Aug 21 2012 2:53pm

Remembering Sergio Toppi

Artist Gregory Manchess remembers Sergio ToppiFew handled a page full of characters, designed a visual flow, or drove a narrative quite like Sergio Toppi. He was a clear master of pen and ink. He worked in full color as well, but it was his black and white work that showed his broad vision and phenomenal drawing skills.

Toppi’s compositions and designed montages have an intriguing way of presenting the detail of a character while containing it within a graphic backdrop. His vision was unique in its designed shapes and form, and the exaggerated but graceful figure work. I can’t read his books and yet the visual language is so rich, it doesn’t matter.This takes a thorough knowledge of the subject to capture the essence of idea in beautiful line quality when the medium itself is hard-edged and difficult to master.

Toppi drew it from the heart.

Artist Gregory Manchess remembers Sergio Toppi

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doug bell
1. doug bell
He was truly a master of the medium and taught so many. We are blessed that we have works to remember him by, yet in sorrow that new teachings and works have been silenced.

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