Aug 29 2012 10:45am

Welcome Ann VanderMeer, New Consulting Fiction Editor for

Since 2008, has been a leading market for science fiction and fantasy short fiction. Several of our stories have been Hugo and Nebula finalists, and Kij Johnson’s “Ponies” won the Nebula in 2011. Since the beginning, much of our fiction has been acquired and edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden; additionally, Liz Gorinsky began buying and editing for the site in 2010. Now we’re pleased to add Ann VanderMeer as a consulting fiction editor for

Ann VanderMeer is a Hugo-award winning editor and publisher. From 2007-2011 she was the fiction editor of Weird Tales. She has edited the Best American Fantasy series as well as numerous other anthologies including The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities, Steampunk, and Fast Ships, Black Sails. She is the founder of Buzzcity Press. Upon leaving Weird Tales, Ann founded The Weird Fiction Review with her husband Jeff VanderMeer. Recently (along with Jeff VanderMeer) she edited the epic anthology The Weird, a massive survey of weird fiction from across multiple genres. She brings a sharp eye for adventurous fiction to all of her projects, and we look forward to the stories and authors she’ll bring to


As before, all fiction subissions should be sent to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . welcomes original short SF and fantasy, broadly defined. We’re particularly interested in stories under 12,000 words, although we’ve made exceptions in the past and will do so again. Although we try to employ common sense in dealing with edge cases, “original” means original—not previously published. Contrary to some previous reports, we do not want you to query first; to submit to, just send us your story. Stories should use standard manuscript format and be emailed as Word, RTF, or plain-text attachments. Stories sent inline in the body of an email will be ignored. Check out our full guidelines here.

Lisa Grabenstetter
2. magneticcrow
Since it opened, I've always felt was one of the most exciting venues for new SFF short fiction around, but this really kicks everything up a notch! Wonderful news, Vandermeer is amazing.
Annalee Flower Horne
5. Annalee
Is it just me, or did just get about 20% more awesome?

Not that it wasn't awesome before. But, now? More awesome.
Michelle Mulford
6. DervishJ
Hooray! Looking forward to whatever catches Ms. VanderMeer's eye. Welcome!
Irene Gallo
8. Irene
More art to commission! (Sorry, forgot I was wearing my Art Director hat.)

Welcome aboard the good ship Stubby.
J. Andrews
11. S. Segal
Rock. And. Roll.
Niall Alexander
15. niallalot
And so my day was made.

A warm, warm welcome to you, Ann.

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