Sep 13 2012 10:00am

Today’s A Memory of Light Timeline Banner: Rand al’Thor

A Memory of Light Facebook Timeline Banners: Rand al’Thor

To prepare for release of A Memory of Light, the final volume of The Wheel of Time, will be releasing special Facebook Timeline banners this week! Click the image to see it full size, drag it to your desktop, or Save Image As to post it on your Facebook profile.

Five characters in total will be depicted as they gear up for The Last Battle. This morning we've arrived at the Coramoor, the Car'a'carn, the Shadowkiller, ladies and gentlemen the Dragon Reborn himself, Rand al'Thor.

There were two Rand quotes we really liked for this particular banner, so we made them both. Triumphant Rand is above, while Reflective Rand is below.

A Memory of Light Facebook Timeline Banners: Rand al’Thor

We've got one more banner coming tomorrow morning, illustrating one of the most intense moments in the entire series. We can't wait to show you!

Rand al'Thor art taken from the cover to A Memory of Light by Michael Whelan. Click here for a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the cover. Visit or the A Memory of Light index each morning for a new reveal!

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Eric Hughes
1. CireNaes
Wish the first one said, "I am the Lord of the Morning." Even though that line was delivered when Rand was nearing the height of his LTT madness, it's still a great line.

Cool stuff Tor. Thanks.
j p
2. sps49
So the five characters are the Coramoor, the Car'a'carn, the Shadowkiller, the Dragon Reborn, and Rand al'Thor?

I crack me up.

But I do expect tomorrow's to be Egwene on the cover of TGS.
Alice Arneson
3. Wetlandernw
sps49 @2 - Well, it almost has to be either Egwene or Nynaeve... I'm with you in expecting Egwene from TGS; the CoS cover with Nynaeve doesn't seem to fit the sequence. I'm a little surprised they didn't do that one before this, though. :)
Nathan Love
4. n8love
As the cover art I was psyched on this, but as a banner it's pretty meh.
5. Geckomayhem
I can see him more closely here on the banner and is it just me, or has Michael made him look much older than he is? I know he has a lot of weight on his shoulders, but it shouldn't make him look 35...

Still, I'd probably choose Mat over any other character, were I to display one. ;)

(Currently rereading A Crown of Swords)
6. the_wiggle
He looks like a sibling of grown Simon from Tad William's Memory, Sorrow & Thorn trilogy.

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