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A Read of Ice and Fire: A Storm of Swords, Part 7

A Read of Ice and Fire on A Storm of Swords, Part 7Welcome to A Read of Ice and Fire! Please join me as I read and react, for the very first time, to George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire.

Today’s entry is Part 7 of A Storm of Swords, in we cover Chapter 12 (“Tyrion”) and Chapter 13 (“Arya”).

Previous entries are located in the Index. The only spoilers in the post itself will be for the actual chapters covered and for the chapters previous to them. As for the comments, please note that the Read of Ice and Fire spoiler thread has been moved to a new thread here on Any spoileriffic discussion should go there, where I won’t see it. Non-spoiler comments go below, in the comments to the post itself.

And now, the post!


Chapter 12: Tyrion

What Happens
Tyrion waylays Varys in his surprisingly spartan bedchambers. Varys claims that his lack of contact with Tyrion since the battle is due to his delicate disposition, referring to Tyrion’s disfigurement. Tyrion asks if it’s true that Pycelle is being restored to the council, and Varys confirms that Tywin ensured it to prevent a Tyrell from being appointed in his place, revealing that he has eyes and ears among the archmaesters’ Conclave in Oldtown. He also tells Tyrion that Ser Boros Blount was reinstated to the Kingsguard, which Tyrion notes because Cersei stripped him of his title originally.

Varys goes on to surmise that Tyrion is after information on Ser Mandon Moore, since Bronn was looking into him. Varys says that Moore was a skilled warrior but was not much liked by anyone. Tyrion wonders if Varys knows more than he’s saying, but replies that he is here because he wants Varys to bring him Shae. Varys asks if that’s wise; Tyrion replies that it’s “bloody madness” but he wants to see her one more time before he sends her away. Varys agrees to arrange it, and they agree to have the tryst in Varys’s chambers.

They discuss who is watching Tyrion: Varys tells him the Kettleblacks report to Cersei, implying that Cersei is holding Osmund Kettleblack’s loyalty with the promise (if not actual delivery) of sexual favors, while Slynt’s sons and Petyr’s brothel contacts would also happily inform on Tyrion. Tyrion asks who his father has spying on him, and Varys laughs and replies that Varys himself has that job.

Tyrion goes to his rooms and bathes and grooms himself as best he can, then curses himself for dressing suspiciously richly and changes to more ordinary clothes. On the way back to Varys’s chambers he stops to speak with Ser Balon Swann and Ser Loras Tyrell, and asks Loras why he would join the Kingsguard at seventeen, giving up his title and lands and hope of marriage and children. Loras replies that it is not necessary for a third son to breed. Tyrion asks, what of love, and Loras replies that “When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.”

He arrives at Varys’s chambers to find Varys there, dressed as a woman, and Shae, not dressed at all. Varys leaves, and Shae pounces on Tyrion eagerly. After they have sex, Tyrion tries to tell her this is their last time together, and that she needs to leave the city for her own safety, but Shae does not listen, asking when she can have her jewels and silks back and entreating him to sneak her into the king’s wedding. She mentions in passing that the singer Symon had been hired to play for Lady Tanda and had seen her there.

Tyrion attempts to explain to her that it would not work, but she ignores that in favor of more sex, and then goes sullen when he still refuses. She says she understands, though, and makes him promise to keep her before she leaves. Tyrion curses himself for a fool, and goes back to his chambers and sends for Bronn. He is annoyed to hear that Bronn has been spending time at Chataya’s brothel with Alayaya, but pushes that aside to tell him to track down a singer called Symon Silver Tongue.

It’s funny how much more Shae worries me on Tyrion’s behalf than Varys does, when I know Varys isn’t to be trusted, as opposed to how I only suspect Shae isn’t. Or maybe it’s not strange at all, actually, because even if Shae is utterly sincere in her devotion to Tyrion, she could so very easily fuck everything straight to hell just through sheer obliviousness, and that is kind of terrifying.

And naturally Tyrion is not helping the obliviousness situation in the slightest. I mean, I get why he doesn’t want to tell Shae that his father has personally threatened to have her hanged, but it seems to me that if Shae is not sufficiently impressed with the potential danger of her situation she is going to end up doing something seriously rash. Like try to crash a wedding, for instance.

Wow, I really really hope she doesn’t try to crash the wedding, you guys.

Tyrion really, really needs to send her away—for her sake if nothing else. But it’s not exactly hard to see why he doesn’t. Love can addle the brains of even the most well-adjusted, happy people; I can’t imagine how much more precious even a twisted version of it must seem to someone who’s grown up like Tyrion has. Basically this chapter is Tyrion trying to convince himself to give up pretty much the one thing in his entire life that doesn’t unequivocally suck.

Should he have done it, sent her away? Absolutely. Am I surprised that he didn’t? Not even a little.

Sigh. This is going to end badly, isn’t it.

[Varys:] “Are you cross with me for abandoning you after the battle?”

[Tyrion:] “It made me think of you as one of my family.”

*wince* And this is Example #467 in a series of why I am totally not shocked that Tyrion can’t give Shae up. Holy crap but the Lannisters suck.

So Pycelle’s back, is he? Well, I’m sure that won’t cause Tyrion any problems at all. Nothing warms up a guy to you like throwing him in a dungeon, after all!

Not sure what to make of the character assessment of Mandon Moore, that he was “friendless,” that all he cared about was duty. Except that, I guess, that might have made it easier to get him to make the attempt on Tyrion’s life. I mean, presumably if all he cared about was duty, then all Cersei would have to do is say “kill my brother because I am the queen and I said so,” and he would do it, no questions asked. But for some reason I’m getting the impression that Varys’s reflections on him here are supposed to be leading me elsewhere than that conclusion. Unfortunately I have no idea where that elsewhere is supposed to be, so this is not particularly useful.

Am I supposed to know who Loras was in love with? I hope not, because I have no idea. Oh well. If it’s important it’ll no doubt come up again.

That said, I would be more—I don’t know, disapproving?—of his decision to join an order of celibate warrior monks at seventeen over a broken heart if I didn’t suspect that the Kingsguard’s vow of celibacy is more a guideline than a rule. Sort of like the Night Watch’s is. Or, I daresay, like the vows of celibacy of most organizations that have one. (Ooooh.)

“Symon says there’s to be seventy-seven courses and a hundred doves baked into a great pie,” Shae gushed. “When the crust’s opened, they’ll all burst out and fly.”

Okay, I know that this is a thing that they actually did back in the day, because nothing says “medieval cuisine” like random cruelty to animals, apparently, but still I am boggled at it. How do the birds not all kill each other while trapped in this pie? Or at least not end up with broken wings? And what deranged person thought this nonsense up in the first place? Jeez.


Chapter 13: Arya

What Happens
Arya and Hot Pie and Gendry have left the woods to grub for food in an abandoned garden by the river, and are thus caught in the open when they hear someone singing. They hide as best they can, but one of the horses whicker, and the singer begins talking with his two companions, loudly speculating that they should just shoot whatever was on the other side of the wall. Arya jumps up and shows her sword, and tells them to keep going or she will kill them. The archer laughs, and the singer tells her to put the sword down and they’ll take her someplace safe.

Gendry and Hot Pie come out and join her, and the singer asks where they stole their horses from. He introduces himself as Tom Sevenstrings, the archer as Anguy, and the third man, a soldier type, as Lem. Hot Pie tells them his real name, but Gendry calls himself the Bull, and Arya says they can call her Squab. Tom surmises they escaped from Lord Bolton’s kitchen, seeing the sigil on Arya’s tunic, and Hot Pie says they were at Harrenhal before Bolton came. Tom says that they’re “lion cubs,” then, but Arya says they are nobody’s men. She asks whose they are, and Anguy replies they’re King Robert’s men, but Arya thinks they look like outlaws. Hot Pie blurts that they are going to Riverrun, but Tom insists they come along to their “friends’” inn, and faced with Anguy’s sharpshooting, Arya realizes they have no choice.

On the way to the inn, Tom asks if anyone can sing, and Hot Pie sings the bear song with him; Arya is startled to discover that Hot Pie has an excellent singing voice. As they approach the inn, she sees it has a skiff tied up at its dock, and she and Gendry discuss the possibility of taking the boat to Riverrun. Gendry insists on staying behind to watch the horses, and Arya and Hot Pie go with the others to the inn, where a woman named Sharna bosses them all around and serves them rabbit and ale.

Tom, Anguy, Lem and Sharna’s husband bicker about horses he “gave away,” and he mutters that they were supposed to get them back, and insists he couldn’t have taken on the owners (a big woman and a man in chains) by himself. Tom tells Arya he wants to buy her horses for three gold dragons, but only has a paper I.O.U. for the coins, which he claims he will make good on after the war. Arya declares they are robbers, but Tom counters that they’re taking the horses “for the good of the realm.” Arya realizes she’s going to lose the horses regardless, and so demands the skiff as payment instead, which seems to amuse all of them.

Gendry bursts in with the news that a dozen soldiers are approaching, but Tom et al are unperturbed, and Sharna tells Arya there’s no cause to worry, as she is “with king’s men now.” Arya goes for her sword, and Lem grabs her wrist and twists it away from her. Panicked, she smashes a tankard in Lem’s face and tries to run, but he catches her again. Then the riders enter, and Arya sees to her shock that one of them is Harwin, Hullen’s son. She shouts his name, crying with relief, but Harwin doesn’t recognize her at first, until she speaks of how he used to lead her pony around the yard at Winterfell. Harwin demands that Lem let her go.

“She broke my nose.” Lem dumped her unceremoniously to the floor. “Who in seven hells is she supposed to be?”

“The Hand’s daughter.” Harwin went to one knee before her. “Arya Stark, of Winterfell.”


Well, okay then. How funny that Arya runs into the other half of the group Brienne and Jaime dealt with just previously, eh? Nicely done, that reveal; I began to suspect they were the same group when Tom mentioned his friends at the inn, and it was confirmed the moment they arrived and Arya saw the skiff outside, lately property of one warrior lady and her douchebag prisoner.

I still don’t have the faintest clue who the hell these people are, by the way, Harwin’s inclusion notwithstanding. In fact, he makes it more confusing, because if he was a Winterfell denizen, why isn’t he with a group that identifies themselves as “wolves,” as Robb’s men? What’s this nonsense about being loyal to the (unless I really missed something) decidedly dead King Robert? Are they actually full-on bandits, or is their banditry more an opportunism thing in between soldiering or whatever? And if the latter, who are they soldiering for?

(If they are really loyal to Robert, pointless as that might seem, it would be awfully interesting to see their reaction to finding out who Gendry is, wouldn’t it?)

Urg, am confused. And frustrated by that, because again Harwin notwithstanding, the answer to those questions has a pretty obvious bearing on whether Arya being revealed as a Stark just made her safer, or in even more danger than she was before.

I am campaigning for the former, in case you were curious. Because it would be super-great if Arya could have even, like, one day of not being in mortal peril. You know, just for a change of pace. We demand occasional variety in Arya’s peril level!

Randomly: Ha ha, Hot Pie knows the bear song! I don’t know why that’s kind of hilarious, but it is.

And… well, there’s not a great deal more to say about this chapter, so we’ll stop here. Have a lovely weekend, peoples, and I will see you next Friday!

David Goodhart
1. Davyd
OMG A Read!

Loras... Still nothing?

Hmm.. Arya is still awesome, though. Yes? Nose breaking and everything.

Also, I think Tyrion and Varys have the greatest convos. So much to read into, and lots of fun.
Don Barkauskas
2. bad_platypus
Cue the spoiler thread to explode in 3...2...1...
3. berthok
I was just as confused (with Harwin) when I read this. You're not alone!
Marty Beck
3. martytargaryen
Re. Loras....Leigh, please keep this one in your back pocket for later. I can't say if you should or should not know about whom he refers.
4. doves
re: doves, I assume it works similar to the doves in magic shows. They actually are quite comfortable stuffed into small spaces, then exit with aplomb when freed. One assumes that the crust and birds are added post-baking, otherwise not so good a show.

Um...I mean, *magic*...
Scott Silver
5. hihosilver28
@4. doves
"My illusions! You don't have time for my illusions!"
Vincent Lane
6. Aegnor

"Am I supposed to know who Loras was in love with?"

Hmm... you have definitely read enough information to figure it out (though I admit I hadn't when I first read this part) but based on your commentary on the chapters with hints it is not likely you'll figure it out yet. Based on his comment here about setting suns it is obviously someone who has died.
Deana Whitney
7. Braid_Tug
"King's Men" - well there are 3 kings running around right now. So their answer is still up in the air.
Let's hope Harwin is still loyal to Stark, therefore King Rob.

I'll try to remember to ask my friends that do medieval baking how the whole dove pie works. Is the recipe in the ASOFAI cookbook?
8. olethros
At what point can we just tell her, already? It's not like it's a spoiler anymore.
9. Black Dread
My memories between book and HBO are kind of clouded. I may have missed GRRM's hints if I had not watched the series.
Rob Munnelly
10. RobMRobM
Oh of these days we'll look back on this and laugh. Yes, like BT @2 above, the Spoiler thread is in my future.

Not much to say about Tyrion other than the chapter highlights the shaky nature of his current status in KL that Varys is one of his few apparent allies. Seven hells indeed.

Not really much to say about the Arya chapter either, other than that she is funny (Squab FTW!) and GRRM is amusing to set up that Brienne (looking for Stark girls) and Arya passed each other by a day or so. Regarding Harwin, Anguy, Tom, Lem and the rest of the gang, you'd have to look back to AGOT for possible connections. I can't/won't make them for you.
11. cisko
With Loras, I definitely didn't pick up the threads when reading it first time through. Eventually, I read about it in the wiki; it's obvious once you put the textual clues all in the same place. Leigh probably reads with more attention than I do, though, and is more likely to figure it out from later clues.

I came away from it all with a real appreciation for GRRM's adherence to his viewpoint characters. Loras' romantic life is just gossip or rumor to anyone whose head we enter, and so they don't pay much attention even when someone else talks about it. Tyrion, here, obviously doesn't really care, he's just asking out of idle curiousity (and has his mind on other things). So he spends no mental effort thinking it through. It's an impressive bit of back-door characteriztion.
12. Flaming Wombat
Leigh the clues pertaining to Loras are in the previous books but you are now so far removed because of your speed that it is hard to make the connections. You are really exceptional at piecing these things together so I think you will get it but it may not be for another book and by then this may not be as fresh.
Vincent Lane
13. Aegnor

I would say definitely not yet. There is one more major clue (the one that finally clued me in). If she doesn't get it then, I'd say yes. It's not really a major spoiler by any means, but I think it'd be best to let her try to figure it out for now.
Marcus W
14. toryx
This was actually the part where I finally figured out the truth about Loras but it really is tricky and probably a lot harder to understand when reading piecemeal.

The Arya chapter was one of the rare ones when I really wanted to skip ahead to the next Arya chapter just to find how whether she was in greater or lesser danger with her true parentage revealed.

Poor Tyrion.
15. Katedoken
It look me until my second or third read-through to realize who Loras' love was. Martin keeps it pretty subtle. There are a few more hints about it later on.
Vincent Lane
16. Aegnor
@15 Some people didn't figure it out until the HBO series, which was quite a bit more ways then one.
Peter Stone
17. Peter1742
Note that Anguy is the guy who won the archery competition at the Hand's tournament back in Game of Thrones, so his sharpshooting skill isn't that surprising. And the prize was 10,000 golden dragons. I'll let you draw your own conclusions as to why he can't give Arya the coins.

And this Arya chapter starts one of my favorite sequences in the series. I'm looking forward to Leigh's reactions to it.
18. Meraxes
The doves in a cake or a pie work thusly:

As all birds tend to do, doves get really quiet and mostly fall asleep when they are in small space with no light.
They dont kill each other because doves dont kill each other and birds rarely kill their own kind anyway.

The cake is ofcourse baked well before and the top lid is merely glued (with eggs and whatever) over added doves.

Carrying the cake arround, and into a big room full of noise, singing, yelling and other jolly perturbances wakes them up and scares them.
The lid is broken or removed, light poors onto the frightened doves.

the douchebag is the best character in the series, ill have you know.
Sydo Zandstra
19. Fiddler
Re: Loras

Leigh definately should not watch the HBO series yet.

I figured it out with the next clue, which was a blatant one...
Steven Halter
20. stevenhalter
Chapter 12:Tyrion -- Nice chat with Varys to get him to bring Shae. This seems unwise. Shae's conversation doesn't do anything to allay this--its going to end badly.

Chapter 13:Arya -- Yay Arya. Chilling opening line--immediately sent "Dead Man's Party" by Oingo Boingo in my mind -- "Goin' to a party where no one's still alive ." OK, now heigh - ho, heigh ho:Will there be dwarves soon? No, three guys. Ah, they have friends in the Inn--I think this is the same Inn that Jaime stayed at. This would make these three outlaws. They are claiming to be Roberts men--interesting choice. They don't seem bad per se, but we'll see. Ah, Arya reveals herself to Harwyn--who seems inclined to pay her respect. This seems good, but I can't see the good fortune lasting. But maybe they'll all just merrily head up to Riverrun (past bend of bay and swerve of shore)--probably not though.
Leigh--I hadn't thought of Gendry and who he is. If they are really Robert's men, then that could be useful also.
21. AndrewB

You opined: "Or maybe it’s not strange at all, actually, because even if Shae is utterly sincere in her devotion to Tyrion, she could so very easily fuck everything straight to hell just through sheer obliviousness, and that is kind of terrifying."

Was the pun intentional? Shae, of course, is a prostitute.

Thanks for reading my musings.
22. David B
Leigh - regarding who Loras is in love with: While it's interesting to know, and I'm going to attempt to white text this, even though I don't think it needs it, so far "it doesn't make a difference to the plot."

Whether you think it helps you understand the character is an entirely different matter.
23. Cass314
At this point in the series you have the information to know who Loras loved and to know who the people Arya ran into are and what king they follow and what they're up to. Clues for the former are scattered through AGoT and ACoK, the latter mostly just in AGoT. However, things won't be exactly spelled out for a while yet, so while the answer can be deciphered, you haven't actually been told.
24. MRCHalifax
In previous books, Martin had cliff hangers. He had chapters end with the reader going "You bastard! What happens next!" He had characters make offhand remarks that hinted at relationships between characters that the reader didn't get to see. All of those things were present in previous books, but this book really takes it up to 11. The first two books set up a ton of dominos, and this book sets them in motion, all falling down. Arya just ran into some dominos carefully placed midway through the first book and set in motion last chapter by Brienne and Jaime.

Were I you, Leigh, I'd be more concerned with Arya right now than with Tyrion and Shae. There's known dangers with Tyrion's plot line. With Arya's, who knows what will happen? It could range from a guided escort to her brother, to being ransomed off to the highest bidder, to being killed for being a Wolf. So, when I first reached the end of the Arya chapter, my response was "Martin, you bastard, what happens next?"
George Jong
25. IndependentGeorge
#18 - that's all well and good, but I'm still not eating anything that a bird was sitting on for that long. You know what common physiological reaction prey animals often have to being startled?

26. Tenesmus
The only thing I can say about Loras' love life is that at least one other prominent character was also in love with the same person.
Nathan Rice
27. quazar87
So Lea doesn't watch the show. I guess that makes sense, avoding spoilers and all.
28. Halibulu
@13 Aegnor

I'm pretty sure I stayed oblivious to it until I visited the forums over on westeros. Can you perchance clue me in (no pun intended) on where about the next "big clue" you mentioned appears? Would love to jump right to that and see how much of a dunce I was for previously missing it.
Rob Munnelly
29. RobMRobM
@13 and @28 - no doubt the answer should be over in the spoiler thread.
30. KingsGambit
As the read continues and more things from earlier books get forgotten, it becomes harder to figure out what's a spoiler and what's not.

Obviously, quoting the hints that lead to Loras' love are spoilers. That's drawing arrows to point at subtle hints.

As to why Harwin isn't in Kings Landing, though, that's less clear. That wasn't a subtle hint, but part of the story in book one. Therefore I wouldn't call it a spoiler to tell why Harwin left KL. I'd rather err on the side of caution, though. I'm sure it's in the read of book 1.

I think we know Archer as well, but again I'm not sure if that's a spoiler. He was a minor character anyway.

As for Tyrion, his chance to shine was in book 2, probably the only time in his life when he had any real power. He looks more like a piece then a player at the moment, but he's still one of the most fun characters to read.
31. Meraxes
#18 - that's all well and good, but I'm still not eating anything that a
bird was sitting on for that long. You know what common physiological
reaction prey animals often have to being startled?

- yeah. They tend to run away.
As for poo, well... there cant be any if the doves hadnt eaten anything sine the last time they didit.
32. zenspinner
The pie the pigeons came out of was a soltetie, a false bit of fancy food just for show...the pie that was eaten was a conventional pie, or probably lots of conventional pies. Or at least that's how they would have done it in our world - I assume the cooks weren't dumb in Westeros either. :)
33. Meraxes
The pigeons or doves never sit on the cake itself. They are put in the hole that is made in the middle. The cake is outside of it.
Janet Hopkins
34. JanDSedai
As for "Robert's men" finding out who Gendry is-- I don't believe Gendry knows himself, does he?
Mike DMonte
35. MickeyDee
@11: "It's an impressive bit of back-door characteriztion."

hahahahaha - I lurve puns.
Rob Munnelly
36. RobMRobM
@34 - nope. Arya doesn't know either. It will be interesting to see what happens if either they or someone else figures it out.
37. Methidextrosebicopsid
Well, the Loras identity and the reason why Harwin is there are actually pretty obvious at this point. Loras was figured out a while ago (ACoK) and Harwin should be blatant from AGoT.

I think Leigh just reads them too fast, and doesn't fully retain details that relate to aspects of the story that even calling them sub-plots would be generous.
George Jong
38. IndependentGeorge
"My illusions! You don't have time for my illusions!"

Bravo. I completely missed that comment until now. Arrested Development really does tie in perfectly with ASOIAF.
Vincent Lane
39. Aegnor

"Well, the Loras identity and the reason why Harwin is there are actually
pretty obvious at this point. Loras was figured out a while ago (ACoK)
and Harwin should be blatant from AGoT."

Calling the identity of Loras' love obvious is not accurate at all. It is obvious when you know. It is not, however, obvious if you don't. It may have been for you personally, and that is fine, but in general it is not obvious. This is evidenced by the reaction of some readers to that element in the HBO story.

And Harwin should be blatant? I just disagree. At least not yet.
Steven Halter
40. stevenhalter
On the Loras identity: I'm not saying anything concrete as I did watch that part of the HBO first season before I decided to be as uncontaminated as possible. I don't think that the text is at all clear.
As to Harwin, he was sent out (by Ned) to aid in dealing with Gregor, but how he went from that job to where he is, is certainly not clear to me.
Rob Munnelly
41. RobMRobM
SH v. 2 - you'll likely have a better sense re Harwin after the next relevant chapter. Re Loras, not clear but potentially discernible.
Sky Thibedeau
42. SkylarkThibedeau
I had no clue who Loras's mystery love was either until the HBO series. Reread ACOK and it was so obvious. DOH!.
Melanie DeJulis
43. Shonagon
I'm with Skylark re: Loras. IMO, the most obvious hint is still to come; I have no idea how I missed it on my first read, but somehow I did! I'm just glad I'm not the only one. :)

Re: Harwin, I think the only reason for confusion is that it's been many pages since the events took place which led to his current circumstance.
David Scotton
44. Kaxon
I thought the Loras thing was blindingly obvious in book 2, it never crossed my mind that it was a thing that could be missed. Until I saw the reaction to the show... ho boy.
George Jong
45. IndependentGeorge
I went through two re-reads (with the second re-read involving meticulous notes on which character belonged to which house, etc.), and still never picked up on Loras' love until I saw the HBO series. I facepalmed at how obvious it was in retrospect.
46. phuzz
When I first read this chapter, I thought that Loras (rollover for spoilerish comments) wasn't talking about being in love with a woman, but actually talking about King Renly. Not in a romantic way, but more like honoured/respected/devoted to as a member of his kingsguard.
We saw how upset he was when Renly was killed and his kingsguard couldn't prevent it. It's like being one of JFK's secret service bodyguards, forever wracked by guilt at the king he couldn't save.

You may now all laugh at my ignorance.
Lindy Brown
47. lbrown
The Kindle editions of G.R.R. Martin's books aren't available on Amazon anymore for US customers. They were before, I swear. I was planning to buy DWD on ebook because I'm almost done with FfC. I also wanted to buy Legends II so I could read the next Dunk and Egg Story on ebook and that is not available either in the U.S. I'm really bummed.
Deana Whitney
48. Braid_Tug
@ Everyone – is “50” going to be the “hunny” for this Read?
We almost never hit 100.

Edit: tried to white out for possible spoiler, could not get white out to work, just removed the comment.
Don Barkauskas
49. bad_platypus
Braid_Tug @48: The major difference between this and the WoT re-read is (of course) that spoilers are not allowed here. I guarantee you that if spoilers weren't allowed in the WoT re-read, we'd hardly ever hit 50 there, either. There's just too many opportunities in both series to look at "current events" in light of later developments, and not being able to do so severely curtails our ability to have discussions.

I'm frankly amazed at how well people have done about keeping spoilers out of these comments (after a bit of rough going early on). I expected a major blow-up by now, but by-and-large, things have gone really well. It really speaks to the community we've built here that we've done so well out of respect for Leigh and the other first-time readers.
50. that guy
@47 lbrown:

The Kindle books are still available on Amazon, not sure where you are looking.
Patti Ruby
51. wannabe-menolly
@47 lbrown - there was a problem with 'buy' links not being visible on Amazon at the end of last week, but they seem to be there now, so maybe try again?
Lindy Brown
52. lbrown
Thanks for the replies. I checked back a day or two later and saw that they were available again.
Tabby Alleman
53. Tabbyfl55
Some people didn't figure it out until the HBO series, which was quite a bit more ways then one.

I actually turned to the person I was watching the show with and said, "I'm pretty sure THAT wasn't in the books!"
54. Ratinox
I guess I was the only one reduced to tears at the relief that poor, trumatized girl found in a friendly face.
55. DougL
@54. Ratinox

Nope, well, I mean, I teared up, I didn't cry, I am a man.

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