huge Jordan/Sanderson fan here north of Dallas.
116. momwrites
You have many friends in the Dallas area who would love to see you.icnAud For
Peter Moore
117. Salty
Add me to the list of people who want something here in NYC. It's the home of Tor after all!

118. Doppelganger
Florida is snubbed yet again. No love for the sunshine state!
119. Catherine V
Oh, Texas Texas, please (maybe DFW, but I'll drive)
120. Why no love for Texas?
4 stops in Cali and no love for Texas? Come to Austin PLEASE!!
121. Eric H
So happy the AMOL Tour is stopping in Charleston. Just down the street...well two hours down the street,and two days before my classes start back for the spring!
122. Andrew T
Please oh please add in the Harvard Coop in Cambridge, MA!! It's not nice to be left out on the last, best book of the series when you stopped there for the GS and ToM tour!!
123. fett11
Would love to see Grand Rapids Mi on this list. I mean it IS really close to Chicago :)
Thomas Jeffries
124. thomstel
OK, anyone been to the Dayton location before and know what they mean by the following:
(Line numbers beginning at 6 pm. Please show your books&co receipt for A Memory of Light to get a line number.)
I'm guessing that means that those who purchased the novel there can get a line number starting at 6PM, and then get preferred spots in the signing line, with everyone else coming after in a first-in-line fashion?
125. Mercy Ruiz
How about Miami? Can you please come down here for a book signing?
126. Gary dedicated
Denver would be great. My wife and I would be one of the many inline.
127. Earl is a fan!
Please add a Texas stop of some kind. I'll even go to Oklahoma City or there abouts if I need to. I would really prefer some sort of stop that is closer than an 11 or 15 hour drive just to see Brandon and Harriet. Thank you though for all the hard work that everyone at Tor and Brandon and Harriet (and their assistants) have done, We ALL really appreciate it!
129. Bill Klock
glad to see you're coming to Hanover, MD. that's about a half hour drive for me. thought I would have to drive to PA or further. so excited!
130. ridiculous
No stop in Texas?

If I can't get the final volume of this series signed then I won't be buying the book. I can just get a pirated version from the internet.
131. Latecomer
Another vote for NEW ZEALAND!

C'mon Brandon, you know you want to come visit Middle Earth :)
132. Heather M.
I'm going to throw in a request for Texas too. Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, all big cities with lots of books stores and lots of fans (though, I must point out that Ausitn is central, so it's the obvious choice >_>)! Here's hoping we get a date added!
133. QuickBen
One more vote for DFW. The Towers signing was awesome, but I can't believe we don't get a stop for the last book! :/
134. GlynnS
Please add one for DFW (dallas). The Rithmatist tour is nice, but the Memory of Light is what I would like to hear a reading of / get signed / etc..
Alice Arneson
135. Wetlandernw
I hate to disappoint y'all, but I don't think the scheduling of signing tours is a democratic process...
136. Ernest Colon

I may be able to attend the tour date at Philadelphia, but I am looking to see how does anyone get to do an early book review before the current release date of A Memory of light?

Alice Arneson
137. Wetlandernw
@136 - Various people, for various reasons, receive an ARC - Advance Reader's Copy. It's great because they get to read the whole story early; it's not so great, sometimes, because there are still changes made after the ARCs go out - often as a result errors found by those advance readers.

(We had a funny over on Jo Walton's reread of Patrick Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles - she was working from an ARC, while the rest of us were reading the published version. Aside from some wording changes that sometimes had a big impact on the discussion, there was one week where three ARC chapters had been combined into two for publication, and large chunks of text had been rearranged, eliminated, or added.)
138. J.D. Doyle
A small, local bookstore owner began my WoT adventure in ’95 when I was a rambunctious boy of 16.
Many life experiences later; I am 33, an author myself, and I have nothing but respect for Mr. Sanderson’s work.
I anxiously await ‘A memory of light’ for myself!
139. TroyG
Any Texas stops planned? Would love to see one in South Texas!
140. Kristina Farris
So after reading the above 139 comments, I actually counted and there are 40 (40!!!) people requesting a Texas stop. I've been reading these books since I was 11, and I'd gladly drive just about ANYWHERE in Texas. Even re-reading them for the 10th time, I still adore everything; I would love to have a chance to meet the people that have poured their heart and soul into making these extraordinary books.

Please come to Texas.
Peter Ahlstrom
141. PeterAhlstrom
Brandon going to Texas in May/June is almost certain. He'll be happy to sign your book then.
Deana Whitney
142. Braid_Tug
@ 141, Peter: So when can we expect the expanded list of tour dates?
I would love to sign up as a Storm Leader in Texas. I've never done it before!
Josh H
143. qrevolution
I have long since given up hope of attending any tour stops within less than a five/six hour drive from the middle of Iowa... the closest we ever get is northern Chicago in the middle of the workweek. Alas! Should be a nice one for those who can attend, though!
144. RachelLittle
Good to hear, Peter!
Rose K
145. Mellangell
@124. thomstel: I was at the Dayton Book & Co. for The Gathering Storm. You do have to purchase your book there (last time they said the same thing but allowed people who had made any purchase to get a ticket for the signing as long as they had a receipt for a purchase made that day), and they'll start handing out tickets at 6pm. I would advise getting there earlier than that, however.
146. Eddie Gillman
I realy enjoy your work and what you have continued with the wheel of time series. I think it would be great if you could include trip to Boise. I can't wait to get my copy and start reading A Memory of Light.
147. Linda Carol
Come to Savannah, GA or Hilton Head, SC when your near Charleston.
148. Shante Henry
Wichita KS needs to be put on here! There are TONS of fans in and around the area.
149. Micaela Furman
You should definately stop by Rexburg, Idaho! Any where else will take more conniving then my parents can endure!
150. NishantJ
First time queuer! Anyone have any tips about how early I should come for a 7pm release at Minneapolis? :D This is the best start to the New Year ever!
151. JasonH
How come there is no CT stop on the tour. On at least the last two books Mr. Jordan had a stop in Waterford, CT. Since Mr. Sanderson took over we have been shut out.
152. R.Shimanek
Please please please come to Oklahoma City!!!!!!

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