Sep 11 2012 2:30pm

Miranda July is Boba Fett

Someone drew this picture of Miranda July as Boba Fett for us. They win the internet.Back in January, over in my Genre in the Mainstream column, I wrote about how great Miranda July is and why fans of science fiction and fantasy should love her. (The Future is a great movie. Her short stories are awesome!) As a response to this, artist David Antonio Perezcassar created this awesome illustration of Miranda July as Boba Fett. Thanks David! Check out his whole portfolio here.

The question is this: is Miranda July becoming Boba Fett or is Boba Fett revealing herself to be Miranda July?

Ryan Britt is the staff writer for Tor.com.


J Uhrich
1. J Uhrich
The prequels would have been a lot better with a young Miranda July in them.
Clay Scott Brown
2. claybrown
Yeah, that's about right, Lucas did 'retire' recently... a woman should be under there!

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