Aug 2 2012 6:00pm

Student Film, Sight, Will Make You Rethink Your App Addiction

This graduation project Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo might make you a little afraid of your smartphone. Sight is a short film about a man who lives in a future where anything (even dating) can be tackled with the help of apps and games that are linked directly to your vision. No more devices, just your eyes creating the computer for you.

No surprise-spoiling here, but everyone should really check it out: the level of detail packed into every visual frame is stunning, and creates a truly unsettling level of realism to the whole thing. Is this where our future is headed? Should we be forewarned?

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot. Stubby would never alter your social media profiles. Honest.

2. TML
Am I the only one that watched this video and, rather than seeing any kind of cautionary tale, got excited to see this future come to fruition? I mean, sure, THAT guy used it for something creepy, but you can't blame the tech.
3. politeruin
Nicely produced i suppose but charlie brooker's entire history of you explored this far more effectively.
Scott Silver
5. hihosilver28
@3. politeruin- YES! Someone else who's seen Black Mirror! I really "enjoyed" Entire History of You (as much as you can enjoy a bleak story such as that), but I think my favorite was 15 Million Merits.
6. AlanMorock
I too was reminded of The Entire History of You, but also the book Feed by M.T. Anderson.

Still though this is really well done and plays with a slightly different idea. I mean the Black Mirror deals with more specifically if people could record and play back life. The behaviors in this film are much more akin to what so many people do in real life, its just that those behaviors are exaggerated or rather extrapolated by futuristic tech, which is what so much of my favorite science fiction does.
I say very well done in just about any context and particularly for a student film.
Rich Bennett
7. Neuralnet
that was spectacular... thanks for posting.
Jennifer McBride
8. vegetathalas
Cool. Very well made. And I want that cooking app!
Levi Stribling
9. WhiteAsianMagic
If any of you have read it, Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline almost captures this idea as well - that everything in our world is controlled digitally. It's pretty freaky if you think about it. I thank you for the film, nicely done.

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