Sep 6 2012 2:20pm

They’re Making Whiskey in Space

In the midst of being sauced over Labor Day weekend we missed the news that astronauts are making whiskey in space. From the BBC article:

A rocket carrying vials of chemical compounds from Ardbeg’s Islay distillery was blasted up to the International Space Station last year to test the effects of near zero gravity on the maturation process.

The distillery and ingredients lifted off from Kazahkstan in a Soyuz capsule last year. The entire effort is an experiment funded by Texas-based space research company NanoRacks, the ultimate purpose of which is to get drunk in space study “the workings of these large, complex molecules and help uncover new information about the change they undergo in a near zero gravity environment.” The whiskey won’t be finished until some time in 2013.

Presumably, the experiment will also measure the levels of morning-after remorse one can reach in space.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and if you give it another shot of space whiskey, International Space Station, it’ll tell you the saddest story about a heartbroken rocket that you ever heard.

Heidi Breton
1. AnemoneFlynn
I think I have some friends who would volunteer to test that, if they need taste testers ... ;-)
2. solarsoul25
Nothing worse than that moment when you wake up, roll over, and see the person you slept with the night before floating next to you....
William Carter
3. wcarter
I can just see the conversation now:
Astronaut one: "Alright we're ready to pop the cork on the alcohol formation experiment. This is an important step in our research on chemical bonds in space."
Astronaut two: "Just a moment Jane. I think there is an massive opportunity here for a second, even more important medical experiment: the effects of alcohol on the body in microgravity."
Astronaut one: "Dave be serious, we're here to learn how molecules form in space, not to get drunk."
Astronaut two: "I know Jane, but this is important. One day we may have more permenant settlements. Alcohol is an important part of human culture and we need to know the impact it could have on future colonies."
Astronaut one: "I don't sounds like you just want to get drunk."
Astronaut two: "No Jane. This is for Science! It would be...irresponsible for us to not do this research now, while the opportunity presents itself to use."
Astronaut one: "Alright. For Science..." *pours the first of many shots*
Martin McCallion
4. devilgate
I would just point out that it's whisky, rather than whiskey, as it's from Scotland. Scotch is whisky; Irish or American is whiskey.
6. Ivan Yakubovich
Howard Wolowitz's job, I presume.
Scott Silver
8. hihosilver28
-Jane: "Alright. For Science..." *pours the first of many shots*

*before hurriedly realizing, to her horror, that pouring the whisky in a zero g environment results in the liquid gold hitting the shot glass and then careening out through the rest of the cabin. Thus ensued the first great zero g drinking game of "Chase the Globule" followed by "Globule Pong" and the ill-named game of "Hit Me in the Mouth"*
William Carter
9. wcarter
Excellent point. Now that you mention it, there's so much potential in zero g drinking games.
10. SueQ
As Jimmy Buffett sang "let's all get drunk and *****" Hey, if it weren't for alcohol and its effects, some of my best friends wouldn't even exist. Vodka next, I presume.
11. Basel Gill
I can't wait till they do rum.

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