Sep 6 2012 6:00pm

A New Elfquest Story Will Debut Next Monday on BoingBoing

Elfquest: The Final Quest

Exciting news for anyone who grew up in the indie comics scene. Beginning Monday, September 10th, BoingBoing will begin publishing a new Elfquest story: Elfquest: The Final Quest.

First published in 1978, Elfquest is an epic fantasy in comic form, and has been a cornerstone of the indie comics scene since its inception. This pickup marks creators Wendy and Richard Pini's first online-only story and BoingBoing's first serial narrative comic.

In 1978, while Tolkien's immaculate and aloof Elves were still immediately (and perhaps oppressively) present in the collective fantasy imagination, Elfquest rocked the scene by introducing an entirely new face of Elfkind. Stranded on a primitive Earth-like planet and cut off from their spacefaring, psychokinetic ancestry, the Elves of Elfquest devolved into barbaric, pre-agricultural tribes. Cutter, the chief of the Wolfriders and protagonist of the series' central storyline, must lead his people through a harsh and inhospitable world, in as much danger from starvation as from any of the pre-historic or fantastic monsters that populate it, in order to recover his people's heritage. By introducing an alternate template, the Pinis vastly expanded the potential of this beloved fantasy species, and produced a new and delicously productive set of Elven tropes.

“Elfquest's World of Two Moons—its landscapes, inhabitants, dangers—is familiar yet always unpredictable territory,” said Wendy Pini. “After five years' hiatus, I've come home to the Holt and to my main characters, Cutter and the Wolfriders, only to wreak storytelling havoc on them as never before. In Elfquest: The Final Quest sturdy, stable characters will react in totally unexpected ways as they face devastating, unavoidable change. I'm scared and exhilarated by what's going to happen!”

Over the course of its long history Elfquest has been one of the first independently-published comics to enjoy significant mainstream success, as well as being one of the first to attract a large female audience. It has been translated into dozens of languages and enjoyed around the world.

Elfquest: The Final Quest will be published weekly on BoingBoing, starting this coming Monday. Those new to the series can read it in its massive entirety here.

Tili S.
1. venndiagram
Oh wow. This is extremely exciting news. Though I have to admit to a few pangs at the idea that this is the last ...
Angela Korra'ti
2. annathepiper
From what I've seen the Pinis saying on the Elfquest Facebook page, the title is actually misleading--it's not meant to imply that this is the last EQ story they'll ever do!

Which is good news. :) Me, I'm eager to see what this story's going to be like, as I'm an Elfquest fan from WAY back!
Laura M. Campbell
3. Laura M. Campbell
I'm very excited about this! My grandmother used to read them to me, my little sister, and cousin when we were younger. One of my favorite memories of her.
Amanda Perez
4. ViciousCircle
OMG, My brother and I used to fight over these when we were tweens! Who got to read them first and ruin the plot for the other one. :)
I remember when they first came out with the color graphic books and it was like a whole new series. This is wonderful news.
Tara Mitchell
6. Jaxicat
Awesome. I still have the comics and I think about the characters often.
Laura M. Campbell
7. xbizelle
I object that the author of this article refers to pre-agricultural tribes as "barbaric." I know the word is used in the story, but I think it's problematic in this day and age to refer to tribal culturals as barbaric.
Peter Tijger
9. Peter-Tijger
I have tons of Elfquest comics.....always eager for more, so this is good news indeed.

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