Sep 6 2012 3:30pm

Brand New Cloud Atlas Trailer

The new Cloud Atlas trailer is a managable length! Only two minutes and thirty-one seconds. Watch and enjoy.

1. Natenanimous
Not as good as the longer one. Not nearly as surreal and moving. But I'm still very much anticipating this film. The longer trailer inspired me to pick up the book, which I am now more than halfway through, and it's fantastic.
2. Veejay J
Waaay too sentimental and overwrought. That trailer does the movie no favors. I haven't read the book and this trailer doesn't make me want to.
Igor Toffie
3. toffie
The trailer makes it seem very much like a less abstract story from Aronofsky's "The Fountain". Maybe something like The Fountain meets Adjustment Bureau.
4. kevsyers
Wonder if the book is worth reading?
Joseph Newton
5. crzydroid
It seems like there were too many storylines going on there.

Was that Tootles?
Arie King
6. Arieh
Well if you've seen the long trailer this doesn't really seem to add anything. It's just a shorter version I guess.

Anyway the movie may be a bit cheesy and there are always a group of people going to critisize it, but if you just allow yourself to buy the story they're trying to sell, you're just going to have a great time. I for one am really looking forward to it.

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