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The Justice League Will Arrive in Theaters in 2015

The Justice League Will Arrive in Theaters in 2015

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Warner Bros. has officially scheduled a Justice League movie for summer of 2015, where it will go head to head against Avengers 2.

While huge Marvel and DC comic movie franchises can certainly co-exist in the same summer (see: The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers), squaring a superhero team-up movie against the follow-up to another surely raises an eyebrow, especially considering that Warner Bros. Superman reboot is entirely unproven, Christian Bale won't be participating, Green Lantern tanked, and Wonder Woman is non-existent. Then again, The Avengers was a risky bet even after Iron Man stuck its landing.

There's also this troubling, possibly entirely made-up, report of studio toadies fishing for ideas on a Justice League movie. Can DC and Warner Bros. harness the same creative excitement that Marvel has?

Dave Robinson
1. DaveRobinson
I don't see anything wrong with either tactic, build up or spin-off; either can work. As for going head to head, either one will cannibalize the other, or the synergy will help both movies.

Having said that, I think DC's choice reflects their very different position from Marvel. Marvel had to build up because they were using characters with a very low public profile. Hulk was the only one with any sort of public profile (and it had been shattered by bad movies) so they had to create the brand recognition first. DC is not in that situation. They can do a Justice League movie first because everyone already knows the trinity. When the audience's grandparents were dressing up as your characters as children, you don't need to build awareness the same way you do with characters most of the public doesn't know.

Avengers is a tough act to follow, though.
2. sabbx
Dave's right on the nail. Despite their missteps with GL, DC has the advantage of having the three most established super heroes in all super herodom right at their fingers. The fact they keep botching this no- brainer might lower confidence, but if they are serious about soliciting for ideas, they'll find something comparable to Avengers if they work with the right people.
3. Alain Ducharme
I think pushing a Justice League movie so fast is a mistake, and that it could very well end up looking like an Avengers rip-off to the general public. Superhero characters in a movie can't be defined by their powerset alone. They also need well-defined personalities. Apart from Batman and Superman, the various JL members can come across as bland, by-the-number superheroes without the proper build-up

Instead, I would rather see a Batman/Superman team-up movie. These two need no introduction, and play off naturally against each other (despite the very different power level).
Peter Tijger
4. Peter-Tijger
I was really psyched about this. A Justice league cool is that? And straight up against Avengers

As for the holy trinity...that's not exactly bulletproof I think. Maybe in the Unites States, but overseas....hmmmm, most of the time I see more Marvel minded people. And Batman is cool of course, especially after Nolan's movies. And of course everybody knows Superman, all over the world. The old movies are fondly remembered, but show them to a younger audience today and they'll just laugh at the stupidity of them. And the last movie didn't exactly help winning some credits back in the Superman department, quite the opposite. Wonder woman will get you a "Who?" over here with people unfamiliar with comics. Green lantern was not a success either. If they use Green arrow people will think "Hawkeye rip-off"....which is the other way around of course, but that's something for the "inside crowd".

So reading Alain Ducharme's post above was an eye opener. Exactly, why don't they make a Superman/Batman movie....World's finest....hell yeah, that could definitely work of course.

And if there will be a Justice league movie I hope it will be really good. And after that maybe an Avengers/Justice league movie.........oh man, that would be awesome.....a man can dream...
Liz J
5. Ellisande
I think since Justice League was always going to be after Avengers at this point, and the comparisons are inevitable, and there's basically no date in the next five years they won't conflict with a Marvel movie anyway, they might as well bite the bullet and come out strong. I also suspect the date announcement has something to do with internal corporate fast-tracking - Warners is notorious for needing a zillion people to sign off on things, and maybe setting a date streamlines the process. The good thing about the slot is that they already know the characters and villain in play for Av2, so they can do something different (for ex, hopefully they realize Darkseid, no matter how awesome, would be a mistake on the heels of Thanos).

But mostly I just want them to hire a director who has some understanding of the characters and the fortitude to know when to tell the studio to back off. Nolan did, but Martin Campbell did not for Green Lantern, and that really showed.

But otoh, some awareness of the character is still better than none, and at least they won't need to spend too much time explaining who he is. It's like the first Hulk movie - nobody liked it, but at least it brought the character back to the public and when the second one was better, the first was basically forgotten. So I don't think Green Lantern has dug itself or Warner Bros an impossible hole - they just need to make a better movie, and the first one won't matter. Of course, it's the better movie part that's tricky, but it sure would help if they weren't written and directed by committee.
Emmet O'Brien
6. EmmetAOBrien
Ellisande@5: It's like the first Hulk movie - nobody liked it

With respect, I loved it. Still do.

If anything, the subsequent Hulk film and the use of the Hulk in The Avengers seemed to me to demonstrate that the TV version of the character is too well known, and is influencing later versions to their detriment.
7. Hedgehog Dan
I also prefer Ang Lee's version over Leterrier's version, even if I had problems with both films (I think the first is heavy - sometimes just too much -, while the second is hollow - far from enough).

However, I loved the Hulk in the Avengers movie, it seemed to me, that finally they know, how to handle the character exactly, without being too much or far from enough. (And I have not seen any episode from the series, since I am not an American, and it was not aired in my country.)
8. Some Call Me Tim
I don't think Marvel's multi-picture build up process of creating The Avengers was completely a success because of overcoming any perceived low brand recognition - there was an entirely different metric working for a different segment of the audience. My wife is not a comic fan and was only marginally aware of caped/masked heroes in general. After becoming engrossed the the various Marvel films leading up this point, by the time we hit the seats for The Avengers she was nearly in melt-down mode since she had such a huge emotional investment in almost all of the team members. By the same measure most of the DC Universes heroes exposure in popular culture has been campy or lame with only a few exceptions - they might stand to learn from Marvel's example.
9. OgreMkV
DC doesn't have Joss Whedon, so unless they hit a miracle homerun, it won't be that good.

It might be a good movie and it might not. But without someone like Joss, who is invested in the characters, the universe, and the comics, it will probably pale in comparison to the MCU.

I'll also add that Marvel is doing this directly. I don't know how the DC/WB team up will work out, but Marvel Studios have plans, they have integration, and now, they have a huge fan base. Even Agents of SHIELD (for all it's faults) is integrated with the MCU.

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