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Patrick Rothfuss Will Write More Fantasy After the Kingkiller Chronicles

Patrick Rothfuss Will Write More Fantasy After the Kingkiller ChroniclesThe September 2012 issue of Locus Magazine lists a recent book sale by Patrick Rothfuss to his longtime editor (and 2012 Hugo winner) Betsy Wollheim at science fiction/fantasy publisher DAW Books. The sale is listed as “the first book in a new fantasy series” by the Kingkiller Chronicles author.

Rothfuss fans are currently eagerly awaiting the concluding volume to the Kingkiller Chronicles (currently being examined in incredible detail in Jo Walton’s Patrick Rothfuss reread), but this news is a welcome guarantee that fans have yet more to look forward to even after Kvothe/Kote’s story is concluded.

Although the sale is listed as a new fantasy series, could it be set in the same world as the Kingkiller Chronicles? If it is, what events or characters would you like to see take the spotlight?

1. Weijian
Book 3 will now act out and get tantrummy to win back Rothfuss's paternal attention.
2. Roc Breathnach
I'd take a not so wild guess and say it will be the start of a new sequel trilogy in which Kote sheds his name and rediscovers his power - probably by picking up a lute.
3. dwndrgn
I think I'd prefer it to not relate to Kvothe at all. Perhaps some of the history we've only guessed at, or the adventures of a traveling troupe of players or some of the more famous of the university...
Ian Johnson
4. IanPJohnson
Pat has said that he's been interested in writing urban fantasy… Maybe the new series is urban fantasy set in Wisconsin?
Chris Nelson
5. wubbster
I seem to remember on the first episode of STORYBOARD, Pat saying that he hasn't written any urban fantasy "yet". I wouldn't be surprised if this new book was just that.
6. Ranovr32
I would prefer he finish the series he is working on now. At the rate he comes out with publications he will be 70 by the time he finishes another set of books.
10. Freelancer
Not a fan of urban fantasy, mostly because the few examples I've picked up have been horribly composed. If anyone could change my mind, it would be Patrick.

@Ranovr32, nobody said he was going to start a new series with "Kingkiller" unfinished. Chill pills are on aisle 5.
Katie Pi
11. Darth_Katie
Good. I like Rothfuss's writing, but I hated Kvothe so much I never read book two.
12. Billy Barnes
I really hope that Pat's future works in the four corners world contain a trilogy about Bast!
13. don Don
Depending on who makes it thru the next Kingkiller book I would like to read about Elodin.
Darren James
14. b8amack
@#2... Isn't that the plot of Megamind?

I figured it would be Taborlin at first, but now I remember Rothfuss saying something about working on a fantasy where the protagonist was a middle aged mother whose kids have left the nest, so she goes on an adventure. Can't remember which interview I heard mention that, though. Anyone?
15. Malek Elmadari
I highly doubt the new series will be anything along the lines of a continuation of Kvothe's story. Pat has said multiple times that Kvothe's story ends at the third book.

It could be the same story through Denna's eyes, however Pat has stated that he is not ready to write such a story.

If it is to be a story to be set in the Four Corners, I'm thinking (and hoping) that it be Elodin's story.

Orin Velicitor (spelled that wrong?), Teccam and Illien are also possibilities. There is another character (I forget is name...Oop! Adan or something) who makes a brief but noteworthy appearence in Kvothe's could be him...

Thats alot of nothing, I know. I just hope its Elodins story. I don't wan't to wait 20 something odd years to get it if its 3rd or 4th in line...Heesh!!
John Graham
16. JohnPoint
Malek @15: What I've heard Pat say is that THIS story ends with D3, not that KVOTHE'S story ends with D3. (Note, if anyone has specifically heard him say that Kvothe ends with D3, please let me know.)

Depending on how we construe his slippery emphasis on "this" story, we could speculate either way about the next trilogy.

That said, I personally believe that Kvothe probably won't survive D3, though I expect he'll go down fighting. But his emphasis on "this" story ending gives me hope that perhaps Kvothe will survive afterall.
Steven Halter
17. stevenhalter
::meta:: I think it's kind of interesting there is a kind of expectation/hope that the next thing Pat writes will in some fashion be related to what he has done so far.
Some writers do spend all of their time in a specific world. Others flit about all over the place, never redoing the same setting. Both approaches (or anything in between) are perfectly valid for the author and for the reader it is certainly understandable to want more in a beloved tale in which the reader has gained a certain comfort.
18. P.J. Coldren
I just want to know how I get on the list to get a review copy of #3 in the series . . .preferably on CD. Listened to the first two, and think the reader did a fabulous job.
19. Howitzer
Personally, i thing Pat should stick withwhat he knows and continue writing Kingkiller past a 3rd book, but he should ditch his current publisher, who seems(in my own and no one else's opinion) to be trying to shape/change Pat's writing style and creativity by being difficult to please. Maybe Pat should join BAEN.
Nathan Love
20. n8love
Pat really likes his editor.

If the new series is set in the Four Corners, I don't think it will be contemporary to Kvothe's story. There would, however, undoubtedly be allusions to things we've been exposed to so far. Pat has implied as much and there should be a link here but it is currently unclear if I should be searching his blogs or interviews and I've spent a whole 45 seconds on it already so I clearly give up and you can believe me or not or search at will.
21. AndyD273
I really like Kvothe's story so far, but I will be honest and say that people with short tempers can turn me off real quick, and I had to put the book down more than once.
I also wish that he hadn't introduced the all knowing tree creature.
Once you bring something like that into the story it kinda poisons everything, since you can never know if he has broken free, and everything he does has the potential to bring suffering.
Maybe book 3 will justify it's existance, but it'll be hard to do.
22. Alleline
Funny that the guy has already decided there will be a second series. Because, he barely wrote a second book to his first trilogy.

If ever a sequel smelled, Wise Man's Fear stinks of sophomore slump. I was him, I'd focus on motivating myself to write a book 3 that doesn't suck. No reason for Rothfuss to worry now about what happens beyond that. If his 3rd turns out as bad as his 2nd, I'm not even going to be thinking about taking the 4th out of the library, much less buying it.

WMF dived from #1 on the NY Times Best Sellers to leave the list within three weeks. The 3rd book needs to win back some hearts and minds.
23. pipstar
i would absolutely devour any of his works. He's a man with a brilliant mind,his mind too,i would devour!!
24. Zombeezy
Rothfuss writes for people who love words and imagery and do not mind the slow path of a beautiful read. Kvothe's love of music and the description of how it affects both him and those listening is really wonderful. I think Rothfuss also is a keen observer of human nature, describing in long thoughts Kovthe's attempts to articulate love and friendship and fragile players and firm enemies ... he does this very well. Rothfuss' characters are very well formed, and he has woven extreme details that crop up again and again much later, often not being realized without a re-read. I enjoy these very much.
25. neet
Next books, after Kvothe, about Elodin and after about Bast, it would be fantastic :) (sorry for my grammar, if there is wrong)
26. Rossi
The kingkiller books are fantastic reads. You'd be lying if you didn't enjoy some aspects of the books. There are so many features in his story that in a smaller book would have come to fruition towards the end. I like that you feel unresolved with issues in Kvothes life.

I hope Bast and Elodin are included in a new series. He could write a book around the world of the Fae written in a similar way to Tolkiens The Simarillion. I do wonder if Bast is secretly Kvothes son from when he stayed with the Fae, son growing older in there world!

The fact his book only stayed in the #1 NY times for three weeks doesn't reflect the content of Wise Mans Fear. There are good books written every week.
As a whole I look forward to the third book.
27. Zac Pilkington
I'd personally love to read a story about the boy who stole the moon. Jax (or Iax from Felurian's telling) A story about a boy who grew to be the greatest namer of all, stole the moon, sparked the war between mortals and fae, and eventually had to be locked behind doors of stone? I'd read the shit outta that.
thistle pong
28. thistlepong
Allegedly they're working on that with Dark Horse.
29. Tattoo
I'm hoping the final book in the trilogy will actually conclude his past. We still need to know how he got the "kingkiller" name, how he ended up with no powers running an inn in the middle of nowhere.

Then the next trilogy could actually have him regaining his powers, and finally hunting down and killing the Chandrian.

This is the likely path I see, and hope for.
30. Slats

@Zombeezy: I couldn't agree more!
31. ?!#
I would not worry about it to much at the speed pat writes I think we can look for this book in the early 2020
32. Rihsc

I also hold that opinion. I think there will be a second trilogy of Kvothe's older life. One more book just isn't enough space to complete Kvothe's young story and also have a story of "Kote the innkeeper". It certainly seems like there is another story to be told from the snippets we see in the interludes.

Robin Hobb wrote a couple of trilogies about the same character, one of his young life, and one when he was much older. I saw Robin Hobb's books on a list of Patrick Rothfuss' favourite books, which I think backs up the theory that he could be doing a similar thing.
Rob Munnelly
33. RobMRobM
@32 - Interesting point re Hobb, who also starts the first trilogy by the older version telling the tale of what happened. The second trilogy begins with the life of the older version and continues forward into new adventures, etc. I agree we could see that for Kvothe.
34. Rihsc

I really really hope so. I will be disappointed if it's just one more book :-/
thistle pong
35. thistlepong
Pat once again denied the possibility of another Kvothe trilogy at his last reaing:
Saw him tonight and he was asked if there would possibly be more than three books about Kvothe. He said absolutely not, three books is it. He would, however, do more stories in the Four Corners world, just not Kvothe's story.
37. Rihsc
Gutted. I can't see how there is enough space in one book to finish telling the story of kvothes young life and also have kote go on to get revenge on the chandrian. It will be a pretty sad if it just ends with kote a broken man living out his like as an innkeeper :-(
Melissa Allbrandt
39. CaliKingsDaughter
@Tattoo, Rihsc, RobMRobM

I totally agree with this. As I was reading the second book, and not so much of his names/titles/big stories were being explained, I kept thinking, 'this can't end with a third book!' There's just too much. Admittedly, each book has been long, and the Wise Man's Fear was much longer than the Name of the Wind, but there can't be a good conclusion to Kote's story within the third book. Now that we officially know that there isn't going to be another trilogy, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing how he manages to fit all that into one book.
40. Birdchild
I hope Pat writes many more books set in the world of the Four Corners! Primarily, a book of Elodin in his early days, with all his evasiveness, crazy and sass, of Bast and where the hell he came from and a short story about Jax and how he stole the moon.... That would be so great!
41. Michael mcintosh
Oh God not an urban fantasy they suck.. I mean Creating a whole world unto it's self is much more appealing to me. I love the first two kingkiller books hopefully it's extended to a cycle. I hope the story doesn't end horribly I think denna is dead and quite a few other of Kvothes friends... the question I really want answered is what's in that Damn chest I hope Rothfuss gives an answer in the thrid book.
42. Michael mcintosh
By chest I mean the one that is in kvothes rooms at the inn. the one Bast and Kvothe has tried to open and not able to. hopefully it's something unexpected and extremely awesome.
43. elricprincess
I really want to see a Illien story and what his life was like. Simply because I have a strong suspicicion there's some very juicy stories inside Patrick's head about Illien just waiting to be told.
44. Jamesl
I really can't see there not being another series about kvothe after book 3, about him regaining his power and going after the chandrian just can't see it all fitting into a single book, and him saying that there won't be another series starring kvothe I just assume he is saying that until it is time for an official announcement wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened
45. Gideon Soames
If it is a completely different trilogy I will be waiting till the third one is published before starting.

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