Oct 15 2012 3:15pm

It is the Future, Here is Your Jetpack

It is the Future, Here is Your Jetpack

You are about to watch a video that demonstrates RELATIVELY CHEAP, WORKING JETPACKS, being used in the above still to bear mankind aloft in skies that birds were foolish to claim dominion over. Granted, they only work over water but who cares because now you can fly or be a dolphin and nothing else matters anymore. Like an eagle, you can touch the sky.

Are you looking for a magic sensation? A body rejuvenation? YOU CAN FLY. The kits are Zapata Racing’s Flyboard/Jeyski water jetpacks and look like so much fun we’re not sure we can do this internet thing for much longer. Watch the video below to see them in action. (Start at :55.) Make sure the sound is on!

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of Stubby is going to give up being a rocket so it can fly. Don’t worry, it makes sense in Stubby’s head.

William Carter
3. wcarter
I want need one! Just take my money dammit...I must be allowed to fly over the waters! My inner raft guide demands it.
Steven Halter
4. stevenhalter
It looks fun, but I'm guessing these people have done it a few times. Anyone know how apt the first time ends up with you spinning about helplessly on or under the water?
s r
5. Veovim
Here's some more footage from CBC's Rick Mercer Report:
6. haggs
No longer shall we crawl on the ground like bugs. Now we shall fly like eagles! Like eagles on Jetskis!
Joseph Newton
7. crzydroid
That should say, "Make sure the sound is off."
8. Davi Teixeira
What is the name of the soundtrack? Anyone know?

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