Sep 8 2012 4:00pm

Next Star Trek Movie Might Be Called Into Darkness

Coming is reporting that Paramount Pictures has registered two web domains: and, leading many to speculate Star Trek Into Darkness might be the title for the long-awaited sequel to the 2009 Trek film. This is completely unconfirmed, though the title of Paramount’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation was discovered in the same manner. If true, this will be the second movie penned by Orci and Kurtzman with the world “dark” somewhere in the title (the other being Transformers: Dark of the Moon).

Does this seem likely to everyone? If it’s true, do we like it? Too generic? Bold and interesting?

Sound off below!

[Update!: has confirmed Star Trek Into Darkness as the official title]

Bridget McGovern
1. BMcGovern
I think the real question is, how will the lens flares survive?
2. BlackAjah
Will be Star Trek Into Darkness, without a colin, as confirmed by and other sources. TNG movies had colons, this will not. The DARK Knight as a dark sequel has always been much of an inspiration to the new trek team for their own sequel.
Bridget McGovern
3. BMcGovern
@BlackAjah Interesting. Thanks for the heads up; I've updated the post!
4. Merrian
Reminds me of Lord of The Rings song about Gilgaled "...into darkness fell his star in Mordor where the shadows are"
Lee VanDyke
5. Cloric
I immediately went mirror universe... as in, "through a glass, darkly."

This both intrigues me and makes me cackle at the thought that Enterprise might end up with some actual relevance in the new timeline...
Sorcha O
6. sushisushi
I heard a radio ad for this film on local radio this morning, complete with dialogue about Kirk's father. Was I dreaming a trailer or was it just a rehash of dialogue from the first film?
Alan Courchene
7. Majicou
It's hard to judge the title at this point. For all I know, it might fit the movie like a glove and perfectly evoke its mood and story. But that's just it--"for all I know." For all anyone who isn't working on the movie knows. Here's hoping the title presages the release of more information soon.
Nick Chapman
8. nickchapman
I was excited until I read that the writers were the same ones behind Transformers: Dark of the Moon... Now, I feel a bit sick with dread.
9. elsewyse
What? Orci and Kurtzman didn't write Transformers: Dark of the Moon,
Ehren Kruger did. Orci and Kurtzman left after the second movie.
10. dissembly
It's really not that much better that Orci & Kurtzmann left Transformers after the second movie. We all love to blame Micheal Bay (hey, he's terrible), but the plotting and dialogue of the first two Transformers movies have to be credited in at least some way to the writers. And you can see similiarly poor writing in early Fringe episodes, also with O & K's involvement. I've never seen any evidence they're even halfway decent writers.

And, honestly, once you get past the superb casting, the unimaginably brilliant performances of the three male leads, & the bravery of the decision re: Vulcan, there's not much else good to Abrams Trek. It's actually a poor movie by every other standard; set-building, directing, plotting, world-building, many of the secondary characters (Uhura? Scotty? Scottys Star Wars companion? Shinzon-Bana?), special effects (both in technical quality and in terms of art), and, yes, writing.

The writing is a really big part of it. I just don't think Orci & Kirtzman are any good.
Nick Chapman
11. nickchapman
I think dissembly is spot-on, and really I think you could generalize her/his points to other Abrams products, like M:I3, which when you got past the surface, didn't have a whole lot going on.
Clay Scott Brown
12. claybrown
Well considering that there isn't anything DARK about Star Trek that sounds like an impovement!
13. SueQ
Fine. Okay. As long as no one tells Scotty or Bones to 'go towards the light' it will be okay.
Who would have thought that the title 'The Voyage Home' would have applied to a movie that was such a lovely romp. I still smile thinking about the whales named George & Gracie (after the Burns' I assume)
If we are headed 'Into Darkness', remember where we parked.

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