Sep 24 2012 11:00am

Cover Revealed for Brandon Sanderson’s New Book The Rithmatist

The cover to The Rithmatist by Brandon SandersonEveryone here at Tor Teen is thrilled about publishing The Rithmatist, Brandon Sanderson’s first young adult fantasy, in May 2013. Here is the cover, with amazing art by Christopher Gibbs. Our awesome art director, Seth Lerner, designed the jacket, and the book will be fully illustrated by the talented Ben McSweeney.

Brandon is known for his world-building, and I was totally blown away by the unique and inventive magic system he created for this book. The Rithmatist is an epic fantasy set in an alternate version of our world—a world in which life in the American Isles is threatened by the attacks of mysterious creatures known as Wild Chalklings. Chalklings are two-dimensional drawings that can be infused with life by Rithmatists and it is the job of the Rithmatists to keep the Wild Chalkings at bay.

You may wonder how a two-dimensional drawing could possibly be a threat. Here’s the answer: Wild Chalklings scurry across the ground like scorpions or land piranhas, and bite chunks out of your feet. At which point you fall to the ground and they swarm you. Enough said.

The Rithmatist is about a 14-year-old kid named Joel who wants desperately to be a Rithmatist. But he wasn’t Chosen, so he doesn’t have the ability to bring chalklings or Rithmatic lines to life. All he can do is watch as The Rithmatist students at Armedius Academy learn the mystical art that he would give anything to practice. Then Rithmatist students start disappearing, kidnapped from their rooms at night, leaving only trails of blood. Joel’s professor asks him to help investigate—putting Joel and his friend Melody on the trail of a discovery that could change Rithmatics—and their world—forever….

Hope you will all have a chance to read this phenomenal book. Stay tuned for ARC giveaways in the next few months!

Susan Chang is an editor at Tor Teen.

1. Anon1
As happy as I am for this book to be coming out; I feel obligated to point out that it is not Sanderson's first young adult fantasy. That would've his Alcatraz vs. the evil librarians series. I must conclude that this is all just part of another librarian plot to cover up the truth.
S Cooper
2. SPC
I'm pretty sure the Alcatraz books are categorized as middle grades, not YA.
3. Herb1
And who categorized them? Librarians.
Scott Silver
4. hihosilver28

Clever. I do really enjoy that series and hope that Sanderson gets to wrap it up soon-ish.
5. schang
Hi, Anon1. I have to concur with SPC. The Alcatraz books are categorized as middle grade--not just by librarians, but also booksellers and the publishing world at large. In the children's book/YA publishing world, we have to be very specific about the target audience for our books. (But I do love the Alcatraz series, so I get what you're saying about the evil librarians!)
6. Anon1
Fair enough. I don't claim to be an expert on the publishing world; all I knew was that the books are on the YA shelves in my local library, so that's what my statement was based on. I didn't even know there was a section called 'middle grades'. I thought that's what YA books where...

That said, I still think it's all just a Librarian AND Publisher plot to keep the truth suppressed. Cheers and Tin Foil hats all round!
7. Mark A
@hihosilver28 Brandon Sanderson did a Q&A in Orem where he tells us that he just bought the rites back to those books and there was a six month delay where he couldn't post anything due to legal reasons. That being said he wants it to be next year and it MIGHT be free online at his blog site.
April Moore
8. aprildmoore
I am looking forward to this one! I heard him read a section of it and it sounded great.
9. Orayelle
Considering I adore every one of Brandon Sanderson's books, I'm super excited! This'll hold me over while I'm waiting for Stormlight 2…and I hear Steelheart or something is coming out next year, too?

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