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Today’s A Memory of Light Timeline Banner: Moiraine Sedai

Today’s A Memory of Light Timeline Banner: Moiraine Sedai

To prepare for release of A Memory of Light, the final volume of The Wheel of Time, Tor.com will be releasing special Facebook Timeline banners this week! Click the image to see it full size, drag it to your desktop, or Save Image As to post it on your Facebook profile.

Five characters in total will be depicted as they gear up for The Last Battle. This morning we're featuring the recently rescued Aes Sedai who kicked it all off, Moiraine Damodred. (That's Moiraine Sedai to her enemies... friends... well, everyone.)

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Moiraine Sedai art by Dan Dos Santos. Click here for a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this artwork. 

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John Massey
1. subwoofer

I see Moiraine has her Tower strings wrapped around Tor;)

timothie goodshaw
2. timothie goodshaw
She dosnt have the ageless look =s as described in the books.
Valentin M
3. ValMar
The art is nice and I'm glad she's been chosen to be depicted. Unfortunately here she doesn't look like in my head so it's a bit jarring for me. AMOL's cover is more like it. The original comic that came out few years ago also was very similar to my imagination, thus very appreciated by me.
I guess that's how it is with book character representations. As long as they match stated characterisics, e.g. hight, hair, general looks, etc, reader's opinion will depend largely on how closely the picture matches their own image of the character.
timothie goodshaw
4. JessRey
Are these available without the quotation? I love the power of the artwork alone.
Kat Blom
5. pro_star
Jess - that picture looks like the same one as for the ebook cover for The Fires of Heaven.
William Carter
6. wcarter
And here she is: The Lady Moraine Damodred, Aes Sedi of the Blue Ajah, Witness to The Proclamation of Rebirth, Finder and Advisor of the Dragon Reborn, Slayer of Be'lal and Lanfear, and all around Badass.
Lannis .
7. Lannis
Yay! This is my favourite--definitely using it! Thanks! :D
8. Freelancer
This is indeed the same image, by Dan Dos Santos, used for the Fires of Heaven eBook cover art. The complete set, managed by Irene Gallo, is here. Excellent works, and several very interesting behind-the-scenes stories.
Clay Blankenship
10. snoweel
This one is awesome. Strong and beautiful!
timothie goodshaw
11. dorkmeyer
Beautiful but looks too much like Megan Fox.
It's a fair work. To my mind the Megan Fox comparison is insulting to both the model and Ms. Fox as they look nothing alike except for their dark hair blue eyes and fair skin.

While the focus is of course on Moraine's face the better part of the skill fell on her hand which, as far can be skried from a digital copy, gives great illusions of softness and a glow to the skin that is normally only seen in photos. A very hard thing to do. And as most skilled artists weaknesses are the hands and feet! Well praise is deserved. But to my eye I can't help but notice that the superior work done on the hand surpasses the work on the face, which is the focus of the work.

Regardless, I love having a face to see in my minds eye. And it is really good.


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