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George R. R. Martin Is Open to Adding Epic Fantasy to the Marvel Universe

George R. R. Martin Is Open to Adding Epic Fantasy to the Marvel Universe

In a recent interview with MTV Geek at WorldCon, fantasy author George R. R. Martin revealed that he’d love to write Marvel’s Doctor Strange comic, detailing a take on the character that he’d love to see come to fruition.

Blastr has a transcript of his thoughts on the matter, quoted below.

I’d separate him off from the rest of the Marvel universe and not make him part of a team. He doesn’t really fit any of that stuff, he’s a guy that shouldn’t even be known to the rest of the heroes, living on the edge of the Marvel Universe protecting the world and our dimension and plane from dangers and forces out there that the other characters like Spider-Man and The Avengers don’t even dream exist. He’s our wall against Cthulhu and the Old-Ones and the dread Dormammu. That’s when Doctor Strange was at his best, Stan Lee and Ditko were [writing] him in just that manner.

Doctor Strange as Earth’s sole magical defender does sound pretty cool, and how can you say no to one of the biggest authors in the genre adding fantasy elements to the Marvel universe?

You can watch the full interview below:

Douglas Freer
1. Futurewriter1120
I don't know much about Doctor Strange, but this sounds like a great idea.
2. Guest136
the video is about something other than what's mentioned on the text
3. winterking
Oh, yes! Let's give George something else to do besides working on his big series! You can only write about football, and food, and house renovations, and your HBO show, and edit new compilations of other people's work, for so long. And if George runs out of distractions, he might actually have to devote some work to ASOIAF before he dies.

(Yes, yes, GRRM is Not My Bitch; but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about everything he does. We can't make him write what we want him to write, but he can't expect enthusiasm or approval or lack-of-criticism from his fans.)
rob mcCathy
5. roblewmac
in the REAL world it better be a one-shot otherwise he's just gonna be another big name who never meets a deadline.
Alan Brown
7. AlanBrown
He;d probably show us what an awesome character Doctor Strange is. And then kill him off in some random manner. You can't trust him with your favorte characters. Joss Whedon either.
Jeff LeBlanc
8. Jeff_LeBlanc
To quote Pulp Fiction, "Then why did you try to f**k him like a bitch?"
9. Tdr
Agreeing fully with winterking!
10. Laroquod
Winterking I wanna see ten follow-up comments from you on this thread right now. What's that you say? You don't feel like it? You need to go to the bathroom? You have kids to take care of? You haven't seen all of Breaking Bad yet? There are other people's comments to read? You thought you might investigate some other web article you found interesting? Forget all that: you are not allowed to just live your life without negative consequences from me because I LOOOVEEEE YOUUU THAT MUCH.

That is how insane you sound, "Winterking".
11. winterking

You miss my point. You can't expect me to jump to your whim, but I can't expect you to be excited about the other things that I do. In fact, if I had started writing a long series of interrelated comments, and then took a break midway through to go do other things, I would expect you to be kind of irritated with me, and to be less than enthused about my ideas for another series of interrelated comments. Especially if your enthusiasm and support for my first series of comments had given me great fame and income and an HBO series.* (And also if the quality of my comments had been going steadily downhill, showing signs of hasty writing and weak/insufficient editing.)

(There's also the fact that my previous comment wasn't just a partial comment--it was the entire story I wanted to write, right there. I didn't write the first sentence, wait a few years, write the second, wait a few more, write the third, split the fourth sentence into two sentences, posted six years apart...)

*That's the other side of the "not my bitch" argument. Fans are not the author's bitches either, and authors who disregard the fans, who disdain them or don't listen to them, are going to lose the support of those fans. GRRM is a success now because of his fan community, because of the fervent enthusiastic support and free publicity for his books and for the HBO series.
Doreen Sheridan
12. dvaleris
I'm surprised no one's commented on GRRM's incredibly arrogant "I hate reboots and ret-cons" spiel. Does he not understand how comic books, as a shared universe created by multiple authors, work? Does he not realize that his own take on Dr Strange would be a reboot/ret-con? Why on earth (especially after the dreck that was A Dance With Dragons) would he think that his work was such a precious piece of genius that anyone touching the subject matter after him would just ruin it?

Personally, he can run his Song Of Ice And Fire into the ground for all I care. If he wants to write a comic book from whole cloth, and never let anyone mess with that, then more power to him. But I hope he never touches an established title, because his talent isn't enough to justify his monstrous conceit.
13. PK from Singapore

I am not sorry to have started on the Wheel of Time and ASoIaF series but I really dun need to wait 3-4 years for each installment. Basically what Jordan and Martin had done is to screw up this sector of mulit book fantasy series.

Other than ASoIaF which I am still trying to complete (cos that's me), I wait for a series to end, read the reviews before starting on it.
14. www
Great. Now we can really call him A.D.D. Martin

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