Sep 12 2012 10:00am

Today’s A Memory of Light Timeline Banner: Perrin Aybara

Today’s A Memory of Light Timeline Banner: Perrin Aybara

To prepare for release of A Memory of Light, the final volume of The Wheel of Time, will be releasing special Facebook Timeline banners this week! Click the image to see it full size, drag it to your desktop, or Save Image As to post it on your Facebook profile.

Five characters in total will be depicted as they gear up for The Last Battle. This morning were featuring blacksmith and reluctant lord Perrin Aybara as he bathes in the heat of his newly Power-forged hammer Mah’alleinir.

Perrin Aybara art by Raymond Swanland. Click here for a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this artwork. Visit or the A Memory of Light index each morning for a new reveal!

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1. Dashtropie
*drool* love this one! It's even better than the pic of Matt, although that one's awesome as well.
Clay Blankenship
2. snoweel
That art is awesome, but it does not quite fit my mental image of Perrin. Seems like he should look younger and fairer. Not sure if that is based on the text or just the other covers.
3. SavageDave
I agree with soweel, that the image I had in my mind was a younger but chiseled body of steal looking Perrin.
4. TriciaZ
I agree, he looks more like wolverine but i don't care - just want the
6. Scalawag
I think it looks great. More than the other two, Perrin has been burdened under the weight of practical responsibility. Sure, Rand has conquered nations, but he has an bookkeeper's army of advisors and counselors to manage it all. Rand's angst comes for what will happen, not what is happening. And Mat will shirk any responsibility he can. He will always be a boy, on some level.
But Perrin has had to deal with retail governing, with people looking to him because they had no one else to turn to, and of having the single most important part of his life taken from him and facing the thought of sacrificing everything else to regain it. Yeah, I imagine that would age someone.

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